Video: T-Mobile Marks Its Anniversary Of 10 Years Strong

As T-Mobile celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary during the month of September, we look back on the company that was, the company that is and the company it will become as T-Mobile shows off a brand new 90-second video. The newly released video  shows just a bit of the company’s background including the introduction of the Sidekick, T-Mobile G1 and now the launch of Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data. Of course they are throwing that data plan in everywhere they can and they should, it’s a great offer. Check out the video and tell us your favorite memory of T-Mobile.

This month, T-Mobile celebrates the 10th anniversary of its brand. As T-Mobile continues to evolve, a constant for the company is its longstanding focus on delivering customer value and service excellence through constant innovation. T-Mobile’s history has been marked by many industry firsts — from the launch of the T-Mobile Sidekick® to the introduction of the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android Phone, and now the launch of Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data.


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  • Paul

    MAN I love Carly. 

    • Tbyrne

      Then pop the question Paul! Who knows?

      • Paul

        With my luck…not her. 

    • custom1

      Much easier on the eyes than the Progressive Insurance lady! Or the Geico Gecko for that matter.

      • dbanks

        but those commercials are 100x times better. They need someone or something that will stick with you. when i think of commercials i don’t think of Carly. Geico and progresssive are always trying to find that next commercial so that it is ingrained in you when you think of a certain subject. That is what tmobile needs

  • Ben

    I’m glad to see that they’re finally making the move toward some good TV ads.  It looks like the marketing department is finally awake.  Keep up the good work

    • charlieboy808

      I think they would need to make this commercial a bit shorter as it doesn’t fit the 30/60 format. I do agree that they do need more aggressive ads. Stop being push overs to the lame attacks the other companies have in their ads.

  • Been with T-Mobile since 2000. Debating whether to stay with them or not as I feel like they’ve done nothing to reward my loyalty. Seriously, how many people can actually state they’ve been with them that long? What has that gotten me? Bupkus!

    • Schippma

      Call T-Mobile. Say ‘Cancel Service.’ You will be linked to Loyalty. Tell them your story that you don’t feel appreciated as a customer and see what happens.

      By the way, no other cell company has a Loyalty Department like T-Mobile. The most AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint will do for you is give you a small credit for a few months for your “loyalty” or offer a newer phone to you a few months before your full upgrade date at upgrade pricing. You may get a Preferred rate plan, text package, or web package depending upon your payment history, tenure, and credit rating with T-Mobile.

      Good luck.

      • custom1

        I must admit that T-Mobile has always given me good/fast customer service whenever I have called.

      • Amen,I called with a few problems and they gave me a 200 dollar credit on my bill…and they also have gr8 phones!!! I’ll be there to the end. (2+yrs)

    • Aaron vita

      To be honest what are they suppose to gave you .I have been with sprint,at&t,verizon .and they don’t give u crap as well . But tmobile did give me the loyalty reward no strings attached . And got a $200 rebate back which I will be using soon as I buy 2 gs3 . And they also removed $230 off my bill because of a mistake I mean they could of been a ass like at&t or verizon ,sprint and shut off my service.

      • Mr_Vault

         Well said. Most of these bozos who threaten to leave Tmo should just do so and find out what the real world is about. My ATT experience was so bad, you can’t believe it. I moved to Voicestream (now Tmo) and am not going anywhere. Got the unlimited loyalty package (about the same price as the new unlimited plan) so hoping they might even sweeten that up a little. If not, I’m still not going anywhere. I travel all over the country and have virtually zero problems with Tmo reception. All companies have about the same problems, and I just hate the fact that most of them simply rape you on price. Go ahead and leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

        • Aaron vita

          And I vote for u to be president lol . I totally Agree with you .me and tge wife will Ride with tmobile till the wheels fall off . Been with other companies and I will never go back. Just our opinion. Don’t stone us for it everyone.

  • Hrose1965

    lmao last to get 3g last to get lte 

    • T-mo is getting the better 4gLte Vo-LTE so what if verizon AT&T and sprint gots a horrible version of it. Maybe t-mo got 3g late but that 4g that we have doesn’t suck our batteries down and competes with LTE and WiMax especially.

      • Aaron vita

        Lol good one .

      • DollarsnSense

         What exactly makes the LTE of VZW, Sprint and at&t “horrible”?

  • 21stNow

    Why do they show that Even More plans were the first unsubsidized phone plans?  I thought that it was Even More Plus.  Maybe they changed it before I joined T-Mobile as an Even More Plus customer.

  • FILA

    I think they were first to do calling songs or whatever its called, but Verizon was the only one to advertise it online. When the person calls and they hear a song

  • AM3RIG
  • edgerocks

    Best 2g nationwide carrier on the market! Lmao.