First Images Of Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Appear In The Wild

While our attention on the Galaxy S Relay 4G of late has focused on the internal processor, we’d almost forgotten that we haven’t seen a live shot of the device hanging around in the wild. Until today that is and two brand new shots of the device including a a sneak peak at what’s going on under the hood. We’re definitely hoping to get some more shots of the complete device, but until then enjoy a look at the keyboard, screen and processor numbers.

The Galaxy S Relay 4G will be available on September 19th, for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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  • nycplayboy78

    Why is the CPU information blocked out??!! With all the misinformation about does it have an S3 processor or an S4 processor….JEEZ!!!!!!

    • Daniel Middleton

      The CPU listed, MSM8260A, directly links to Snapdragon S4 in all the documents I can find.

      • nycplayboy78

        Hey Daniel thanks but a picture without the big yellow dot would be great :)

    • Hesster

      The board tells the CPU. It’s an S4.

    • The CPU information that’s obscured in the lower image is visible in the upper image. But as Daniel pointed out, the important information is “Board: MSM8260A” which means it has the S4 chipset and dual-core Krait CPU.

  • jojo
    • It’s very easy for them to get it when all it takes is a little revamping of the AT&T version software wise. T-Mobile would require different hardware entirely.

      • atari37

        I’m not interested in owning an iphone but I think this excuse is bad. Several carriers around the world are carrying the phone so no reason why it couldn’t be modified for T-Mobile if they wanted it.

        • ghulamsameer

          T-Mobile would love to do that, but they would much rather upgrade their network then go bankrupt like sprint.

        • Herb

          The costs for subsidizing the iPhone are astronomical. So you’re asking T-mo to order special-made iPhones AND subsidize them. That’s two huge costs.

          When new iPhones are released, VZW and AT&T see big bumps in subscribers but their revenue takes a huge hit. It just doesn’t make good business sense. That’s why every company trains their salespeople to sell against the iPhone.

  • nooch

    So, how much RAM?

    • 8GB

      • PaulC

        8GB is a Flash ROM number, not a RAM number. RAM is somewhere between 768M and 2Gig. The best phones of course, have 2Gig now.

  • TmoPimp

    Just toyed around with it, not bad… nice screen…

    • B_Eng

      How does the overall build quality and slider feel? As much as I want this phone, the plastic feel of the galaxy’s just pale compared to the g2. Then again, I don’t have much of an option when it comes to TMO qwerty phones.

      • Hesster

        The body and keyboard layout are almost identical to the Epic 4G. I’m betting they haven’t changed the slider mechanism. Provided it’s the same as the Epic, the hinge is spring loaded and opens with a gliding movement. Makes it easy to open with one hand.

      • Herb

        I would say, as far as the feel of the phone, it’s more like the Blaze than the S line (rubberized, not so plastic).

  • Logan

    Really stuck between THIS and what will be the Samsung ATIV S… Suggestions? Man, I love me some physical keyboard (Sidekick 4G now – what a mistake!)… This phone is pretty great looking and supposedly has an S4 processor, but when you look at that ATIV S, how can you deny? Plus WM8 is looking attractive.

    DAVID… Someone? Anyone? I need help!

    • randomnerd_number38

      Tough choice. I’m sure since you’ve got a Sidekick 4G you’re familiar with the old software version and overall software issues with it. One good thing going for this phone is it’s not one of T-Mobile’s brands, so the software is probably gonna be left almost completely up to the manufacturer(my theory on why the Sidekick 4G was so bad was because of the changes T-Mobile wanted to the launcher/framework). On the other hand, this phone is not one of Samsung’s flagship phones, so if we’re lucky we’ll see a Jellybean update but that’s probably it. So if you get this phone, make sure you’re happy with the software the way it is. Obviously, the big factor that really puts this phone over the “omg I must have it” line for me is the 5-row qwerty with s4 processor. Seriously, I miss my full 5-row qwerty SOOO bad, I haven’t had one since the G1(I skipped the SK4G thank God). I could go on all day about that, so I’ll stop here.

      On the ATIV S side, the software being solid is a little more sure of a bet. Windows Phone 7.5 is already rock solid, so I expect more of the same from MS. It’s gonna have a nice big screen too, so missing the keyboard won’t be a problem unless you’re like me and want to throw the phone every time it tries to auto-corrects something. Modern hardware, slick and easy-to-use OS, very awesome-looking phone. One disadvantage is the Windows Phone Store, there’s just not anywhere near the selection of apps that Android has. Windows Phone is the third wheel in a world where developers already only wanted to make iPhone apps, so it’s probably gonna stay about the same. You’ll have apps, but you’ll probably run into some here and there that are available on Android and not on Windows Phone, so that might get annoying. Also, there’s more customization on Android. But that one was obvious.

      I’m rambling a lot now and probably haven’t helped much, but I took the time to type this so I’m damn well gonna post it. Good luck with your decision, man.

      • Logan

        Thanks for your reply — I am a die-hard physical keyboard fan as well, and always have been… Full touch-screen phones have never been appealing to me, although once I was the Ativ S, I knew that I could forget all about keyboards (never really been interested in the SIII). Good points made throughout your comment — one of my friends have Windows Mobile on a newer phone and it is very slick and seems pretty intuitive and easy to use; I also used the keyboard on it (I have always hated touch-screen typing) and it was amazingly easy and accurate, so I fell in love with the keyboard. As long as the Windows Phone Store gets Spotify for WM8, I will be fine. If it weren’t for the Ativ S, I would be ALL over this phone, since I have been waiting for a phone like this to come out for a very long time – along with you as well, I’m sure! I just wish it had a nice camera (5 MP isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong) w/ flash, and that’s probably the only thing I can complain about when I see the specs of the Relay. I imagine to solve my problem I will just have to visit a T-Mobile store when & (hopefully) if the Ativ S is officially released to T-Mobile and both phones are in store. :~)

        It was nice seeing someone else’s input though – I wish an Ativ S like phone would come out with a physical keyboard… Now that would be a dream phone. I don’t know if there is much of a bad decision between the two of these. I would enjoy hearing input from others though.

        • Logan

          once I saw the Ativ S*

      • ransack

        My only problem with my sk4g is I wish the screen was bigger

    • David c.

      I love WP8 also, the only reason I wouldnt get it is because it does not support Wifi calling. For me, after having that for the last few years, is a MUST!

      • I didn’t realize that. Since I’m on Value Plan got to keep an open mind, even to windows phones, but wi-fi calling is a deal breaker.

        • Relay 4G does support WiFi Calling. At least it’s in the Settings menu…

  • Deadeye37

    I’m not finding the info I’m looking for:

    What size screen did this wind up with?

    • We know that for a fact, 4″.

  • Do we know the off contract price?

    • zx6guy


      • JB

        I’m thinking 500 off contract… Only because David had an article on here that broke down the price on Value (99.99 down and $20 for 20 months…) but I could be wrong.

    • JBrowne1012

      less than the 16gb gs3 prolly $529.99

    • BluHaze
      • apple dumpling gang


    • Joe_PDA

      The non-contract is $349.99. (according to T-Mobile).

      • See Bluehaze’s link below. Good find but I don’t believe $349.99

      • If that price holds, then it probably will be my next phone. $350 is completely reasonable for these specs. I’m kind of surprised, actually. That’s the same as a year old (almost) Galaxy Nexus and I’m willing to trade stock Android for a QWERTY, especially since I have an N7 now. Hmm…

  • youngt82

    Might get this for my gf’s daughter:)

  • John

    Seriously, what’s with tmobile and their terrible naming of Samsung phones…

  • randomnerd_number38

    Ahhh, I can’t wait to get this phone next week. Finally, another qwerty with up-to-date specs!

  • spur21

    I held it in my hand today! Said S3 on the box! but if they confirm it has an S4 then i guess they wouldn’t lie…

  • TMOSince2003

    Ooo! Is that a “dot com” button?
    Yeah, I want the phone.

  • We already have a demo unit in store. Good phone for those who still like to use keyboards but also want updated specs.

  • joe333x

    Im stuck between getting this now or waiting to see how typing and the s-pen work on the note 2.

  • We just bench marked it and it got 5130 on quadrant. So its deffinatly the S4.

  • Joe_PDA

    I got my hands on this phone today in my local T-Mo store. It feels good, is very fast and the screen was nice and bright and pretty responsive. Unfortunately the keyboard was really disappointing. The keys are flat and there isn’t much feedback to them. I really don’t understand Samsung. Its not as if making a good qwerty keyboard is rocket science. Check Motorola phones, or even older HTC phones. Everything else about this phone is what I need, but now I’m on the fence. I’d recommend taking it for a test drive in a T-Mo store before committing to it. Maybe its just me?

  • SpecialT

    Just called tmobile, according to the store I just contacted the price point without contract will be $499.99