JD Power Releases New Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study

A brand new JD Power Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study for the first six months of 2012 shows Apple as the highest ranked company in customer satisfaction among smartphone manufacturers. In a move that may or may not surprise some of you, HTC edged out Samsung as the highest ranked Android manufacturer with Motorola and LG following up in third and fourth place.

The Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study measures satisfaction in several key factors in order of importance: performance (29%); ease of operation (26%); physical design (24%); and features (21%). For smartphones, the key factors are: performance (33%); physical design (23%); features (22%); and ease of operation (22%). For the eight consecutive study (it’s held twice a year), Apple ranks highest among smartphone manufacturers with a score of 849, followed by HTC at 790.

The study does find some other notable factors including nearly two in 10 current smartphone owners report experiencing a software or device malfunction. Almost 20% of all smartphone buyers purchase based on price, compared with 14% a year ago. Twenty-two percent of study respondents indicated they received their smartphone for free, up from 18% a year ago.

The study is based on the experiences reported by 8,736 smartphone owners between January and June 2012. You can read the full report at the JD Power link below.

JD Power

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  • Dumbazz

    OF COURSE we are!
    Your little robot toys can’t beat us!

  • Eh2306


    • Dumbazz

      Uuuuh negative ghost rider.

  • Nearmsp

    Look at Blackberry right at the bottom. I think BB is done. iPhone at the top. Clearly, T-mobile needs to have that option for long term sustainability. 

  • I’m so tired of hearing how apple is so great at what they believe in their eyes is the best. Damn.

    • hoopsguest

      Well, it is an objective survey that for many years until recently measured T-Mobile as having the best customer service.  Whether you or I personally like Apple’s iPhone, it is what people are more satisfied with overall.  And T-Mo still hasn’t been able to negotiate it.

      • There are billions of people on cell phones, not billions on an iPhone. People hype them up so much its annoying. Very annoying, as one of the more overrated phones on the market.

        • When will you guys ever learn to separate opinion from fact? Overhyped is pure opinion, that goes for every platform. Has objectivity really gone by the wayside?

        • David, I’m a pretty educated guy, and I know what both words mean. Stop trying to insult me, lol. ‘US/WE/ALL other’ ‘guys’ will stop, when bloggers stop riding a fake wave in the water.

          Now I’m sure you understood my insult, as I put it right out there so you can see it. Anything else you want to say about apple? TMo-David!

          Oh wait, I’m not supposed to say that. It’s an OPINION, right lol.

        • JB

          And here I thought David was just reporting the news… you know, the one that said JD Powers polled almost 9K people and most of them said they were more satisfied with Apple products than the others?

          I’m no Apple guy, but overhyped or not, you can’t take away the fact that iPhones generally just work and they are simple to use… which is why they have such high marks not to mention that this survey shows that more people own iPhones than any other smartphones.

          Though this is not to take away from the current crop of Android phones as they have become MUCH more stable and fluid (particularly in the case of the Galaxy S III) and if Samsung and the like build upon that, then maybe one day, they’ll take the top spot.

        • qpinto

          IPhone just work…most people I know are rebooting them because of freezing and various other things. A huge part in why Apply did so well on this customer survey is that there is an Apple store. You can go into the store and people will answer your questions and show you how to do things on the spot. Samsung, HTC, LG, etc doesn’t have a local store to do that. If you have any issues with any other phone, its a 3rd party or over the phone customer service. Need a new backing? go to the store and get it replaced same day. Remove the ease of the store and it would be even. Gotta give kudos for Apple on having a store.

        • JB

          I have to take the in store experience out of the equation because it’s a metric that is not apart of this particular survey, Though I’m sure if Apple employees show potential customers how it works, I can see where that could have an indirect impact, but once again that data isn’t apart of it, so you can’t include it.

          I suppose for every person that knows people who has problems with their phone, there’s going to be another person that knows people who are the opposite.. I fall in the camp of the latter. Most everyone I know, (myself included in the various times I’ve owned an Apple device) usually don’t suffer many problems at all, if any with an iPhone. Though I will say my iPod touch suffers the occasional crash.. though I’m not sure if it’s more the app I’m using than the OS itself. 

          Also I didn’t say “it just works” I said “iPhones GENERALLY just work” I know not one phone on the planet is problem free, but on the average, iPhones typically suffer far less from random reboots, freezing, force closing and other various things in comparison to Android, with the exception of ICS and JB… They are leaps and bounds more stable than builds that predates them. As much as I ask from my Galaxy S III, I’ve yet to have it do something wacky to me… So Android has definitely come a long way.

        • Guest911

          Yes yes. And if we remove legs off a stool, we basically have a small table. Good one! Lets remove an item that we cant compete with and then survey people.

        • Dumbazz

          Dude takeyourmeds

        • I ran out, let me get one of yours. lol

        • Try Googling Me

          Yes it has and I will say that I own the 4S and a GS3 on T-Mobile and I prefer the iPhone and here is why. I look at the overall experience, service, longevity, updates, portability, platform, ecosystem. When I compare all of that, Apple and the iPhone wins hands down. There are so many things you can use with an iPhone unlike with Android phones, it’s not much out their. Also I dropped my iPhone and cracked the rear screen, took it to the Apple store, replaced for $35 on the spot. Last week I dropped my GS3 and guess what, no SUPPORT at all, I called T-Mobile, Samsung, one told me to buy a new phone and the other told me nothing they can do respectively. I had to go the route of trying to find a screen on EBay or Amazon. So yes I can easily see why the iPhone is first place because of the total experience let alone the actual phone is enjoyable itself. Honestly I started using my GS3 like I used my iPhone, meaning no mods, no app drawers, I tried the CM10 with JB but all it did was break things, modding is overrated(opinion). So in all which is my opinion which is backed up by facts, Apple and the iPhone is number 1 in satisfaction. People need to grow up and face the truth!

        • PhantomWraith

          LMAO you didn’t state any facts you said you “look at the overall experience” which would mean an Opinion not a fact. nowhere in there did you state a single fact. You claim there are things you can do with an iphone that you can’t do with an android but failed to mention what those “things” are?. I can use widgets on my android and you can’t on an iphone. Now thats a fact. I can open attachments in my email and re attach files (yes files not pictures) and you can’t with an iphone thats also a fact. If I don’t like the keyboard and prefer swype over stock I can change it you can’t do that on an iphone again thats another fact. I don’t have a tendency to throw my expensive 600 Dollar phones on the ground so I can’t attest to how easy or hard it would be to fix it. But Fact is iphone 4s has been out about a year now and GS3 a few months thats also another FACT. Truth as you call it is based on FACTS that can be proven without bias.

        • Guest911

          Take your widget and shove……never mind. You might do it.

        • loueradun

          I have to agree with PhantomWraith… this post is completely devoid of any factual reasons why the iPhone is better other than your opinion on the matter.  This is sort of the whole point about the iPhone being over hyped…

          I am positive that if you had dropped your iPhone and broke it, they wouldn’t fix it for free either.

          Also want to note that CM10/JB is just barely into beta which means stuff is not working properly!  If you want a great experience from the modding community, put a stable release on there like CM9/ICS!

        • $35 for a backing? yeah thats generous of apple to take your money for another breakable piece of glass. I dropped my HTC Sensation and Ran it over with my old 92 honda accord.. you would think the damage was futile right? wrong… Not a scratch nor a crack on the screen, Only a crack on the protective camera lens of which even though was cracked there was ZERO lines or problems with the camera. The casing had maybe a few scratches and dents on the unibody back cover but aside from that it still worked perfectly, only protection was a screen protector that i bought from Amazon.com for $2. 

          You say you have a GS3 and dropped it, tried calling t-mo and samsung and they wouldn’t help you? I call bluff because you can always send it off to them and get a refurbished unit in return, they probably told you its better to buy a new one because of the price it would charge you or you know you could easily just get the insurance like a smart guy would and then pay only maybe $130 and get a brand new one in 2 days.

          You compare Apple to T-mo like apples to apples you are talking about a manufacturer who is known for getting the issues everyday as opposed to cell service who doesn’t actually hold the replacement devices. Samsung nor HTC has stores all over the US.

          The only point you may have is the accessories but even that is winding down as things are becoming android compatible.

          Your opinion didn’t even have anything to do with the devices themselves just an experience of convenience of repairs in person rather than sending off. 

        • Dumbazz

          LOL! David do you see the vitriol that is spewed DAILY on your site whenever Apple is mentioned? 

          It’s COMEDY GOLD BROTHER! 

        • loueradun

          David, most of the time I agree with you, but I think you are wrong, and the iPhone is significantly over hyped.  For example, PC World claims that 40% of mobile users will buy the new iPhone, and it hasn’t yet been officially announced…  Do you buy these numbers, or would you agree that it is being over hyped?

          This is not the only example, there are hundreds and hundreds of articles like this daily.

          Do a Google News search for “iPhone” and you get 186M results.  The same Google News search for “Android” yields 55M results.  This would indicate that there are 3 times as many articles that reference the iPhone than android…  Keep in mind that the iPhone is only 1 phone, and android encompasses a plethora of devices.

          To deny that the thousands of articles/blogs published every day about the iPhone are not hype (most of them are speculation about the new features that were expected in the last model), then I don’t know what is.

          That said, I have no gripes about the iPhone, its not a bad device, and I know plenty of people who use them; but to deny that Apple uses the internet hype machine to sell their products is very short sighted (even though your site is usually better than most).

        • iPhones are overhyped for no reason. apple came out with the same phone 2 times! actually more than that but really 4s and iPhone 4 whats truly different? oh Siri? oh pull down notification bar? oh dual -core processor? Oh? hmm… David idk it sounds like overhyped to me…. Thats all provable. Everyone expected the iPhone 5 last time, everyone expects iPhone 5 again. 

        • Ceefu

          Despite how many folks I know that use iPhones, rarely do I hear anyone ever ‘hype’ up their phone in conversation. Conversely, specific apps typically do come up. In my own experience, both personally as well as online, I would go as far as saying that it isn’t the iPhone users hyping up their phones anymore, with the exception being conversation about the next model. I’ve noticed that it is more common to see the iPhone haters b1tching about how overrated or over-hyped it is. This, to me at least, is more annoying.

          FWIW, I’m an Android user.

        • Nah, use ‘Google’ more. CTRL/ALT/DELETE please

          FWIW, I’m Android/iPhone(company issues)/WP lover.

        • Dumbazz

          LMAO!!!!! AS IF THERE IS NO HYPE ABOUT ANDROID!!!!! You fanatical Android fanCryBabies are about as phuckin obnoxious as Apple fan boys. 

        • man, you are about 10 hours late to this convo.  Look at your name, now…enough said.

        • Dumbazz


        • Guest911

          Just Whining….good name JW.

        • JBrowne1012

          Many of the Android devices have hype because they are innovative. Apple throws you guys the same casing with our software and you go goo goo ga ga over it.

    • Dumbazz

      I am sure that Apple paid off the survey takers like they did the judge and jury.

    • ***looks at Apple’s stock price, market cap, & market share*** BWAHAHAHA

      They’re obviously doing something right – simply because it’s not right for you doesn’t mean it’s not right for other people.

      • (yawn) here we go…lol.

      • Dumbazz


      • JBrowne1012

        Yes they are doing something right for their business and profit margins. They are slapping their name on left parts overs from last years bin from the likes of Samsung and others and charging you double for it to all be assembled by foxconn and their slave workers. 

        • Guest911

          Awwwww, Lil jammy is waaaaah

        • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize trolls downgraded their skills to 3rd grader status or is it that you are just a n00b at this?  

  • JB

    That’s not terribly surprising that:

    A) Apple is on top because of ease of use, with a simple, but elegant design (if not getting a little long in the tooth) and

    B) HTC in second… they scaled back the Sense UI to a usable level.. and let’s face it, HTC is known for their gorgeous hardware design and high quality materials

    Though I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the next report Samsung moves up to second (or dare I say first) with the improvements that has been made to Touchwiz and how feature loaded it is… and how proactive they are about getting Jelly Bean on their flagships… 

    • Dumbazz

      WOW you have to wade through a dumpster of idiotic posts on this forum to get to a reasoned and sane response like this. Nice job sir! 

    • loueradun

      On top of that, dealing with HTC’s service/RMA department is worry free.  No long waits on hold and your phone gets back to you immediately (within a week for my last repair).


    We do NOT advertise the nature of our work, NOR do we seek recognition for our actions,

  • joshinsobe

    All that says is that Apple users would be totally satisfied even if it were a hockey puck they laid out $200 for.  Apple users wouldn’t give them bad marks for any reason.  And this survey proves it.

  • HP/Palm?

  • Qcknot

    And the number one for the worst goes to apple!

    • David

      Did Apple’s big ole mean inanimate object make you cry?

  • kev2684

    the only reason why apple is on top is because they only release one type of device. just their “high-end” iPhone line. If they only survey those who owned Nokia, Motorola, Samsung or HTC’s flagship phones they would be on par with apple on this survey.

  • PhantomWraith

    I really have no idea how an iphone would have more features then say a Galaxy S3 and even alot more so the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S3 possess’s quite a few more features then an Iphone. Build quality vs say just about any HTC phone is better then an iphone(building phones out of glass just isn’t a good choice) even Samsung’s plastics are much more durable then a glass phone. Ease of Use definately iphone. iphone doesn’t have a 4g modem so thats subpar parts for a phone. Using outdated technology even though might be well made just can’t compare to a LTE modem of even poor build. This could be considered a feature for android as well. Performance goes to apple again, widgets do use RAM and some processing power and therefore will slow a phone down the more you have. therefore since apple doesn’t have widgets and the interface is pretty lightweight and simple its going to run more effeciently. Problem with this survey is build quality would be someone’s opinion, personally I found androids system much easier to use then iphones but i’m a computer geek so i’m not the norm so that would also have to be an opinion.

    • loueradun

      I’m with you there!  Perhaps if they didn’t make their phones out of glass they wouldn’t need service centers across the nation.  Apple is all about taking your $$$.

      • Chris

        it’s the ease of use (26%) of the rating.

        I’ve had a lot of friends who complain to me saying “I can’t freaking use my Android phone. It’s so complicated.” 

        My response is always “it is?”

        I found Android easier to use than iOS, but hey, they didn’t ask me in the survey.

  • Dumbazz

    Maybe some of you Android crybabies who take a phuckin inanimate object so personally to the point where you wish ill upon Apple. 
    They employ 47,000 people here in the US. 
    So on behalf of those please take your meds and calm the phuck down. 

    • PhantomWraith

      You mad bro?

      • Dave

        Your response was original 5 years ago. 

        • PhantomWraith

          Kinda like the guy saying take your meds, whats that like the 70’s cyanide rant? sounds alot like the iphone tech =]

    • Chris

      So? Samsung also employs thousands in their Samsung Telecommunications America and Samsung Mobile US divisions. They also employ thousands in the other areas their in US with US based employees. 

      htc does the same thing with HTC USA. 

      heck every company does. 

      So what’s the real point?

    • JBrowne1012

      So what if they employ 47,000 people?

  • Just shows how much we still need an official iPhone on T-Mobile.  There are phones with better specs, larger screen, etc. but at the end of the day the iPhone just works.  It gets the job done without requiring a lot of tinkering or modding.

    As for support Apple has all other manufactures beat easily.  Drop your iPhone, get it wet, have a software problem?  Go to the Apple Store and get face to face support from the manufacturer.  If it’s damage caused by the user then you might have to pay but at least you can get a new device right there on the spot and not have to wait for a 3rd party insurance company to send you one in the mail.  With other companies it’s “call the carrier”, “call the manufacturer”, “call Asurion”.  People get frustrated when something happens to their device and they have to go through hoops to get it fixed.  Apple makes it easy.

    • loueradun

      HTC replaced the mainboard in the wife’s G2 for free after 15 months from purchase (she had abused the micro USB port) in under a week (it was in their repair center for less than 24 hours).  My friend can’t even get his battery replaced in his iPhone without being billed an outrageous fee.  Maybe its great for those who can’t explain their problem to a technical representative over the phone, but for the rest of us a serviceable phone and a knowledgeable service staff from a company like HTC is far better than anything offered by Apple.

      • That’s exactly my point.  Most consumers would rather come into a store and get their problem taken care of on the spot rather than dealing with tech support over the phone or having to send their phone back.  

        Case in point, when people have problems with their phones they usually come to our store (T-Mobile) before they call the manufacturer.  When it’s something with the phone they usually end up having to send it back anyway but I’m sure they would be much happier if they could just get a new device right there in store like they can at Apple.

        • loueradun

          I guess I can’t be classified by the title “most consumers” then.  I would much rather have the manufacturer repair the phone in a dust free repair center for free than have an Apple “genius” fix my phone at who knows what cost!

          T-mobile could undoubtedly replace the phone on the spot and send the RMA off to HTC themselves, they just choose not to, not sure what your point is there.  I guess that is more of a gripe with T-Mobile and their policies.

        • JBrowne1012

          When ppl on tmo have a problem with a device being buggy they blame t-mo and leave a contract

        • Jason Crumbley

          I can see that. People don’t realize that T-Mobile doesn’t make the phone. “Well it has their name on it! It’s their fault!”

        • JBrowne1012

          Precisely they know apple is to blame for any discrepancies with the devices because they have a store you can walk into nor is it any renamed device. I just witnessed my friend who had a original galaxy s who had the typical problems that those phones provided, buggy, gps takes to long to lock freezes up, she blamed t-mo I tried reasoning with her telling her it was the phone itself having the history it did. People just don’t understand I guess a store presence makes a difference though…. Because clearly when people have issues with apple they go to apple because there is no rebranding… People know what the device is and who makes it.

    • loueradun

      I think another problem is that the customers are suckered into these repair plans through the carriers, and are completely unaware that the manufacturer likely has at least a year warranty for any problems short of a broken screen or water damage.

      The carrier is the one to blame for keeping the customers in the dark.

      Since Apple has a retail presence, customers likely assume that they can go to the Apple store for repairs.

  • Ryan DeArmond

    People will always have different opinions… if we didnt, life would be boring… but with that said. I love my HTC one S. and when I filled my survey out for JD I ranked it about a 9 out of 10.

    No phone will ever be perfect or work with everything because there will always be division amoung companies not willing to work together (cough.. apple… cough)

    So with that said. MY OPINION is the iPhone is an overrated phone for one soul reason…. iPhone users are too proud. They dont like to admit the issues they have with there phones. or how bad it lags sometimes. or when it freezes. (my HTC has not frove once) Therefore they will always rate there phones very high. Plus they are simple to use….. just like velcro shoes…. so ill stick with my HTC regardless of ratings or who is in first.

  • Nearmsp

    When ever there is an iPhone or Apple article, there is always a passionate discussion and I do not think anyone’s opinions get changed. It is good we have choice and so everyone can be happy. As they say the customer is right. We can not demean a customer because of his/her choice. So what ever you have be happy and leave the hate.

  • fiberm0ar

    And once again, we see REAL consumers’ opinions of Windows Phone: garbage. Nokia and their Lumia lineup are sitting at the bottom next to LG (known for making some of the worst Android phones) and BlackBerry.

    Needless to say, Windows Phone is finished.

    • MisterBlue

      Huh?  Nokia is closer in score to Samsung (19 point difference) than LG (21).  Using your logic Samsung, the top android maker, is a huge pile of crap compared Apple then with that whopping 67 point difference.  Once again we see REAL consumers’ opinions on iOS too right?

  • jian9007

    What I like about this graphic is that HTC is one of only 2 OEM’s above average, yet they get 3 power circles. So they are about average according to JD Power. However, they are above the average and above every other OEM except Apple, yet do not rate the 4 circle better than most rating. To me, being better than all other OEM’s but one, should qualify you for a better than most average. Then again, we’re talking about statistics and surveys, not logic. Almost 9,000 smartphone owners surveyed out of more than 82 million smartphone owners. That’s around .011%. Not a big sampling, and a reason I don’t pay attention to these types of rankings.

  • jbhotnessmon

    i know the rankings are true because i own an lg g2x and i know first hand how horrible all around lg is

  • None

    So tired of this JD Power fella

  • Joseph Tongret

    I see all of the bickering back and forth of the Apple vs Android war here. However, as an Android lover & someone who is currently upset w/ Apple’s recent business ethic, I can say that Apple has EARNED that number one spot. When you purchase an Apple product, and I do(just not the iphone), the premium price brings with it industry leading support & service. More manufacturers should be copying this portion of the Apple business model, as opposed to copying other things Apple is doing. My hat goes off to Apple for striving to create personal relationships with their customers by having actual people in a store to help their customers, and it shows how much they appreciate those who purchase their products! Alot of Android manufacturers are more concerned with sales numbers then selling you a product & continuing to show their gratitude. Android products are so quickly moved into the category of no longer supported & the manufacturers move on to something new generally withing 6-9 months. You could walk into an apple store with an original ipad & they would help you with whatever it is you may need, and send you out the door with a smile. I’m truly jealous of the service & support that iphone owners receive, and for a lot of consumers that will heavily influence whether they purchase an iphone or an Android, and no amount of “look what my Android can do” will ever change their minds.

    • Well said.

    • Frigadroid

      Finally someone gets it! Also many american customers love the fact it’s an american company so much so they buy the stock which makes them feel obligated to continue to buy only apple products. Overseas they want it like a drug it’s an american icon some sort of great american phallic status symbol in a odd funny way. Even fat cat samsung executives & korean foreign ministers have been caught with their iphones as covered in the LA times for those haters in denial if they want to google it.
      The fact that samsdung scored below average should be no surprise, they deal in quantity not quality. They are only in it to make a fast buck. I’m not the only one who said never again will I subject my self to being samsunged! I doubt my next phone will be apple though, I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve lived this long with tmobiles offering so I’m just going to wait & see what nokia, htc & googlerolla offer up on ol tmo. I hope it’s good because I have two full upgrades & want the unlimited data like I had before they ignorantly changed it twice mid contract down to 10 then 5, causing a lot of churn. I sure hope they don’t do something that stupid again.

  • Billy Bob Jobs

    Interesting.  I owned two iPhones and had problems with one, but not the other.  My next phone was an HTC, which was a total piece of garbage.  Very poor quality.  I currently own a Samsung and it’s quality is so far above the HTC.  It is on par with the good iPhone that I owned.  I think quality varies from model to model and it’s hard to quantify a manufacturer’s quality across the board as this study attempts to do.