Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Update Prepares Device For Ice Cream Sandwich

Look out Galaxy S Blaze 4G fans as Ice Cream Sandwich is finally coming your way, there’s just one maintenance update standing in-between. As of today, July 16th, T-Mobile will be pushing an OTA update to your device sometime between now and August 5th. Including in the list of improvements is:

  • E911 issue over Wi-Fi resolved
  • Echo issue when on Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) call
  • Proximity Sensor improved

As with other Samsung updates, you can also do a manual download for this update using Samsung’s Kies software. Your software will be bumped to Android 2.3.6, version T769UVLF4 and with that the wait continues till Ice Cream Sandwich arrives.

T-Mobile’s support site specifically says that “Samsung and T-Mobile plan to release a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G that updates the device software to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The dates for this future update are TBD.” We saw something very similar for the Galaxy S II as a small maintenance update arrived a few weeks before Ice Cream Sandwich. We hope that same scenario plays out here as well. Stay tuned for Ice Cream Sandwich Blaze 4G owners.


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  • qpinto

    ah i cant read. now what about the g2x?

    • Alex L

      yeah thats not going to happen. tmo eol’ed the g2x and lg and nvidia could really are less.

      • FILA

        yea, sorry dude it was a shitty phone from the start

        • Jordan

          Was it? I’m using my ics g2x right now waiting for my gs3 to get here, and I love this device. I’ve had ics longer than the blaze has been out. You dont know anything. Btw fila’s suck.

    • Guest

      G2x will not be Be Getting ICS at all. You might need to upgrade you’re device after all G2x is 2 years old and it does not have the proper hardware to support. ICS. I recommend a Gs3.!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • guest

        …does not have the proper hardware? Tell that to the XDA devs and they’ll laugh. Even the older Vibrant will be getting Jelly Bean thanks to the XDA devs. Lol, proper hardware. A quick check on G2X’s forum at XDA will show you Android 4.0.4 builds for it.

        • Guest

          Dude get over you’re self. And go upgrade your 2 years old device already.
          I upgrade every 6 months to get the best device out there
          Stop being so cheap.LOL.!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chicoputito

          give me the fcking money and il upgrade

        • Guest

          Another angry. And hostile T-Mobile customer. There all the same.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Guest

           Another angry. And hostile Android customer.  There fixed it for you. 

        • Technically, the G2X is fully capable of ICS and Jelly Bean. The problem is NVIDIA. The idiots over there haven’t made fully compatible kernel modules (software to support the hardware at the lowest level) that work on the Linux kernel used in ICS and Jelly Bean for Tegra 2. As a result, ICS ROMs are using Froyo kernels with limited success. One of my friends has a G2X and the ICS ROMs were so bad that he reverted back to CM7.2 and later back to stock Gingerbread firmware.

          If you want to blame anyone for the disaster that was the G2X, blame NVIDIA.

        • Ayodele Amadi

          You should tell your friend to flash eaglesblood (ics). Super stable, good looking, and fast too!

  • blaze

    Ummm I already have that software on my phone and I didn’t do an OTA update or anything

  • Caseybea

    LOL.    My phone just got upgraded *FROM* ICS.    Google devices for the win.

    • Princesskaeli

       To Jellybean? What model do you have?

  • Princesskaeli

    Mine is updating as we speak. :-)

    • Princesskaeli

       It says “device update succeeded”, but nothing looks different, and it still shows I’m using version 2.3.6

      • Robert Beier

         That’s because the version of Android didn’t change. Just some fixes.

    • Jaleeahj

      How long did it take yours to update?

      • Princesskaeli

         About 8 minutes, but it’s not actually updated, and I cannot get Kies Air to work. I downloaded the PC version for Vista 64, and nothing. :-(

  • Jaleeahj

    Mine is stuck on Softare Update…Loadng and hasnt loaded yet… Help?

  • Johntho21

    Does anyone know if the MyTouch by LG (None KeyBoard) will be getting ICS?

    • Lhsprodigy

      I go to play store and it saying its not compatible for this device meaning Kies

  • Princesskaeli

    After a failed attempt at upgrading to ICS, my phone says there’s no.update available, and still shows me as having Android 2.3.6. Where can I find the update to try and download it again?

    • zexot

      It voids warranty when you try upgrading to ICS while your phone carrier hasn’t set an update for ICS. Meaning you won’t get anymore updates for your phone.

  • Hermiquin

    I did the upgrade, and it eliminated my root. Does anyone know if it would be safe to root again with same method?

  • bellblue

    Will Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G arrive to Mexico?