T-Mobile Opens Doors To Mobile Device Test Facility In New Video

Like all wireless carriers, T-Mobile puts their devices through a series of endurance and performance tests before they are released to the public. In a brand new video, T-Mobile Senior Director of Network and Device Quality Assurance Kathy Barnes is showing us just a few of the steps T-Mobile takes to make sure products released to the customer pass a grueling set of requirements.

As devices enter the test facility, T-Mobile will test for background noise while driving; 3 meter, 1 meter and 1/2 meter tumbler and drop tests to look for manufacturing or device defects; how a device handles liquid as well as a capacitive screen test exclusive to T-Mobile indicating how well a device will handle being operated with the human finger.

Based on the results, T-Mobile will share details from their testing with hardware manufacturers, and require them to fix any problems discovered by T-Mobile. Often times this can lead to a delay in the release of an anticipated product, a problem Barnes admits isn’t her most favorite of activities.

“I’m not always the most popular person in the room when I have to do that,” she said.

As T-Mobile celebrates its 10 year anniversary, the company will hold a series of employee meetings next week (we believe the unlocked iPhone will be discussed here) as well as the release of its unlimited, 4G data plan.

“We look forward to the next 10 years and bringing new innovations, like our 4G data plans, to the market,” said Brad Duea, T-Mobile Senior Vice President of Product Management.

The video is right around three minutes and forty-five seconds and a pretty interesting, if not brief look at how wireless carriers test out devices before releasing them to the world.

Seattle Times

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  • Deadeye37

    Or they can just give the phones to my brother for the drop test.  Seems like he’s always dropping his phone or getting it wet one way or another.  He has an iPhone 4 on AT&T and it is very mangled.  Spiderwebbed glass on both sides, scratches up the wazoo, duct tape in a few select places.  It kinda still works, though.  He refuses to get his phone fixed/replaced until iPhone 5 is released.

  • Trayblackd

    Interesting,that’s good,tmobile does this as well as other carriers to.

  • nick young

    anyone notice the gray S3??

    • guest

      was it an S3 or a note 2


    Wheres the Red Galaxy S3

    • bleeew

      On ATT

  • that’s kinda cool

  • dkbnyc

    I’m assuming you guys forgot to test the G2x.

    • fixxmyhead

      lol best comment

      • Mike

        I have the G2x and i want to upgrade (my battery last 2 and a half hours with continuous use on the web) but i am going waiting to Lte to launch!

    • Sidekicker89

      I was going to say the same thing!!!! hahahaha

  • Youngt82

    Interesting and cool!

  • the man

    i dropped my MyTouch 4g in water once.  it was completely submerged for about 5 seconds and still worked fine.  i was very surprised that there was absolutely no damage to the phone.  however i cant say the same for the battery.  after that incident a fully charged battery would last me only about 5mins.

    • fixxmyhead

      same thing happened to my wife. she dropped her mytouch 4g in a puddle and it didnt turn on. she put it in a rice bowl and after a couple hours it turned on though i hate that damn phone

    • Same experience except mine fell into hot soup. Tough little phone even survived falling from a second story balcony onto a concrete parking lot below and only suffered a scrape on the plastic casing.

  • Mattcat03

    So does this mean that the devices that we get from Tmobile are used and abused before we get them so therefore they are not new. WOW. I am in shock right now.

    • no2apple

      i can guess your IQ is less than 50…

      • Mike


    • weinerschnitzelboy

      Wow you need to rethink your statement. They can’t test all devices. What manufacturers do and what T-Mobile does, is make their phones, and out of a certain batch of phones, test them until they nearly break to ensure quality. If the one they test fails to pass, it is most likely they whole batch of phones made with that one are faulty. That’s why when there is a recall, they take back only a certain batch of product. More specifically, the ones that were made with the faulty model.

  • jonathan3579

    This was a super cool video… and I find it interesting that she mentioned LTE. Woohoo!

  • FILA

    you notice how she didnt want to leave “her” phone in the tumbler more then one drop. lol.

  • ggg

    That’s a great picture of you there, David ;)

  • None

    I don’t think you shold be talking on a phone going 75 miles an hour in a car.  Duh.

    • The point of the test was ambient noise suppression. 

    • Singleweird

      bluetooth. duh.


    Very cool. I’m wondering if all the major carriers got together and written a specification for all phones sold in United States.  It would make cost effective sense for the end user as the cost of manufacturing/testing will be reduced by having one standard.

  • Judging by the hollow tinny sound of the tumbler machines I’d guess the ends (top and bottom) that the phone tumbles upon are just very thin aluminum.  Not really a fair test as that thin aluminum will have a tendency to flex upon striking which would absorb much of the kinetic energy.  If they wanted to do it correctly they’d have an inch thick piece of solid steel on each end as it would not flex at all by comparison and would more accurately simulate dropping it a meter or half a meter onto solid concrete or whatever.

  • Singleweird

    holy shit love my carrier.

  • babyboybelcher

    My s3 slipped out of my back pocket while I was sitting down and it cracked. Not bad but it has a hairline crack at the bottom corner, also this gorilla glass on the new s3 is shit, my galaxy s1 took so much more abuse and the screen is still flawless. I expected the same if not better from the s3’s gorilla glass. But unfortunately I already have scratches on my screen. I hope they do something about this. As for now. I’m just going to keep using my phone until I need to replace it. So disappointed as I really like everything else about this phone.