T-Mobile Document Shows iPhone 5 Nano SIM Card Branding For T-Mobile, Apple Announces Unlocked iPhone 5 Pricing

T-Mobile already  “announced” that they would begin receiving Nano SIMs in preparation for customers wishing to use an iPhone 5. Well, we’ve got a bit of double confirmation for you thanks to this this internal screenshot which highlights the different between the three types of SIM cards now in use or set to be used by T-Mobile customers. As you can see, the Nano SIM is exclusive to the iPhone 5 as no other T-Mobile phone uses it. For that matter, no other phone in the US uses a Nano SIM.

So with T-Mobile preparing to carry Nano SIMs in mid-October, what is it going to cost to get an unlocked iPhone 5 up and running on T-Mobile? Purchased straight from Apple the US unlocked iPhone 5 pricing is as follows:

iPhone 5 Unlocked U.S. Pricing: $649 (16GB), $749 (32GB), And $849 (64GB) and that’s good both the white and black variants.

That’s some steep pricing for sure, but that’s the price you pay and yet, if you take a look around Negri Electronics or Expansys-USA, that pricing isn’t far removed from what it costs to bring some of the top international handsets into the US. For example, an unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy S III 32GB will cost you $689.50 on NegriElectronics website. It all just depends on how badly you want to use your favorite phone on T-Mobile’s network.

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  • MatthewMurawski

    Will the nano SIMs support WiFi calling for when I put it into my Galaxy Note with an adapter?

    • It should, since it is the same SIM software as the microSIM and the miniSIM (which is what people refer to as the full sized SIM).

    • ION

      Anyone who tells you they know are only speculating, their aren’t any real world tests for this(yet). Be the first!

    • Nearmsp

      Probably not. I think Wi-Fi calling is an OS thing. But you can use T-mobile’s App on iOs called Bobsled. I use that on my iPad and SGS2 as well.

    • Nearmsp

      Any 4S users here? Please tell us if you can do wi-fi calling with T-mobile micro SIM card. thanks.

  • noah

    When the refarming is done, will it have hspa+?

    • Whiskers

      it should receive HSPA+ at 14.4 speeds.

      • TMREPKC

        I thought it was HSPA+ 21 speeds? I could be wrong though

        • JBrowne1012

          Its dependent on the devices capability.

        • MatthewMurawski

          The iPhone 4S and older will get 14.4, the iPhone 5 will get HSPA+ 21 and maybe LTE when T-Mobile rolls it out. Idk about LTE though.

      • Actually iPhone 5 supports HSPA+ 42

      • BahamasGeek242

        It should be faster than that I get that speed right now with my white international galaxy nexus on T-Mobile

    • Winski

      HPSA+, AND all of the AWS spectrum. Here the specs…. UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 4 and 17)

  • Aurizen

    well no iphone sold on tmobile… what are they doing? its pissing me off

    • DontReasonWithAnIdiot

      You act like it’s solely TMO’s fault. Apple may be still punishing them for carrying the 1st Android phone.

    • MacRat

      Why rely on a carrier.

      Just go to store.apple.com and buy the one you want.

    • Nearmsp

      There are a million iphone users among T-mobile’s 30 million customers. You can order a phone on Apple site, bring it to T-mobile and get a free sim and you have an iPhone. OK, you do not get a subsidy like on AT&T. But then the total cost of ownership on AT&T is atrocious.

  • guest

    Damn $650 by the time i save that much the 5s will be out!

    • JBrowne1012

      Takes you a full year to raise $650? you gotta stop living by the paycheck.

    • MasterTan

      You must be 10 years old.

  • David Lambl

    I paid $650 for my iPhone 4S when I learned about the 1900 MHz refarming effort, and I regret it not.
    On a value family plan, I pay $47.70 a month (after taxes, in Pennsylvania) for 1,000 shared minutes, unlimited text, and 2 gigs of data until I’m throttled, after the bill is split between my line and the other.
    Admittedly, it’s almost impossible to reach 2 gigs at EDGE speeds — I’m extremely eager for the refarming effort to be completed in my area — but even when it is, throttling would take me back to the speed I’ve been using the last few months.

    While not ideal, it beats paying twice as much on another carrier. I’m saving a lot of money by paying for the phone outright. The $10 more a month data plan (recently announced) for unlimited data has only sweetened the deal for me. I’ll switch for $10 more a month as soon as I receive 3G/HSPA+ signals. If I don’t after their promised delivery date, so be it.. I’ll switch back to AT&T. EDGE is just not sufficient. However, this monthly bill is divine.

    • JBrowne1012

      No, throttling will take you down worse than 2G just wait and see.

      • iphonelover

        Depend on the area. Others have fast edge.

        • JeffWalenta

          Throttling is not edge speeds its like 50k …it doesn’t matter what tower you hit or area you live in

    • Get the truly unlimited data. The throttling is below Edge speeds at times.

      • eanfoso

        More like always lol I ran a speed test when I still had a cap on an unlocked 3g Sony Ericsson and I got around .14 mbps, that’s sprint territory right there, then after hitting my allowance I was getting 67 kbps at most lol and don’t forget that edge is actually considered 2.5 g

    • robertc

      I reach 5gb on edge in 3 weeks

    • tegz

      but i thought people on tmobile couldn’t afford it? i guess Udubb was wrong after all.

  • If tmobile has about 20 million customers, why are they focusing on 1 million with an iphone need? Lol waste of time

    • You can’t start a business and ignore one million customers, that’s just not good business sense! No matter how minor (or major) the customer count is, that over a million people are willing to sacrifice speed for service shows a whole lot of demand. T-Mobile is doing what they can to satisfy that demand as much as their resources will allow.

      • It is. All they need to do is get the phone, and move on. If they can’t afford it, move on and work with what you have. They look weak, and desperate. Sad

        • And yet it also looks like they are trying to everything they can to give their customers what they want. Making lemonade out of lemons.

        • Yeah they are, I will give them that. But they still look kinda weak and desperate, cause just a while back they were bashing the iphone. Now they are eating their words.

        • Nearmsp

          Who care if they look weak? I have been getting the lowest monthly rates for almost 10 years now. I am on a value plan and the cost difference between SGS3 and iPhone is almost nil. So if T-mobile can make an iPhone 5 work on its network, what more can they give me? And consider this, they subsidize Samsung and HTC phones by $200 for value plan people every now and then. T-mobile is not doing that for iPhone users (they have said there is a limited time offer of $100 to sign up for 2 year contract). So T-mobile is actually going to profit from activities you say make it look “weak”! They will give much less subsidy or none at all for value plan users who buy full price unlocked iPhones and bring them to T-mobile. Consider the “not weak” Sprint – it will almost go bankrupt subsidizing iPhones.

        • Whitney

          Look at how many customers they lost because of it. They already lost 500,000 customers

        • od312

          Yea. Wrong move on tmo’s part to bash the iPhone. They kind of remind me of achildish politician.

        • Yall Do The Most

          1. They did say a year ago that they did wanted the iphone, but for whatever reason wasn’t getting it. 2. Its still a business, you have to compete thus the bashing. 3. Android is a great alternative platform. and 4. They had a different CEO at the time.

    • MasterTan

      Because they care and know a lot of us love the iPhone and want to use it on their network. Your username says it all troll.

      • Nope. No trolling, this is a tmobile Site clown. I have tmobile, lol. AND THE 4S, so get lost.

        • MasterTan

          Then don’t post trollish comments BITCH

        • You are late, now go away and continue to hide behind your screen.

        • MasterTan

          I have other things to do that constantly check disqus for stupid replies from stupid people. Ta ta.

    • MatthewMurawski

      I thought they had 30 million

      • Nearmsp

        Yes, it is 30 million, and that is more than adults in all of Canada! Apple has 3 providers in Canada but none for T-mobile. Some one has missed millions of sales all these years.

    • Because the iPhone is the biggest reason that people leave them. They lost 800,000 during last year’s 4S launch mostly due to being the only carrier not to launch the 4S.

      • Just Saying

        Most of those switched to T-Mobile’s prepaid service.

      • JimInChicago

        I’ve been a T-mobile customer since August 2003 and now have four lines with T-Mobile. Or really a T-Mo fanboi. My primary phone is an original iPhone from 2007 on T-Mobile’s net since December 2008. Love T-Mobile a lot of ways, but between a new hole in signal where I work, an employer discount program with Verizon, and just disillusionment with T-Mo since the ATT deal was announced, I went and ordered a new iPhone 5 with Verizon for my main line. Sorry to leave even though I will have three other T-Mo lines; but they come off as shakey and as an also ran. With the discount, I’m paying $5.83 more a month for my iPhone 5 on Verizon versus my iPhone 2 on T-Mo.

  • JBrowne1012

    MicroSims and nano Sims are beyond stupid why must apple try and be different in this regard?

    • Winski

      The new GLOBAL SIM standard that ALL cell phones will have to comply with is the NANO-SIM standard adopted in August by the global GSM standards board – being used by Apple in the iPhone 5.

    • MacRat

      micro SIMs and nano SIMs are a mobile phone standard.

      Many of the android phones released in the past year also use micro SIMs. Future ones will also use nano SIMs.

      • loopyduck

        While the difference between regular SIM cards and micro SIM was fairly substantial, it’s a little harder to see the benefit in switching to nano SIM. The size difference really isn’t that much.

        • MacRat

          Unlike the micro SIM, the nano SIM is also thinner.

        • loopyduck

          Indeed. All of a ridiculously ginormous 15% thinner.

        • Nearmsp

          The nano-sim is 30% smaller in surface area and 15% thinner. I am sure when the iPhone 5 went to being 13% thinner than the SGS3, they definitely needed the smaller size nano-sim. This is a world standard now (4FF) and is likely to be used in many future devices.

        • bob90210

          The nano sim is 40% smaller than the micro sim.

  • Nearmsp

    Great news. I will be more than happy to buy an unlocked iPhone 5. There are many models of iPhone 5. I hope T-mobile will give us advisory which model will work on their network.
    Model A1428 is a GSM model that will work on AT&T – 4 (AWS) and 17 (700b MHz). There is another GSM Model: A1429 with bands and frequencies at: 1 (2100 MHz), 3 (1800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz). This model works pretty much all over Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia etc. Can any Electrical Engineers/Techies comment please?

    • iphonelover

      Buy Model A1428 cuz it will work on T-Mo’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE-Advanced. However, it may not work on other countries. Pretty stupid move from Apple. :S

      • bleeew

        I guess its the only way it can stay that thin. Dont complain because samsung has like 8 devices for the world on the gs3

    • Winski

      From what I can gather around the web, Apple and my local T-Mumble folks, it’s the first model targeted or AT&T – A1428. Specifically because of the AWS migration and the band 4 usage. But also because of the HSPA+ re-farming happening as we speak.

    • loopyduck

      Doing the math, it actually might make more sense to buy the AT&T locked model, pay the ETF, and then have them unlock the device. There’s a $450 difference between the locked and unlocked phones, while AT&T’s ETF is $325.

      • doesnt make sense bro. you need pay the etf plus your bill plus the price of the phone which comes out 219.99 plus 350 plus your bill then uncle sam will hit you with taxes

        • loopyduck

          The price of the phone is 199.99. I don’t know where you’re getting 219.99 from, Broseph. And AT&T’s own website says $325 for ETF, not $350. As for the bill, pick the cheapest combination, $60 for 450 minutes and 300 MB data, no text messaging. Even with all the taxes thrown in, the monthly bill will be $70 at most. So we’re looking at a $55 difference, but since you paid for one month of service, your ETF goes down by $10. So final savings is $65.

        • Loyal

          there is heavy taxes on the eft, you’ll be breaking about even.

          tmob tax on a eft of 200, is 30 to 40 depending on the state. same would apply for all the other carriers, and likely you would have your full months bill plus tax even if you don’t intend to use the service. the carriers have that all figured out, they know how not to take a huge lose.also the chance that att will drop the eft for eft buyout by 10 is very unlikely.

        • Guest

          I don’t care how “unlikely” you think it is that AT&T will discount the ETF; that’s what it says on their own website. http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/articles-resources/early-term-fees.jsp

          As for taxes, any taxes would be sales tax, and not every jurisdiction has sales tax as ridiculous as wherever you’re living. In fact, quite a few don’t have sales tax at all.

        • loopyduck

          I don’t care how “unlikely” you think it is that AT&T will discount the ETF; that’s what it says on their own website. I can’t put the address here without the comment going into moderation queue; google AT&T etf and the first or second result should be it.

          As for taxes, any taxes for the AT&T ETF would be sales tax, and not every jurisdiction has sales tax as ridiculous as wherever you’re living. In fact, quite a few don’t have sales tax at all. And you shouldn’t be charged sales tax at all on the ETF in the first place if your state charges sales tax on the retail price of the phone, since the ETF is supposed to cover the initial discount they gave you.

        • Deihmos

          The EFT taxes isn’t just sales tax. The tax is high. At the end of the day you will probably end up spending more in your effort to save $60.00 lmao

        • Mark

          But will AT&T give you the unlock code after only a month?

        • No Unlock Code4U

          Great point. T-Mobile gives you unlock code after 90 days so I don’t think you’ll be saving a thing buddy.

        • loopyduck

          See my reply to Mark, pal.

        • loopyduck

          AT&T’s iPhone unlocking policy states that they will unlock an iPhone if you are a current customer after sixty days OR a former customer if you don’t owe them any money (ie, pay any outstanding bills and/or ETF).

        • bleeew

          You unlock the phone through iTunes. Or atleast until you ask ATT when you qualify.

        • Frank Alvarez

          I may. Be wrong, but AT&T policy on unlocking is only for phones that have lived out their contract or been upgraded. You are taking a big risk hoping they will unlock your phone just or paying an ETF. I wouldn’t

        • Nearmsp

          For $65 all the trouble of taking a new account after porting your number and then porting back. On top of this you are dealing with the most unethical company (AT&T) which has traps set for you as you exit. The risk reward is too complex to try to save $65. The best and safe deal is to buy a phone an unlocked phone on full price through Apple and bring to T-mobile. I am pretty sure T-mobile will give $100-$200 subsidy a free nano SIM to get people on 2 year value plan contracts come October.

        • loopyduck

          …why the heck would T-Mobile give an additional subsidy on a Value plan? The main reason for Value plans being a lot cheaper than Classic is that they don’t give you a lump sum subsidy in the first place!

        • Nearmsp

          They regularly give discounts of up to $199 to value plan customers to get them on to 2 year contracts. Until end of September they are offering $100 for new iPhones users on value plan. The days when they do is this called “all hands day” and they have a weekend blitz for value plan customers. I bought a SGS2 for $400 early this year.

        • JayMo86

          It’s a special promo offered as a mail in rebate ($100) for customers who sign up for a value plan with at least 2gb of data with an unlocked iPhone

        • exeot

          It’s really not worth the hassle for those savings. Rather have a permanently unlocked phone and not have to go through the hassle. Should be in stock early since most will go for the contract based iphones as well.

  • Winski

    Thank you…

  • Ashshlay

    The iPhone 5 days it supports dc hsdpa which is what tmo uses to get 42 mbps. This is good for tmo because it will be speeds in the running with lte for most consumers taste.I know us tech People still want faster though…

    • iphonelover

      It should work on T-Mo

    • kk888

      In some area only, we are not sure is the new iPhone 5 is capable w/ AWS HSPA..so till this point we are only sure DC-HSPA will only work in area w/ 1900 HSPA refarmed with 20 mhz of spectrum.

  • DavidT

    For people on Tmobile currently with iPhone 4 or 4s. What services can use use with edge? Are you able to use navigation? Pandora? Spotify? Facebook? Any comments about the experiences would be helpful thanks.

    • Guest

      I don’t know about Pandora or Spotify but using SiriusXM to stream is painful. It buffers about every 10 seconds. Facebook, web browsing and email. is fine as you don’t necessarily need high speed for things like that. Siri works, GPS works.

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      Facebook is fine, I use navigation fine, re-routing on Waze when I get off track is quick, I stream music from K-Love… I could go on and on

    • loopyduck

      Pandora should be possible if you’re in a strong signal area and don’t have HQ stream turned on. Might need to buffer a little between tracks though.

    • JeffS

      I’m able to listen to Pandora and use Runkeeper on edge on my 4s.

  • So the 5 will have “4G” like data speeds on tmo once the reframing is complete?
    My fiance is getting a 5 (she’s on sprint) and ditching her Evo :(
    Future house divided, lol.
    Androids – Apples

    • MacRat

      My iPhone 3GS is connecting to T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network in my area.

      • Tony

        That’s great…where would that be?

        • MacRat

          I’m in Santa Clara, CA.

      • Johnny Lee Stewart

        The iphone 3gs dosent have 4g so why did you mention it?

        • MacRat

          Technically, no provider in the US has 4G (aka 100+Mbs speeds).

          Both AT&T and T-Mobile market HSPA+ as “4G”

        • 21stNow

          Johnny was mentioning the fact that the iPhone 3GS doesn’t have the HSPA+ antenna in it, so therefore, no 4G. Hence the name iPhone “3G”S.

        • JeffWalenta

          The branding is confusing but HSPA+ is also 3g ….the refarmed spectrum will allow all 3g phones that support the 1900mhz band that includes the 3gs

        • eanfoso

          Verizon does, and the actual definition is 75 mbps theoretical, which means no one will ever come close to it lol fyi I hate Verizon lol

        • philyew

          Since the ITU specification for 4G is actually 100mbps for mobile download, Verizon doesn’t have a current “true 4G” capability either. In fact, they will need to do a hardware upgrade throughout their LTE infrastructure before they can take that step. (Ironically, TM, as a late starter, is going directly to “true 4G” capable hardware.)

          In reality, apart from a commercial demo of IMT-Advanced (LTE-Advanced) in Sweden, I don’t believe anyone has deployed “true 4G” anywhere in the world so far.

      • iPhoneMASTER

        Where are you located?

  • BigMixxx

    Skip the 5 —
    And the 4s is being let got for how much?
    400? 450? 350?

    • MacRat

      You can go to store.apple.com and look for yourself.

    • Nearmsp

      less $100. The unlocked 4S phone can be bought right now on Apple web site.

    • Magnetic

      The 4 is $450 and the 4S is $549. If you sign up for an ATT contract then it is $0 and $99 respectively, but then you have to pay the high ATT monthly fee.

  • steveb944

    That 650 is about the same that we pay for devices on the value plan. I’m looking forward to this refarm and I hope the LTE is compatible between AT&T and T-Mobile as well so we get even more device options.

    • Nearmsp

      Exactly. For those of us on Value plan, the cost of SGS3 and iPhone 5 is almost the same. It is a no brainer to consider this new option once the 3G gets switched on and more importantly once we have LTE. I love my SGS2 but having used an iPad/iPad2 for so many years, would like to use the Iphone for 2 years. My wife plans to stay on SGS2 until she has my feedback:)

  • UMA_Fan

    Anyone familiar with the chips know why Apple left out HSPA+ on T-Mobile’s band?

    Would it have REALLY been that hard for them to do? The phone carries almost every other wireless band in existence.

    • It would add to the cost of manufacturing the phone and T-Mobile doesn’t want to pay Apple the billions they would require to do it. The network is being refarmed to 1900mhz so it won’t matter anymore in a few months.

  • No iPhone once again

    Lets see how many customers T-Mobile loses once the iPhone 5 comes out! I have been a customer for 10 years and love T-Mobile but its a shame to see them not carry one of the best mobile phones in the US right now! If they were smart they would sell the phone. Great prices and a great phone is success! Hands down!

    • You sound so uneducated. Just shut up already

  • Whitney

    Good I will have my new imac and iphone when I start school in the winter. I just have one question: is there a way I can transfer my contracts off old my sim card and unto new nano sim? I text my cousins a lot

    • od312

      I’m sure tmobile will have an adaptor at their store for their cellbrite machines, to transfer contacts. I’m assuming you’re switching from Android to iPhone?

      • Whitney

        windows to iphone

        • 21stNow

          Upload your contacts to GMail and then sync your GMail contacts to your iPhone.

  • Nearmsp


    I was reading on Macrumors web site an article that the new iPhone 5 will NOT do LTE data and voice calls simultaneously on Verizon and Sprint . Many Verizon users who do not want to move to AT&T plan to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 and use on T-mobile after the nano sims arrive in mid-October. So clearly T-mobile needs to accelerate its rearming efforts because the rewards for T-mobile will be huge. No wonder AT&T wanted to buy off the only GSM provider in the US.

    • Johnny Lee Stewart

      actually straight talk is also a gsm provider as u can now buy sim cards for your unlocked phones from there as as well

      • 21stNow

        They’re more of a GSM reseller than provider. My understanding is that they don’t have nanoSIM cards ready yet, so it’s still a waiting game with them.

      • eanfoso

        Straight talk is owned by AT&T so idk what you’re trying to say, and track phone along with simple mobile are owned by T-Mobile

        • 21stNow

          Straight Talk isn’t owned by AT&T and TracFone and Simple Mobile aren’t owned by T-Mobile. Those companies may use the towers of those carriers through a paid agreement, but that is not the same as ownership.

          One of Carlos Slim’s companies owned by T-Mobile. That’s laughable.

        • eanfoso

          It’s not impossible, since deutsche telekom has a Bigger customer base world wide

        • 21stNow

          Maybe we get our numbers from different places. I calculate ~129 million for Deutsche Telekom and 236 million for America Movil.

        • eanfoso

          T-Mobile world wide is forth place, let’s see first is telefonica, followed by orange and vodafone, there’s no way America movil has a costumer base, considering they have been losing monopolies like in Mexico, telcel sure is still the leader, but over the years people have reacted to their overpriced features, because you have to consider T-Mobile operates throughout Europe and the Americas, and America Movil is only in the Americas, show me some stats man lol

        • 21stNow

          I had to go to Deutsche Telekom’s financial statements and add the numbers for German Operations (~35 million), the rest of Europe Operations (~60 million) and US Operations (~33 million). I went to Wikipedia to find the number of subscribers for America Movil, as well as a list that ranked the world’s top mobile providers by customers. America Movil ranked fourth. DT wasn’t listed as one entity. T-Mobile USA was the only DT entity on that list.

          Now where are you getting your numbers from?

          Second of all, my original comment was referring to the assertion that TracFone was owned by T-Mobile USA. That isn’t true and wouldn’t happen.

        • eanfoso

          You’re leaving out the virgin islands Man, t-mobile operates there as well, and you’re right though lol but piggybacking is almost close to just being that carrier, btw how would the everything everywhere work for T-Mobile UK? Considering the venture is a 50/50 thing and idk I think it’s messy in the UK lol

  • anatoliy

    Priece for iphone 5 650$ way one 1 year can buy 400$

  • anatoliy

    To higher priece you can buy. 4 galaxy s3 from walmart 148$ that priece 650$ 4 phones

    • Bratty

      Let me guess – you failed math in middle school?

  • Test

    Guys, if i have a family classic plan do i have to wait until all 3 lines are out of contract to switch to value?

    • guest

      No. I’m a rep for T-Mobile and if you are 18+ on your upgrade tenure on all 3 lines, migrate over to value! There will be no migration fees what so ever. :) plus buying the iPhone out right and signing up for T-Mobile value will save you money in the long run. 199.99 for the iPhone on a 2 year contract plus the amount you would have to pay on att or Verizon, still end up paying more for the phone itself. Plus with our ref armed network, coverage will be better than ever since we have spectrum from Verizon as well as att.

    • No. They just charge a fee to migrate to value depending on how much time is left on your contract.

  • JL

    Is unlocked release date same as the carrier release date? If so, if I get it, would I even be able to use it on Tmobile right away or until october for nano sim or whenever they actually get it? Thanks.

    • Magnetic

      I’m afraid that it won’t be until October when the nano sim is released, unless there is a way to modify a micro sim..?

  • Regina G

    Does the factory unlocked
    Work I T-Mobiles 4G network the iPhone 5?:)

    • Mr Juice

      It will be compatible with the HSPA+ network (“4G”) very soon once the refarm is complete. And once LTE is rolled out, it was also be compatible (LTE on AWS 1700 MHz). So, yes. The iPhone 5 will be 100% functional by the end of the year, and have LTE when T-Mobile launches it.

  • UMA_Fan

    Interesting that the nano sims are IMS WiFi Calling ready… Although that’s more likely to have them ready for potential future android/windows phones that may use the nano sim and utilized wifi calling

  • Turtle07

    David, I didn’t see anywhere on apples website nor epp store page for an unlocked iPhone 5. Their customer service line was down, but when i called the epp line waitedss an hour just to hear there is no information at this time. Do you or anybody know if the retail stores will have it on launch day?

    • Bratty

      The unlocked iphones are only available for sale ~2 weeks after in-store sales launch. That is typical but could change.

    • Looks like US unlocked orders will have to wait till next month.

      • 21stNow

        I’ve always thought that the later release for the unlocked version was weird. Those customers are guaranteed to spend at least $649 on their phone. I would want to be first at that price, and not behind someone who spent $199.

      • Turtle07

        Is it true that if I buy an AT&T iPhone from apple full price on launch day that it’ll be unlocked? I read somewhere that that’s what happened last year and may happen again.

  • urmom

    When is it going to be available to preorder unlocked? I want to use this phone on T-Mobile

    • Nearmsp

      Generally 2 weeks after next Friday when delivery starts. This time it might be delayed due to backlogs. Last time it took 22 hours before backlog of orders started. This time, within 1 hour people were in queue and order was backlogged by 2 weeks world wide. And that is why APPL stock shot up again after a huge run up already. In any case, T-mobile is not getting the nano sim until mid October so it would not make a difference. I am really excited about this phone, even though I have a 9 month old SGS2, I want to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 as soon as it is available.

      • Dude

        I’m in the same boat. Bought my SGS2 after xmas. probably one of my favorite devices I’ve ever used. However, Apple finally got it right with the larger screen and updated cameras plus it’s just overall and impressive device.

  • JMAL

    I don’t understand why anyone is whining about tmobile not carrying the iphone. Apple sells them unlocked! Its cheaper over the term of a two year contract to buy a phone full price and pay monthly than it is to get a subsidized phone! Do the damn math!

    Tmobile is doing you a favor for not carrying it. They are forcing you to go the cheaper route.

    • Udubb

      Because people that use T-Mobile live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford the upfront cost of a new iphone. If they could they wouldn’t be on T-Mobile.

      • I somewhat feel you, but not really. There are plenty of ppl who WILL be buying the iphone outright. And if your living paycheck to paycheck, maybe the top of the line phone and the expenses that comes with it is not for you. Just a thought

      • ant

        lmao im 17 and can afford a iphone n to pay the bill for 2 years 3000 but i like tmobile because i dont have to be stuck or have to activate my phone thru tmobile if i buy another one from someone else so do try to say people on tmobile broke because i now plenty of #teamiphone broke asses

      • Nearmsp

        I am not sure I agree with that. I would say T-mobile customers are more careful with their money and go for value over dazzle. That is the reason value plans only work on T-mobile. You can not assume fiscally smart people are prudent in spending because they live pay check to pay check.

      • Todd_the_Hunn

        One day you will have to move out of mommies house and you as well will need to find ways to save money .

      • Aaron

        I disagree I am with t-mobile and I am not living paycheck to paycheck . I just like to save money just becsuse people like to save money doesn’t mean they are poor or living paycheck to paycheck . Plus I been on all other carriers and t-mobile customer service was the best .

      • eanfoso

        You’re retarded! I work at a clinic, drive a BMW I got last year brand new and surely not living paycheck by paycheck! It’s just nice to have extra cash to invite the ladies a drink and not be broke by the end of the month :)

        • Udubb

          If the price of a bar tab is the difference between you being broke or not at the end of the month then you most surely are living check to check.
          Either that your your one ugly MF and need to spend thousands to get the ladies to take notice. Either way your a moron.

        • eanfoso

          I just said it’s nice to have extra cash, moron, and considering what some of these girls ask for Friday Saturday, I’m looking almost at a Verizon phone bill lol

        • JayMo86

          why are u even on this thread??? Do u even have tmobile???U have no basis to make such a stupid claim that tmobile customers live check to check. I personally know a few Verizon customers that live check to check and they pay twice as much as me for phone service and even I wouldn’t make a claim like that cause I know that each carrier’s have millions of customers and I couldn’t possibly know wat they’re financial situation are. I’m sorry but these guys are right, u are a moron…

      • I’m on T-Mobile and buy all of my phones upfront. The reason many people with money have money is because they don’t make stupid financial decisions like paying AT&T/Verizon for overpriced capped data plans when a carrier like T-Mobile offers the same thing for less.

        • MatthewMurawski

          Yes thank you! Buying a phone full retail and putting it on monthly4G or even a value plan could save you a lot of money, plus monthly4G = no contract.

      • tegz

        please change your name to Udumb since you’re obviously an idiot. If people on tmobile can’t afford the up- front cost of an unlocked iphone, then why are there so many iphones running on tmobile’s network? lol. the idea that you’re poor if you can’t afford the iphone is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. i guess you’re one of the idiots who really believes it.

      • GwapoAko

        After being robbed byt Verizon for 2 years I I bought my iPhone 4$ unlocked from Apple Store and using it on Tmobile value plan $65 a month taxes included!!

    • Magnetic

      I think Udubb is correct. Most T-Mobile users stay with T-Mobile because they can’t afford the high-priced ATT and Verizon plans and also can’t afford the high up-front cost of an unlocked phone. It is unfortunate that sometimes you need to HAVE money to SAVE money. I stay with T-Mobile because our country needs a good VALUE carrier. I have been with them for 16 years and counting.

      • I disagree. T-Mobile is positioned to be the best carrier out there, they just have made some mistakes that have set them back. They are GSM so you can use the phones internationally, they have been known for awesome customer service and hopefully getting back to that soon, they have simultaneous voice and data capabilities(talk on your bluetooth and surf web at same time) and you same money.

        When you look at it, T-Mobile has made a great feat to be the #4 carrier in game. They are the ONLY ones that were not a subsidiarity of a Big landline carrier(though Sprint no longer is). And truth be told, there are some ppl on verizon and att that are sacrificing other things just to be able to pay there bill.

        Last thing, ppl have tried tmobile in the past and was not happy with the service. Thy don’t know how much better its gotten. Sorry for the rant. Loggin off now lol

  • AJ

    Where do you get the unlocked pricing for the iphone5? The link only takes you to details about the iphone5, no pricing. Just wanting to confirm the “unlocked” option.

  • taron19119

    If T-Mobile make WiFi calling for the iphone then I will get the iphone

    • loopyduck

      T-Mobile has the Bobsled app available for iOS.

      • taron19119

        That’s not the same thing

        • loopyduck

          You’re right, it’s not. But it’s the closest thing to WiFi calling that the iPhone will get right now, since it’s not a T-Mobile-offered device.

  • Milad

    You can’t get the Factory unlocked iPhone 5 in the US yet ..



    • Whitney

      No just do what I am doing. I am not getting the iphone 5 until the refarming is complete. The refarming should be done by the end of the year. I am not getting the iphone and imac until January so I can get the school discount

    • c0nd3mn3d

      i can’t understand a word you’re saying when you’re yelling like that… take off your caps-lock and i won’t scroll right by your post unread.

  • Jshy82

    Why would anyone want the iPhone at all? It is so far behind other phones. I had an iPhone that I used unlocked on Tmobile and it was fine, but there was much, much better out there. The phone keeps you locked on what you are able to do with it. Android lets you feel all the features in a more robust setting. I understand that people dont have to have the latest and greatest, but if that’s the case, then they wouldn’t feel the need to have the new iPhone at all. If you are going to pay high dollar, then why not get your worth out of your purchase? If I were an avid iPhone user, I would be extremely disappointed by this new phone…hardly an upgrade at all. How many times can you manufacture the same phone with minimal changes?

    • What’s “behind” is completely subjective, I really wish people recognized that far more often than they do. It’s really disappointing when everyone thinks that what’s “behind” for them, is “behind” for everyone else. Love all the tech!

      • jshy82

        How is that subjective at all??? It is fact. I said that the iPhone is behind other phones…behind is behind no matter who you are. A tube television may still work, but it doesn’t make it any less behind other televisions. I am not a super power user that roots devices and blah blah blah. I am a normal person who uses their phone to run a business and personal life. If I pay top dollar for a device, then I expect top performance as well as top specs. My laptop is 3 years old, but it works okay for what I need…that said, I would expect a lot more when I pick up the newest version or preorder it.

        • Guest911

          I dont think you understand tech.

        • How is it behind? It’s processor is said to be better than the one used on the often praised “GS3” that T-Mobile carries.

  • jshy82

    why was my post deleted???

  • frustrated with tmo

    doesn’t this piss you off that T-mobile(DT) offers it overseas but the U.S brand stays getting screwed??? I’ve been told to get it unlocked and wait till mid Oct. for a nano sim but why do i have to go through the trouble and wait for that I might as well switch, yes i’ll pay more but i’ll have the phone I want and service/speed the moment I walk out the store instead of waiting till 2013 to have my phone speed boosted. You say -tmobile usa could go under if they carry the iphone, then why hasn’t t-mobile in the uk gone under? This is why T-mobile is on the bottom list and will loss another 250,000 or more customers every year because they refuse to offer the best handsets around.

    • 21stNow

      No, it doesn’t “make me angry”. Should it or could it be different? Maybe. But it’s not something for me to get upset about. If I wanted the phone that bad, I would go to a carrier that sold it.

    • philyew

      If you are in a major market, you may well be able to enjoy good download speeds as soon as the unlocked iPhone 5 becomes available, which won’t be until October anyway.

      Until the current re-farm of the TM network is completed, it would require the creation of a unique iPhone device to support full data services on the TM network in the USA. For that reason, TM would have had to make a very high upfront commitment to Apple in order to get that device engineered.
      Sprint had to commit to spending $15.5 billion over the first four years in order to carry the iPhone, and they won’t break even until 2013-14.
      All of the overseas TM companies are capable of using the standard iPhone device, meaning that Apple had to do nothing special to make the device available. The whole equipment supply chain is different outside the USA, and carriers cannot monopolize device availability in the same way as AT&T were able to do here for four years.
      TM didn’t choose to be in this situation regarding their previously unique network configuration. Their use of the AWS band for 3G/HSPA+ was determine by the spectrum made available for auction by the FCC when they wanted to launch their 3G capabilities back in the mid 2000s.
      Even now, all the carriers only have access to 16% of all the spectrum which is potentially usable by the mobile telephony industry. The rest is owned by the government and television broadcasting companies.
      A series of events related to the failed takeover by AT&T had to fall into place in order for TM to be able to finally move to a configuration capable of supporting 3G/HSPA+ service on an unmodified iPhone. In the 9 months since that happened they have moved forward pretty rapidly, in my view.

  • TBN27

    Will wait until LTE launches.

  • Yoda

    The key is for tmo to get the 1900mhz band up and running in all major metro area ASAP, and this not only affects the new iPhones, but all major gsm phones released this year – they simply don’t support AWS

  • who in their right mind would pay these prices for an unlocked iPhone for as “simple” as the phone already is.

  • Aaron

    I wouldn’t buy the iPhone 5. For t-mobile until the reframe is done and I could have 3g/4g on the iPhone 5 . Other wise it would be pointless to have it on t-mobile . So I will ride out with my gs3 till then. Just my opinion don’t stone me .

    • jasonhol

      You could get voice service and a 4g hotspot to get 4g data and still save money over Verizon, AT&T, and sprint

  • eanfoso

    An unlocked T-Mobile galaxy s3? Can someone collaborate here?

  • james

    Showing 3G on my 4S in LA County (Alhambra) as of yesterday.

  • Johntho

    Sooooo let me get this straight, T-Mobile can’t sell the iPhone 5 but gets the type sim cards that only the iPhone 5 uses?!? From Apple directly….. And Apple is okay with this?!?!?! Kay T-Mobile, I’m on to ya, something to me points to the direction that T-Mobile is going to get the iPhone very soon! And since Pre Paid carriers carry the iPhone I don’t think a large volume commitment (financially) has anything to do with it. Maybe a little spectrum refarm for the entire USA

    • taron19119

      First apple don’t make the SIM cards second t-nobile is trying to get unlocked iphone users to come to t-mobile so y not come out wit the nano sim

  • Wsj

    IF apple does sell the 5 unlocked and everything works on TMUSA, then I am buying 5 of them and staying on TMUSA. However I have not found anywhere on Apple , unlocked phone or pricing. If apple will not sell the 5 unlocked, then I am left with no choice but to leave for AT&T. I have to have GSM phones. It does suck that they will not work outside of th USA, on LTE.

    • The 3G/4G HSPA+ will work on T-Mobile once the network is refarmed in your area. The LTE will not be up until 2013.

  • Anthony In Utah – =)

    ~ I am so excited for T-Mobile, marketing its strategies to be in the competition with its rivals! Its taking time, but T-Mobile has its heart in the game still as we are seeing great approaches to its future with new and existing customers. I say bring it on, Unlocked and ready to rock =)

  • Pink

    I’m getting the iPhone 5. Hope the reform happens soon

  • What’s the point of wasting money to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 to be stuck on 2G service? You might as well save your money and get a new iPod. You will have iOS 6 and can keep your Android phone. Apple even said you won’t get 3G and who knows if tmobile will be able to get it working anytime soon. Be smart and save your money people.

    • philyew

      There is no doubt that TM can “get it working”. They have said the re-farming will be completed in Q4 of this year and there are reports from 20 states that iPhone users are detecting 3G/HSPA+ on the TM network (
      http://www.airportal.de/). That’s an increase of 10-15 states in the last 10 days.

      By the time the unlocked iPhone 5 actually launches, which won’t be for another 4-5 weeks, it is reasonable to expect that most major markets will have 3G/HSPA+ lit on the 1900 mHz band.

      Rather than spending money on another device, the sensible decision would be to check the available sources of information, such as the above link, before buying anything and maybe use a little patience to allow the program to complete.

  • supercutwup

    I could care less about the Iphone but this reminds me, when is TMO planning on cutting the galaxy S3 price? I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for a couple of months now but there’s no way I’m paying $300 for a phone that other carriers are selling for $99. Would they sell it to me for $99 if I told them I’m moving to another carrier? This sucks by the time they lower the price the Note 2 will be out and it’ll make my decission even harder.

    • philyew

      Which carriers are selling it for $99? I just checked the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint sites and they are all asking $199.99 for the 16GB version. TM want $279.99, but were recently offering a further $100 discount to long term customers (more in some cases, since there were a few reports in the TM forum of people paying as little as $135.)

      All three of the other carriers generally charge more for comparable data plans (much more in the case of AT&T & Verizon) and have higher Early Termination Fees. Over the course of a 2-year contract, TM’s asking price is competitive.

      • Erikki

        I bought the HTC One S, had ptoblems with WiFi and data connections. They wanted to send a new one, I held out and the 3rd time I called Loyalty, they sold me a SGIII for $100 and I still own the One S.

  • Aurizen

    If I were to get an iphone 5 which one would should I get that will work on Tmobile? AT&T right?

    • taron19119

      Yes get the unlocked iphone 5 or at&t iphone 5 Will work

      • Aurizen

        ah i see, so what if i get verizon’s iphone 5 or sprints iphone 5 what will happen can those be unlocked?

        • taron19119

          No they can only be unlocked for international use not use in the us the at&t iphone Will work wit T-Mobile hspa+ 42 network and T-Mobile upcoming lte network when the reframing is done

  • Missy

    So still iPhone for tmobile. No new blackberry’s as of late. So basically I’m stuck choosing Droids??? This stupid. I want an iPhone 5 or a new Berry. I’m not paying through the nose for an unlocked phone. I think it’s time to switch to another provider. I’ve been with tmo for 7 years. They used to over some of the best phones. Now the selection is dismal.

  • predation

    anyone know if t-zones will be invalid if nano sim is used???
    friend is currently using cut simcard for iphone4 using tzones.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Sooo if there’s no factory unlocked version I should get the AT&T one retail price and unlock it?

  • RICO

    Does the iPhone5 allow you to make wifi/UMA calls?