T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III Camera Samples

While I just finished posting the Galaxy S III review, I thought it might be worth a dedicated post showing off some camera samples. With each new smartphone release, anticipation over camera quality reaches fever pitch for me as the “best camera is the camera you have is the camera you have with you” notion sinks more and more into my smartphone lifestyle. As a *bonus* I’m re-posting the camera review part of the SIII review — please take a moment and catch our full Galaxy S III review as well. The rest of the gallery can be found below.

The Galaxy S III camera is easily one of the best we’ve ever tested and that’s definitely saying something. Coming on the heels of our last review, the HTC One S and it’s camera, the Galaxy S III has a lot to live up to as a top billed smartphone on T-Mobile. With a 8 megapixel camera, f/2.6 lens and the ability to lock exposure and focus when holding down the shutter, the Galaxy S III performs very well. There is almost no shutter lag and it’s performance is easily on part with the HTC One S.

The Galaxy S III includes what feels like some now de-facto standards for Android cameras including scene mode, macro focus, face detection, white balance, autofocus, panorama mode, HDR, burst shot, smile shot, anti-shake, and a timer. These days, Android smartphone cameras seem to have the same set of robust options as the point and shoot crowd of digital cameras.

If we have one caveat on the Galaxy S III camera, it was video mode and the continuous autofocus of the camera. It was subtle, but noticeable to us while filming and while autofocus is a feature we don’t mind in video, on some videos it appeared to try autofocusing more than necessary. The rear camera features 1080p video, with the front-facing camera capturing in 720p. The Galaxy S III camera sits at the head of Samsung’s current cache of phones by far.

As I side in the HTC One S, I compare all smartphone cameras these days to the iPhone 4S, my favorite smartphone camera now on the market. The Galaxy S III, like the HTC One S comes close, but still doesn’t get “there.” In this regard, it’s all personal preference and my choice of the iPhone 4S camera as the “best” in my own personal smartphone staple has little to do with OS and more to do with the resulting shots as they appear on my screen. All that being said, if I removed the iPhone 4S from the available choices, the Galaxy S III and HTC One S both appear great shots for a smartphone camera and the list of available features on the SIII mean you’ll have plenty of options at your disposal to capture the “perfect” image. You’ll likely never be let down by the SIII camera so long as your expectations for a smartphone camera don’t reach DSLR quality. I was more than pleased with color results, indoor and outdoor quality along with low-light shots. I’m not a professional shooter, so phrases like “purple-fringing” and various exposures and white balance are a foreign language to me. I judge photos by looking at them on my computer and if they look good, I’m happy. In that regard, the Galaxy S III was more than impressive.

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  • whiteiphoneproblems

    The one thing I’ve always been “jealous” of on the iPhone 4 is the camera… a family member sends me pictures of her kids all the time, and the quality is just great. I would love to have a camera that good on an Android phone…

    • peter rardin

       The camera on the amaze 4g is better then the camera on the iphone 4s there are a few blogs that compares the photo’s side by side the and amaze 4g easily has better pictures.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Nooooo way! The Amaze 4g camera isn’t bad, but it’s not even in the same class as the 4s! I own an Amaze, which I rarely use because the battery life is horrendous, and the camera was over hyped. It’s a good camera phone, but the 4s, one X, & gs3 make it look like child’s play. Nobody’s mentioned it, but actually the 808 purview is the BEST camera on a smartphone. But it’s kinda like a smartphone on a camera from what I can see?

  • Cmebling

    Is that in South Florida?

    • It is, I took it in and around Boca and Fort Lauderdale these past few days.

      • jon

        A cubs fan? Yuck ;) You might be a transplant like me, but that’s no excuse. I will be going to, and rooting for my Rays against the evil empire on July 4th!!

  • Mirad77

    good quality pics till  I see cubs then go …….SERIOUSLY?

  • Ruperto17

    Nice hat.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Well David, Im not a fan of iPhone, but Ive always felt they had the best camera hands down. But, One of my close buddies has a 4s and i took about 50 shots, and the gs3 was better than the 4s in about 75%, and the rest were comparably equal. Id go as far as to say the gs3 was a GREAT deal better, and my buddy agreed. Ive also compared it to the One X, and I think the One X out performs the gs3 in low light, but they are about equal in good lighting. I guess your right that it boils down to preference, but I uploaded all of the pics to a high resolution 21 inch monitor, and I really thought the gs3 was considerably sharper and showed much better detail. the super amoled screen however over saturates when viewed on the display, I found when viewed on a HD monitor was when the snap shots really looked crisp and true to life?

  • Jayclip80

    Great pic’s… Dave. 

  • Amaze4Guy

    <<< From Pompano Beach and I just gotta say I got the same exact hat at you! Less wear though, stay cool.

  • Christopher_McG

    The GS3’s camera has way more detail than the One S or One X camera.

    Oh and the iPhone 4S has a nice camera but there are Nokia’s and other smartphones with even better cameras. But Nokia for sure has better cameras than both Android and iPhone (not on their WP series though)

  • Taron19119

    I just got my gs3 from the retention departmet I paid 249.99 for a 32gb


    With all due respect the pictures here are not impressive… Appearing blurry or out of focus as if the lens was dirty. Disappointing to which is planning to be my replacement for my G2.

  • rschauby

    Don’t get too excited. Samsung is using 2 different sensors, one Sony and one Samsung. One is far superior in low light compared to the other (Sony is superior) . There are some threads regarding this in XDA, and it gives you info on how to check your firmware.

  • Benmartin1974

    The Samsung Galaxy S III has gotten mixed reviews http://search4reviews.net/ but personally I am very happy with mine, each to their own.

  • Joshua Levi Davison

    I’m sticking with One S for best camera, its hard to beat the ability to take great shots at day and night. Very very comparable in full daylight, but the slightest shade and I’ll take the One S.

  • Theeditguy

    None of them even begin to compare to the Nokia 808 Pureview, or even the Nokia N8. Nokia owns the phone camera.