Apple Sent Takedown Letters To Retailers Selling Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Nexus Devices

Oh Apple, receiving a court-ordered ban on the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices just wasn’t enough? Steady your anger as Apple apparently sent out letters to various third-party retailers requesting that they comply with the court order:

“[The injunction] applies not only to the named Samsung entities, but also to anyone ‘acting in concert’ with them. Apple thus believes that the order extends to you.”

A sample letter says that companies must “comply with the order by ceasing immediately to engage in any of the specified acts (e.g., importing, offering to sell, or selling within the United States) in connection with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer.”

For its part in this matter, Samsung has called Apple’s letters “menacing” and says that third-party retailers should be “permitted to sell existing inventory, even without a stay.” It’s pretty evident that retailers aren’t bending to Apple’s will as most contacted brick and mortar locations are still stocking and selling inventory of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The Verge contacted Sam’s Club and was told that the company is “still looking at the court’s order and evaluating if and how it may impact us.”

Look, companies have a right to protect their intellectual property and we could argue whether Apple is right in any of their lawsuits till we are blue in the face, but this letter looks to be a step too far.

The Verge

Sample Letter PDF

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  • Sandovalbryan25

    Look I believe every company has the right to defend their I.P. and all but this is too much. Import ban I understand. To my knowledge when these bans are placed it only applies to new shipments not existing supply retailers already have. So apple get over your self and give your people something they want

  • Stoney Jonez

    Yeah, if they expect the stores to stop selling it, they will need to take each them to court individually. The stores did not get ANY orders from the court to either do or not do anything specific in regards to these devices, so they aren’t required to listen to this BS. Bottom line: the stores and carriers didn’t infringe on any patents, and they already paid for inventory (at least in most cases). There is no way they can be expected to just let that money all go down the drain. Fuck Apple and their bitch-ass lawyers. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if there was a “shortage” of Samsung-made parts needed to build the iPhone and iPad!?

  • LC

    Apple had better be careful, because this is really going to start to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths.

    • WW


      • Note Lover


    • nick p

      Sue everyone who innovates, the sheep will defend us

    • Ash

       It already has.

  • WW

    I’ve never been a fan of Apple due to their proprietary/locked down/restricted ecosystem (Mac OS & iOS) but this kind of shit’s starting to make me hate them.  My sentiment is moving from “not a fan” toward “hate”.

    • MacRat

      But I guess you don’t mind when Microsoft forces all Android manufacturers to pay them a licensing fee for every device they sell due to the same type of patents that Microsoft holds.

      • While MS. does make them pay a fee to use their patents, apple has no intentions of licensing their patents all. MS also has no intentions of interfering with the market. Apple on the other hand wants to control the market instead of competing.

      • Cybersedan

        It’s far better than not being able to buy the products in the first place, so HTC has to pay MS for ever phone they sell, but as a consumer I still have the choice to buy an HTC phone if I want.  This is not nearly the same thing, crApple doesn’t want consumers to have choice, and that should offend everyone, even their own fans.

        • Note Lover

          Exactly!  Well put Cbyersdan!

      • tegz

        you are an idiot. not surprised, considering your username. ms at least gives them a choice of pay for the patent license or get sued. apple straight up sues.

      • WW

        What you’re talking about isn’t force, it’s an agreement that the parties can choose to make or not .  What Apple’s doing is force.  They are using the government to bully others because they can’t legally use force themselves.

    • Sanman202

      Right, their stuff always seemed cultlike. They did the same thin with the computer with limited offerings only on their equipment. It hurt them big time when the PC came out. They are on the same path with the iphone/pad. with limiting the amount of devices they put their operating system on. 

  • Travis Ridenour

    Yeah, but isn’t the Galazy Nexus all good to go now?
    Galaxy Tab vs iPad is just stupid, nothing alike. -_-

    • TechnoBuffatroll

      The galaxy nexus is cleared, Apple is misleading and intimidating the retailers, the case was only referring to imports.

  • Thecityboy781

    Apple don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned….

  • Mueller2051

    apple may tread on deep waters for these are very stores that sell there products. just ask mitsubishi in the 90s 

  • Josh

    I have read about the Galaxy S III and it is nothing like anything Apple has on the iPhone, like Front Stay, awesome non-Apple idea. Direct Call, again non-Apple and Pop-up Play has me really wanting a S III. But then again, AllShare Cast and S-Voice are perfect examples of Siri and AirPlay rip-offs. I’m not really defending Apple and even as a fanboy I agree these lawsuits and attempted bans are getting old. I hope that we can all at least agree that both Apple and other Android manufacturers need to stop fighting and make a truly better handset and compete with world changing features and not stupid lawsuits. And after reading about the Galaxy S III for my post I have now realized that I really want a Galaxy S III. Stupid Samsung!

    • George

      As far as i understand voice s is based on a google voice recognition software and if this is true, it was developed long before the siri.

  • Havoktek

    Damn apple….that’s just gansta’ …..what a summer of madness, enuff already.

  • Carloslacend

    Well apple your ship is sinking. Sue or intimidate all they want but accept its reality. Your boat will sink.

  • dethduck

    Were they Microsoft, they’d be taken to task for anti-competitive practices.

  • C Alejandr00

    apple is desperate and they are not afraid of showing it. to David: My Galaxy Nexus just got jelly bean with awesome and superior voice controlled search Google now and jet you are talking about Apple and their ridiculous name. You are an Apple sucker, you don’t even care about t-mobile. I am unsubscribing from this blog for good.

    • juanmondragon

      No one cares!!! Just leave already

    • Josh Robert Nay

      Angry much?

    • I started a T-Mobile blog four years ago and run it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and you don’t think I don’t care about T-Mobile? Good, good. This was a news story, not a contest over who is better, I’m reporting on it because it could have implications for T-Mobile customers and their phone selections.

    • mingkee

      Frankly, bgr is much, much, much worse, and I blocked the site on network.

    • George


    • = O


      Oh…wait…we’re good.

  • frigadroid

    Don’t get bent out of shape. It’s no big deal just standard operating procedure.

  • Freedom

    Think Apple as China. They are bullies!

  • Haloerika

    The truth is galaxy really copied their product from packaging to other tuffs. Korea’s copy culture.

    • Oreo

      Yeah, I mean how hard is it for a company to make a slab of glass. Software no-where close to apples design. In fact Jelly-Bean is awesome, even better than apples software. I own an IPad 3, and I can count how many times my iPad crashed (Apps). I’d understand the first galaxy phone, but not Googles Nexus Device. Smh, its a shame people still defend this company Apple. Enjoy what society has you going after. Instead of owning the finer things in life.

    • al

      are you talking about an apparel?

  • Almamortis

    This is Apple’s big F You Samsung response… bitch, please, you won, shut the fuck up and move on… I hate Apple with all of my being…

  • Harddude5

    I am embarrassed that I bought several Mac computers almost as a protest when it looked like poor little Apple was going to be obliterated by Bill Gates Evil Empire. Turns out Apple is the Evil Empire.

    • mingkee

      Proud to be iFree.
      Free from Apvirus.

  • Zeke

    “I ain’t scared of you mothaphuckaz!”


  • JBLmobileG1

    I honestly dislike Apple. While I work in retail where we sell Apple products I must say that I will never recommend them to anyone. Sure you can buy their products from me… I won’t stop you… but I will never recommend their products. If they want to screw companies over who may have Samsung product that they can no longer sell through why should they expect us to sell their products? They remind me of those cellular reps who want you to play favorites when selling a phone. Forget about what’s best for the customer…. just sell them our product.

    • Note Lover

      Very good point…I agree.  Imagine that, all companies in the US boycotting Apple and no longer selling Apples products!

      • Dan Rubin

        To bad that won’t happen. I would love for that to happen but companies these days are too scared to take such a large leap. 

  • Guest

    Love all the “I hate Apple” comments. Business is business. You do what you have to do to remain on top. Its not personal.

    • HeLLo

      Love all these idiots who defend Apple no matter what.Remain on top? You must be stupid huh yeah I guess since Apple got knocked out from the top they all of sudden started suing the crap out of everyone.It’s not about remaining on top it’s more like Android is knocking the crap out of iOS and instead of trying to fight back one on one they call their “friends” to help them jump Android.Now move along kid it’s time for the adults to talk.

      • Guest

        hey ***tard. it applies to all businesses. If you want to play nice, stay in the sandbox. Otherwise grow up. In no way am i defending anyone. It’s an apple/samsung article, i simply used their name. DIAF.

        • al

          oh btw where the dislike button?^^^^

        • Dan Rubin

          He said grow up yet he’s swearing at somebody… ahaha

    • Napster87

      based on apple’s last few keynotes, i’d say they’re definitely running out of “innovative ideas.” And with it’s competition constantly improving them and one upping apple, the only logical solution would be to not have competition at all. For example, Google doesn’t care about what anybody else comes out with while sitting on a ton of motorola patents that could easily cause the same injunctions that are being thrown at htc and samsung. Also keep in mind that apple is a hardware/software company and Google is a search engine company. The very idea that just one of Google’s devisions alone could cause apple this much greif and even surpass them at apple’s own game is amazing.

    • George

      Business is business ha? Mafia was business too, how about that? There is fair game and respect rules in business from which Apple is far far away.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Apple’s just letting the public know how close to over they are. All of their recent actions are typical “last stand” efforts & scream desperation.

    • Gouv

      last stand?  Have you seen their market cap lately?  They are a very successful company and have shown no signs of dismal failure like the type you seemingly perceive.  If Apple ever gets to RIM’s state of being than i’ll agree with you.  However, their actions are more of a bullying tactic to defend their patents and other IP.   

      • Joseph Tongret

        I did not say apple is in the same state as rim, but rim didn’t get to their state over night gouv. Apple sees the writing on the wall, and that is that in the smartphone market they’ve been outdone! Apple knows it, hence we haven’t seen them innovate in some time. They’re biding time Imo before the inevitable happens, and that is that Apple iphones will not be as relevant of a contender. Apples biggest step forward in the smartphone market was the release of the initial iphone, and it’s been baby steps ever since. That was fine and dandy… until Android came along taking large leaps forward in almost every release. Apple was doing fine when symbian & Web os were their only competitors, but every fella in the gym with a couple of amateurs feels powerful, then the when something much more powerful comes along, that fella feels threatened & intimidated & instead of working harder their tactic is to try to eliminate what they’re actually afraid of. The facts are that there are alot more ppl switching from iphone to android then vice versa…. Now as far as the tablet market, apple has a strong hold, and android hasn’t quite figured that end out yet. Therefore apple won’t sink to rims level of market loss, but they’re far, far away from what they once where, that won’t change, and apple reaks of animosity!

        • Gouv

          Well you certainly came across as though you thought they were suddenly going away due to failiure. Look, this is just like the msft an apple wars years ago. Apple doesn’t have to be market share leader in order to remain profitable. I think competition is a good thing but I also agree that some of these companies have ripped off apple in many aspects and done so quite blatantly but that’s a whole separate big can of worms. People seem to have this apple that apple will just suddenly fall and go away and that’s just not likely. When you are siting on tha much cash and fueled by a unique design culture like theirs it’s easy to see how they will be able I maintain a strong presence. I mean let’s face it…. They are taking on the entire maker and kickin ass doing so with ONE phone. They don’t have to make these things for the bleeding edge users like many of us here. Theres a market for everything and plenty of choice to go around. It almost seems like you want apple to end for some peculiar reason. I could be wrong but thats just the impression I’m getting. I’m not the biggest android fan (but i do enjoy my nexus) and personally own a galaxy nexus alongside my iPhone but I still wouldnt want to google to fail Just because I prefer most things apple which is what I see a lot of in some forums.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Well Gouv, just as I explained after your previous response that I’d never compared apple’s situation to Rims, I’ll clarify that I never stated “Apple would suddenly disappear” nor that “I want Apple to end for some peculiar reason”. Those are your perceptions that you may have formed due to my user name, and perception is reality to most uf us. The true reality of my stance however is quite different then you may assume based on the fact I go by the screen name Androholic & often state that Apple doesn’t & more than likely never again will lead the market in smartphones. I hope Apple continues to manufacture iphones as it keeps the market competitive and diverse, which is what’s best for the world economy & more importantly to me, the consumers. I myself have owned Apple products and was once a big fan, and had you got the impression that I’m just no longer a big fan of theirs that would’ve been the most accurate perception, lol. I disagree with Apples frivolous lawsuits, I don’t feel as though any of the major Android manufacturers have stolen anything from Apple, because Apple did not invent any of the technology that’s in an iphone, they were simply one of the first to combine it & then patented that. There were already touchscreens, voice recognition, search, algorithms, and rectangular electronics with a single button configuration! You see Gouv, I believe in more of a “common sense law”, and Apples attempts to prevent other manufacturers from competing based on the grounds that they stole from them doesn’t fly in my book, and I don’t believe alot of their patents should have been granted, and they have now triggered an era of manufacturers that create similar ridiculous patents in order to have some ammo to defend themselves, or in Googles case spending BILLUONS on other companies just to acquire their “ammo”. In short, software patents are a joke that have gone way too far & are being used in a manor that they were not originally intended for & they are being granted left and right in circumstances where they should not be, but that’s a whole different debate that involves way too much personal opinion and not enough fact without a great deal of research, so it’s probably best left for a judge to sort out. I also would be very careful in comparing Apple to Microsoft, as Microsoft just wanted paid for proper licensing (and Microsoft DID in fact invent alot of what they were after) for their patents. The solution would be for Apple to handle themselves in the same fashion as Msft in asking for licensing fees where theres anything proven to be infringed upon, but Apple is a bit different as they don’t want that solution, they want to take their ball & go home which all the while points to the idea that they would rather hamper the growth of an industry they were such a huge part of, rather then have to compete based on the superior product! This bothers me greatly and says to me that Apple is not capable of allowing a thriving market in the same fashion that Microsoft was, because Msft did not want the market to themselves as Apple is attempting here, and I don’t believe that Apple can be compared to them in business ethic, as they so obviously stand on opposite sides of the street. I can however agree to disagree, as I have no ill opinions of you or your views, but I don’t forsee either of us changing the others beliefs on the subject:-). But I do really miss the days before I realized technology was as political as the rest of the world, and it was just a really cool & fun way to spend that money you’d been tucking away, perhaps we’ll agree on that though Gouv? ;-)

        • Gouv

          Hey fair enough but I know the value of patenting an implantation based on other licensavle patents because my engineering department and legal department have fought tooth and nail with a competitor and fortunately won. I think it’s fair to patent implementations which legally can be protected and essentially the iPhone is a massive implementation of other technolgies. My company has patented plenty of basedband patents for power systems analysis which cover both hardware an software. Then came along a Samsung-like competitor and we fought tooth and nail. So you see my perception and opinion and slight bias derives from fist hand experience in my own experience in patent wars. Just sharing all that for clarification. Also just to reaffirm, APPLE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE MARKET LEADER in order to be relevant, powerful, and profitable. Most companies go for their competitors jugulars and don’t get scrutinized. I do it and encourage out ip lawyers to destroy. You can’t just depend solely on innovation anymore and you have to have an evil legal team with the heart of cannibalistic nazi’s to survive. If it were legal, my company and many others would probably hire ninja assassins to fight our competitors. Fair competition has arguably been non-existent for years( if ever?).

          So with that ellaboration, I respect your opinion and response and will agree to disagree as well. And my apologies if I somehow “mispercieved” your expressed opinion.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Well Gouv, I respect your views and opinions as well, and to be honest you probably have on of the best track records of at least stating some supporting facts for your views then alot of others I’ve debated opposing views with online. I appreciate your opinions & your mutual respect, because you are always at very minimum, careful to word yourself in a polite & well mannered way. I actually much enjoyed our conversation, and I can honestly say, I do have a bit better of an understanding why some are so in line with Apples ethics, as we all have our own personal experiences in which we will tend to refer to when forming our opinions. God bless Gouv. :-)

  • This is HILARIOUS Apple is doing the most/  They should be able to sell current stock. And the fact Apple uses components from Samsung for its ‘iPhone’ this is disparaging. It like ok I’ll see ya in court but hey did we get our orders in ? Got the iPhone 5 coming in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung was up to something. And APPLE all this crap your doing Samsung may not return the favor or cause delay its stupid to SUE a company you have business ties with what idiots this is why I think they are both in cahoots 

    • Gouv

      My company is suing one of our direct competitors who happens to also supply us with some vital components for most of the products we make and sell.  It’s the modern business world, this stuff happens all the time.  Your conspiracy theory made me giggle!  

  • Dan Rubin

    Why does this article remind me of     ???

  • Chasky324

    Let Google step in and this whole war is over, apple is no match for the biggest search engine, and if you look at numbers android always had the upperhand in sales because it gives the consumer a variety in choices,unlike apple.

    • I’m not sure what you consider a match, but Apple has far more money than Google as a company, Apple is more than a match, Apple is goliath.