Windows Phone 8X Press Images Show T-Mobile Branding To The World

With the announcement of the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile, Windows Phone 8 fans have yet another option to consider when Microsoft “officially” releases the platform later this month. The real question for Windows Phone fans will be “which handset is right for them?”

Well, we’re doubtful a press release image will help make up your mind, but this is our first real “look” at a T-Mobile branded Windows Phone 8X. Even T-Mobile’s own “sign-up” page uses a generic press image of the Windows Phone 8X, so we’re giving you a look at an image you’re likely to see when the company makes any official announcements on Windows Phone 8X availability in the future.

We’re not learning a lot, though we do see a few T-Mobile branded tiles including a “Bonus Apps” and another for “Access T-Mobile.” On the rear of the device is the only real “T-Mobile” logo we find, along with the HTC and Beats logos.

The Windows Phone 8X is expected to launch “in the coming weeks.”

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  • addicusbrown

    I love how it is done. Keep the branding classy.

  • Can not wait for this phone! Talk about a clean and beautiful design with classy branding. Want, want, want!

  • Bratty

    Gorgeous! Now add wifi calling ala Android and I can finally dump mine. Fingers crossed.

    • nope

      wont have it at launch. will come early next year.

      • Bratty

        Really? I do hope you have inside info on this – I would be stoked! I can wait a bit if that is the case.

  • JBrowne1012

    Never mind

    • Nathaniel Ily Jacob-Joshua Hud

      HTC has said the the 8x will be available on all 4 major carriers.

      • techymexican

        not sprint :P so just 3 carriers

      • They said Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile. No mention of Sprint.

    • What press release claimed the 8X as an exclusive? I don’t recall that.

      • JBrowne1012

        Never mind I misread it, I went to look back at the Press release where AT&T announced The One X+ The One VX and The 8X thought it said the 8X was included among those to be exclusive to AT&T.

  • I love my GS3 but this is a really Attractive handset to me plus I wouldn’t mind the 4.3″ screen size even tho I enjoy the 4.8″ on my current device seeing as I liked that size on my old Sensation. I know the “California Blue” color isn’t for everybody, I totally would rock it and it matches my personality nicely. – )

    • c man

      Somebody please say FLASH !

  • aussiedog61

    I really like this phone, but the lack of storage (only 16GB) is the one thing killing it for me. The Lumia 810 is nice, but the wvga resolution and lack of a BSI (I think?) on the camera are concerns. Not really feeling the ATIV S. I’ll play with both when they hit the shelves and if I’m not feeling them I’ll wait for the second gens to come out, or the rumored Surface phone from Microsoft. Decisions, decisions.

    • Aaron Tant

      only 16 GB. Since when is 16GBs limiting? Don’t forget cloud storage, though.

      • aussiedog61

        When I max my 16GB on my current HD7 and have to remove games, can’t load all my on board maps from Navigon, have to limit my music library, etc., that’s when it’s limiting. I use the cloud for my documents and other items, but I am not going to stream my music library and it won’t store games or on board maps. I’m glad that 16 GB works for some, but it doesn’t for me. The Lumia 920 comes with 32 GB and both the Lumia 810 and the ATIV S come with expandable storage. If the 8X came with 32GB I’d be happy enough.

  • sidekicker89

    what do people like the most about Windows Phone? :)

    • Matt Huff

      I’ve been an Android user since the G1, and a Windows Mobile 5/6.1 user before that. I bought my wife an HTC HD7, mostly so I could get my hands on the new Windows Phone platform. I must say it is very slick, user friendly, and fairly reliable as a platform. That said, I’m also an enterprise admin at a professional services firm, and we are heavy users of Windows, Office 365, Sharepoint, etc. I’m likely going to jump to Windows if there are nice integrations across the Windows products. In general, I think consumers like how easy and friendly the platform is compared to Android, especially the Outlook apps (inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks). Enterprise users are excited by the promise of Office technology integration, that and improved device security over Android.

  • Sexy.

  • that’s the way you do it .. don’t stick your name on the front like ATT .. ruins the phone .. on the back is fine .. IF that’s how it’s really gonna be :)

    • JT

      Ah, you prefer tramp stamps…the old lower back tattoos on your women.

      • lmao … nah i just prefer a carrier branding that’s “out of the way”.


    In the ideal world using the existing 1700/2100 HSPA+ network with T-Mobile, I wanted to have flagship choices this fall:

    Samsung Galaxy S3
    HTC One X+
    Nokia Lumia 920
    HTC 8X
    iPhone 5

    Ultimately, it will be between the S3 and 8X for me, as I do not want to wait for the refarming to come through, nor do I want to switch carriers.

    One person who on these forums supposedly works for T-Mobile and he assured us that the Lumia 920 is coming to T-Mobile. That hope had dwindle to almost nothing, but I’m still thinking that maybe T-Mobile will get the 910 of the phone, with just slightly different look and feel, but components remain the same especially with that PureView camera technology that I really want.

    • Matt Huff

      Pica, I’m in the same boat as you. I’m leaning toward Windows 8, and I’m seriously hoping the 910 comes. If it does, it will likely seal the deal for me on Windows. However, I just read some reviews of the Galaxy Note II, and I’m pretty impressed. If it comes down to Windows 8 vs. Note II, the availability of the Lumia 910 or the quality/innovation of the 8X will mean a lot in my decision to jump the Android ship.

      • Peter

        Get HTC 8X even if Lumia 920 doesn’t come to T-Mobile. You will love it and you will not miss Android. It is so muc better ad works perfect, fast and smooth. I did get Windows Phone last year and I am enjoying it every day!

    • Sam

      If a variant of the 920 comes to Tmo, that will seal it for me too and i will buy within a month of release

    • WindowsPhoneSuxAssss

      The Lumia 920 international version will work with T-Mobile at HSPA+ 42. You need to buy it full price, but that’s what the value plan is for.

  • Perry_F

    This is a hot phone and if I do decide to test the WP8 waters it will be either this model or the Ativ S. the sammy phone has the best specs of all the WP8 devices coming out exxcept for the pureview camera that only the 920 has but that should be a wash as both sammy and HTC have great cameras on their devices. And really if you need anything more than the 8MP then you should have a stand alone camera.

    I do like the colors on the 8X, especially that blue. Its different but not so loud and it doesn’t scream HIPSTER as much as the yellow or red models.

    • Hipster? My elderly great uncle is considering the 8X. WIndows phones will continue to be popular with the geriatric crowd.

      • Perry_F

        Yeah but I doubt your uncle will want the neon yellow or fire engine red models. That was my point. Those flashy colors are meant for a certain demographic. Doubt you’ll see many “executive” types pulling out a bright yellow phone from their $1000 suit pocket.

        • Amedeo Felice

          some of the richest people are the quirckiest.. the richest man in the world used to buy and try on shoes at flee markets… people who were following the tech world will remember that famous photo of bill gates trying on shoes at a flee market in the 90’s.. doesn’t matter how much money you got money doesn’t make you a different person or a better person aestetically unless you are really vain. i love love the red color and no matter how rich, i will always sport a red phone and a red car and red…… since when is driving a red ferrari or riding a red ducati or wearing a red silk shirt on your 1000 dollars suit not a rich executive thing?

        • Fish

          Do a little dance so he can be “served” that “got told”

      • Guest

        And my two kids, aged 18 and 13 both have (by their request) windows phone7 and love them. They want to get the lumia 810. Apparently not just “geriatrics” like them. Relevance? Anecdotes are not data.

    • Fish

      Below are some differences. If you research yourself don’t look at 1 website, I found different specs on different websites (such as bluetooth versions).

      Ativ s has:
      -an expandable memory slot
      -16/32GB sizes
      -larger SAMOLED 4.8in screen
      -2300mah battery, li-ion

      The 8x has:
      -a dedicated photo processing chip
      -internal amplifier for headphones and speakers (and beats audio)
      -wide angle front facing cam
      -higher screen pixel density

      -li-polymer battery
      -lower weight
      -multiple colors

      • Fish

        I’m kinda liking the htc better than the samsung. aside from the larger samoled screen and battery it doesn’t offer anything i’m interested in…

  • Sam

    What may be the differnces between this and the Lumia 810 will be Battery Life!!

  • Foxeh

    I’m seriously considering using my upgrade on my ancient, grandfathered G1 plan for the 8x. I got an off-contract 710 to test the WP waters and I don’t miss Android at all anymore. After playing around with the iPhone 5, I was impressed by the hardware, but not so much iOS 6 (kind of wishing I held off on that on my iPad). I normally hate big, wide phones but this one seems to have somewhat reasonable proportions.

    If the 8x supports T-Mo’s upcoming LTE then I’ll consider it a done deal.

  • I like the HTC look I like the ATIV screen size but I just want the 920. as an HD7 user I love the os but the look of the phone was not attractive from day 1. I personally don’t like the useless grills on the front that scream “I WANT TO COLLECT DIRT!’
    What I do want are the apps and Nokia’s got the stuff i want with the maps and nav and such. It was painful during the last cycle watching the Nokia owners with the free and top quality Nav, the most well known games coming out as limited time exclusives, the apps making special “Nokia Exclusive” versions with features we don’t get having non-Nokia phones. Everything seems to point to the same thing happening this cycle and aside from liking the Nokia look (and having lusted for a 900 to be on tmo) I was irked when HTC came out with a nav app which was decent but cost almost as much as the phone (on subsidy). To me that shows Nokia wants to keep you loyal, HTC wants to keep you as long as you are spending money and that pretty much turned me off of HTC for the near term.
    I will likely flat out buy a 920 with the other selling point being the camera (even if the new bing maps fills the nav hole) and all the apps are released to everyone simultaneously as long as the “4G” and eventual LTE 4G work with TMobile..