T-Mobile To Stop Using “Apple iPhone” Name For Bring Your Own Device Program?

Here’s a piece of news I think a number of us had predicted would come as T-Mobile sends out a memo indicating the “Apple iPhone” name can no longer be used in conjunction with marketing for the “Bring Your Own Device” program. Now, let’s be clear and say we don’t know the reasons for this, it could be a T-Mobile management decision, an Apple legal decision, a T-Mobile legal decision or something else entirely. In other words, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Still, we know Apple is a lawyer-happy place so it wouldn’t surprise us if they took issue with T-Mobile using the iPhone name in marketing without officially carrying the product. At the very least, in terms of marketing collateral as this brief memo suggests.

Looks like T-Mobile will have to advertise their refarmed network without attaching the iPhone name, I wonder how they’ll work around the attraction the iPhone name presented?

What do you think? Apple decision or T-Mobile’s?

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  • that’s unfortunate, using the iPhone name was a huge plus for the uneducated general public…

    • Whitney

      Seriously dude grow up. Not everyone wants android or windows phone.

      • all he’s saying is that people who are not phone enthusiasts that don’t know anything about specs still think the iPhone is the best thing around so they go w/ what almost everyone has placed as a standard when choosing a smartphone… “does it have a “i” before it?”. If you don’t like this you’re on the wrong site and network. The rest of the herd are at TiP.com

        • I_AM_Steven_Seaga1

          Tell em’!

    • Joseph Tongret

      I would think 99% of ppl who will actually spend the amount of cash needed for an unlocked iphone are probably not the “uneducated general public “. The “uneducated general public” could probably care very little which phone they have, so long as it works for them, & its subsidized. I myself have bought unlocked devices & most ppl who are forking up that kind of cash are tech enthusiasts, and we’re doing a bit of research on network compatibility prior to clicking that add to cart button.

    • Dave Martiuk

      Wow, what an “uneducated” comment.

      • Actually, I think he was right. The “uneducated” public don’t truly understand the concept of a “bring your own device” system, but when you attach the iPhone name to it, it becomes a much more attractive marketing offer.

        • david

          he is, we’ve had several situations in which customers come in with unlocked iphones and are upset because they’ve heard the iphone can be used but don’t understand that it only works on 2G (for the time being and for the majority of the country). the educated one know this already and are seem to be perfectly fine

        • I agree. I’m in marketing and most people are “stupid.” As nasty as I might sound, we all know this is the reality today.

          Most (not all) people follow things like sheep and are truly uneducated. In marketing always assume your public and consumer is dumbed down; as a result your messaging needs to fill that gap.

  • mueller2051

    Apple why would tmobil drop the name or marketing plan unless in fear of lawsuit from apple. Apple law suits are really starting to get old. I won’t buy there products anymore

    • BallaOnnaBudget

      Why would any company be happy with you promoting their product to drive your sales when they don’t make any profit from it. Most of the iphone users on Tmobile buy them through the Grey market so Apple doesn’t make a penny. If Tmobile wants people to use the iphone then they should pony up and pay Apple. Don’t let your love of Tmobile cloud common sense.

      • Get_at_Me

        I cant argue with ur point. U cant blame apple here if this is the case. Im an android fanboy btw.

      • Chris

        Yeah because when someone buys an iphone to use on t-mobile they don’t pay apple to get the phone…

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          If you buy if from Craiglist or Ebay how do you pay apple?? Did you even read my post or are you unable to comprehend? The iphone 5 isn’t available unlocked for purchase.

        • scubaru

          how does the iphone get on craigslist or ebay without first being purchased? you telling me there are free iphones that third party is getting a hold of?

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          Let me break it down so even you can understand. Apple would prefer you to buy an unlocked device directly from them as opposed to the grey market. If you buy 2 unlocked devices from apple they make $800. If you buy your friends unlocked device they only make $400. Do you see the difference?

        • You’re pretty much passing on that original sale to another person. The original owner of the iPhone is either going to a) Buy a new iPhone b) Buy a different smartphone. If they buy a new iPhone, that’s 2 sales to Apple either way, and if they buy a different smartphone then Apple wouldn’t have gotten the second sale anyway, but now at least they’re making money off of App Store and iTunes purchases. It’s better for Apple to have people selling their old iDevices on eBay then to just leave them in a drawer and collect dust…

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          First off. Learn to spell, lol. Second you don’t even know what the grey market is so your concept of economic priciples is probably 10th grade at best. GO EDUCATE YOURSELF

        • thank you @scubaru they were making the least bit of sense to me. Free iphones for everyone… unless you get it thru ebay LOL

        • od312

          Through iTunes revenue. Maybe you’re on a budget because you don’t have the brains to make money.

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          Oh right the same cheap ass people that are on tmobile for the savings are gonna go on an itunes buying spree. I have had my iphone 4 years and have never purchased an app or music. Show me the numbers not your speculation.

        • Matlock

          so hence you are one of the cheap ass people! I will say this, not every iphone owner on t-mobile has YOUR mentality! I know plenty of iphone owners on T-Mo that actually do purchase apps and music through itunes. Also, just because some grey market iphone owners dont purchase apps from the app store doesnt mean they dont purchase other apple products. SO either way it is a win-win for Apple. BTW, why exactly do you have an iphone if you’re not purchasing anything from itunes or the app store?

        • Nearmsp

          For a start not everyone buys in the grey market. I plan to buy an iPhone 5 direct from Apple when they sell the unlocked iPhone 5. Now even the grey market benefits Apple. A strong and robust used phone market enables iPhone users to sell their iPhones in the “grey” market and with that cash and more they buy new iPhones. So yes, T-mobile enabling iPhone usage goes direct to the bottom line of Apple.
          Another important point, if you look at the average price of phone AT&T buys (reported in WSJ) it is around the 16 GB iPhone price. Which indicates, that Apple gives bulk discount to AT&T. So when T-mobile customers buy full priced phones from Apple stores or web site, they will be paying a higher price than what AT&T pays. I am sure Apple is happy for the extra million or so phones bought unlocked each year. That is almost another $1 billion in revenue.

      • guest


      • Even if they don’t make a penny off of “grey market” selling of the hardware, they’d still make tons of money off of purchases on iTunes.

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          Your assuming those people are “buying” apps and music.. These are the same people that are on tmobile for the savings.

      • od312

        What’s a “Grey” market??

        • “Grey” market is what’s generally used to refer to the practice of importing phones from overseas that are not officially sold, either by the manufacturer, or by any carriers, in your own country. For example, I last week ordered an international Galaxy Note II from a UK reseller, for delivery to and use by me in the US – where the Galaxy Note II is not yet sold either by Samsung or any carrier.

  • SkywalkerJedi

    Completely Apple’s decision. They think Tmo’s using their name to drive sales, and Apple is not happy with it. I just gave up on Apple. I dont think they’re the most-liked company anymore.

    • they have equal amount of haters :D
      F**@#*n patent trolls

    • mikkej2k

      It may not be Apple. It might be the 3 major carriers that paid billions to carry the IPhone. It’s well documented that Sprint is paying over 15 billion to carry the IPhone. If AT&T and Verizon are spending that kind of money for semi-exclusive rights to carry the IPhone , well 50 billion would be a conservative estimate for the total that all three pay.

      I could see one or all of the big 3 going after T-Mobile to protect their investment.

      • philyew

        I agree, but as I posted above, I don’t think they have any grounds to go after TM directly, so they will have complained to Apple to make sure that they withheld their approval for TM using brand references in the advertising.

        • Whitney

          It might have came from Sprint.

      • thole

        Are you suggesting that Sprint is paying Apple 15 billion just to sell the iPhone? On top to the amount they pay to subsidized?

        • rtechie

          I think that’s the total of the subsidies Sprint has paid for iPhone 5. It’s well-known that Apple demands more for the iPhone than anyone else (the Galaxy S3 reportedly costs carriers $100 less).

  • jephrox

    This is so stupid. If Apple was smart at all, they would let this happen. They’re not really losing anything. In fact, if people jump in this band-wagon of “bring your own device” consumers will have to choice but to buy an unlocked iPhone for the actual suggested retail price instead of a discounted price that they normally get from their network that has them locked in for a 2 year contract agreement. At least the iPhone will be paid and bought for in full (@ $550). That in itself will generate a lot of profits and revenues. If Apple doesn’t want this happening, then start making a deal with T-Mobile to have the iPhone sell directly. You would think, after they sued Samsung for stealing the design of the iPhone for their phones, Apple still continues to sell their iPhone through AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, all the same networks who also carry Samsung phones.

    • BallaOnnaBudget

      Why would any company be happy with you promoting their product to drive your sales when they don’t make any profit from it. Most of the iphone users on Tmobile buy them through the Grey market so Apple doesn’t make a penny. If Tmobile wants people to use the iphone then they should pony up and pay Apple.

      • Nearmsp

        you are wrong. If you see the reports, the average price that AT&T is buying phones from Apple is lower than the retail price Apple sells. So, in reality the margin of profit is higher with no subsidy of any sort. Both T-mobile and Apple gain if every customer buys non subsidized phones. However, businesses want certainty and that is why the do partnerships where they get a minimum buy commitment. Apple may not like a carrier getting around this in the way T-mobile does.

      • AppleWaffles

        Why wouldn’t they be happy? They already took your money, they could careless what you decide to do with it.

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          Apple makes about $400 profit per phone sold though the carrier. When you buy it from EBay they make $0. Which do you think they prefer??

        • AppleWaffles

          When you buy it from eBay, someone else already bought it first, Apple already made their money.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          And? That person could have went to Verizon/AT&T/sprint and bought a new iPhone. It’s a loss in apple eyes. Apple is not going to let its name be used to lose potential customers. Apple does not care about second hand devices getting sold.

        • Derrick Ford

          It’s not second hand with my iphone 5 example above.

        • Okay but listen…the original owner of the iPhone will either a) Buy a new iPhone, which is a second sale in Apples pockets or b) Buy a different smartphone, in which case the unlocked iPhone will still be earning money through App Store and iTunes purchases. They aren’t losing anything.

        • Derrick Ford

          Exactly….and if you buy the Verizon Iphone 5 (which is already unlocked) Apple made their money on the sale to reseller deal with Verizon and Verizon made at least a “mark up” profit for offering their retail price.

        • @BallaOnnaBudget:disqus pleae explain your logic if there is any,

      • Drew Vallejo

        Perhaps they don’t make a cent off of the actual device but like most handsets, the profit also comes in from the apps and extras you buy for it.

        • BallaOnnaBudget

          See my reply above ^^

        • If I’m correct, which i could very well not be, Apple make an amount off the data plans as well. At least that what i heard they use to do when it was exlusive to att.

      • Odb

        That’s exactly right! All this discussion would end if tmobile would stop spending money on such stupid things like, changing collateral every week, printing jumbo receipts, buying contacts with phone companies that don’t sell and just down right shovel money to the their big wigs. Fork up the bread to apple, and get the iPhone. Sorry rich execs!

      • Mirad77

        It shouldn’t really matter to Apple as they’ll make money from either used or new iphone. The new one gives them straight cash on phone and apps,then the old ones still bring them 30% of all paid apps. So either way Apple still makes money. I for one has bought all models but iphone 4 and current iphone 5( wify has an ipad) of the six at full price.


      Apple wants to be sure that when people use the iPhone it lives up to what is promised. Until we get our entire network compatible with the HSPA+ on 1900 it is not fully capable. So Apple was definitely behind this.

      • Whitney

        That thing TMOTECH we don’t know. You are just speculating that Apple is behind this is. Heck man for all we know T-mobile could have made the decision

    • Guest911

      Yes yes, Apple is stupid and all you morons on the internet SPECULATING about what may or may not have happened are the smart ones.

    • Dakota

      They may be losing people with old..now out of contract iPhones..who might otherwise buy a new iphone5 otherwise. Everyone I know with iPhones are pretty loyal.

  • charlieboy808

    I say it was Apple that forced the issue since they are ass hats.

  • refarmpcsnowplease

    It can mean T-mobile will start selling iphones so customers do not have to bring their own.

    • Derrick Ford

      Nope… Apple has a Sales Number to be guaranteed by the carrier. Why enter into such a thing…when you don’t have to.

    • Eric

      T-Mobile’s CEO did say in a statement earlier this month that they may buy the iPhone after they merge with MetroPCS :D

  • Duh!!! I’ve said that in other articles posted. Why are promoting a device they don’t even sell lol? Silly. So I guess they finally woke up, and realized that it will sell without them lol. Seriously though, they need to just eat it and get the phone. They obviously want it. So bite the BIG bullet, and spend the money. I wonder how much they wasted on all the promoting they’ve done thus far?

    • Derrick Ford

      Nope.. it is actually smart. Let the other dumb carriers (like Sprint) agree with the agreed reseller number of units. If the phone works and is covered under Apple’s warrenty. Who give as flying fig where the hell it came from.

      • Whitney

        Sprint is a totally situation then T-mobile so stop using them as example. Sprint losing customers not because of the iphone but because they service sucks.

  • TMoFan

    Willing to bet this is an Apple decision; they’re very overzealous when it comes to protecting their brand and image. Ironic, this whole refarm is in large part because of the iPhone.

    • That is so totally incorrect. The refarm is to free of spectrum for LTE

      • Whitney

        yes and no really. Yes because of LTE but also for iphone which is why they saying bring your unlock iphone

  • mingkee

    “Bring your own device” should not be limited to iPhones. Value Plan is set for bring your own devices or unsubsidized devices.

  • Spanky

    Definitely Apple’s decision.

    • Whitney

      It very unlikely that it came from Apple. Apple knows that if people whats buy their phones including new iphone 5 it will brought from Apple store.

  • Nearmsp

    In a way I like it. T-mobile will now be forced to make a deal with Apple once its refarming of the frequencies are done to be compatible with AT&T. For those of us who are already planning to buy full price to use in the value plan it makes no difference. But for those on classic plans this is a good thing.

    • mikkej2k

      I doubt T-Mobile will be “forced” to deal with AT&T. After the failed merger/takeover , the breakup agreement included money, spectrum, and ROAMING. I doubt T-Mobile will be “forced” to deal with Apple. It’s cheaper to do EVERYTHING else but deal with Apple
      Buy another network (more spectrum) : CHEAPER

      Refarm your spectrum : CHEAPER

      Make deals with every other phone manufacturer but Apple : CHEAPER

      Enter a long term lease agreement for towers : CHEAPER

      Once T-Mobile USA is spun off in this deal ( if it’s completed ) T-MoUSA may have a little more independence. Who knows what they may do as far as Apple is concerned.

      • philyew

        Didn’t he say TM will be forced to make a deal with Apple, not AT&T?

      • Whitney

        The whole purpose of this campaign is too target iphone users from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

    • Whiskers

      T-Mobile won’t be forced to do anything.
      The other three carriers are pissed and probably complained to Apple because they had to sign contracts with Apple and T-mobile will be offering the same service without signing any contract with Apple and letting customers use their iphones. without being bent over each month.

  • All they will have to do is change the language as in “Bring your own smartphone (iOS,Android) to america’s fastest unlimited 4g” or something like that. In a way this is better because the customer will know the T-Mo will support any unlocked gsm phone not just iPhone when the refarm is complete.

    • That is too sweet. They can’t say Largest 4g network anymore because its not true. But they can say the fastest unlimited b/c the only other carrier with kinda unlimited internet is sprint and tmobile is definitely faster. Genius @De’ounte Davis

    • @facebook-502631764:disqus <—- lets vote this guy head of marketing for tmobile

  • Macho Man

    I for one am really happy about this. It is really disheartening as an employee to have someone stand outside read that damn sign and come in to ask “Do you guys have the iPhone”. T-Mobile needs to let the iPhone be…if we are not getting it throw big support behind the current line up. HTC really got stiffed by all this and HTC is the one that brought T-Mobile it’s first big phone. T-Mobile employees are always taught “Be Here Now” that damn sign is the opposite of the slogan. PROMOTE THE PHONES WE HAVE STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE IPHONE!!.

    • Whitney

      They can’t do that either. If they say screw the iphone then T-mobile will lose more customers then already have. Look at how many customers they lost last year and this year

      • Chris

        He’s not saying screw the iphone. He’s saying promote what we have now. 2 different things. I don’t know how you got the “screw” the iphone part.

    • rtechie

      You do realize that T-Mobile fundamentally sees YOU as the enemy? They hate the US model of selling subsidized-phones with plans and the extensive customer service and retail presence. Americans expect from carriers. They want to be more like MVNOs where they just sell SIM cards at 7-11 and “customer service” is nonexistent. No messing with phones or subsidies or rebates or retail stores.

  • Paul

    Publicity is publicity.

  • Frank Alvarez

    Likely Apple with pressure from AT&T. T-mobile iPhone users are either AT&T defectors or buying used or unlocked iPhones…keeping the resale value up; which is good for Apple. AT&T however has a f Estes interest in selling new iPhones and locking people into contracts, but could care less what the value of a used device drps to.

    • BallaOnnaBudget

      How is resale value good for apple?? They could care less about the resale that they don’t make a dollar from.

  • philyew

    Apple…with a little help from their friends.

    While AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and all the other Apple customers can’t complain to TM directly, you can bet they will have let Apple know they were less than happy seeing TM grab a cost-free marketing opportunity that they have to pay for.

  • Noel

    I think the Att, Verizon and maybe Sprint brought this to Apples attention. But most likely i see Att hand in this since they are the only other GSM carrier who stand to loose customers to Tmo.

  • Dakota

    If you were doing prepaid with a +21 phone (which avg only 2mbps) would you stick with Tmo prepaid or switch to Simple Mobile or Straight Talk? Little nervous @ the latter..the porting process, changing apn settings, what seems like poor custserv & their unwillingness to be honest @ what you can/can’t do on their fake unlimited plans except to say they can cancel at any time with no refund..and what appears to be bans on video or music streaming of any kind..even YouTube video

    • Guest

      @matteorodrigo:disqus have a seat

  • mreveryphone

    Apple couldn’t be behind this, people would be buying the phone outright to bring it to tmo, so it wouldn’t hurt them. Now the other carriers that spent their employees pensions, 401k’s, and first borns might be a different story!

    • Derrick Ford

      EXACTLY…Give this poster a MBA degree. Welcome to the Club!

      • mreveryphone


  • CapnSwiss

    Im just happy with my S3, that’s all I have to say.

    • Whiskers

      Glad you like that constant blue tint on their screens that you have to look at each time you use it.

  • Whitney

    GUYS CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t know enough to say that it was Apple or not. We need more information that this issue and why T-mobile stop using it. Until that happens everything is speculation.

  • Joseph Tongret

    I would say that most ppl who are iphone enthusiasts, & are interested in buying the device unlocked & searching for a carrier will be well aware of what Tmo can provide them. It’s probably fairly unlikely that someone had no idea that they could buy an iphone for $700 & bring it to T-Mobile. Tmo’s marketing attempt to “plant the seed” of bringing the iphone to their network probably attracted very few customers who were unaware of the option until they heard Tmo’s campaign, lol. Someone willing to spend the chunk of money up front is probably doing their homework & well aware of what carriers will be available to them. Just my thoughts though, I surely haven’t taken any surveys!

  • what the 4 major carriers can do is to drop apple phones everywhere and then force apple’s in negotiations

  • jephrox

    the main thing here is that everybody gets to own an iPhone, everybody gets to experience an iPhone whether it’s on a fast network or mediocre one, at least a person can say, “yeah, I’ve tried it and I really like the design, etc.” or whatever it is they like, whether it lived up to its potential or not because of limitations to other network. maybe some people may convert and start discovering owning other Apple products. so in a way, there’s a good side to all this. maybe in the near future, Apple and T-Mobile will finally agree on bringing the iPhone, a lot of people always say, “that’s NEVER going to happen…” as cliche as it seem, but never say never, it may not happen now but who knows…?

    • Hghldsth

      That’s not a cliche by the way, but anyway it won’t happen. TM is too focused on making there big bigs rich, and spending money to get the iPhone is just not an option because they will have to to take a loss the first couple of years. That means no new cars and vacation homes that year for these fellows. Not gonna happen,

  • sanman202

    They can say you can bring over other very popular unlocked devices.

  • sagisarius

    I hope they also stop requiring a 2 year contract for these bring your own phone plans. That’s so bizarre.

    • Get_at_Me

      Agreed. There should be a non contract postpaid byop option (handy for family plans)….otherwise tmos monthly 4g plans should do

      • sagisarius

        Yeah, honestly if they just changed their postpaid plans to match the value plan pricing, I think they would get a lot more BYOD people. I’d love to get one of those mythical unlocked nexus phones and bring it onto Tmo.

        • Matlock

          why is an unlocked Nexus mythical? Ive been using a GNexus on T-Mo for close to a year now, and had Nexus One when it it came out. so I dont undertand your comment on the Nexus phones being mythical.

        • sagisarius

          Mythical in the sense that I’ve never actually seen one, but they sound amazing! I guess poor word choice.

    • Spanky

      Agreed. Requiring a contract for non-sunsidized (in this case, the Value) plans is ludicrous.

  • SparkysDad

    It’s in Apples interest to have T-mo remove the iPhone name from its marketing material, As we know T-mo’s network sucks ass. They are dragging their feet with the network re-farm. Why would you, want your premier product associated with such a crappy network?All this back and forth I do believe that T-mobile is playing catch up because of missteps that they made. Ive grown tired of all the false promises, If service in South Florida does’nt improve by the time my contract ends I’m pulling my lines and i too will be an ex T-mobile customer.

    • Kev

      PLEASE TAKE YOUR *ish AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! if TMO’s service is that bad for you..and and you feel the need to get better service where you live…GO AWAY!! If you dont feel TMO has been making the best decisions for the company as a whole and its affecting your service…TAKE YOUR *ish AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! if you feel that TMO is playing catch up…TAKE YOUR *ish AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Take your lines and go to AT&T or Verizon or Sprint PLEASE!! but do us all a favour and STOP WHINING!! YOur contract will be up soon…Bite the Bullet and Move on!! Again i say..TAKE YOUR *ish AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


    This is a good thing for T-mobile, since the network refarm is nearing completion, they can now inform people that they can bring just about any device onto the network. I been having to explain to my cousins that they can bring phones other than the iphone to tmobile, and they both have a galaxy s2 skyrocket and atrix 2. Hell i love that i can use both the international note one and the gsm evo 3d on t mo. Too bad they dont support the Sensation XL

  • Apple doesn’t get a piece of the monthly TMobile fees so Apple doesn’t want T-Mobile providing services for their customers.

  • j5ive

    Good. Because only LV is fully up and running. Why are they hitting adverts hard in the small podunk town i live in when the refarm will probably never happen?

  • Antoher reason to hate Apple lol

  • That’s too bad. For the unaware consumer just walking by our kiosk this was pretty useful. Even if they didn’t have the money to purchase an iPhone at the time, they were made aware that it could be used on T-Mobile by seeing the advertisement.

    Pretty sure this was an Apple decision since they are not getting a cut of any of the money T-Mobile is making off unlocked iPhones on their network.

    • Djkdskk

      Your right but so naive. It was apple and why shouldn’t they be upset. TM used their name to gain service for something they don’t even sell? So shady of them and they need much better marketers and promoters. Have you ever seen this from another company? “This Toyota corolla runs just like this Mercedes”!

  • FILA

    Bring your iShit devices to T-Mobiles network if your really serious about low monthly rates

  • PhantomWraith

    I told you so.

  • Just passin thru

    If you google iphone and straight talk, or iphone and simple mobile, or iphone and almost any other pre paid you can find an ad promoting their plan and an iphone. I have no idea why t mobile is stopping this, but it seems to me that all of the other pre paid plans would have to stop also.

  • tmo fan

    A little off topic, but did anyone see the news about a new type of iPhone 4S being produced? More than likely for China Mobile but there were slight (probably unlikely) rumors about it being a T-mobile USA version with AWS HSPA+ support.

    • God I hope not. If Tmo get a 4s especially is its next year, it will be a LAUGHING STOCK situation. But hey they got the note months before releasing the note 2. *scratches head*

      • Mirad77

        Why? They’ll have an iphone right?

  • EatShtApple

    Get off your high horse Apple…freakin act like you guys are God…freak you weren’t even the first cell phones ever made!

  • luzcall

    Nothing is free in America! you want it you have to pay for it.
    T-mobile is cheap A$$ company!
    Why would any1 buy an Iphone4s or iPhone5 FOR $800 and use it on t-mobile?
    Because you want to save $20 or $40?
    When you are a miser like this!! it means you need a real job .
    If you cant afford $50 its time to get a real job.Stop working at walmart.
    People are so f%%cking cheap.

    • Mirad77

      My wife wants an iphone 5 to use with TMo and she is a nurse. I think she has a real job. It’s known as choice and preference.

      • luzcall

        Your wife is smart

  • luzcall

    I can guaranty that A&T and Verizon complained to Apple.
    T-mobile wants an Iphone so badly but they dont want to pay for it..They want to invest in micro sim cards instead .

  • Wolfgar

    Just for clarification when the refarm is done will the iPhone 5 only be able to get 3G speeds or will the iPhone be able to get “4G” speeds on Tmo like my G2 does? I am also under the impression that the AT&T model will be more compatible/faster then the Verizon model on Tmo, is this correct? (iPhone 5)

    • Mirad77

      It’ll be a matter of your choice since Veri$on’s model has all frequencies in AT$T’s model and then some. If you intend to travel out of US your best bet will be Veri$on’s model as it has more LTE frequencies. It doesn’t really matter if you see 4G or 3G sign as both models are HSPA+42( call it 4G or Faux G is up to you).

  • qpinto

    using the iphone name is simple logic for most consumers. all tmobile has to do when the refarm is 80% complete, is to run a commercial that has people using different phones not offered by tmobile as bring your own device to us. show someone using something similiar to an iphone, and have it read tmobile where the carrier sits, bring the htc one x and show it, bring all the nexus devices into the commercial and show it. show the gsm chip going into a phone and make the phone screen say tmobile powered. making a flyer/banner for this would be incredibly easy to hang in store.

  • Sounds like a lawyer-based move to me.

  • Mirad77

    I have two takes on this, either Apple called for this or Tmo will carry the iphone on the near future.

  • Whitney

    More then likely after the LTE is up running and their merger with Metro PCS go though then they will get the iphone.