T-Mobile Officially Announces Galaxy Note, “Coming In A Few Weeks”

Oh T-Mobile, how I love your midnight press releases just moments after I turn the computer off — and you announce the Galaxy Note. Well, technically they announced the Galaxy Note earlier in the day, but with their midnight press release comes a bit of new information, including specs but nothing on price or release date.

Let’s get this right out-of-the-way, any hopes for a Snapdragon S4 are dashed as T-Mobile’s press release confirms the existence of a Snapdragon S3 inside the Galaxy Note. The S3 processor is paired with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box.

The Galaxy Note with Premium Suite also includes a “range of productivity enhancing features, such as the S Pen, S Memo and Polaris Office.” I think it’s safe to say that T-Mobile will use the Galaxy Note with their re-energized B2B efforts.

The Galaxy Note also includes T-Mobile’s “4G Pro App Pack,” which includes applications like Dropbox, Evernote, Square, Tripit, CamScammer and LInkedIn,” again emphasizing a B2B focus with the Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be available in T-Mobile stores and online “in the coming weeks.” We’re still looking at August 8th according to our sources, for what it’s worth at this point.

“In addition to larger screens, today customers demand more from their devices — from having safeguarded access to corporate email and other productivity features to being able to rely on a speedy network for streaming content,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “With the unique and highly innovative Galaxy Note in our lineup, we are even better equipped to help our customers strike the perfect balance as they juggle both professional and personal activities.”


Full Press Release: 

T-Mobile Expands Its Galaxy Lineup With the Samsung Galaxy Note™  

Smartphone  Delivers Innovative All-in-One Experience With the Perfect Blend of Work and Play Features

BELLEVUE, Wash., — July 17, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., the No. 1 mobile operator brand in Samsung Galaxy S sales, and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S. and the No. 1 smartphone provider worldwide1, today announced the upcoming availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note. One of T-Mobile’s fastest devices leveraging its 4G (HSPA+ 42) network and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung’s Premium Suite, the Galaxy Note provides an innovative, all-in-one experience that is perfect for work, play and everything in between.

Consumers are demanding larger smartphone screen sizes. In fact, a recent T-Mobile surveyshowed 77 percent of consumers prefer a device with a 4.5-inch or larger display rather than a smaller screen. The Galaxy Note speaks directly to that demand with a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen — the largest screen on a T-Mobile® smartphone. The device is elegantly designed to handle both business and home tasks with ease.

The Galaxy Note with Premium Suite provides a range of productivity-enhancing features, such as the S Pen, S Note, S Memo and Polaris Office. Now T-Mobile customers can write notes, to-do lists and annotate documents; share ideas and edited content; and create documents, presentations and spreadsheets to maximize efficiency while on the go. S Note helps to professionalize communications by providing templates for seven commonly used documents such as an idea note, travel notes, diary entry, meeting notes and recipes. S Note also allows you to import and annotate a PDF file and convert dictated or handwritten memos to text with the Continual Voice Input and Handwriting-to-Text features. With S Memo, Galaxy Note users have one-touch access to creating a typewritten, handwritten or voice dictated memo; researching information during creation; and adding an image.

The Galaxy Note also has the SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise) designation, which means it has a full suite of enterprise-ready features and capabilities, including comprehensive IT policy support for top-tier mobile device management (MDM) providers, on-device AES256-bit encryption, enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange, as well as integrated support for a range of virtual private network (VPN) solutions. The Galaxy Note also provides Wi-Fi Calling capabilities and, with a qualifying rate plan, can act as a Smartphone Mobile HotSpot for up to five devices.

“In addition to larger screens, today customers demand more from their devices — from having safeguarded access to corporate email and other productivity features to being able to rely on a speedy network for streaming content,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “With the unique and highly innovative Galaxy Note in our lineup, we are even better equipped to help our customers strike the perfect balance as they juggle both professional and personal activities.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note also offers the T-Mobile 4G Pro App Pack, an aggregation of key applications, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Square, TripIt, CamScanner and LinkedIn, that can reduce the complexity and effort associated with finding and downloading business-related applications. By providing an easy path to cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote, T-Mobile helps professionals easily store and access the documents, files, images and notes that will help them better manage their work from virtually anywhere.

Featuring a snappy Qualcomm® Snapdragon S3 Processor with 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core CPUs, the Galaxy Note provides customers with incredible 4G experiences, making it the perfect all-in-one device to maximize efficiency and productivity, in addition to fun. The Galaxy Note offers a variety of entertainment experiences, such as T-Mobile TV in mobile HD3 for watching live TV programming, Samsung Media Hub for renting and buying the latest movies and TV shows, and Google Play Music for streaming and purchasing music. The Galaxy Note also features an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, to capture pictures and HD videos to share with friends, family and social networks.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be available at select T-Mobile retail stores and online via www.T-Mobile.com in the coming weeks.


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  • 5 columns of icons on a phone almost seems weird, lol.

  • Spartan087_

    Seriously? I’ve wanted this phone for so long, but I think I’ve lost all interest now. GIVE ME MORE DETAILS!!!

  • Xavier

    GNOTE 2 please

  • MrDenver_Pie

    With the S3 I hope this phone is priced right around 199 or less.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Thats the only way I’ll be buying this device from Tmobile now.  $199 is the breaking point for this device now.

  • Get_at_Me

    My nexus 7 should be arriving today. Do i still need the note? The sooner it launches the better the chances of me getting it.

    • MatthewMurawski

      Haha that’s funny im getting my nexus 7 in today also and I’m getting the T-Mobile galaxy note. If you like the big screen on the phone, T-Mobile’s network, and its awesome capabilities, I’d get it.

    • Ash

       If you are getting N7, most likely you won’t need another device sized between your phone and N7.

  • Get_at_Me

    That would be nice. The note has exclusive features/capabilities though. I would expect nothing less than 250

    • Jizz

      A sucker is born every minute.

  • Note 2 self

    This better be cheap! If T-Mobile is going to put this out now, it had better be at a highly discounted price! It has nothing to offer other than the bigger screen. $199 or cheaper.

    • Get_at_Me

      Nice screen name… Lol

    • Anonymous

      It more than likely will be more than $199 because the Note was listed as one of the prizes in the latest “spin to win” contest, and it shows a retail value of $750. T-Mobile is just way late to the game on this. It also is unlikely to see any updates past it’s current OS version, because the Google and device manufacturers are to stand behind a device and keep it up to date for at least the first 18 months of it’s release. However, that means the official launch and not the launch via each carrier and region. Point being, the Note has been out for a bit and with the way Samsung and T-Mobile deal with timely updates, don’t hold your breath on this device being at the top of the list to receive anything once you purchase it. If the price really is projected to be $750, T-Mobile is out of their mind. Read the “spin to win” contest on this page for the proof. Even with a new line of service or upgrade, a device listed for $750 at full retail, definitely will not be in the $199 range. At least not for the first few months or until they realize sales are not good.

      • MatthewMurawski

        That’s TMo News’ approximate price. T-Mobile never said ANYTHING regarding the price.

        • I never said anything about the price?!?!

        • MatthewMurawski

          I said T-Mobile never said anything about the price. You did.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I’m Sorry, but when and where did David “Tmo-News” said anything about pricing for this device. Where did he ever said you will pay (X) for this device? Nobody has released pricing, why are you saying David did?

        • MatthewMurawski

          On the spin to win contest article, he said the APPROXIMATE retail value of the galaxy note was $750. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        • Jose Hernandez

           Thanks for pointing that out. Not shooting anyone! I promise! :) just wanted to know. And I might have seen the note (AT&T version) at Sam’s Club going for about $650 or $700 dollars. So that kind of sounds about right. Although, nobody will know for sure until T-Mobile comes out with final pricing. I do think that the Note on T-Mobile will be, at least, as expensive as the Galaxy S3, if not more. So, I am quite happy to have gotten my S3 last week. While I understand the reasoning behind T-Mobile selling the phones for the price they are selling them for. I will be one of the first customers to say that they need to work better on educating customers on their pricing.  We do feel kind of cheated anyway when you can get the same phone elsewhere for less. Contract/Subsidy aside.

        • Jose Hernandez

           I just read that post, since I had to go the link to play the game. And it seems that the AVR pricing information came from T-Mobile, not TmoNews.

      • Bronze 6

        Tmo hos updates tyhat are more spontaneous, take for exapmle to Samsung Galaxy S2, the fist AMERICAN version of the GS2 that got ICS, tho often releses its stuff 1-4 weeks before it acts.

    • Bklynman

      Since Tm is selling the SG3 16 gb for $230,not sure how much the 32gb is going for,I did ask sale rep.when I recently sign up for hotspot service,about it,he told me off contract $650.with about $350,he also told it would come out in August. Even before David put it down on here.  That makes sense,thinking about Tm prices. Why is every complaining about Tm getting the Note now? No one else is selling it but Att.  If you are turn off by the price Tm selling it for then wait for Target, Walmart,Best buy,(If they are still around) to sell it I am sure they will be selling it for about $100-125.00 less than Tm. Like always Tm will shoot themselfs in foot with the price,while the stores above sell it for less money. Can anyone that works for Tm,
      can explain why Tm always does it sell a device for higher price point than these stores do? Also would like to know how in the world are these little cell phone companies afford the iphone but not Tm? Not that I want the iphone,just wondering how they can afford it but not Tm? I would not be surprise if Metro Pcs get the iphone before Tm. Tm better watch out for Metro,the last I read they have 9million customers,(and growing)the friends I have with Metro,at least in NYC,are happy with there service. I am sure some of the people that leave Tm do sign up with Metro. In case anyone is wondering I have SG2,not leaving Tm for Metro. Sorry I went off topic alittle bit. No I do not work for Metro. This not a plug for them. I didnot read anywhere either online or offline that Metro is getting the iphone. Just saying I would not be surprise if they did.

      • Boricua Boy88

        I work for T-Mo, and can tell you that the reason we price phones higher than the competitors is due to the cheaper rate plans that we offer. Because our plans are so much cheaper than everybody else’s, we would end up losing money if we were to subsidize our devices down to the same price as them. Believe it or not, Reps make their comission off of contracts activations, not phone sales. Our phones are nothing more than a commodity used as an incentive to get people to sign a contract with us. That’s why reps are always trying to sell you a crappy, cheap, or older phone, because they assume that you’re less likely to sign up if you had to buy an expensive handset. As for the reason for which we don’t carry the iPhone… Back in 2006-2007, when Apple was shopping around the first gen iPhone to carriers, it was charging a ridiculous consignment fee for it. Long story short, this was when smartphones were in their infancy, and none of the carriers thought it wise to gamble such a large amount of money on such an untested, unpredictable device. AT&T was the only company with the balls to risk all that capital, and it paid off big time. The rest of us are playing catch-up. There’s a rumor that we will be offering the iPhone 5 by december once it’s unveiled, but I have no proof of that.

        • Bklynman

          Thank you.I am sure I was not the only wondering about the phone’s prices. I can understand that for new customers but why higher price for people on contract that don’t want value plan don’t mind being on contact? Is it the same reason?

        • Guestwho

          if you don’t wanna be on the value plan than you simply dont’t it… 

        • Boricua Boy88

          More or less, it’s the same reason. I’m assuming that the logic would be that since a person is already on a contract, that once they’re ready and willing to re-up and get an upgrade, that they would be seeking a more expensive handset. Also, our rates change over time as plans are phased out, so the prices are almost never the same if you change plans.

        • Boricua Boy88

          And for the record, I’m buying the T-Mo Note on day one. I’ve been waiting for it since early may when I renewed my contract.

      • 30014

        The smaller carriers that you speak of can get the iPhone because they use the same frequencies as the big 3 carriers. That means they are essentially piggy backing on the big carriers orders. Apple doesn’t have to make new chips for the small carriers phones since they share the same network setup as the big 3. That’s not true in t-mobile’s case because of the odd frequency that they use for their network. Apple would have to produce a new chip to support aws spectrum. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Bklynman

          Ok,that makes sense. I was wondering how they could afford the iphone and Tm couldn’t.

  • vsukid

    people are hoping that’s the phone will sell for cheap however givin t mobile’s track record I highly doubt that p s I wrote this or my s 3

    • Dan Rubin

      It shows. Maybe you do need the bigger screen because your fat fingers are getting in the way of you typing correctly. 

  • Sanman202

    Just a larger Galaxy S2!

  • Carloslacend

    Seriously tmobile? A s3? I do not care to have a giant GS2. This disappoints. Well I have 2 options. Or buy the sgs3 or wait out another new phone. My problem is that the sgs3 is not what I expected. That disappointment tmobile

    • Abcd

      How did the S3 disappoint? It’s a universal device across all the carriers and one of the best devices to launch in years! What did you want it to clean your dishes?

      • Jose Hernandez

         lol !!!!!!!! and maybe even vacuum too?

        Kidding! The thing is that some people will call the S3 disappointing because there is an S4 out. The S3 is still a good ship, but because is not the latest and greatest, some will call it garbage. 

      • tq745

        He’s talking about the chip. And yes it should clean dishes.

        • Bklynman

          I thought I read on here that SG3 has the same chip and hardware on all carriers is that true or not?  

    • Im with you I want a new device but not a larger version of what I got

  • Biggnick1

    Having a good price point is the only thing keeping me from getting off my Even More Plus family plan and signing a contract. Then i could sell my rooted Sensation and pay for the Note. Better make it good if you want me to sign a contract Magenta!

  • Exile_One

    I cant wait!!!!!

  • souggie

    Too big, and no to the s3

  • Really wanted one of these when they came out but I have a very hard time investing money into a phone that has almost 18 month old technology in it, unless it has an attractive price.  With such an old phone who knows if it will get any of the future android updates.  Even getting Jelly Bean is iffy let alone any updates past JB.

  • BossManATL

    Will it ONLY come in blue or will it come in white also?

    • Di Fan Zheng

      YEAH what happen to white?????????????????

      • Carloslacend

        Since it is tmobile. I imagine that in 2 or 3 months after the date of his arrival lol

  • Youngtexas_Balla06

    I thought about getting the Note, but Galaxy S3 is the best that it’s gets today…. I’m lovin it

  • Thecityboy781

    $350.0 then $50 MIR? sounds something TMO is gonna do lol

    • JBLmobileG1

      Sad to say but your probably right. In which case. I’ll pass.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I agree with this even though you can get the same thing from AT&T on Craigslist for $300 or cheaper off contract and it can be hacked to run on Tmobile’s HSPA+.  The only thing people will be paying for is the Tmobile Logo and an extra 5+Mbps  because they will never get the full Theoretical 42Mbps

      • Thecityboy781

        I bought the INT note on expanysys for $499 and m waiting for the hole TMO is gonna dig them selves lmaoo

  • Its Raining

    Anyone know how much ram the note on T Mo will have?

    • Di Fan Zheng

      1 gb of ram 16/32gb internal with external micro sd card up to 32gb I THINK

  • BahamasGeek242

    So AT&T will have the SGN 2 in a few months and we will have the SGN 1 okay I hope this device has a great price point.  I guess I should be happy we even got this on T-mobile :)

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Except that no one has officially announced the SGN 2 even exists. 

  • Dakota

    They kerp issuing releases without price..then its higher than competitors…and soon galaxy note 2 will be announced

  • Almost a year after it was first available, with the Note 2 probably getting released by November. 

    I know some here are excited about this but I think it’d be mighty silly to spend money and use an upgrade on the 1st generation Galaxy Note when you can get the GSIII or the Note 2 (very soon).

    • EatmeKal-El

      On what authority do you have that it will be released by T-Mobile in November, if at all?  That’s right…..none.  For all you know, T-Mo customers will have to wait until NEXT November.  Seems pretty silly to wait another year……..

      • FILA

        I doubt they will wait that long to get the Note 2

        • Dumbazz

          If you look how quick we got the SG3 why would Samsung not repeat that and have the Note 2 out to all the carriers at once?

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Because it’s Samsung.  That should explain it all.

      • Dumbazz

        Relax buddy.

      • You’re really going to come at me with that garbage comment (and username).

        In case you can’t read I said “with the Note 2 PROBABLY getting released by November.” You know why I say that? Because many big name phones typically get released during the holiday season so companies can capitalize on the seasonal-rush. 

        With leaked information on the Note 2 having already been out for weeks (found right here on TmoNews and other sites) it’s reasonable to expect that the Note 2 will be released in the coming months. It’s also reasonable to assume that T-Mobile will get the Note 2 at around the same time as other carriers seeing as how the GSIII was released pretty much simultaneously on the 4 major carriers and one regional.

        Now, if you want to come on a site to simply troll, have at it. But at least come up with something more intelligent than the garbage you just posted. 

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Just for the Record, I see nowhere in Kal-El’s post where they say that the Note 2 is coming out for TMobile in November.

  • Smiley47

    Use my full upgrade for last years technology?   I’ll Pass.

  • Guest1

    If I buy this phone full price at a store when it releases and use it on the T-mobile prepaid network, will it work?
    I am a prepaid user by the way and hence thinking of purchasing the phone full price.

    • Cityofnewyork3000

      Yes it will work just fine, the only difference is how you pay your bill. The network won’t discriminate as it relates to phones, I’ve used my postpaid simcard in a prepaid phone so you should be able to use a prepaid simcard in a regular phone locked to T-Mobile or unlocked T-Mobile phone or any unlocked phone.

    • 21stNow

       You can do this.  I use T-Mobile prepaid SIM cards in T-Mobile phones, AT&T phones, and unlocked phones.  As Cityofnewyork said, the network doesn’t discriminate against any GSM phones.

  • tommy

    Does the different processor mean the battery will last longer or is that not a concern?

    • jian9007

      The S3 processor that is in the Note is not as power efficient as the newer S4 that’s in the HTC One series and Samsung Galaxy S3. Battery life will still be decent on the Note but a phone with the newer S4 would last longer.

  • Realcool2000

    Would someone please show the difference between s3 and s4 so we have an idea how lacking or not lacking in new tech the phone is and how that af…fects our experience.

    I mean, if the s3 is so inferior to s4 i really would like to know the details and how this will stop me from enjoying newer apps, streaming, browsing etc…

    • FILA

      S3 is fast, the S4 is Fasterrr! You wont notice to much of a difference in day to day life. I wouldnt go back in time thou to lasts years processors unless your going for a Galaxy Nexus, thats faster then a S3 processor. You may notice little lag, but seriously, with the Note2 literally just around the corner with a better screen res, faster processor, different screen tech, NFC im sure, which this version does not include, You really need to wait. This is to old

      • Wilma Flintstone

        The difference is, this note has already been confirmed to not have the S4 chip so there is no reason to worry about it further here.  Just get the AT&T version on Craigslist for around $300, hack it to Run on Tmobile’s HSPA+ (I think it’s just 21Mbps though) and be happy with it.  It’s the same device now that AT&T’s has ICS Officially but cheaper and off contract.

        • Sun

          That’s what I been thinking but are they any different from the t mobile version after the hacking? Does it still can run the mobile 4g? I’m not really familiar with all these.

      • Agreed. I was thinking, “What was the holdup if they weren’t upgrading the processor?! Especially since the Note 2 is coming in August/September”

      • T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note has NFC.

  • Tefshawn

    To me it all comes down to the price

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Yep.  $199 or bust has become the motto for this device.  Good luck selling these Tmobile for anything higher than that.

      • Scarfacemario

        Hey! Wilma is back!

      • JBLmobileG1

        If Tmobile could pull it off at $199 and then a $50. MIR to make it $150 I think they would actually be able to sell these. Honestly though I doubt that would happen. They shouldn’t charge more than $199 though with no MIR required.

  • Eldriclong21

    You no what f*** t mobile this company suffer from lack of innovation intill they step out of last place in do something that will help them get to first place they will always suck but on a good note they do have the best plans thats why i have been a customer for so long

    • Dumbazz

      did t mobile hurt you?

      • Eldriclong21

        Why yes i played that spin to win game and it landed on the tv and s3 but did not say i won

  • Aman21771

    ill pass old phone fu** that.

  • jill

    Not waisting my upgrade on this Next plus t-mobile might rip me off i will also pass thank you

    • MrDenver_Pie

       Curious, how would Tmobile ripe you off?

      • jill

        Contract price hello look at their galaxy s3 contract price are they crazy

        • bleeew

          Atleast its not verizon that sold the gnexus for 299

  • Mloudt

    1) some of ya’ll are truly stupid. at&t had exclusivity on this phone for the 1st couple of months then t-mobile had to work out a deal to get it, so that explains why t-mobile is getting it months later. also remember samsung just released sg3 a few weeks ago so why would they damage sales on both devices by releasing them at the same time. samsung sg3 is their flagship device so even if t-mobile could of released the note earlier b4 the gs3 samgsung wouldn’t go for that now that sg3 has been out around a month you will see that price drop a little and the note released in the 1st couple of weeks in august.
    2) so people ask why would you get this phone if samsung is suppose to release a statement about the release of the note 2 coming out in august or septemeber? the reason is more than likely t-mobile won’t see a release until 2nd quarter 2013. also there is no concrete evidence any usa carrier will receive the note 2 this year. you hypocrites need to get a life i bet ya’ll are the same people from january criticizing t-mobile usa for not mentioning any major new handsets for the new year besides the lumia 710 and samgsung blaze at the time. now that they mention handsets then ya’ll complain about minor stuff s3 as suppose to s4 processors grow the hell up. at&t got this phone this year on feb 19. so if t-mobile gets it around august 8 that would make it around 6months after at&t got it, so people stop comparing t-mobile getting it late compared to when other countries got it last year only compare it to when at&t got it. DT parent of t-mobile usa more than likely worked out deal with samsung to release this after at&t first released their version. remember when you run a buisness you know all the details in advanced way before the consumers do so before you criticize t-mobile usa make sure you know how a business blueprint is done.
    3) lastly, if you stream a lot of video and want to watch it comfortably on a bigger screen or want to edit pictures and send to love one’s or friends with the cool s pen or just want to use the s pen as an easier way to navigate through your phone then this phone is for you. the biggest issue i’ve heard so far is that the at&t note sometimes lags. but people at&t shipped it with gingerbread not ics. t-mobile ships with ics and the update from gingerbread fixes the security issues which caused some of that lagging. overall the t-mobile note should run better than the at&t note. we already know DT has phones such as the i-phone and a lot of other better phones available on their international carriers that we wish they would put on t-mobile usa but don’t. my point is DT knows that the t-mobile note will be one of the top selling phones in the lineup by the next month after it is sold. so people that is mainly why they did this deal with word of the note 2 being release soon.

    • Carloslacend

      Well I’m in another country. I live in PR and let me tell you that we have the note of AT&T since January and we have the international version as well since January. The only company that does not have is tmobile. We also have 3 versions of the Galaxy 3. LTE version of At&t, tmobile version and international version of quad core.

      • Bklynman

        So you are telling us,for some unknown reason,that Sprint, Verizon, sells The Note in PR,but not in the USA?  I think you ate too much rice and beans!

        • Carloslacend

          No. First of verizon no longer exists here. And sprint is more dead than alive. This is only At & t that is 1. Tmobile 2. And ClaroPR 3. Claro belongs to America Movil or TERCEL and which has the international version of the note and the version of the quad core gs3

        • Carloslacend

          What I do not understand is how demons quad-core version does not work in the U.S. and PR work. I wish someone would explain. David or kudo

        • bleeew

          The international bands work on att, but att got a note that had lte in and with touch screen buttons without quad-core(for lte use) and it comes with tmobile bands. Now the international would work on tmobile, but only on edge until it refarms, so tmobile got their own version

    • Tbyrne

      Great post Mloudt!

    • note_lover

      well put Mloudt

  • bleeew

    So in order for this phone to be “up to date” it needs an s4 processor? I don’t understand what apps would be able to use that much, and when it gets jelly bean it will be smoother

    • Carloslacend

      The galaxy note will not receive officially jelly bean. Only receive a package. Neither the GS2

  • Rob Daman

    I have an unlocked AT&T version and it’s huge just as in the pic. I haven’t 1 person not tell me that the phone is huge. great on the eyes when using. Just a tad large to put in your pocket. 

  • Mbolton151

    when is the samsung note coming to tmobile??

    • note_lover

      Hopefully not too much longer and I’m wondering if they will release the Pink (Berry) color since T-Mobile is Magenta!

  • tomarone

    Hope it’s cheap.  All those bankrupt Apple customers need a little financial motivation.

    • What? Bankrupt Apple customers? Did I miss something?

      • tomarone

         They spend so much on Apple hardware and software they are locked in and cannot afford to upgrade to Android devices.  OK then just a bit insolvent.

        • Right, um…where on earth are you getting these facts? You do realize that statistically speaking, Apple customers tend to be wealthier right? They aren’t exactly “broke” as you might describe them. Honestly, Apple customers aren’t broke, please just don’t say something so egregiously wrong like that.

        • tomarone

           I have a dry sense of humor sorry!
          Apple laptops are way overpriced compared to (asus, acer, dell, hp..)
          Apple IPad? overpriced compared to the acer and asus 10 inchers I got for $300. they are now below that. I got 2.
          forget desktops.
          IPhone? TMO customers know that ATT, VZ, Sprint are overpriced in their plans, and the hardware itself is obsolete, so yeah, IPhone might be cheap price but not as nice as my one-s, a note, S3, etc. an S2 or Amaze is more comparable.
          My facts? well sort of opinions and sorry but my feeling is that overpriced apple products lock people into apple. maybe I’m wrong about that.
          LASTLY: I see lots of poor people with IPhones. Their phones themselves may be cheap (and nowhere as good as a Note, One-S, S2) but they pay extra for their plans, compared to TMO.
          good enough? sorry if not. I’m not trying to bash Apple but I end up doing that anyway. They are a bit swollen-headed with their billions right now. Sorry more of my dry sense of humor!

        • tomarone

          OK then. –Morally– bankrupt.
          When I had to buy an apple laptop for school that was about $1000 more than I would’ve had to pay for a windows box….

        • note_lover

          Don’t even feel that you have to apologize because you make very good points!

        • Your point that Apple may be expensive compared to others was never in dispute, only that people are poor because they buy Apple products. Are there only rich Android customers then?

        • tomarone

          Buying expensive products motivates people to either buy other expensive products, because they are accustomed to do that if they can afford it, or to avoid buying products because they paid too much in the first place, and people have a budget.

        • tomarone

           I forgot about the people who continue to buy expensive products that they cannot afford. I wonder how many of those there are? I bet a surprising number.

  • jon

    all this griping. except for the idiotic automated answering service, I’ve found T-Mobile cust. svce to be outstanding. What company today actually negotiates with you? They bend over backwards to do the best for their customers. Every single time I call, they save me money. No questions asked. Between refunds and discounts, they’ve been awesome. thanx!

    • tomarone

      Right. People want to be herded like sheep. If they need to think they are offended.

    • Jeromy

      I worked in T-mo customer care for 4 years.  I left in 2010 because I didn’t agree with the direction the company was going. They started moving away from a value carrier and moving more inline with the rest of the industry. 

      Their customer service is so horrendous at this point it’s sad.  They started giving their reps commission based on MRC (Monthly recurring charges) that they add to the account.  Also, if they remove an MRC they negatively impacts their total dollar amount for the day.  The reps are expected to maintain around a +$50 a day MRC rate. As a result they’re having huge issues with reps adding features without telling the customer and reps not removing features when they’re asked to to maintain a high MRC stat for the day.

      To give you an example of how bad this issue is and how to T-Mobile’s management knows about it hear this. My girlfriend is a Customer Care manager. Her parents want to change their plan around which will save them $40 a month. My girlfriend WON”T call customer care because a negative $40 MRC hit is very big for a rep to take.  She can almost guarantee the rep that takes the call will do something shady to avoid or lessen the hit.  Instead, she has to do it online because she doesn’t trust customer service reps. 

      It’s pathetic. T-Mobile has lost ALL focus on giving customers a good value and providing the best possible customer care experience. 

      There’s a reason they’re loosing long tenure customers at an extremely fast rate right now. 

      • BkEnigma

        Started to? As a former sales rep, we always got paid on MRC, and this was over 4 years ago. Recently I heard, that it’s currently only 40%, instead of the 50% I got when I was an employee. I haven’t heard about the whole maintaining a +$50 MRC per day, I guess they implemented that after I left.

        While I agree it sucks, what reps have to do to KEEP their job, if your girlfriend knows she’s hurting someone’s job, that should be reason enough to just go online to do it. Seriously, takes a few minutes extra, but you’re helping someone keep their job. Should customers HAVE to do this? No, but a decent person already knowing that this will hurt somebody’s job security should just do it themselves.