Deal Alert: Costco Drops Galaxy S III Price To $199.99 With Classic Plan

Chalk up a second deal alert for Saturday morning as the Samsung Galaxy S III gets a price drop good through at least July 17th at Costco. All Classic plan customers, both new and existing can take advantage of the $199.99 price drop for the Galaxy S III, though we’re not sure what colors Costco has stocked for T-Mobile. The Galaxy S III needs no introduction around these parts, and I’d act quickly before this deal ends.


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  • qHD?

    • secano

      We all know that those stores are always clueless about the phone’s specs.

  • B-Mobile

    So i called t-mo customer service because i wanted to know the best way to keep my android preferred  data plan if i picked up a phone from Sams, Costco, or Walmart etc: customer service offered to transfer me to loyalty because they gave me the data plan and loyalty asked me why i wasn’t gonna buy the phone from they: i told her mainly price, so she said i can offer you the SGIII for $179.99 needless to say i jump on the deal.all in all: taxes + shipping (no upgrade fee) was $196.83. the funny thing is wasn’t looking for t-mobile to beat out the competition but it looks like loyalty has an initiative. im not supporting calling up t-mo/loyalty and crying about the SGIII or demanding a deal on the phone but i was refreshing how a call about keeping a grandfathered data plan turned into a sale on the SGIII and my plan stays in tact – my two cents

    • Zeke

      bs. i’m hating. lol 

    • Chris

      I was thinking of doing the same thing, loyalty has always been very open to helping me out; I have an upgrade coming up, but was interested in the galaxy nexus. With the upgrade I’d be paying less for the S3 than for the GNex. Should I pull the trigger on the GNex or wait for my upgrade?

    • Kyzecyte

      I got one for my wife at 247 with tax upgrade but aparently her mytouch 5gb unlimited is not enough for this phone that I had to change to 2GB because to keep the one I had I had to pay $15 that’s fucked up but anyway Im actually saving more money buying this baby somewhere else also Costco refunded me the difference on my phone which I had paid 287 when it fist came out on the 22 of June to be exact so that means Costco refunded me 50 bucks really cool loving my 2 s3 and photo share is the coolest thing ever.

    • Skgoflko

      Got 279 for gs3 and HTC one s with 200 back from T-Mobile royality

    • Joseph Tongret

      This is one of the reasons I always brag up Tmo so much. I’m surprised they didn’t offer it to you for free! They always take care of us, and if you’re polite and patient they will give you a great deal. I paid $370 out the door & had a rep @ my local retail store hook me up with one the day before launch, and I’m okay with it. Tmo ALWAYS drops the price after the everyone willing to pay top dollar at launch has done so. In this case, I was in a hurry to get my hands on one & knew I didn’t want to wait 3 or 4 weeks for better pricing. (I know its a bit frivolous) Anyone who’s interested in the Note will probably find they’ll have it at a lower price the the gs3 a month after they release it, I’m gonna guess a 149 or even 99 dollar sale a month after launch since it won’t sell in the numbers as the gs3 is. Look at the one s going for $25… Tmo always puts nice prices on phones that are being over shadowed by another device. I think Tmo is a great carrier w/ awesome customer service. :-)

      • Note Lover

        I agree, I’ve never had a problem with TMO and have only been a customer for about 4 years.  I hope you are correct and the Note does sell for $99.00-$149.00, that would be great!  The only thing I’ve noticed is that the online TMO never really lowers the price too much on the Galaxy S2. I had gotten 4 HTC Sensations about a month after they came out last year, for $99.00 because we all wanted bigger screens.  Then the Galaxy S2 came out and I fell in love with that, mainly because the screen was even bigger, but it was too soon to upgade.  So I’ve kept an eye on it (out of habit) over the past year and saw that it never really went down in price on the TMO website.  Even right now, its still at $149.99 ‘after’ $50.00 MIR. Why do you think that is? I figured with all the new phones that came out this past year, they’d lower the price or even offer it for free more often.  Now that it looks like the Note is finally coming out,that’s the one I’m waiting for.  Even comtemplated ongetting the GS3 but I still want that bigger (by .5″) screen, it makes a difference to me. Even though the Notes’ specs aren’t as impressive as the S3, its really all the phone I need. I can surely understand that a lot of people want the biggest and best as it first comes out but I am happy with the stats on the Note.  It supposed to be comparative to the GS2 but has the bigger screen and since I have the HTC Sensation, the Note will be an upgrade from that and that will be great!  

    • Note Lover

      That’s great…I’ll have to remember that when the Note comes out, thanks B-Mobile :)

  • Action 6

    If you upgrage to costco do you have to change your plan?

  • Dumbazz

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh no

  • Dumbazz

    WOW I guess the crybabies have moved on to another company slash product to cry about

  • exeot

    Anyone get the white color at costco? I got one off wirefly.. ordered last thurs night, shipped friday, here on monday, but lost my preferred plan.

  • Levy Salazar

    If you’re on the Value plan it’s possible to get the 389.99 price listed in the picture but only through T-Mobile’s customer service. I just did (: Just argue with them you know the drill lol and then if someone doesn’t help you hang and try again.

    • Sun

      How much is the value plan have to be in order to get 389.99 on the phone? Let’s say I have a family plan..

      • Red

         5 lines for $100: (2 unlimited talk/text/data with 2GB at 4G) + (3 lines unlimited text, 500 minutes each)
        5 lines for $80: (5 lines sharing 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 2 lines with 2GB at 4G each)
        5 lines for $60: (5 lines sharing 1000 minutes, unlimited text, no data)

      • Levy Salazar

         Well I think you would be able to get this price for either Individual or Family VALUE plan. Make sure to mention that Costco has it at this price and that you tried with them but that the system wouldn’t let them. I have been a T-mobile customer for 8 years so maybe that’s a factor as well.When you call CS connect through a contract representative. (:

    • Red

      Value Plan:
      5 lines for $100: (2 unlimited talk/text/data with 2GB at 4G) + (3 lines unlimited text, 500 minutes each)
      5 lines for $80: (5 lines sharing 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 2 lines with 2GB at 4G each)
      5 lines for $60: (5 lines sharing 1000 minutes, unlimited text, no data)

      • Note Lover

        Wow, am I reading this right?  Is the total cost really $100.00 for 5 lines through t-Mobile?  Is this with or without contract?

  • JaimeQ

    Thanks for the heads up! Just went to my local Costco to pick it up!

    • Rosario

      Only been to Costco one time but do you need to be a member to get this? Also did they have the white version at yours?

      • Arbygurg

        To purchase anything from costco, u need their membership.

        • WD

           not online

        • Dumbazz

          I guess that part on the costco website where they ask for your membership number must be pretend.

        • Jlee4781

           I don’t think you need membership for wireless

  • Chris

    Would it be better to pull the trigger on the GNex? Or use my upgrade for the S3? It’d be cheaper to get the S3 through upgrade rather tyhan getting the GNex but that GNex looks too tempting. Advice help please.

    • exeot

      I was in your same dilemma but went with the s3. Passing up your upgrade isn’t worth it (unless tmo gets the iphone 5) for an older galaxy nexus with a worse camera. 

      The only reason you would consider doing that is if you are on a monthly 4g or prepaid plan. What I gathered from your post is that you are on a contract plan and paying higher monthly prices, so getting a subsidized phone makes much more sense.

    • 21stNow

       Also factor in how important the latest version of Android is to you.  The Galaxy Nexus is on Jellybean now.  As long as you can live with the wait or without Jellybean at all, you can go for the SGS III

  • SirMakoto

    i got mine from costco on 6.28.12 for $249.99, can i call the local store and ask for a price adjustment?

    • past 14 days & you didn’t buy from T-Mobile direct so check with costco return policy 

    • fenderbender

      Yes, you have 30 days at Costco to get the price difference. I went today and they gave me $50 back.

  • Jim 6

    i have been customer for 8 rys, and i am upgrade eligible, called about gs3 for best upgrade, the retention rep says” the phone price is $600 but she can take off $200 of that and she can sell it to me for $400 plus $45 tax total price price $445. and it includes upgrade fee and shipping. i hung up with F U!

    • robert

       called again 2 days later,w as told the same, $600 is price but for upgrading price is $445 total, lol! i cna get it for $500 to $550 no upgrade needed

    • symsoul

      By retention do you mean customer loyalty?  If not, call back and ask for them.  You’ll bypass the lower level reps and get to someone who can almost always do more for you.  It’s a tactic I’ve used for years (been with them for 12 now) and always found success come renewal time, even at others, depending on your patience.  When I didn’t get a deal I liked, I’d try back within a few days or possibly a couple weeks and generally find something to my liking.  I’d always ask how long the deal they were offering was good for in order to buy some time.  

      I’m currently a Value plan customer and despite not being able to get subsidized rates on new phones was still able to get $100 credit towards my bill just two weeks ago.  Also, my wife and I managed to haggle for a family unlimited plan (2 lines) for $90/month.  It’s a $10/month savings on the regular Value plan in addition to what I’m already saving over the Classic plan.    They’re hemorrhaging customers right now and will bend over backwards to keep you if you can exercise some patience and not show your hand.  

      Good luck!  

    • if its $400 and no contract extension then thats a deal 

      • Action 6

        I said contract upgrade. $445 total for gs3. it is disrespectful to long time customer by tmo

        • Dumbazz

          oh really? So you want to bitch and moan about the price of a phone yet t mobile has been saving you hundreds of dollars every year? You are the type of customer I wish companies would just lose.

    • How are they telling you $400?  It’s only like $329 at any store on the Classic Plan if you’re eligible for full upgrade.  You sure you’re not just eligible for the early upgrade?

  • SirWilliam4

    I actually work in Costco. We have blue in stock and white is available via free home delivery. Upgrading in Costco is the same as doing it in the tmobile store except we lack the ability to add inaurance. Nothing else is different besides the cheaper prices on phones, credited activation fees, free accessories and our free setup educate and personlization program. As long as you know a member you can use their card to purchase the phone.

    • Note Lover

      Wow, thanks, that is helpful and good to know. 

      • no the other difference is they wont add insurance walmart can add it at pos

    • Jlynrn93

      Can you tell me which Costco has the white one available for home delivery?  

  • Iupui1299

    Not sure if this is everywhere or not but a new tmobile store just opened up by me. I went in today to see what the out the door price was for a value plan upgrade on an s3. I was surprised to see that they had white. I thought blue was all that was out. And the price was $599 with a down payment of $199. I checked the classic upgrade price as well and it was $199. Not sure if all the Tmobile sores have dropped their prices but needless to say I grabbed one right away.

    • exeot

      classic as well? interesting since someone mentioned the price would be dropped with a “reliable” source and I scoffed it. 

      There are about to be a ton of pissed off customers who shelled out $370+ if your claim holds.

      • Iupui1299

        I double checked the price on the card fornthe S3. It was $199. This was a store that had been open about a week. I would assume their pricing would be the same as everyones. It was a corporate Tmobile store.

        • Iupui1299

          I checked my paperwork today and it says Tmobile Premium Retailer, Owned and Operated by Wireless Universe Limited. Maybe it isn’t a corporate store. It has a big Tmobile sign and only sold tmobile products. Employees shirts said tmobile and there was bright magenta lighting everywhere.

        • exeot

          Thanks for clarifying, I actually saw a store similar at my mall in that it looked like a tmobile corporate store in design but in fact a retailer in disguise. 

      • Is it possible this is an authorized retailer and not a corporate store?

        • Iupui1299

          I am starting to doubt myself but what I known for sure is that the price card next to the Galaxy S3 said $199 in big black writing. Maybe that was only for new customers….but that seems odd that the upgrade price would be different.

      • Dumbazz

        that’s part of life whenever you buy something when it first comes out. This is nothing new and if they get pissed off they can go pound sand.

    • Guest

      Yes, the price drop for the Galaxy S III was at ALL T-mobile store locations as of July 11th. 

  • What makes you think the deal will end?  I doubt it will go UP with the iPhone 5 launch getting closer…

  • They’re $199 down payment on value plans now at T-Mobile stores.  T-Mobile probably figured they would make a few weeks worth of profit before all the other carriers got their GSIII’s in stock.  Now that everyone has them, it’s $199.

  • James

    I’m trying to figure out what the 389.99 value upgrade fee is. Is that the total phone price? Or is it the downpayment, and there’s a EIP (equipment installment plan) attached too? Another 20 a month for 20 months?

    • Derek

       $389.99 is the price you pay if you go with the Value Plan.  At Costco, there is no monthly installment plan like if you would have gotten it at a T-Mobile store.

      • WW

        Wow, that’s a great full purchase price for the GS3.

        • thats still with 2 year contract

        • PiCASSiMO

          What is the big Deal? On the value plan you pay very little and you are highly unlikely to be switching carriers.

        • Tlfelder0927

          @picassimo, some people just don’t like to be locked into something for the next two yrs, that’s why I buy my phones out right. The gs3 is already outdated, it has 4.0 while my gnex is on jelly bean 4.1 an it ain’t no telling when the gs3 will be updated to jelly bean if at all. Nexus is the way to go

        • WW

          Only the software’s out of date…everything else is superior to the GNex.  Our GNex’s have inferior performance (CPU/GPU), lower RAM and no expandable storage.  We do have no TouchWiz/bloatware over the GS3 though.  
          I don’t mind the contract extension if they’re giving me $200-$300 off on a phone I want and I’m in need because my wife broke her MyTouch 4G Slide.  I’d love to spend $350 and buy her a GNex but she insists on a physical keyboard.  

    • Levy Salazar

       Nope guys I paid 389.99 no upgrade fee, no contract extension, no tax and free next day air shipping straight from T-Mobile CS. Costco only allows sales to people on the Classic plan. Like if you upgrade on a Classic or if you move from Classic to Value. Not if you’re already on Value trust me I tried ): but whatever T-Mobile CS sure hooked it up !

      • carcomptoy

        How did you get this deal through T-Mobile CS?  Was it through Retentions or something?

        • Levy Salazar

           I just said Contracts and then Representative when I dialed 611 from my Galaxy Vibrant (:

        • carcomptoy

          So really nothing special?  Did you bring up the deal, or did the CS rep offer it to you after you said something?  I went to Costco earlier this evening, and just as you said, it’s only for new activations, so that was definitely disappointing.

  • how is it this gets an entire post when walmart has been selling it for 198.88 nationwide since launch day, this site loses credibility every day, think what you post before it goes live “deal alert”? more like look what copycats are doing…

    • exeot

      I can hardly call walmart a place to get a phone. The employees are clueless and my washington dc area doesn’t even support contracted tmobile customers. Same with bestbuy and target. But costco is usually nationwide and specific wireless oriented employees are nice. Not to mention waiving some fees, free accessories, and 90 day exchange if you don’t like the phone for a newer phone. How does the site lose credibility from it? Everyone knows walmart has been offering that price since hours after launch.

      • vsukid

        I completely agree

    • Needspeed64

       Walmart in my region (West Coast) only have pre-paid phone for T-mobile, so I am not so sure it’s “nationwide”.

      But Costco in my region has it on launch day, and I just got my $50 credit back today.

      So think what you post before you bash.

  • UMA_Fan

    So how long are these guys going to keep running without a CMO and CEO?

    • Coolstory

      This is very relevant and on topic

  • Emily

    You chose this device Total Cost Due Monthly Samsung Galaxy S® III – Pebble Blue – 16GB Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)Advanced 8MP Camera with LED Flash4.8” Super AMOLED HD Screen
    Suggested Retail$329.99
        $ 329.99 $ 329.99  

    Monthly Plan Charge     Total Equipment Cost $329.99   Taxes & Fees $91.58   Shipping $0.00   Upgrade Fee $54.00   Total $475.57 awesome deal i got for 2 year contract renewal?

    • Dan

       the tmobile rep ripped you off so much here! for most people , they wont charge charge upgrade fee and if they do, it is only $18 but you paid $54 upgrade fee. you were charged $92 for $329.99 phone which is another rip off. the phone is $199.99for many of us

      • Emily

         the rep told me the upgrade fee has increased from $18 to $54 and tax is 27% in indiana.

        • return it and get it at walmart its 198.88 + 18 upgrade fee on your bill plus regular state taxes, which here is 8.5%

        • Emily

           i contacted tmo about return and she said, the upgrade fee of $54 plus $5.99 shipping won’t be refunded and contract reset should be done through contractreview dept.

        • JBLmobileG1

          You were ripped off. I just called customer care the other day and they sold me the 32gb version for $201 and change…. that includes taxes and 3 day shipping. I am pretty sure I received this deal because I have been with them for so long. Like others said… you should go pick it up from Walmart for the best possible price if you want it today.

        • Emily

           wonder why TMO thinks tax here in Indiana for cellphone is 27%

  • Eddie Nabhan

    Got mine 2 weeks ago for $249.99 Went in yesterday and they credited me the difference.  Costco is great.  

  • I went and got credited as well. $50 right back into my pocket! :) Go Costco!

  • sharklover

    Costco should get their ducks lined up. If you bought it online they said no refund unless you have not received it. Would need to send it back first. Store closest to me where I bought it on June 22nd said no refund. Another store gave me the $50. I was really unhappy that costco charged $249 when walmart was selling it for $199. I originally had a HTC one S which I returned. It ended up costing me $20 to upade to S3. The benefit of buying on line is they only charge you tax on the price you pay and free shipping. They give you 90 days to exchange for another phone no refund if price drops. No executive credit. In store you pay tax on $389 and they only give you 14 days to change for another phone but give you 30 days for refund on price drop. You get executive credit. This is based on my experience. Different stores have different policies. Thank you David for posting this. You saved me $50 and I will get a lot more enjoyment from the phone. I love the ephone. They just need to fix the problem with cell standby using too much battery.  

    • Emily

       the upgrade fee was still $54?

      • sharklover

        Upgrade fee was $18 to One S and zero for exchanged from tmobile.

    • jhoff909

      post back if u figure out the cell standby power issue – I see it too.

  • SirMakoto

    it’s kinda lame that costco charged me $249.99 + tax and the price adjustment is flat out $50. out of all price adjustments i’ve done with other stores/retailers, they always refund the tax amount as well. other than that i am happy that i got it price adjusted.

    off topic, is everyone’s home button raised up a little from the screen or does it sit flush with the screen? mine seem flushed or slightly lower, but the display model i played with at BB and costco is raised up a little.

    • jhoff909

      mine is raised up a bit.

      I bought mine from costco on the day after release – wondering if they’ll still give me back the difference.  guess I’m going to call or stop by tomorrow ;)

      and the reason they didn’t rebate the tax is they charge you tax on their “regular” price – 329 or whatever.

      • jhoff909

        Got my $50 refund – no hassle at all.

  • SDJB

    Is the 32Gb available at Costco or Walmart yet?

    • Alicia

      I called costco yesterday.. They only have 16gb version.

  • Loryda

    Should have bought it at Sam’s Club we sold it at 178 on launch day and now 148 for sprint version.

  • Oleg O.

    Back up to 270 now! August 1st

  • Olay

    they required data plan begin with $35 , sh!T