The HTC HD2 Now Runs Jelly Bean, That’s Right, The HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 is officially the phone that just won’t die as the members of XDA Developers have ported Jelly Bean over to the original Windows Mobile handset. That’s right, this phone takes us back to the days of Windows Mobile, even before we knew what Windows Phone was. Given that Android 4.0 has already been seen running on the HD2, Jelly Bean isn’t a huge stretch of the imagination, but it’s the fact that the HD2 has a port of the newest Android OS before devices like the Galaxy S II that really makes me laugh.

This is labeled as a “pre-alpha” release, meaning that number of features don’t work, including Google Now, the browser, the camera and various apps. So what does work? How about data, phone calls, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and SMS. As The Verge points out, if you’re still rocking an HD2 you won’t be relying on this ROM for daily use, but it’s going to be fun installing it and using on your device anyway . If all goes well, I’m sure the crafty XDA folks will have everything in working order in no time.

The Verge via XDA-Developers

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