Windows Phone 8X Press Images Show T-Mobile Branding To The World

With the announcement of the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile, Windows Phone 8 fans have yet another option to consider when Microsoft “officially” releases the platform later this month. The real question for Windows Phone fans will be “which handset is right for them?”

Well, we’re doubtful a press release image will help make up your mind, but this is our first real “look” at a T-Mobile branded Windows Phone 8X. Even T-Mobile’s own “sign-up” page uses a generic press image of the Windows Phone 8X, so we’re giving you a look at an image you’re likely to see when the company makes any official announcements on Windows Phone 8X availability in the future.

We’re not learning a lot, though we do see a few T-Mobile branded tiles including a “Bonus Apps” and another for “Access T-Mobile.” On the rear of the device is the only real “T-Mobile” logo we find, along with the HTC and Beats logos.

The Windows Phone 8X is expected to launch “in the coming weeks.”

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