T-Mobile.com Web-Only Sale Selling HTC One S For $24.99 Through July 15th

I don’t generally post T-Mobile.com special offers anymore as they are an almost daily occurrence, but the HTC One S selling for just $24.99, that’s worthwhile mention. Sure, it would be nice if the Galaxy S III was selling for this price, but the HTC One S is arguably the “second-best” Android handset in T-Mobile’s lineup now. I’ll leave it to you guys to decide what phone is truly the “best,” but if you’re looking to add-a-line or start a new T-Mobile account, this is one deal you can’t pass up. The deal runs through tomorrow, July 15th so don’t want too long.


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  • Chris

    Does this deal apply to upgrades as well?

    • Alex

      I just checked my upgrade and it didnt apply…think ill hold out and get that buy one get one free samsung deal

  • Jonathan

    Why can’t current TMO subscribers get this deal? When I go to my account page at My T-Mobile, it lists it as $249.99 and I am WAAAYYY over due for an upgrade. :-/

    • Dakota

      Another readon for churn..piss off more loyal customers. I thought business 101 is that it takes more money to get a new customer and to keep an existing customer. You would think magento would like to keep their customers but no they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Let your existing customers get the same deal as the brand new 1!

    • TechHog

      Get it from Best Buy for $99.

  • Gdieso

    WTF with tmobile…..come on helo out your current loyal customers as well here……why cant we upgrade????  answer me that….

    • Dakota

      My friend let contract lapse & switched to prepaid. He was then considered a ‘new’ postpaid custimer eligible for all promos. That seems one way around unless u have grandfathered plans

      • Justamazing87

        you gotta be gone for atleast 3months

        • Dakota

          Thats not real long if you know a new ‘hot’ phone that you want to get is coming up….and to the one who said a $36 activation fee…dont you have to pay an $18 or so upgrade fee…So $ 18 probably will be less than the difference between the phone prices…If not, then its not a smart move 4u.

      • PiCASSiMO

        How about paying, $36 an activation fee…

    • lucidnonsense

      Give them a call. I was two months from my upgrade date and casualy mentioned how long I’d been a customer, they switched me over to the loyalty team and after a few minutes I had the phone for a net price of $36 including taxes and the upgrade fee (Paid for the phone with a CC and instant credit to my account)

  • AnthonyRyan89

    When it comes to upgrades tmo sucks for pricing that’s why I got the Play Store Galaxy Nexus instead of the HTC ONE S

    • Sanman202

      Galaxy Nexus is the way to go. No more carrier branded devices for me. No more update waiting with the Nexus devices. The carriers mess up the operating system as well when they get their hands on it. Also, touchwiz and sense mess things up also. You have two other parties involved aside from Google on any operating system upgrade and that’s when things can get messed up, aside from the waiting. 

      • FILA

        HTC One S for Hardware. S3 for specs and hardware, but above all that Nexus for pure stock and always updated from Goog

  • Anonymous

    After talking to a few stores, they told me the one S isn’t really selling… and hasn’t been selling well since it came out..

    Now if they can just lower the retail price..

  • FILA

    Galaxy Nexus is the best phone hands down. Its selling like fire this year for an already 8 month old phone. I got mine about 2 months ago! Hardware wise the SIII beats the Nexus a little but more strongly Stock Android will always be the best. No worries on being upgraded to the next version. While you S3 people are on Ice Cream Sandwich for the next 9 months till you upgrade to JellyBean, I’ll already be on the next best thing. The Nexus may not break any tech specs today, but you wont notice a difference unless you look at numbers on charts if thats your thing. With Project Butter and JellyBean, you truly dont know what your missing. Nexus from here on out!

    • Dakota

      Hows the camera?

    • Justamazing87

      Umm the hardware on the one s and s3 beats the nexus by alot… no matter what program u run

      • souggie

        And the software on the gnex dominates the software and performance of the one s and s3….and the hardware isnt THAT much better…2gb ram, s4..that’s it…

        • Umang Choudhari

          Oh wait, looks it’s Rooting. 

  • Johnben007

    I’m sorry, but the lack of SD card slot and removable battery are still major deal breakers for me. This price is tempting but it’s not worth extending my contract because I will end up selling the phone. I’ll wait for something with better options.

    • Tomnewtn

      sd? SD? we don’t need no SDs. We don’t need no steenkeen SDS!

  • 24.99 thats deep

  • johnsma4

    I have had this phone since early June and absolutely love it.  Fast, thin, great screen and phenomenal battery life.  I don’t see the issue with the lack of a removable battery when there are millions of Iphones roaming around with the same “limitation”.  Additionally, the 10gb of memory on board in combination with 25 gb from dropbox and free storage on google drive makes the lack of an sd card a mute issue for me.  If you can get it for $25 I would take it.  

    • Tomnewtn

      I agree. I have an unlocked iPhone 4S and battery life is outstanding. Of course I’m not on 3g, but I keep bt and wifi on all the time. How bout them apples?

  • Derrek

    Spoke to Loyalty dept and was given the phone for $106 with taxes and shipping PLUS they gave me an $80 credit on my current bill. 

    • Anton Yatsenko

      Hey, so they gave u even though u were not a new customer or did not open a new line?

      • Derrek

         Pretty much yes.  She said she couldn’t sell me the phone for $24.99 (that was with a $50 rebate) but she could sell it to me for $99+tax,  so it came to $107.  Then to make up the difference she paid my current bill that was $80.39.  So it ended up costing me $26.60. 
        I was also offered Unlimited Premium data for $20 which I snagged also.  This is 5gb at full speed then throttled down after that.  It looks like this is normally $35.

  • Tomnewtn

    No, I think it is the best. Samsung is a piece of crap. A nexus with this nice build would be better.

    • sharklover

      I had the One S for 2 months and then got the S3. The S3 is more much better there is no comparison.


    Deal is dead

  • AspenTD

    Got this phone yesterday for free after talking to the retention department. Paid $108 up front but they will credit my bill for the amount. No activition fees and free shipping. Was also offered $10 off my monthly plan for the next two years. I’ve been suffering with the low memory issues of my N1 for too long to resist this offer. Would have loved another nexus device but didn’t want a phone the size of the galaxy nexus. Figure I’ll play with this phone a while and if I hate the Sense overlay I’ll root. Or just return it and go back to my N1 until November. Reports of battery life do worry me a little but I’m sure we’ve all seen that great video on how to crack open this case!