T-Mobile Rolling Out Galaxy S II Maintenance Update, No Ice Cream Sandwich…Yet

Prepare yourselves Samsung Galaxy S II owners as T-Mobile releases a maintenance update rweighing in at 32.3MB bumping the device up to version T989UVLDE. So what’s included with this update? Sadly, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich and we’re a little puzzled by the time-frame for delivering this update, through June 22nd. Does that mean we won’t see Ice Cream Sandwich until then? That’s something we can’t answer and we urge you not to rush to any conclusions.

In the meantime you can try and grab the update manually by hitting Menu > Settings > Software Update and pushing the update through if you don’t want to wait for the OTA. Samsung has confirmed that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II will receive Ice Cream Sandwich so don’t raise up arms yet given that no Galaxy S II US carrier-branded model has received the update yet. It’s likely there is a good reason as why none of the carriers are pushing out an official Ice Cream Sandwich update — in the meantime enjoy the bug fixes.


  • Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T989UVLDE
  • Over-The-Air Update (32.3 MB)
  • Approved 5/21/12


  • Random reboot/power off fixed 
  • Device stability improvements 
  • Qualcomm chip patch 
  • Google Security fixes


  • Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T989UVKL1 update
  • At least 50% battery life

Thanks to everyone who sent this my way!


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  • MarcusDW

    This will continue until June 22nd…  That better mean that ICS will roll out beginning June 23rd!!

    I’m trying hard to not flash a ROM up on this Bit@#.

    • terryjohnson16

       Waiting til end of June is still to far…

      By the time we get ICS, JellyBean will be out….lol

      Might not stick with carry branded phones anymore. Updates are too slow.

      • MarcusDW

        Google I/O is June 27th-29th and we might actually see JB or at least get a taste of it at that time.  It will be highly disappointing to get ICS and then just days later we see what’s next!

        • lolzerzzz

          That’s what you get with Android.

        • MarcusDW

          The international Galaxy S II got ICS on March 13th which is no where near around the corner from the next OS unveiling.  My TMOBILE version is going on 3 months behind because of Carrier reasons.  Not Android.

        • lolzerzzz

          Keep telling yourself that. 

          When Google takes 5+ months to release the ICS update to their Nexus S phone, they’re a huge part of the problem. But maybe you should keep putting your blind trust in what Google does. I’m sure it brings you so much joy.

        • You obviously are just a troll, The Carriers are the problem with updates and Google did put out the Nexus update on time every time, again the carriers. You are probably one mad I-Phone owner with a 3.5 inch screen. 

        • lolzerzzz

          Oh really? Google took FIVE (5) + months to release a working ICS update to their international version of the Nexus S.

          Check your facts you fucktard.

        • guest

          What are you looking forward to in ICS? What is the clamor over the latest greatest software update? I see no problems with GB. At lease Android UPDATES it’s software eventually.

        • lolzerzzz

          At least Android UPDATES it’s software eventually as opposed to who? 

        • lolzerzzz

          At least Android UPDATES it’s software eventually as opposed to who? 

        • Trill43

          It wasn’t full of bugs as you state just everyone was concerned with the wake time of the device when it should have been idle and that waathe #1 issue and mostly everything else was minor which I could name a few. It was the first release of the latest OS which always has some thing that can be improved on like with IOS 5 which also had bugs. The update was only stopped for certain devices like the AT&T variant so it was more controlled than just seeding internationally which is a global roll out.

          It took 3-4 months to update it to the latest release which is 4.0.4 so get your facts straight not what you read somewhere from some common user that knows nothing other than there was an update

        • lolzerzzz

          No it was stopped for most of the T-mobile devices too, you dipshit.

          Check your fucking facts. It’s all over any blog that covers Android.

        • lolzerzzz

          No it was stopped for most of the T-mobile devices too, you dipshit.

          Check your fucking facts. It’s all over any blog that covers Android.

        • lolzerzzz

          Looking at your twitter account, seems like you’re nothing but an unsuccessful meathead. How does it feel to be a loser in life?

        • The Nexus S (GT-i9020T) got ICS back in December. A whole month afterward. Wow, that’s sooo long!!!

        • lolzerzzz

          It was full of bugs and they stopped the update immediately. Only a few people got it. The real update didn’t come for another 4 months and Google has the audacity to not even say anything about why or when it would be released.

        • Trill43

          Google is at fault for the silence but so is every other company and are manufacture so no one is excluded. Another update? It was the latest update which is now the new base you uninformed troll

        • None

          Nexus S had previous generation specs (512 RAM) which could have been the issue, or who else knows what took them that time?  Fact is the carriers are the biggest part of the problem in these updates.  Bloatware, anyone?

        • terryjohnson16

           Still. Its still too long. I thought T-Mobile and Samsung promised to have their phones updated within 3 to 4 months after the OS becomes available.

          Most likely, the phones being introduced in late August through Oct will have ICS out the box, and it will be another 3 to 4 months before they officially get Jellybean, whether its Android 4.5, or 5.0

        • MarcusDW

          Oh I’m not arguing that that is too long at all.

          But about your new comment I gotta say rewind back to October 2011.  The GS2 was release with Gingerbread(the latest OS) one whole month before ICS came out and here we are today still on GB.

          If the GS3 comes out tomorrow or it comes out the day before Jellybean is released, we(TMO) will still have to wait a good 6+ months to get that update.

          Vicious damn cycle.

        • Jeff

          well, I don’t know about you all but I’m gonna wait until popsicle rolls around, I hear it is the bomb diggity

  • BigMixxx

    Imma hold my 600 for the next phone.  I’m temped to get the GS III day of but holding off on nexus devices, etc.

    This is not a good year (meaning there are some REALLY good choices coming) to buy a phone. 

    • Legione13

      That’s the thing with Android; there’s always something new around the corner. 

      Anyway, about the update… this could just be a patch to prep for ICS. 

      • MarcusDW

        That’s exactly what I’m thinking it is and believe it will come June 23rd.

      • BigMixxx

         I got that…I’m sitting pretty with my sensation…I’m looking for a new phone…

        I’m getting that new phone itch…

        • Legione13

          Well, since you said above that you were going to drop 600, I am guessing you’re doing this off-contract… in which case I’d point to the Galaxy Nexus… I mean… a brand new Galaxy Nexus off-contract for $400 is pretty tough to argue with, isn’t it? 

        • BigMixxx

           I want a better camera.  The one on the sensation is solid.

        • Legione13

          True. Most cameras on the other new phones are better than the one in the Nexus. I still don’t understand why they released that one with a 5mp camera.  

          The next Nexus will improve upon that, I’m sure. Aren’t there supposed to be new Nexus phones coming out in the fall?

        • BigMixxx


          I’m not sure.  I would like a nexus device, but I like external storage.  Last two nexus devices did not have an external SD card, and I like my external storage.  otherwise, great devices (albeit the galaxy nexus seems a bit underpowered, but power does not always = performance).

    • MarcusDW

      The GSIII is packing some serious software features and Google is gonna have to throw everything they have into the Nextus for it to get my attention.  

      • BigMixxx

         I was not a samsung fan since the Behold II (That was my fault).  They got their act together lately.  I’m so digging the Galaxy S line.  At a conference in San Deigo and ALL of the Korean companies that attended, when they whipped out their phones it was a Galaxy s II.  Been in love with it every since.

  • Ilyas_k15

    What does “Qualcomm chip patch” exactly mean? What sort of improvements will it bring?

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, this statement is false:

    “In the meantime you can rab the update manually by hitting Menu > Settings > Software Update and pushing the update through if you don’t want to wait for the OTA.”

    You can only receive the OTA if T-Mobile has pushed it to you. 

    • MarcusDW

      I couldn’t pull it either.

    • chlnmtchll

      I went to kies this morning and pulled it from there

  • secano

    T-Mobile be trolling.

  • SMFH

    Dissapointing news

  • fed up

    Im paying off my s2 and saying f-off to carrier subsidized phones..

  • This is a bad sign.  They won’t do two close together.

  • Richardking59

    you wont get an update till gs3 comes out

  • Updated via Kies, no new firmware was detected OTA

  • Rick Landry

    not sure what the big deal is, my gingerbread works fine, I have no issues, no resets, I use it for exchange for work and GMAIL for personal. Calendars sync, address books sync, browser works, plenty of SD storage, plenty of apps horse power, use the voice commands and generally like my phone. I would rather have a stable ICS update that doesn’t inject problems and undocumented features into my phone. I can wait…….. not my first time to the rodeo. I had an early win Mobile phone via HTC and it served me well, have had BB, Mot, and Nokia phones, this is my fav. I also have an iPAD and it is truly second rate compared to my GSII. I use the GSII more than the iPAD

  • susan

    many in asia and europe are soon getting the latest ANDRIOD 5.0 jelly bean  and we in US are still months away for ICS? and not to mention tmobile’s pathetic smartphone line ups. ALL except for GS2 and AMAZE are inferior, junks. HTC ONE X for me!

    • Lani

      And I’m sure the USA carriers will love for them to work out all the bugs before it hits our shores.  As we all know, one small update and it creates other problems.  Change the answer icons, and all the sudden customers don’t know how to answer their mobile.

  • Rlouis56

    Things I’ve learned in my first six months with android OS (coming from WinMo 6.1), 1. no more carrier branded phones(T-MO) 2. fuck Samsung back to HTC I go (currently own SGS2) 3. rooting ur phone ain’t all that.

  • kod

    crying about ics get a one s cry babies

    • TrevorMadden

      The GSII is a better phone, why would I stop cwying?

      • Cycad007

        Trevor: Most publications rank the One S as the better phone.  Its faster, more capable, and will have a future Android upgrade to boot.  The GSII upgrade cycle will most likely stop with ICS.
        That said…the GSII is a great phone in its own right.

        • TrevorMadden

          It might officially top out at ICS but the G1 unofficially got ICS… So I’m looking at about another 3 upgrades. And I like the screen technology better on the GSII, and the One S has a smaller screen. Otherwise, they’re about the same in every respect (once the GSII gets ICS)

        • Cycad007

          The screen on the One S is perfect for me…but I understand the GSII’s larger size is perfect for you…its a matter of personal preference.

          There are a number of pros/cons for both the GSII & One S and I do agree that the GSII has certain features that make it more appealing just as the One S has its advantages as well.

        • TrevorMadden

          Touché, capitán

        • Sean

          Imagine if iPhone-Android fanboys argued like that lmao

    • the one

      U got $600 for me? Didnt think so shut ur sh*t hole

  • Youngt82

    Ahh Samsung smh since this is just a TMO software update, im guessing Galaxys2 owners should see ics after June 22nd?? lol

  • Sanman202

    Yep, another sistuation of a dropped ball by Sasmung and the carriers. Buy ulocked direct from the mfg so there is no more middleman if you want timely updates.

  • Charger0707GS2

    Just Root your device and install custom apex ICS ROM… Thats wat i did, its way faster…

  • None

    Going through firmware emergency recovery after trying this update via Kies.  Not sure what’s the issue that caused it.

  • TrevorMadden

    The real question is…does it break root?

    • None

      Yeah but just re-root.  no biggie

  • Nicholas Gesualdi

    When I click software update, the screen stays the same and a small box pops up that says “No Firmware,” why is this happening?? Any one have any guesses?  Thanks!

    I updated to the previously most recent firmware (which didn’t change the baseband in about this phone), but which gave me wifi calling…  strange… 


    • Guestt1

      you have to do it through Samsung kies, via computer

  • Cool, im installing the update as we speak but cant wait until ICS :-)

  • Cool, im installing the update as we speak but cant wait until ICS :-)

  • Shadowdrake

    Thos of you who can’t push the OTA, just update through Kies.  It is there.

    • misty77

       How do you update it through kies?

      • Djclove007

         do u have kies installed on you computer?plug ur phone to the usb and computer and will prompt u theres a software update and would u like to install its real fast and simple just dowmload samsung kies first to ur pc if not installed yet

        • misty77

           Thank you so much djclove007! i was able to update my phone :)

  • I’ve already rooted and installed the Skyrocket leak on my GS2… these carrier plays seriously got to me for the first time. When the unlocked version gets ICS, UK carrier-branded GS2s get ICS, but we US-based customers are left in the dust…we have a serious problem. ESPECIALLY considering how stable the Skyrocket leak is and it shares the exact same internals as our variant minus the LTE…what a headache

  • Mak618

    Not sure what all this upgrade has but it changed the lock screen. The new method is awesome and a much needed improvement over the old way.
    I also noticed that the icons for answering a call has changed

  • This update is awful. It just fixes copyright issues they had. We lose scrolling wallpaper. :(

    • Whore

      Lmfao how the hell is that a copyright issue….

  • Albertzelaya

    I tried updating my phone going to settings then update software. It says no firmware. I guess I can’t download or update my phone that way. Idk y. Maybe its just not working for me or I’m not doing it right

    • Guestt1

      you have to do it through the computer via Samsung Kies

    • Whore

      Also you have to be on stock.

  • RON

    I just did the update….thru Kies…..it was……fast ….so far I’ve noticed its quicker….interface for answering the phone and locking of the phone is different …

  • Djclove007

    i just did true kies was fast n easy has a new screen unlock to it with the picture of a lock to unlock now and has a new look on answering calls now looks better that the only obvious i noticed so far . see how it goes 

  • I’m most worried that this might break my ability to tether without T-Mobile demanding another $15 per month. I also read that ICS will no longer allow SGS2 owners to tether without paying another freaking fee. Has anyone attempted to use “Easy Tether” with positive results.?

  • MarcusDW

    I went ahead and Kies forced the update with no problems.  

    New lock screen
    New phone call interface
    No more scrolling wallpapers which I’m guessing they removed to make scrolling smoother.  Mine is jittery compared to the Exynos scrolling.

    I see nothing else.

  • MarcusDW

    I went ahead and Kies forced the update with no problems.  

    New lock screen
    New phone call interface
    No more scrolling wallpapers which I’m guessing they removed to make scrolling smoother.  Mine is jittery compared to the Exynos scrolling.

    I see nothing else.

  • Bitflip10

    After this update, the phone has network mode Gsm/wcdma auto mode. Under about phone – status says mobile network type HSPA. I can surf and stream music which did not very well before. The screen unlock response is now a big circle.

  • brian

    Does anyone know if the “Swipe screen to Unlock” message ever goes away in this version? I remember the last OTA update that it was there for a short amount of time and then disappeared. Not sure why but it annoys me to look at it so I’m hoping it disappears soon.

  • steveb944

    Typical Samsung, thank goodness I went with HTC after my Vibrant fiasco.

  • Yeah

    I tried to click update firmware but it says there is none o__o how do I update my phone? What does it mean to make your phone “stock” or w.e?

  • Rlouis56

    just bricked my phone trying to update via Kies. it said it was sucessfully installed just reboot and reconnect. went to reboot and it just froze at the loading screen (with the blue bar at the bottom) :(

  • missey

    the update changed the vibration i am not enjoying the new vibration its very annoying!

  • Router Explorer

    This update is very good.  There is a noticeable graphics improvement throughout the UI and the display overall looks fantastic.  The biggest improvement has got to be the tune-up to the Proc – holy cow, if you thought the SGII was fast before, I am amazed at the increase and smoothness in my device now.

    I waited for a few days and did not receive the OTA so I booted up Kies and it notified me of the firmware upgrade.

    PLEASE remember to check your USB debugging mode beforehand!  My phone had defaulted to the off setting and the upgrade failed the first time.  Turn it on and the process takes a short time to complete.

  • Desideri

    Update made GUI run smoother, my SG2’s battery life increased by 50%, changed the answer/end call UI to circles as well as the alarm (which is irritating me trying to turn alarm off lol)

  • Tazofrap

     i think  the prime reason for this update is to stop the free use of tethering so they ca skweeez more money out of pplz pockets, cause my free tethering is now  gonnnnnnnnnne! :(

    • TrevorMadden

      You had it free before? Mine never worked right. Now it’s rooted and I get all the free tethering I want :)

  • Calziel

    Can someone put up a link to download kies, please. All the sites I’ve gone to just have some download manager for me to download… Maybe its me.

  • Vlad

    My phone already froze 4 times while doing various stuff after this update
    Happened to anyone else?

  • Supermansdad79

    Im connecting my usb to my comp and opening kies and I do not get an update notification wtf? can someone please help me?

    • Baronbamboo

       You have to go directly to samsung’s website and download kies from them. the kies air app won’t work for this.

  • Dave

    I just updated mine last night through kies and since have noticed that my gps will not locate on the map, Was wondering if anyone had this problem or knew away of getting the gps to work

    thanks guys

  • Mark Schmaling

    Hope this helps  someone.  Update failed for me until I removed my SD card. 

  • Truckeemike

    Although I have not had any problems after this update, I hate that the scrolling wallpaper is gone. It is lightning fast too…

  • TBN27

    I still haven’t gotten the update. Prefer to get it OTA.

    • anfrey

      same here. still not OTA for me though.

      • TBN27

        I got it OTA last week thursday. So far it is a nice upgrade however my wallpaper no longer scrills when swiping through the home screen.

  • Catongw

    KInd of sucks that my Multi picture live wallpaper doesnt work anymore and my standard wallpapers dont size/crop correctly anymore . 

  • Daniel Bellan

    You know, the fact that this is only available until the 22nd and the SIII is coming out on the 20th makes me think that they are delaying ICS so more people will be drawn to the SIII. 

  • Guest

    Just got the maintenance update. Wish it was ICS, but still works for the most part!
     – 5/30/2012 11:22AM South Jordan, Utah

  • Dellisjr82

    Im really enjoying the update……no issues, no problems……and by the way, my wallpaper still scrolls…….

  • i HAVE 2.3.5 BUILD gINGERBREAD UVKID How can I get the most recent
    someone please help me..

  • Bthom1964

    Just rec’d new ota, like new user interface for calls. But can anyone tell me how to disable voice notification everytime i get a new email

  • Mlstephanie32

    I got my update via Kies Air.  I was actually uploading videos when a message popped up on my pc screen that my phone was due for a firmware update.  

  • What a joke. I woke up to the update message and was freaking out thinking my six month wait for ICS was over. I cut my shower time in half only to dry off to an incremental update. I am quickly approaching three straight years of having a T-Mobile phone with outdated firmware. Bad look.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Everytime I get to the end of the update, it says can’t find device, wtf, is thus update important??? Please help.