HTC Era, Blackberry Armstrong Coming To T-Mobile In September?

With T-Mobile now “confirming” the arrival of the Galaxy Note — eventually, we turn our attention to what’s after the Galaxy Note. Well, there are at least two phones coming in September according to a newly leaked document in the HTC Era 42 and Blackberry Armstrong. So what are we looking at?

Well, first things first and let’s call this exactly what it is, complete speculation that the HTC Era 42 could be the G3. The reason I think this? The very first Android device on T-Mobile was the G1, also known as the Era G1. So does that definitively mean the HTC Era 42 is the G3? Of course not, but I’m just speculating for the fun of it, not because I have any real intel on it. In fact, a Google search on the Era 42 turned out to be pretty useless. Still, HTC has said they aren’t really interested in making a whole lot of QWERTY smartphones moving forward, so who knows.

As for the Blackberry Armstrong, it’s a Blackberry, it’s a Curve successor and it’s a Blackberry. That’s about all I’m writing about any Blackberry’s these days.

  • 9/26 Blackberry Armstrong
  • 9/26 HTC Era 42

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  • Youngt82

    I hope it will be the G3 T-Mobile needs this device back to there line up

  • I love my GS3 but a T-Mobile htc G3 is so LONG overdue!! – D

  • jelliottz

    Could the HTC be the rumored quad-core version of the HTC One X, but running stock Android? My GNex just took a look over its shoulder…

    • Defiantbeast

       As soon as i read this i tought the same thing that this could be the G4X/Stock One X for Tmobile that was rumored back in Febuary/March.

      • The G4X was slated to be an LG phone. The Optimus 4X HD, to be precise. Personally, I think it is dead because of the Tegra 3 and its lack of support for HSPA+42 for the next year and a half.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    “In fact, a Google search on the Era 42 turned out to be pretty useless.”

    That’s an understatement — the only hit for “HTC Era 42” is this page!

    • Josh Robert Nay

      Are you implying that this page is useless? Because I beg to differ :P

      • whiteiphoneproblems

         Not at all; on the contrary! I was saying, “what a scoop…”

  • Taron19119

    wasn’t the g1 code name HTC dream

    • Snapdragon S4

      I believe you are right but the G1 was also known as the HTC Era in Poland according to Wiki. I’m not sure how credible that is though. Hopefully, it is the G3.

      • HTC Era was the codename for the HTC Dream. The HTC Dream was actually the product name of the T-Mobile G1 for carriers that weren’t T-Mobile.

        • Snapdragon S4

           Oh okay. That makes more sense now. But now I wonder what SoC it will come with. The early rumors indicated that it would be a Tegra 3 but doesn’t the T3 not support HSPA+ 42?

        • That is correct. Offhand, I only know Qualcomm’s modems and ST-Ericsson’s modems supporting HSPA+42. As far as I am aware, ST-Ericsson’s modems are not yet certified for the T-Mobile network, so it’s likely to be a Snapdragon S4 device.

  • Hopefully it’s the G3.  Loved the G2 but it’s just outdated now.  

    As for the Blackberry. . .We haven’t sold a single Blackberry at my store in months.

  • Rosario

    Really?! The day after I buy the Galaxy S III this rumor pops up. I finally left my G2 for the S III and while I miss the keyboard, I dont know, between the screen size and just the overall phone, Im not missing the keyboard that much.

    Just gonna keep my phone in top shape in case I wanna sell it and get the G3 (saying if this rumor pans out and its a true succesor)

    • EK9

      Sorry to burst your bubble but HTC isn’t making any more phones with physical keyboards.

  • Matt W

    Having just switched from a G2x to an Amaze I will say a stock Android device that supports the 42 mbps network is a win in my book.

  • melon3531

    If the Era 42 is real and the date holds, it will be almost exactly two years since the first G2s hit, although if it really is the G3, it might have been better to have it out this week because early G2 adopters are now just gaining full upgrade eligibility again (at least I would’ve if I hadn’t opted for an early upgrade with the One S).  I used to be tied to a physical keyboard but with some good touch keyboards out there, I am not missing it with my One S.  So, I don’t think a G3 necessarily has to continue having a physical keyboard.

    • Spanky

      “if it really is the G3, it might have been better to have it out this week because early G2 adopters are now just gaining full upgrade eligibility again”

      Agreed. I bought my wife a G2 on the day of release, and her full upgrade eligibility date would have been on July 26.

  • BigMixxx

    Wooh. If the HTC era is stock….anywhere near stock…THAT is my next phone….

  • AgDon

    I’m looking to replace my G2 also, hoping this is a new stock android G3

    • juanmondragon

      Well I’m looking to replace my g2x, it sucks a lot!!

  • BigMixxx

    For real….HTC era. I chose to skip the GS 3 for a reason..and boy if it is…..I feel I need to wait till September…..

    • Sidekicker89

      What Phone are you currently using?

      • BigMixxx

        I’m rocking a sensation running badasop. Great ROM.

        Imma wait….

  • jian9007

    Hopefully it will be a G3 (although maybe it’ll have no keyboard but be mostly stock like the G2X was). We only know it’ll have 42Mbps since it has the 42 next to it. Also, it is most likely Android and not a Windows 8 phone, as the three code names for the Win 8 phones are Rio, Accord, and Zenith. I wonder if it will have no removable battery and no removable storage like recent HTC devices. If so, I’d rather wait on the next Nexus phone if I was going to have to go without the removable storage. Come on David, get those ninjas to work and find us some more details, please.

  • pokeflute snorlax

    Im looking forward for g3 for a while.

  • mreveryphone

    HTC era sounds nice, this GS3 is getting long in the gums!!

    • randomnerd_number38

       I see what you did there, lol

      • mreveryphone


        • juanmondragon

          I don’t get it why?

  • (BIG Yawn)

  • Surgio Armani

    If this is the G3, and it has the same kind of build quality as the One line, I will be one happy camper.

  • Qbancelli

    Just give me the htc one x and I’m good.

  • HTC ERA 42, I would assume the ERA means a replacement of the G1 and the 42 means it will support 42 mbps down

    • juanmondragon

      I like your thinking my friend

    • You just won the internet!

  • Idonthaveone

    Hey david Htc era 42 is most likely a new HTC one device either the one s in black or the HTC x in black with NFC capability.

    • What makes you say that? The HTC One X is my real guess.

      • Idonthaveone

        I have a buddy that works for HTC and after playing with his HTC x from att. He told me to just wait that soon I’ll get one at tmobile. thanks for the reply.

  • Youngt82

    HTC ERA 42 could also be a Windows 8 Phone

  • jk

    Blackberry on steroid!

  • randomnerd_number38

    I’m looking forward to the day when I can go back to a qwerty phone from my HTC One S and not be using a worse processor/screen. I’m optimistic about the Samsung T699, but if this HTC device really is the G3 and has a qwerty keyboard, that’d be better. I’ve been using HTC phones since the G1(and even before that in a brief regrettable romp with the T-Mobile Wing).

  • Bulls4624

    Random Tmobile employee here. I have no idea what the bb is but we did have a recent visit from an HTC rep (promoting the One S) and he confirmed that a ” larger” version of the one s would be coming by end of summer. Of course I said you mean the One X and he just gave me a sarcastic look. So I’m sure that’s the case. Just my opinion though.

  • Adhiboy12

    How bout the G4x that was reported a while back with stock Android?

  • UMA_Fan


  • k-mack

    I hope whatever it is, it will be stock android device!! I’m keeping my fingers cross. Quad core would be sweet too! Have Qualcomm figured out the 42 Mbps device thing for quad core or will it be dual core processor, I wonder?!

    • Snapdragon S4 Pro is quad-core, but the device has to be pretty large to accomodate the larger SoC and usage of larger components alongside the SoC.

  • xSAVAGEx

    A 5in HTC phone would be nice. Wasn’t there talk about that at one time?

  • Magnum

    good thing i didnt get gs3 or one s. the galaxys feel like iphone to me now, but htc always makes their phone feel like one of a kind.

  • mreveryphone

    Note just got officially announced

  • I just wanna know if T-Mobile is gonna get a sequel to the HTC HD7, or a HD8 in other words…just so I can have that ask a backup in case we 
    d on’t get a high-end Windows Phone from Nokia this go around…I’m thinking one of the 3 new HTC Windows phones rumored to be coming, is one of them…

  • matt

    Another BB, most likely the 9310 or 9380, but no new WP? WTF T-Mobile?

  • matt

    Hell, T-Mobile still hasn’t pushed the OS7.1 update to the 9360 and now they want to release another BB? smmfh

  • Steve

    David, why such a BlackBerry hater?  Yes, it’s been disappointing to see what’s been going on with them for several years but the new leadership (CEO and CMO) have put RIM back on course to get BlackBerry10 (BB10) out to the carriers.  There are a lot of positive things happening so even with the launch delay until Q1 2013, it’ll be solid when it comes out, unlike the numerous handsets that HTC has put out that only put so much disappointment in the customers’ hands but, at least in my market, we used to get them into a new BlackBerry and they were happy right from the get go.

    Also, keep in mind that RIM has a POSITIVE cash balance while T-Mobile USA could only wish for half of that and we’re still here.  Let’s hope for the best from both of these companies.  

    • I hope for the best, I’m just not expecting the best. I love Blackberry, but I’m not spending a lot of time covering them anymore.

    • Steve, you bring up some awesome points.  David – I really hope BB coverage ramps up closer to the BB10 launch.  There is quite a lot of news coming from Waterloo these days, although I know it doesn’t really pertain to T-Mobile at the time.  I’d really like to see more BB coverage on tmonews, and I know I’m not the only one!

      • D_March

         I agree pantlesspenguin, I’m excited for what BB10 will bring and I hope TMOnews covers it well when the time comes.

    • BigMixxx


      I’m a long time blackberry user…work phone has always been a blackberry…

      These days…I believe in Android, I use that for my personal phone…

      I will tell you this.

      RIM is dead….BB10 can save them, but if you liken RIM to Sun, SunOS is a damn good OS, but the OTHERS caught up to them fast. RIM is the new SUN and the others are catching up with them faster than fast…great keyboards, best in class reliability (yup I said it, I have yet to restart my blackberry in 6 months)

      The saving grace for blackberry is Major companies and Governments.  However, arrogance is killing them as android and iOS adaptation outpaces their growth.  The arrogance reminds me so much of Sun before acquisition.  RIM has Good products, they know it, EVERYONE knows it, but everyone does not necessarily NEED it, as RIM may think.  

      RIM is now the new SUN.  They have a great product but arrogance is REALLY killing them.  It’s not the fact that RIM’s devices are the defacto email and communications devices.  It’s the fact that it is unwilling to adjust based on the ‘everyone else’ factor and everyone else (Android, iOS, WM) are making heavy strides in their business.

      Sad to say it…but yes…I see them getting scarfed up when they become affordable….

  • Owmygoshbecklookathertunchie

    When the htc evo design coming to tmobile

    • JosephLagalla

      HTC Amaze 4g. Just about the same thing

    • unknown

      The Evo series is a Sprint Only Line-Up

  • Dax

    Other sites are reporting that the BB is the Curve 9320.  I just don’t understand the thinking here.  First Verizon picks up the 9310 and now T-Mobile is getting the 9320.  Why not just actually push the OS7.1 updates to the 9360/9370 and drop the prices down form $99 to $49?  The only advantage the 9320 has over the 9360 is longer battery life.  The 9360 has a better screen and NFC.

  • Pointless to release blackberry until they have something NEW

  • TMoFan

    I hope the rumors of the “G4x” are true …. One X stock ICS Tegra 3 processor. Can’t stop thinking about it since I read about it here on Tmonews. 

    Still rocking my G2. I love it, but it is a little dated. 

  • ACNJR28

    Please let it be a bigger and nicer G series phone. I loved my G1 and G2.

  • Guest

    The Blackberry is the 9350.  800mhz processor with a 5 megapixel camera, running blackberry OS 7.1

    • Dax

      It’s the 9320.  The 9350 is the same phone as the 9360 which T-Mobile already has. smh

  • Adam Pranda

    If it is a One series based phone it better have better specs than the One X because this whole T-Mobile getting the same phones as AT&T months later thing is getting old. What happened to getting unique phones such as the Sensation or Amaze?

  • Basemsalem

    Please T-Mobile and HTC, no qwerty keyboards any more. I love my G2 and look forward to G3; but, with Swype and word prediction, who on earth still needs a qwerty keyboard. Save the weight and size for more useful features.

    • Newmexican

      I for once still would want one. If the Era is the G3 (with Qwerty keyboard and stock Android), considered it ordered. I am eligible as of today ;-) to replace my G2 with something newer.

      • Rixie77

        Anyone who uses a phone for business (as I do) can tell you a keyboard is useful. OSKs and predictive text is fine for texting and whatnot – and I use it for that all the time. But when I need to type a professional email and do it quickly – hardware keyboard is the only way to go. Last thing I need to do is send my boss or a client an email with an embarrassingly auto-corrected word.

  • Hyh

    It’s the One X, HTC rep confirmed it today,wouldn’t give me specs but did confirm the device itself.

    • HTC G2

      you made up… HTC rep cant be respond from YOUR question? … that all B.S

  • bobodod

    An HTC One X with a hardware keyboard would be a dream come true.

  • HTC G2

    look promise the new HTC G3… i hope…  i love HTC G2.. it getting falling apart.. GPS doesnt work, Graphic discoloration… the age getting worse… I cant want to buy G3!!!!!

    • HTC G2

      *want = wait… typing too fast  :(