(Updated)Some More “In The Wild” Fun With The Galaxy S Relay 4G, Benchmark Scores And All

Update: After emailing T-Mobile, we’ve been told the off contract price is $499.99.

After getting a quick look at the Galaxy S Relay 4G yesterday, we’ve been handed some more images of the device hanging around in the wild, including a benchmark shot and a look at the smartphone cuddling up next to its Galaxy S III sibling. What’s most noticeable and with the understanding that some of you place far more emphasis on benchmark scores than others is the 5070 Quadrant score, which is undoubtedly earned from a Snapdragon S4 processor.

Along with that are a set of shots showing the Galaxy S Relay 4G sized up to the Samsung Galaxy S III, a larger device. The Galaxy S Relay 4G sports a 4″ display against the Galaxy S III 4.8″ display, so it’s easy to tell just how large or small the Galaxy S Relay 4G is. The Relay 4G sports Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 5 megapixel camera, QWERTY 5-row keyboard, microSD memory card slot, 4″ Super AMOLED display, and Wi-Fi calling.

The Galaxy S Relay 4G will drop on September 19th for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two-year Classic Plan. We’ve reached out to T-Mobile to confirm the no-contract pricing and will update the post when we hear back.

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  • Deadeye37

    More and more interesting….

    Those are some pretty good benchmark scores. I’m surprised that its faster than the HTC One X.

    I’ll have to get my hands on this. I’m thinking this will be the phone that will replace my G2. That 5 row keyboard looks nice! I can’t wait to have dedicated number keys again!

    • Anonymous

      it has the same processor with a smaller screen.. why wouldn’t it be faster than a one x?

      • Actually, the One X in the benchmark is the Tegra 3 One X, seeing as it and the Transformer have about the same CPU score. It does show, however, the strength of dual Krait versus quad A9.

        • Anonymous

          oo nvm didn’t see that

  • randomnerd_number38


    EDIT: Also, the better scores than the One X are unsurprising, considering the One S(with the same processor as this phone) also edged it out. Plus the processor in this phone is powering less pixels; this thing is gonna be SNAPPY.

    • I’d rather finally have a beautiful 720p LED-lid SLCD2 5-row qwerty than pumping up the CPU speed alone. My G2 still flies, and it’s only a single core.

      • randomnerd_number38

        Well of course I’d much rather have the bigger screen, better resolution, AND the S4, but it ain’t happening. So I’m looking at the silver lining here. The other stuff ain’t a deal-breaker for me as long as I get the processor.

  • Joseph Tongret

    After initially dismissing the Relay because of the hardware keyboard & smaller screen, it appears this is shaping up to be a very good option for those that enjoy the qwerty keyboards. I personally am like the majority, as I want as big a touch screen as I can squeeze into my pocket with no added thickness, but there’s going to be some very excited ppl for this device. Tmo hasn’t had a decent qwerty phone since the mt4g, so it’s not often that the keyboard enthusiasts have something worth while come along that’s a native T-mobile phone w/ hspa+ 42. This is definitely looking to be in line with the Droid 4 & Photon Q as far as performance, & I personally really like Samsungs build quality of light & durable, sleek looking plastics that they’re often criticized over.

  • oceanbabi

    Has anyone seen what it looks like with the keyboard backlight on? I haven’t seen any pics of that and can’t find any info about it anywhere …

    • A pic showing the keyboard backlight is on the tmonews font page

    • That’s for prepaid, not the off-contract price of $499.99.

      • randomnerd_number38

        I know it’s commonplace to do this, but I’m still a little surprised at the price difference. When you consider how huge of a difference it is, it makes it seem an awful lot like price gouging.

      • Why would it be $150 cheaper on the prepaid plan? Is there a time commitment if you get the phone that way, or can you switch plans any time?

      • ….Ok explain why would it be cheaper on prepaid no commitment versus “off contract” essentially pre-paid and off contract are basically the same thing a device with no commitment…..hmmm…I bet the pre paid one has an S3 processor lol

      • ktwist

        It’s $350 +$50 plan or higher with purchase so $400 at least out the door. If you want to buy off contract then just get the $50 prepaid plan with it and throw it away/give it to someone and put your old sim in it. Then you saved yourself at least $100 bucks.

        • This may get buried, but I read on XDA that the pre-paid version may have an S3 processor, and the post-paid s4! THis may have caused the confusion. We should know soon, but I have no idea if this is accurate.The post-paid definitely s4 of course!!!!

        • randomnerd_number38

          I guess stranger things have happened, but that just sounds silly to me. Probably just someone speculating anyway.

      • Yet more proof that post-paid is a always ripoff if you don’t use a subsidized phone. They artificially jack up the “MSRP” to incentivize staying under contract. My contract is up in November and I am SO jumping over to the prepaid side for this and several other reasons.

  • Prepaid price is $349.99. For that a great deal!

  • steve…stevo

    awesomeee! anyone tell if it has pentile screen or not? hoping seen as the ppi is relatively standard we wont have to suffer from a pentile screen as well!

    • I’ve seen one up close to compare to myTouch 4G Slide, and it’s definitely a pentile layout.

  • RonJeezy

    So what would you guys say Relay or S lll, Mind you all my smartphones have had keyboards… i.e. Moto Cliq and G2… Make the jump or stick with what I know???

    • randomnerd_number38

      I made the jump about 5 months ago to the One S and I regret it. A lot of people say ditching the keyboard isn’t a big deal, but to me it is. I guess it depends on how much typing you do and how much autocorrect annoys you. I DO love the performance of the S4 processor though. My One S has it, and so does the Galaxy S III and this phone. If I were you, I would ask myself this: Which is more important to you for your phone, typing quickly and accurately EXACTLY what you want, or having a large beautiful 720p screen for media/games? That should give you your answer.

      • That answer was great. You reeled me in like you were running for Congress. I’m still in the air about though. The way you put it was spot on.

        • animaleyezz

          There are apps to help you with typing like Swift Key 3. Having a slide out keyboard is one my accessory to break in my opinion. I have the S3 and no regrets.

  • Geek Man

    Rumored to be S3, turned out to be S4.. now I’m hoping that the 480×800 resolution rumor will turn out
    1280×720. … then I’m sold.

  • herm

    Finally, a true replacement for the G2.

  • Exibitsmen

    Screen is to small I’ll pass

  • Roy_G2

    wow… really? SGSR4G faster than HTC One X and SGS3, right ? i just cant believe how fast is Relay 4G!? also, SGSR4G price is $499 and SGS3 price is $549 both off contract?? SGSR4G cheaper and faster!

  • Joe333x

    Im stuck between getting this or waiting for the note 2. I HATE touch screen typing and thats why i want to get this but im also thinking since the note 2 is so massive it may make typing a little easier. Does anyone think the relay will have dev support? I want to be able to root it and run cm on it and over clock it like i have with the rest of my androids.

  • Joe333x

    Anyone else think they should have put another symbol instead of having such a big P button?

  • Joe_PDA

    Does anyone know if the display is made of Gorilla Glass?

    • Joe333x

      Would like to know the same thing. Stuff works, my g2x screen is still scratch free

  • supercutwup

    This reminds me, when is TMO planning on cutting the galaxy S3 price? I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for a couple of months now but there’s no way I’m paying $300 for a phone that other carriers are selling for $99. Would they sell it to me for $99 if I told them I’m moving to another carrier? This sucks by the time they lower the price the Note 2 will be out and it’ll make my decission even harder.

    • Mike in FL

      Call retentions. I was offered $148 for the GIII like a month ago. They’ll probably give it to me for free now. LOL.

      • supercutwup

        Thanks, whats “retentions” and what do I tell them?

        • Mike in FL

          Retentions is a department within T-Mobile Customer Care that you speak to when thinking of cancelling your lines. They try to “retain” you, hence the name. They are the dept that can give you the best deal, as they can do things that normal CS cannot. When calling 611, say something about cancelling a line and you will automatically be routed to Retentions. Good luck.

  • Joe_PDA

    I just watched a pretty good product review here:

    The reviewer runs through most features well, but he does get the S4 Snapdragon processor wrong.

  • blk_jack

    Check out this review (has video):http://www.lazytechguys.com/reviews/review-samsung-galaxy-s-relay-4g-for-t-mobile/

    EDIT: I was wrong, the quadrant results match those of other S4 devices and the SGH-T999.

  • Joe_PDA

    I just got to play with this phone (lets call it the SGSR 4G) in my local T-MO. It is fast and very functional with a nice looking screen, but the keyboard is really disappointing. The keys are very flat with little feedback. The rep there said this was an actual production model of this phone, and I ran it though lots of apps, so I’m guessing this is the final keyboard. I like everything else about the phone. Why do manufacturers do this. Its not like making a good keyboard is new. Look at Motorola phones, or even the older HTC phones. I think I will buy it only because my choices are so limited, but it honestly is about as bad a keyboard as they could have made.

    • CommonSenseUI?

      Thanks for saying that, because even without touching the phone I was already predicting it just by the looks of the keys. They look like the same keys as the MyT4GS, and the only advantage seems to be the extra row.

      It seems counter intuitive that a company will spend the time making a device whose sole selling point is the keyboard and then fail at making the keyboard feel good.

      What’s even weirder is that one review from lazytech mentions nothing about the keyboard. It’s like the same mental process from Samsung affected the lazyguy. OK, I put/mentioned a keyboard there so stop bothering me and let me go along trying to sell this fat phone.

    • randomnerd_number38

      After seeing this comment, I became worried and took a trip down to my own T-Mobile store for a little bit of hands-on time. I disagree with you pretty heavily. The keyboard felt just fine to me, the feedback felt very adequate. Although the keys are fairly flat, they are raised up just enough that with the decent key spacing it has, touch-typing is a breeze. I picked it up and immediately typed out the standard “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” with no errors and very quickly felt comfortable with it. True, the keys aren’t “clicky” like the Blackberry devices, but it’s LEAPS and BOUNDS above the feel of the MyTouch 4G Slide keyboard. You can feel the keys pop back up immediately, and they don’t have that stiff, no-feedback feel like the MT4GS does. If you want a keyboard with horrible tactile feedback on the keys, try that one.

      If I were to compare the keyboard on this phone to other QWERTY devices, I’d say this keyboard is pretty close to the feel of the G1(but not QUITE as good due to the flat keys). That’s pretty damn good in my book; I have huge hands with fat thumbs and the G1 keyboard is my personal “gold standard.”

      Bottom line, check the keyboard out for yourself before you write it off. Maybe you’ll find yourself disappointed like Joe here, or maybe you’ll be like me and think Joe’s crazy. I mean seriously, “about as bad a keyboard as they could have made?” Sheesh.

      • Joe_PDA

        Hey Random. Thanks for your reply. I really want to like this keyboard because the rest of the phone has very good specs and features for me. Its good to hear others opinions. Maybe I was too harsh, although I think they could have made this keyboard better-Closer to the Motorola Droid 4 or at least my 4 year old HTC Touch Pro. They just feel a bit weak to me. I’ll head back to the store to give it another chance.

        The point of my post was to get people to try it for themselves, so I’m glad you did and commented. I hope more people do too.

  • Joe_PDA

    By the way, I just spoke to a T-Mobile store. If you want this phone and plan to start a new contract, waiting until 9-21 will get us the “don’t leave us for a carrier that has Iphones” pricing. That is you pay $50 up front but get that $50 back as a mail in rebate (I hate those) and then pay $15/month for 20 months. T-Mo isn’t trying too hard to keep us but I do like this phone and need a keyboard.

  • Joe_PDA

    Crap. The T-Mobile rep in the store may have given me wrong info on the price of this phone. It looks like the out of pocket/no money down amount is $100, according to an article on this site.

  • Joe_PDA

    Another details left out of this comparison SIII to SR4G4S is that the SIII has a Gorilla Glass display, but unfortunately the SR4G4S does not. Why Samsung?!!!!

  • E

    This is exactly what I needed to see when deciding where to go from the MT4GS, thanks for the post. Look at the Quadrant result. This phone is killing it not straight up bc of the processor. The one X clearly outperforms on Proc alone. But the Proc is only as good as the memory it talks to. Look at the huge block of performance for this phone due to memory. That’s exactly what I needed to see, because quick switching between apps and memory issues at the end of the usable range of physical RAM has caused me headaches on the doubleshot with both Inqusition and CM 9.1. This phone is the upg I need and your post helped seal the deal, thanks again. Also for any of you using Tmos network, there is almost no imaginable reason not to be on Simple Mobile for your carrier instead.