T-Mobile Finally Confirms The Galaxy Note Is Coming, Sort Of

Prepare to be shocked as T-Mobile has finally issued a confirmation of sorts that the Galaxy Note will in fact arrive on T-Mobile. In response to a Tweet, T-Mobile says:

“We are excited to confirm the Samsung Galaxy Note will be coming to T-Mobile! More info to come.”

That’s about as much confirmation as we can expect for now, with specs, date and price still to be determined. I’ve already issued my cry for more details and hopefully it won’t be long before T-Mobile makes this confirmation even more official with all the relevant release details. So now we wait, again.


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  • Dan

    you can buy the galaxy note HD in korea that is better then this delayed tmobile version of old crap


      How do you know what version T-Mobile is going to have? All indications show ICS out the box with HSPA+42 support. So it is not the same piece of crap that AT&T released. 

      • Chicoputito

        Excuse me but AT&T one its LTE vs this one that probly dosent have anything good and it dosent have LTE Radio for when T mobile Fires up there LTE on 2013

      • BoricuaBoy88

        That version for T-Mobile will be superior to the AT&T variant simply due to the fact that in many markets, T-Mo’s HSPA+42 is significantly faster than AT&T’s LTE, and because it’s not LTE, it will have noticeably better battery life. A perfect holdover until the Note II releases next year, unless Samsung does like they did with the GSIII and releases it everywhere within a month and on each carrier.

  • LOL seriously TMo, lol. I guess at least you are getting it, even if it is gonna be priced really high.

  • Deadeye37

    I bet we wouldn’t have even gotten that tweet if it wasn’t for the TmoNews, other tech blogs, and other people screaming about it.  Instead, T-mobile would’ve sent out a press release about 4 days after the Note II was announced.

    Good job TmoNews! Now, if you could only just be brought onto the board of directors there at T-mobile… (I bet you could get some really juicy leaks then)

    • Anonymous

       or if you follow them on twitter…… are you stupid?

      • Deadeye37

        Alright.  You didn’t get it, so let me spell it out for you.  If people (TmoNews, tech blogs, etc.) weren’t saying “hey, we’re seeing all this stuff for the Note.  When are you guys going to make this official?”, then T-mobile wouldn’t have sent out a tweet at all.

        In other words, if you followed T-mobile on twitter, you would not have a tweet from T-mobile about the Note because they would not have sent the tweet.  They would have waiting until they sent out the official press release.

        Do you understand now?  I can be condescending, too.

  • Smiley47

    Didn’t I read that AT&T had an exclusive on the Note until July 11, 2012?  Why should T-Mobile pick up the crumbs now?  They should tell Sammy to cram it. All 5.5 inches-sideways.

  • Sidekicker89

    I wish they would launch more HSPA+ cities :/ … and give more news on the refarm. I guess they passed the 400 tower mark right? 

  • MarcusDW

    Lame how T-Mobile is handling the Note and lame if it doesn’t have an S4 processor.


    Wait, one would explain the other!

    • I so agree. But the S3 isn’t worth it from my s2. I would want the note for input.methods mainly

      • MarcusDW

        I’m also keeping my GS2 for now instead of jumping into a GS3.  I would however buy the Note immediately if it had a Qcomm S4 in it.

        • Exactly.! But I figure I’ll sell my S2 & split the difference. I don’t buy on contract.just.full.retail so if something better comes.out ill.do.the same

  • Jarv10k

    Grats on confirming a product that will soon be out of everyone’s mind once Note 2 is announced in a month.

  • Xavier

    yes!  now confirmation on the Note 2 when the Note 3 is in the works next month! lol

  • Chris

    Bring us the Note 2, and just before that, the HTC G4X running Vanilla Jelly Bean. Then I’m satisfied til we get a true Windows 8 flagship in November =)

  • TMoFan

    Okay Note II will be announced soon, but that’s the international Note. I’m willing to bet the US won’t see Note II until early next year unless Samsung does what they did with the GSIII.

  • jetsons

    Um i will be switching carriers so i can get the new version of the note im tired of playing catch up plus tmobiles customer service sucks now

  • note_lover

    Wow tough crowd!  I for one (and I’m not alone), can’t wait for the NOTE to come to T-Mobile!  Everyone keeps saying the Note 2 will be out next month.  It will not come out on T-mobile next month!  From the sound of it, they’ll be “announcing” it next month, then it will get released “overseas”!  Then it could be next year at this time before we even see the Note 2 on T-mobile in the USA!  Not everyone has to have the biggest and best the second it’s released and most people don’t buy unlocked versions to root.  They just wait for the phone they want, to come to their carriers.  Thanks Tmonews for the update, I for one am excited that it’s getting closer to being released on T-Mobile! People that aren’t happy with the updates don’t have to read them or comment on them!

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I wouldn’t mind the note I heard the battery life of the att version is horrible. So will the Tmobile version really be any better? Hopefully but if it’s the same old note I doubt it.

    • 21stNow

       I wouldn’t describe the Note’s battery life as horrible.  It’s not as good as the SGS III, but not as bad as my Sensation’s battery life was.

      I think that people complained about the Note’s battery life because we used it so much that of course the battery ran down “quickly”.  Once we put it down, it’s not so bad.

  • Too little, too late.  Why would anyone bother when the Note 2 will land in a few more weeks?  I finally gave up and went with the S3.

  • People are acting like the Note 2 will arrive in the US next month just because it gets announced then.  Still won’t be in the US until probably the end of the year at the earliest and mid 2013 for T-Mobile if other carriers buy exclusive rights to it.

    • Note Lover


  • Guest

    Still waiting on the note its been on my network for 9 months. The note 2 will be out on my network in September.you tmobile are getting last years device’s. Lmao.!!!!!!!!!!

    •  if your carrier is in the United States, there is absolutely NO way your carrier(any of them) will have the Note 2 in September.  Only Europe and other parts of the world will have it then, USA carriers will have it February or March next year Earliest.

      • Guest

        ATT will be getting the note 2 on September 30 a sales Rep told me recently
        There clearing inventory on note1 right now. It just shows how advanced my
        Network is compared to you’re T-Mobile.

        • Theeditguy

          And sales reps are so reliable.

        • A rep told you? Haha.  The US will NOT have the Note 2 in September.  Late 2012 or early 2013 at the earliest.  Pay those insane AT&T prices all you want.  They’re laughing at you all the way to the bank.

        • Guest

          I am sick of all you cheap jazz value plan
          People on t mobile HayTE on us ATT CUSTOMERS
          Because we get better devices and we have LTE

        • Mario

          Hey why dont you go on an AT&T forum yeah plz …. Ohh wait I forgot you guys dont have one …. Get outta hear since u aint a Tmo fan u damn hater

        • Guest

          I was a T-Mobile customer I got tired of their lies
          and terrible customer service no one speaks English
          and their device’s are terrible.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          Really?! If you’re gonna troll, you could at least start by fixing your grammar. ”There” and ”You’re” should have been ‘They’re’ and ‘Your’. You’re welcome.

    • FeArZ

      Unless you are buying a International version of the Note 2 I don’t think a US carrier will have it until 2013. It would be amazing if the US did get it in September, but I don’t see us getting that lucky

      • note_lover

        It would be nice, but I agree with you FeArz, not happening until next year.

    • Tbyrne

      I’m Lmao on how stupid and ignorant your comment is. Why do you come in here anyways? Must be trollin.

      • Guest

        I come here to see how pathetic you T-Mobile people

        • Bronze 6

          So, we Tmo Customers have  blog, i want to see your att forum, oh wait i forgot you guys don’t have one! lols

  • FeArZ

    Does anyone know if the T-mobile version will have buttons like the ATT version or like the International version?

    • Di Fan Zheng

      it’s gonna have 4 capacitive bottons like the AT&T version. in fact its gonna look identical to AT&Ts’ with only different is with the frequency bands. check out some leak pictures on this site

      • FeArZ

        Thanks, I found the pics about 3hours after I posted this.

  • FILA

    No shit T-Mobile

  • GCrashPDX

    G Note
    G Nexus
    or what are the chances HTC brings out a Note competitor (very likely) on T-Mobile (not enough info).

  • v monsta v

    Lmao t-mobile releasing Samsung’s galaxy note let me hurry up n switch cell phone companys before i get way more behind wow lol galaxy note 1 tmobile just likes digging their selves in hole IMOP

  • Thecityboy781

    I smell something fishy lol

  • Speeo
  • more or less speculation is over. it is going to be s3 processor based on theverge.com. here is the link 

    very sad :(

  • mreveryphone
  • BoricuaBoy88

    And it has FINALLY been made official by T-Mobile USA themselves. The only details still unknown are the Price and official release date, but judging by how T-Mo mentioned ”In the coming weeks”, consider the rumored August 8th date to be a very plausible assumption. Also, the inclusion of an HSPA+42 capable radio is a WAY more important improvement than an upgraded Snapdragon S4 processor. Don’t believe me? Ask HTC Amaze 4G owners how they like their phones’ responsiveness. Same radio, same processor.

  • GinaDee

    I will be upset if T-Mobile sells this thing for $379.99 after $75 mail in rebate for new customers if AT&T sells the Note 2 for $249.99

    • Wal-Mart here had it at $148 for a short time, lol. But you might as well get ready to be upset.

  • They announced this yesterday, you gonna put it up? its on their site now, in the news.

  • Sportygymbabe

    I’m in the Uk and the Samsung Galaxy Note has been on all the carriers for approximately a year including T-Mobile! I don’t understand why it has taken forever for it to come to a major carrier in the US??? When top phones come out it is standard that all the mobile carriers carry them due to competition. We never have to change or stay with a carrier because of a mid/high end phone, it will be because of the difference in price between the carriers.

    We are expecting the Galaxy Note 2 to drop any time soon not looking forward to the Galaxy Note (although it is a fantastic phone! I love mine :-) ).

    Also, the phones here are not physically tweeked and altered in look to accommodate any phone carrier other than a small discrete branding name tag (it is getting less and less now). Everyone gets the same physical looking phone no-matter what carrier.