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T-Mobile Shows Off Device Testing Robot, Employees Do The Robot Dance

Say hello to T-Mobile’s tap-happy device testing robot: T-Mobile has always been committed to providing our customers with the best product and network experience possible. In 2007, T-Mobile noticed a trend, that as mobile operating systems got more and more sophisticated, software was appearing more frequently as a reason noted for device returns. So an innovative T-Mobile engineer decided to create his own way to test the hundreds of functions on every phone … [read full article]

T-Mobile Opens Doors To Mobile Device Test Facility In New Video

Like all wireless carriers, T-Mobile puts their devices through a series of endurance and performance tests before they are released to the public. In a brand new video, T-Mobile Senior Director of Network and Device Quality Assurance Kathy Barnes is showing us just a few of the steps T-Mobile takes to make sure products released to the customer pass a grueling set of requirements. As devices enter the test facility, T-Mobile will test … [read full article]