T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm Talks iPhone, Job Restructuring In New Interview

T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm is playing a bit of offense thanks to an interview with the Seattle Times, helping to get out of front and allay any fears that T-Mobile’s recent job restructuring cuts are of any real concern to the future of the company.

Humm highlights that while 900 positions are being eliminated on one side, the company is adding 550 new positions which he believes was misunderstood. Furthermore, Humm says T-Mobile is looking at other expenses or numbers of staff layers so they can create the most agile organization.

When it comes to growth, Humm sees a lot of potential in the B2B area, which is responsible for T-Mobile’s recent announcement of more than 1,000 job hires in that department over the course of the next two years as T-Mobile assigns resources to this department. Humm emphasizes T-Mobile’s need to grow their 5% marketshare in the B2B arena and believes with T-Mobile’s value and 4G network, they are poised to grow.

Humm also reiterates T-Mobile’s commitment to affordability, while declining to talk about the potential on increased prices in the future:

I don’t think there is a need for less affordability or changing our price positioning. We have good price positioning now. It’s really adding the tech aspect to our brand and really restarting the brand.

When the interview turned to the iPhone, Humm’s answer is in line with the company’s positions thus far in 2012:

At the end of the day the iPhone is a good and important smartphone. The question is, do we need to carry it and subsidize it or do we simply open up the network to let people bring the iPhone with them?

We have been quite successful very quietly in really offering unsubsidized rate plans. If you look at our growth … 45 percent of our growth adds are unsubsidized rate plans. We already shifted the model at T-Mobile quite significantly.

As for T-Mobile’s positions on Windows Phone, Humm says T-Mobile is “quite pleased” with how the OS has performed on T-Mobile store shelves. He also believes that Microsoft is equally pleased with how T-Mobile has handled Windows Phone sales leading to an improved relationship all around.

As for T-Mobile’s future as a standalone company?

We are pretty sizable company; we are profitable and we are on the right path to growth. … That’s really our main point of view, to strengthen our own business and come back to growth.

Beyond that we will always look at opportunities to gain additional scale or additional spectrum or strengthen capital structure in the U.S. market. Those are always things we will be looking into.

Read the full interview at the Seattle Times link below.

Seattle times 

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  • Sara Dubuche

    Yes we do need Iphones.


    If T Mo drops cash for the iPhone it’ll be a wrap!

  • IamDefiler

    All I have to say to Philip is…Thanks, you douche-bag, for canning our entire dept. I hope your fucking company rots in hell. That is all…

    • rvg911

      that’s weird but why you never made this comments when you where an employee? 

      • IamDefiler

         I have no idea what you were trying to say.


      I am sorry if you were one of the unfortunate people who’s position was eliminated or it has impacted you directly in some way, but I am glad to see that T-Mobile has someone steering the ship that is worried about making some money and growing the company. Sitting stagnant while the rest of the industry just runs off and leaves T-Mobile, because they are stuck in the “that is the way we have always done things, so it must be right” mindset.

      Maybe some strategic cutbacks in one area and some growth in others is whats needed to happen. If you were running things and seen an area that was not adding as much value as a different business model would are you really saying that you would not make an adjustment? Really?    
      I mean you could always pray Robert Dotson’s dumb ass back and use your new UMTS network for voice only and service your customers with that high speed EDGE network, only approve the dumbest of the dumb marketing campaigns (if you can call what you have seen in the past a marketing campaign), or any of the other stupid idea’s that got him canned.Trust me I do not see Humm as the second coming or anything along those lines and I constantly worry that the next early morning email that he sends out could be the one that says my position is next, but so far he seems to be on the right track. 

      • kalel33

         Robert Dotson gave T-mobile:

        1.)  Increase in customers each and every quarter
        2.)  #1 in customer service 12 out of 14 times
        3.)  Made T-mobile a place where people actually like to work
        4.)  4G, which was around before Dotson left

        Phillip Humm gave T-mobile:

        1.)  Loss in the millions of net contract customers
        2.)  Turned the customer service from the best in the industry to the worst, by doing shady business practices to customers and turning service into a car sales experience.
        3.)  Turned T-mobile into a place where sales is number one and you’re always hounded about $$$$ per hour in sales and always worried you’ll get fired because you’re great at helping customers and not screwing them.

        • TMOLOYAL

          If the god(as you describe him) Robert Dotson was so good why did they can him? T-Mobile started to hit hard times two years before they canned Dotson. I agree with you that all of those positives were true before his last 2 years. 

          Robert and his failure to change and evolve as the world around him changed dug a hole that cannot easily be crawled out of so now drastic changes have to be made to keep the company from dying off or becoming a solely prepaid company. 
          If you think about it Phillip Humm has had his arms tied behind his back due to DT trying to sell T-Mobile for about 9 of his 18 months here at T-Mobile USA. 

          I promise I am not his biggest fan, but at least he has the courage to make change and not just sit by trying the same thing over and over with no results.

        • kalel33

          Easy, they put their own guy in to sell the company and rape the customers as much as possible before the sale went through.  It worked out great, until the deal fell through. 

          The only thing that Robert failed to change at was being last to 3G out of the major carriers.  I can see how Humm has done so much better with LTE…..Oh, wait he hasn’t.  

          Humm has been an utter failure and I don’t know of a single T-mobile rep that has liked the direction that the company has taken.  Obviously customers feel the same way.

          What has Humm done anyways? Dotson brought the first Android phone to the US, WIFI calling, and had the best customer service. Oh, and Dotson resigned, not canned. He actually stayed around for 8 months during the transition to make it go smooth. How many CEOs were canned and allowed to work for another 8 months.

        • UMA_Fan

          Cole Brodman had more to do with Android and WiFi Calling.

          Dotson valued the customer care aspect though and sought out Sue Nokes.  For that, he deserves all the credit.  To credit Dotson for doing a good job when he couldn’t see where the industry was going is something he does not deserve.

          There’s no indication Philip Humm was sent to sell T-Mobile.  At&t discussed that directly to Deutsche Telekom.  The motive was that the end result of the transaction would be the most powerful telecom companies in both the US and Europe.

          DT’s CFO just recently stated that the US branch is not a problem child.  If it was, I’m sure we would have seen more drastic action taken by now and Humm wouldn’t still be hanging around.  DT sent Humm to the German branch to turn it around, now they are using that same guy with the US branch.

          Going further into rumor territory, apparently Dotson fumbled the chance to land an iPhone exclusive as well.  T-Mobile was one of the companies Apple went to first because they wanted to do GSM.

        • kalel33

           We just have to agree to disagree on Humm.  I worked there for many years and I seen the horrible changes in policy and culture.  When the AT&T deal fell through, nothing went back to the way it was.  It’s as if they are still looking at the next big sale or maybe setting up an IPO.

          At T-mobile, they told us we had first dibs at the Iphone.  Who knew.   I really thought nobody would pay the outrageous price but I didn’t expect Apple to make the deal they did with the extremely high subsidies.

        • UMA_Fan

          Dotson seemed like a great person but I believe he was once quoted as saying smartphones were just a fad.  He never saw it as the future.

          He was also more service oriented rather than trying to be cutting edge.  It could be said he layed the foundation for the huge amounts of churn to occur.  Q4 of 2010 was the beginning of the hemorraging and Philip Humm only started to take over the second half of that.

          It was when Humm took over he had a desire to see T-Mobile be edgier with 4G branding and taking on At&t in tv ads.  That’s a GOOD direction.  When I think deeply about this it’s really hard to see what T-Mobile could do better.  They are making the best calls they can given their circumstance.  A lot of consumers are unfortunately misinformed.

        • kalel33

          Humm was there in Q3 but it was a transition.  They had already gutted the customer service and pushing sales over everything else.  When Dotson left the changes had already been made well in advance, with no say on his part. 

          I was there before the transition and just recently finally graduated to get out.  The atmosphere at the call centers is toxic and nobody I know likes coming to work.  That was different than 2 years ago when almost everyone I knew loved their job. 

        • kalel33

           UMA_Fan, I can’t find an article on anything online quoting or even alluding to Dotson ever saying that.  There was a comment back in 2005 about the Ipod being a fad, which was attributed to Dotson but nothing else. 

          How much more cutting edge can you be than taking a chance on Android?  WIFI calling?  WIFI hotspots in airports and hotels?  They’re everywhere now for carriers but T-mobile started it.  First with Blackberry? Sidekick?

          When Humm took over the ads were an exact copy of Mac vs PC commercials.  Very cutting edge(sarcasm),

        • HalfwayCrook

          +1, Dotson was much better than Humm

      • IamDefiler

        I’m sure you think this was a move in the right direction and who knows, it may be. But what you don’t know is how the team I am/will have been involved with was practically holding prepaid together behind the scenes. If you knew what I know, you would be surprised how anyone’s phone works or stays in service. I.e. Someone wants to change a feature on their phone and when a timeout happens on the backend, their phone stops working…for days. Let me see a show of hands of the people this has happened to before.

        So, Mr. Humm is knocking us off, and handing the reins to mostly off-shore (read Indians) who have no friggin’ clue what they are doing nor have the capacity to know what to do. Mark my words…Come July 31st (supposedly our last day), the shit starts hitting the fan.

        • HalfwayCrook

          I agree with you completely!! I called customer service the other day and it took me literally 30 minutes talking with their damn automated service until that piece of shit finally transferred me to an operator… Unfortunately, the operator had a thick Indian accent who didn’t understand horseshit. After 2 minutes I just told him to transfer me to someone who speaks English and thankfully I was transferred to someone in the US. But wow, that was a terrible experience.

  • Luigi

    That’s a great news. However, I am wondering how many users are going to be left once everything said is done. Following the roaming agreement with AT&T “expiration” (end of February 2012?), the coverage in our area (Cary, NC) has become really poor, so poor to the point that not even a signal booster kindly provided by T-Mobile itself seems working in our house. As a more than 5-year T-Mobile customers, we do not want to leave T-Mobile and are trying really hard to hold tight but with this level of service (or lack thereof) I do not know how long we can resist. Does anybody know when the roaming agreement with AT&T is going to be restored?

    • Deon Davis

      Um with the break up, the have a multi-year roaming agreement.

  • BigMixxx



    It makes a simple statement.  We have everything they have, and we are ‘cheaper and better’.  iPhone, makes that argument better.

    Had an argument with my sister this weekend, about iPhone and verizon….fun one.  The point I made to her was that, ‘why go to verizon, when I can get an iPhone off the street and slap a sim card in it from my carrier and I’m good’.  Went on for a few, and when she started quoting the rhetoric of verizon (number 3 on fortune 500, we have 4g and NO ONE ELSE DOES, etc), I was told…’let her be proud’

    At any rate, the iconic device makes the network more valuable……..

  • mingkee

    Let’s see how many Galaxy Nexus have been brought in for Value and Monthly plans.

  • Guest

    T-Mobile handled the recent layoffs very poorly, and gave proponents of the sellout another excuse to drag that back into the news. Unlike last time, I’m surprised at&t didn’t whine on their blog again about how the FCC is so mean.

    T-Mobile’s being smart with the iPhone too. If they can strike a deal great, but if not then Apple can screw themselves T-Mo will just accept unlocked/jailbroken iPhones with open arms. Judging from the one million iPhones already on TMo’s network with EDGE I think we’ll see a surge of them once the refarm is complete and advertised. (TMo don’t do all of this work and not advertise the fact that the network is now iPHone compatible. This is huge … advertise it! Advertise it so much that we’ll groan and think “not this ad again” when we hear it.)

  • terryjohnson16

    Even if T-Mobile is playing the refarming stuff, they could be quietly paying Apple to carry the iPhone, whether it be for the iPhone 4/4S, or the 2012 iphone.

    Plus, if Apple makes an AWS-compatible iphone which I assume they would due to the fact that AT&T is a dual-band LTE carrier, it would work on T-Mobile’s LTE network come next year.

  • Took this with a grain of salt, but was talking to a T-Mobile representative about my bill, and I asked her  whether or not T-Mobile would be getting the iPhone soon. She claimed they would be, citing some things they were told, but representatives have been wrong about these things before.

    • kalel33

       I was a rep and reps are the last people to find out anything.  We used to read TMO news and T-mobile’s facebook page to get updates.

    • kalel33

       I was a rep and reps are the last people to find out anything.  We used to read TMO news and T-mobile’s facebook page to get updates.

  • iPhone…hmm.  dead horse as far as I’m concerned.  T-Mobile has just not found the powerhouse they need.  BUT, BUT…the GNexus, SGIII, GNote, and the One S are Real powerhouse devices.  The thing is, they all need to be on T-Mobile and fast.  Other company use the iPhone to taught TMo, like ‘look at what we got’ I think they are paying apple NOT to sell it to TMo, because they know once it happens…it’s game over.  The iPhone is VERY slow on all the other networks, but put it on TMo…and you will see the how good it can really be.  (They are afraid)

    •  I seen speedtests online it looks like it faster on Verizon.

      • kalel33

        Iphone is slow on Verizon and is much faster on AT&T, which is still tons slower than any of the current high end T-mobile Android phone speeds.

      • kalel33

        Iphone is slow on Verizon and is much faster on AT&T, which is still tons slower than any of the current high end T-mobile Android phone speeds.

        •  You GSII because they only high end phone they have. Everyone seems to prefer the ones on the other network

  • Bratty

    As an iPhone fan, I am not sure if it will make a difference anymore. I want it on Tmo but I feel its just too late. Had the phone arrived years ago (before Verizon or Sprint), we coud have seen people defect to us. There really is no reason to leave another network for the iphone other than a cheaper bill and it seems like that is not a priority for the masses.

    •  Well apparently cheaper bill is not what those 800,000 to stay

      • Bratty

        Yup. That is the sad part. Tmo is an affordable option but people are still leaving.

    • Jobless Steve

      May I ask why you are an “Iphone Fan”. Just curious. 

      • Bratty

        I will answer that BUT I really am NOT trying to start a fight. I am using Android but am just not satisfied. I have no complaints and the os is fine. But I really use my Apple products more and prefer the os. Thats all. I am on Tmo and will stay with them until the iphone offically comes to us.

  • Zingar

    Carry it or open up the networks, whatever it is they need to do it now. Last year 2011 when the iPhone 4s was rumored, it was “No iPhone 4s for T-Mobile this year”. All talks led to 2012 being “the” year. Well we’re in 2012. Approaching June, mid-year. And still, there is nothing concrete. 

    • bruce_leer0y

      I think  thats what he leaning towards, opening up the network

  • Winski

    What an amazing dumbass…. He offers NOTHING for the future of the company in services, hardware, support, expansion, unique packaging, tools of any sort, and no vision about the company’s future… Hopefully the Germans don’t tolerate his imbecilic nature much longer…. It’s money tossed down a sweagetrap with him in charge….

  • bruce_leer0y

    I think he’s right about the IPhone, if t-mobile can give tmobile iphone users access to the speeds users would get on ATT then that should be good enough

  • Nearmsp

    To give an alternate point of view – I think T-mobile would be financially impacted negatively with an iPhone. T-mobile should just tune their frequencies to accept LTE and let their value plan and other customers buy the iPhone for full price and use it here. If they start selling subsidized iPhones on T-mobile starting with $199 then like Apple requires it to, then T-mobile will be cross subsidizing iPhone users by either making a loss on iPhone subscribers or reduce the subsidy on Android phones to make their iPhones cost neutral to T-mobile. If I were CEO of T-mobile I would continue to crow about iPhones while not providing one but work on tuning the frequency to accept LTE so iPhone fans can bring their phones and use on the T-mobile network.

  • Bybyby

    He basically said nothing.

  • SurgicalTech

    who gives a fuck about a outdated iphone

  • stevejobbed

    Unfortunately T-Mobile is not in a great market position. The perception is that they don’t have as a good of coverage as an att, verizon, or even Sprint so customers are unwilling to pay a premium price for their service. On the flip side they are not that much cheaper than the big 3 and customers looking to save money are comparing magenta with the likes of Metro PCS and Cricket, which come out looking like better deals. 

    • kalel33

       They are not much cheaper than Sprint but they are a LOT more cheaper than AT&T and Verizon.

    • kalel33

       They are not much cheaper than Sprint but they are a LOT more cheaper than AT&T and Verizon.

      • kk888

        Way faaster than Sprint..

      • kk888

        Way faaster than Sprint..

      • stevejobbed

         I agree but perception is reality. For customers where the price is the bottom line plans that are on Cricket or Metro are going to be less. And right now the mass market perception is that Tmo is on par with those companies but not cheap.

        • jessejames111981

           I have had both metro and cricket. Tmo’s service and speed blows them out of the water. If you buy your phone outright like those carriers you will get better speed service and comparable price on monthly 4g

        • stevejobbed

           I know, that’s why I said it is the mass market perception and jessejames111981 perception of both services.

      • Spanky

        Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

    • Bajamin


      Right now at att com 2 lines with 3gb MAX of data and unlimited talk, text will run right at $210/month.
      Verizon is the same cost with 2gb of MAX data.

      Roughly same plan at T-mo will run you $139!! And they don’t charge internet overages AND you get free Wifi Calling. 

      That is $840 in ONE year for 2 lines. 

      • stevejobbed

         But you also have to factor in phone cost. Looks like your comparing a contract Verizon plan to a Tmobile Value plan. Most likely you would have a $20-25 phone installment plan on each line. Or you would be paying $4-500 up front for a smartphones, negating any year long savings. When you factor that in it really is only like a $30-40 difference per month. For an Att or Verizon demographic, that’s not enough of a savings to sacrifice coverage in a lot of areas.

        • Hshshsjs

          No, $139.99 for unlimited talk, text and 2gb of web. That’s the total cost for two lines on a classic and those plans DO qualify for upgrades. It’s a HUGE savings.

    • Bajamin


      Right now at att com 2 lines with 3gb MAX of data and unlimited talk, text will run right at $210/month.
      Verizon is the same cost with 2gb of MAX data.

      Roughly same plan at T-mo will run you $139!! And they don’t charge internet overages AND you get free Wifi Calling. 

      That is $840 in ONE year for 2 lines. 

  • Dace Macias

    Subsidized iPhone? No, hell no,
    Open up the network? Proceed.

    For the iPhone fans if you really think about it t-mobile does not need a t-mobile branded iPhone, you bring your own device and get on either a value plan or classic plan. No need for t-mobile to spend billions on Apple.

    On top of that we get the extra benefit of using phones from Europe with the 3g band they are enabling. Win win situation here I see.

  • SirAuron14

    Tmobile really needs the iphone no one wants to pay 500-600 for one unlocked to bring it over to their network, if they sell it under a 2 year contract would be better. hence the reason why i dont have one yet. I still wait patiently, and if they dont have it withing like 2 years i would have to take my business elsewhere.

    • 30014

      And T-Mobile doesn’t want to pay 15 billion just for you to get your fanboy on. They’ve already said they can’t afford to offer it subsidized, so get your head out of your ass and switch carriers if it’s that important to you.

      • Zb88

         It’s that attitude that is a large contributor to the endless hundreds of thousand of postpaid losses T-Mo has reported every quarter for what seems like eons.

        T-Mo in other markets has iphones galore, somehow it works there.

        • 30014

          Are you dumb enough to believe that the iPhone will be t-mobile’s savior. Will the iPhone slow down churn? Absolutely it will, but it won’t stop it. People leave for other reasons to you know. That 15 billion has basically crippled sprint, so why would T-Mobile expect to date any better? It’s attitudes like yours that blind people to reality. T-mobile would go under before the iphone could make a difference if they gave Apple the massive payday it what would demand to get the iPhone. That money is better spent on the network.

        • 30014 IS RIGHT

          30014 is right.  This is about business, Sprint is struggling now, from years of never getting out of debt and now they cant sell all the iphones they have. I’m not big believer in ‘Austerity’ but in this case T-mobile is better served by standing pat.  Also SirAuron14 you basically argued against your point of “no one wants to pay $500-600 for unlocked” In europe that happens all the time and the tech is respected and kept for much longer.  It benefits you because you can negotiate your rates (provided there were more gsm providers you’d be even better off).  T-mobile is fair to people who bring their phones to the network, plus by getting on a subsidized plan you pay for your device over that 2 year time period almost 3 times over.  I think with the $200 you pay AT&T by the time your contract is over you pay them close to $3500.  But hey if you want to go “get your fan boy on” then by all means go right ahead.

        • perfectalpha

          I simply can’t listen to this bit of conversation without replying…the bottom line is T-Mobile is on the path to nowhere. The path to going out of business. Someone mentioned customer service, but that is only half the equation.

          Anyway, I will break it down what T-Mobile needs to do to get back in business:

          A) Focus on being America’s Best Wireless Experience. From the moment you walk into the store, take the phone out the box, go home, and heaven forbid have to call customer service. It needs to be FIRST CLASS all the way through! Currently every aspect of that chain has opportunity. If the focus is on the EXPERIENCE rather than the SERVICE, you’ll get everything right. What do you want your customers to EXPERIENCE? Once you have that goal, then you strive to meet that expectation. Simple execution at that point.

          B) Stop pushing yourself as a nationwide network and focus on your strengths…the cities. The goal shouldn’t be to get customers who live in the boonies when a less than savory experience will be offered. Position yourself to get prime customers that you KNOW will be satisfied. 

          C) Simplify and Modernize your Smartphone lineup. This means G series (signature series), MyTouch (casual series), Sidekick (QWERTY series)…two ranges of Windows Phone when Apollo is announced…and yes, get the iPhone. DIVERSITY. 

          D) Find creative ways within the services to make money that aren’t ripping people off like charging for HSE’s. I still believe in family shared data packages (and book it, T-Mobile will cave to this in the future) are a great way to raise ARPU. Have to get creative without nickel and diming.

          Right now the “Challenger Strategy” doesn’t challenge our competition because even though they cost more, AT&T and Verizon in many cases offer a superior experience. Customer Base doesn’t lie folks. 

        • Bajamin

          Your lack of understanding the market segment T-Mobile goes for is laughable. 

          A) They had First Class experience up until recently. They won JD Powers something like 11 times. They made some changes to policy that messed this up but they are getting back on track. This takes time.

          B) They are a nation wide carrier. Largest 4g network and they cover a huge area. They have less dropped call than ATT and Sprint. People who complain about coverage don’t understand all companies have dead spots. I have had T-Mo since voice stream and get signal in 90% of the places I go. BUT I also pay about 40% LESS per month. I’ll take that trade any day of the week. 

          C) This is stupid. They carry a large range of phones because it works. Most customers complain about not having ENOUGH choices. Iphone would destroy T-Mobiles operating margin. Have you ever taken a business class? The iphone would be a HORRIBLE decision right now financially. 

          D) Family data will probably happen eventually but there will be many complaints going forward when one person uses all the data and everyone else is throttled. The call lights at verizon are going to be lit up with this complaint. T-Mobile is playing it smart and letting others take the plunge first and work out the kinks.

          Customer base is relative. T-mobile goes after a certain type of customer. ATT has been around for decades, of course they have more customers. Verizon has so many other services they can get a better customer base because of that. T-mobile is very profitable and usually makes smart BUSINESS decisions. They don’t cater to every person with a complaint. Please don’t ever run a company because you don’t know the difference between want and need, and sound business finances and buying on a whim. 

        •  didn’t they just lost over 800,000 postpaid customers and gain only prepaid last year

        • Zb88

           Who said anything about a savior?  Some kind of weak red herring strategy, I guess.  There’s no single device that can be a savior, but pretty much anything is better than how the US operations have been ran for the past numerous quarters.  From lame marketing to lame devices to stagnant networks, nothing has been managed properly for some time.   There’s no way to completely eliminate churn, but there are ways to take those numbers out of the red.  Remarkable devices will do more to shape up the numbers than anything else.  Those are what attract the masses, even more than interesting commercials that make T-Mo look like they have a side business selling bikes.   We’ll see what the networks are like when this plan is over.  Sprint has many more troubles than the iphone.

          Again, T-Mo in other markets can make it work, along with many other devices not seen here.

        •  Don’t know why people are saying that iphone is cause of Sprint problem. Check out their boards Sprint problems started before getting the iphone.

  • All the customers leaving T-Mobile to find the iPhone elsewhere. Just because you don’t care about it, doesn’t mean the company shouldn’t either.

    • Phl

      You are right David. I can’t wait till october. My 4s is just to make phone calls till october. I am paying tmo 4G for nothing. Tmo at least need to operate theire services on today’s world standarts.

  • All the customers leaving T-Mobile to find the iPhone elsewhere. Just because you don’t care about it, doesn’t mean the company shouldn’t either.

  • HiyaBuddy

    At least 40 million people around the world each year do…

  • HiyaBuddy

    At least 40 million people around the world each year do…

    • Jobless Steve


    • MisterBlue

      They do not sell 40 million iPhones each year! Where did you hear that? They only sold 35 million. . . . . Last QUARTER. ;)

  • VoiceOfReason

    I don’t get all the people complaining about the price of the unlocked iPhone… well, you can’t have both of two worlds: cheap rates, and cheap smartphones. If you can’t afford to pay $600+, you probably don’t need a smartphone from T-mobile!  If you can’t afford other carrier price plans – well, guess what: time to take the dust off that old flip phone!
    But, credit is what it is all about – AT&T and others will take more out of you month after month…  If only most of US residents could do a simple math – all those phone subsidies would be gone long time ago.

    • MacRat

      Very true.

      Minimum iPhone plan on AT&T $85. Equivalent value plan on T-Mobile = $50.

      Savings of $420 per year.

      Note that Apple is selling the unlocked iPhone 3GS for $375 now.

  • T-Mobile doesnt NEED the iPhone to survive. Sprint didnt, Verizon didnt, USCC didnt, all survived fine without it. Now that its all over the place, and T-Mobile survived without it, opening up their network to GSM enabled versions of the phone (from any carrier) is a good idea. Recycling their spectrum for HSPA+ at 1900Mhz is the best thing T-Mobile can do not only for the iPhone and its users, but for its own native users who may get EDGE but not “4G” or AWS at their locations. It also provides T-Mobile with steady stream of revenue, since more people will add larger data plans for the higher speeds they can now get, people will not rely so much on WiFi Calling plans like they do now (some for coverage issues which may still remain, but many people cant make a call due to network congestion on GSM/EDGE but can on HSPA+ networks since its quadrupled capacity) – which means more reliable calls and capacity which means more “overage rates” and larger plan minutes, and less free calls over WiFi, which actually COST T-Mobile on the back end.
    It also means that people who want to leave AT&T do not have to invest so much in a new phone, if they already like the one they currently have and can get service via T-Mobile at a cheaper rate than AT&T. It also means more kiosks popping up in malls to unlock phones and other devices, and also at the end of the day means those are jobs to be had.
    While Im not defending or making up things for T-Mobile to focus on or perception of what is to come, I simply am stating what has happened in the past with network consolidations and expansions from other companies where it worked well. IE, AT&T launching UMTS on 850Mhz was a god send to many, much like launching HSPA+1900MHZ will be. 

    But truly T-Mobile needs to focus on Customer Service. You arent going to get iPhone users or anyone coming to T-Mobile if you offer great plans but have poor customer service. Once the industry model, now the industry laughingstock, many people would rather deal with Sprint’s bad data network, Verizon and AT&T’s higher prices than to go near T-Mobile due to their consumer unfriendly policies toward contract renewals on plan changes, data requirement contracts, sneaky billing practices and agents that are no help. When T-Mobile can stop changing contracts mid-contract and let a customer out of them when a change does happen, then I can see people wanting to come back. I can see people coming back when T-Mobile offers MORE for the same, or less price. I can see people coming back when T-Mobile can support more phones and data connections without hassle to the customer. They just gotta focus on being more consumer driven and friendly and oriented, and start throwing things to ALL customers. Bonus minutes, bill credits, one call solutions, ready to go out the door phone set up, 12 month upgrades, 24-7 customer care and things like that go a lot further than an iPhone, or saying “We have a low unsubsidized price plan” – especially if that silly unsubsidized plan comes with a subsidy contract!

    • macman37

      Although you have pointed out some really great points, you have to realize that T-Mobile USA subscribers will sort of be in the same situation they are in today…the main difference being that they will have more HSPA+ coverage with 1900Mhz refarm.  Just like today, will they have complete support for an iPhone that is brought to their network or only partial or most?  Complete? Maybe.  Partial or Most? Yes.  That is coming from the carrier side of support.  Now when they take their iPhone to an Apple Store, that is where they have to be more concerned.  Apple can tell them no due to the iPhone being on a non-official carrier {one who is an official seller}.  Just like today, people who have brought their iPhones to T-Mobile want complete support from both their carrier and Apple.  Therefore, it is a much better situation to become an official seller for the iPhone, instead of being a compatible outsider.  Although T-Mobile will not see any profit from the device until 4-6 years later, the overall benefits of the investment will be worth it.

  • Rclubine

    T-Mobile in Europe has the iPhone and iPad on their line up. The iPhone 4s is a world phone. Just start to offer it.

    • jessejames111981

       tmo usa is totally different. You might as well be talking about vodaphone or some sort.


      In Europe there are different standards and most people buy their handsets outright. Rate plans are acceptably higher so T-Mobile UK can afford to subsidize. The reason ATT and Verizon’s rates have to stay high is to make up for the iPhone subsidies. 

  • Tuser

    tmobile is a joke there coverage is rediculous u have to be in major city to get signal all over. i travel from from houston to other major cities and have no service outside of them or im on 2g

    • Trill43

      Coverage in between cities and rural areas is the problem so if they fill in those gaps they’ll be on top

    • infantry11b

      Your spelling is ridiculous.

      • iPhone 4s

        LOLL burnn. Good one infantry11b

    • Spanky

      I’m in a major city (NYC), and I get pitiful data coverage in my neighborhood (about 0.3-0.5 Mbps downstream).

    •  Even in the major cities coverage is not assured on TMO nowadays.  I live in suburban Los Angeles and I get crap coverage in several areas around my house. (where I used to get good coverage as recently as 18 months ago I might add)

  • Dumbazz

    Don’t know why any company would use Tmobile and every year they go on a hiring spree for their B to B department and those they hire realize what a toilet they work for and quit.

  • Tuser

    i cannot belive tmobile will put on national commercials

  • Tuser

    all tmobile acually need is coverage

  • chum lee

    What I don’t get, is why can’t T-Mobile sell a NON-subsidized Iphone?! The Value plan is PERFECT for it. Sell it at full price on Value with EIP. Everybody is happy. You don’t have to shell out the full price, but could rather pay over time. T-Mo doesn’t have to subsidize the phone. EIP is the solution. 

    • greg

      The problem arises when you have to commit to buying 30 million or so, and doing it on Apple’s turns. They may not like the idea of t-mobile selling the iphone at full price when they can sell it in their stores.


      Apple will not allow anyone to sell the iPhone unless they subsidize a certain amount  of them. Plain and simple. 

      • Guest911

        Not true. As long as Tmo sells them at Apple store pricing, there is no issue. They become just another retailer. Now, should Tmo do tat? I dont know.

  • macman37

    When it comes to whether it’s worth subsidizing the iPhone or just opening the network more so that iPhone owners can bring their phone to the T-Mobile network, Philip Humm should really reflect on this the way that Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse did.  T-Mobile will not see any profit on the selling the iPhone until 5 or 6 years like Sprint, but in the end, the overall benefits of the investment will be worth it.  Subscribers will not have to worry as much for issues like if there is complete support for this type of situation, like they do today.  Having the network being more compatible with the iPhone is great with the 1900Mhz refarm and the 4G LTE upgrade, but customers want complete support, not partial or most support for their phones.  It’s time for Humm to realize how embarrassing it is for both the company and their subscribers when other carriers with less subscribers like C-Spire and more are getting the opportunity to sell it.  I know that they’re working really hard with the refarm and upgrade, but please stop being a compatible outsider and work towards the right goal of being able to sell the iPhone.

    • Enoel69

      Probably you should pony up the billions to put into Apples pocket..Tmo is walking a tight financial rope. Do you think Tmo at this juncture has the billions to give Apple while at the same time spending billions to upgrade their Network?? The route they have taken to refarm and make their Network compatible with the 1900MHz band addresses not only the iPhone but a multitude of other high caliber devices. Just bring ur iPhone and other unlocked high end devices and enjoy Tmo fast data speeds and low cellular rates. Some day after many yrs Apple and Tmo may work out a deal…this is not the time if Apple insist on such huge sum and X number of units. Once the refarming is complete…many iphone owners will come over.

  • Tuser

    i hope that tmobile gets the iphone

  • Tuser

    there customer base is goignt o increase if they do that and then the coverage should increase

  • Deuce89

    I’m a Tmobile Employee and I can confirm that we are NOT getting the Iphone. We recently had a meeting with some national not local execs, and they flat out told us that we are not going to spend the money. It was to be considered but after looking at Sprint and the loss they still took, T-Mobile is not going to take the risk. Please everyone lets accept this and get over it. The next Iphone will be LTE and T-Mobile’s LTE won’t be out until next year. And you know Apple will not make a seperate Iphone just for good ole T-Mobile. 

    • Jazz

      Pics or it didnt happen

    • Get_at_Me

      im a tmo employee and i heard the exact opposite not long ago….noone on this blog knows for sure whats going to happen regarding the iphone…who on this blog knew dt was looking to sell tmo to att before it was announced? sure itll prob be lte but it gas to have hspa built in aswell bc lte is still so new….esp for sprint and att.

      • Jason

        It wasn’t that dt was trying to sell to att so much add att made an offer dt couldn’t refuse. But previous poster is right. IPhone won’t be on our shelves for a long time, if at all.

      • Deuce89

         Can’t speak as to when you were told this, but this was less than a month ago for me. It was at a focus group with the VP of customer service. We were addressing SEVERAL things but somebody did ask directly about the IPhone. I was shocked myself to hear such a forward answer. I was expecting some kind of “possibly, or maybe answer” but it was a direct NO. He/She said “T-Mobile does not have the money for the IPhone” and based on the fact Sprint is almost going bankrupt and will not see any near future profit for the IPhone, we will not be getting it. So of course companies change opinions all the time but I think this at least shuts down the logic that we will get the IPhone 5, may the IPhone 5s once out LTE is up and running.

        • Get_at_Me

          hmmmm…..it wouldnt surprise me either way. when it comes to the iphone though, i wouldnt expect anyone in leadership to openly admit that we would get it. i was on a company wide conference call late last year (right around when buyout officially fell through)…a midlevel member of leadership eluded to us that the iphone was coming this year….granted, alot has changed since then with massive job cuts…..i just wonder if the cuts are occurring as one of many measures to secure an iphone real with apple.

        • Deuce89

           And I believe what you are saying too, because prior to this focus group, a Team Manager did say he/she heard that a IPhone was coming in Q3 which got everyone all excited. But then we have this focus group and……………..dreams shot down! So I guess we will see. We all know Apple keeps everything close to the hip, so its possible T-Mobile could break a last min deal closer to the release date like Sprint did last year. But I do think that T-Mobile is all about rebuilding their profit NOW and not LATER and don’t think they are going to be making any huge investments or risks anytime soon.

        • S_dot2004

          I work at tmobile as well…and I find it ahrd to believe that in a low level conference call, someone would state that “T-Mobile does not have the money for iphone”.. Especially when it in an uncontrolled environment where people like you can quote the individual. That individual is probably stating from their own belief with regards to the iPhone.

        • Deuce89

          In my situation this was a group meeting, not a phone call. That was the other person.

        • Deuce89

          And once again this was the VP of customer service. Not someone who I would call “low level”. They visited my center and I was part of the focus group that met with them to welcome them as well as talk to them about several topics and the iPhone happened to pop up.

        • TmoUSPloyee

          really? I heard something different from a  regional corporate retail director.  That the CEO’s had talked but couldn’t come to an agreement.  Personally I think this ref arm is a ploy to get apple to play nice, seeing they will no longer have to charge Tmobile extra for a 1700/2100 compatible version with the re  farm happening they could just buy the same version AT&T has.  Anyone who thinks the next iPhone won’t have GSM/HSPA technology is just absolutely insane.  LTE is in it’s infancy and isn’t penetrating nationally for Apple to include only it’s radio in it.  Surely ATT would rather have the ability to let it fall back onto HSPA 21 (real or not) with their own spotty LTE.  Remember the 200 Million covered garbage is actual potential people covered not actual coverage, LTE is mostly in cities at this point but not more rural areas, therefore apple would be foolish not to include HSPA/CDMA multi mode chips in their phones, do you really think they will risk a bad reputation seeing a lot of people out there travel?  I do agree with a post above though, It almost seems like those bloody germans tricked ATT into handing them 4 billion dollars, almost seems that way now, only time will truly tell though.

      • kahlayoh

        imo, it doesn’t look like Tmo was serious about selling to Att. Looks like ATT got played and hustled!! once again, my opinion!

    • equals12

       Here’s the thing that I don’t feel folks at T-Mobile understand. It’s not that the iPhone is a better phone than say an android phone that’s out there, it’s about marketing. You say Sprint took a loss, yet they are still ahead of T-Mo.  It’s perception and marketing, do you see lines out the door for the next Galaxy phone? DO you think there’ll be a line out the door of Apple when the next iPhone comes out?  Again, if marketing wins the game, then those with the iPhone just have to offer it and let Apple’s aura carry it forward. My guess is that if T-Mo got the iPhone part of it’s churn would disappear.  Way back when, T-Mo didn’t take the risk on the original Razr and got burned then too. Sometimes you have to take a risk and stick with it, thus ATT took the risk on both the Razr and iPhone and look what happened there.  Again it doesn’t matter if the iPhone is better or not, it’s about perception to the masses out there, not to the employees who happen to work for the cell phone company.

      • Chris

        Youre right @ perception & mktg. Tmo has mAde a lot of marktg mistakes over the last few years.
        Also many consumers view Tmo not having iphone as ‘there must be something wrong/ bad abt them’ They are dead last among majors in # of users & custserv polls. And their growing push toward Prepaid (+ maybe stronger Walmart partnerships) makes people think Tmo’s in the Boost/MetroPCS/Virgin league -not ATT/VZN. If Tmo’s network is better than Sprint, why havent they at least surpassed it for the #3 spot? But as someone who has worked in McD marktg for years, Id cleanhouse in the MKTG dept. And as someone whos been with Tmo for many years & has had a MacbookPro for < year, I see Apples customer service & support team as a huge plus..and Im near deciding to add to the churn statistics &

        • kahlayoh

          Are you comparing Apples Customer Service to Tmo’s Customer Service?

      • Spooln3

        This would make sense if the iPhone wasn’t already on 3 other careers, now though, no sense at all. Again, ATT is unlocking their iPhones out of the gate, why sign on to donate billions to apple when other carriers already have, and we can run them on our network with out the commitment to Apple? It doesn’t make any business sense to get into bed with Apple like Sprint has. And as its been said out here before, Apple will be the death of Sprint. $15 billion is a huge financial committment and its one that doesn’t make a lot of sense for T-Mo.

        • SEFan

           Your point was made by several others, and there’s a large in your collective logic. Where I live the fast network is only accessible on AWS band. T Mobile needs Apple to at least build an AWS-compatible iPhone or a bunch of us will never get full value from an iPHone on T-Mobile’s network.

          As for Sprint, that was doomed to fail. Their LTE network is inaccessible to the iPhone 4S. Their 3G network has sucked for years; accessing it via an iPHone isn’t going to make that better. Sprint planned for this even less that AT&T did, and the result was predictable.


    If you build the network they will come.   
    When LTE is done then you can bring your little IPhone and it will work at full speed at a lower cost 
    and it will still be a Downgrade to Most High end Androids.

  • Things that make you go “Humm”…

    • Bryck

       The way I look at it….I could care less about the Iphone..really!!!…Sprint will probably SINK because of the I phone….(coming from ex I phone user……my galaxy is way better hands down)…….Its all speculation sooner than later an announcement will be made from the horse mouth….Why go broke for a phone that needs that much of a financial commitment .. ..doesn’t make sense to me my friends….If T-Mobile can work out a deal than AMEN!!…that’s just my opinion thanks. 

      • I agree with you, the iPhone cost too much,and it will not show profit to Tmobile for years. Sprint is just stupid

      • kahlayoh

        I got to agree with you there, I have the GS2 and I love it over the iphone any day. But sadly some of the consumer now days are more about popularity the quality!! iphone is a good phone but compare to some of android that is out there…no competition what so ever!!

        • Jarrod

          Quality?!?!?!? 99¢ plastic is quality or the operating system that locks up and crashes?

        • Spanky

          Operating system that locks up and crashes…the iOS 5 on my iPod Touch.

        •  ehhh I hope youre kidding, I wouldnt buy an iphone even if it did come to Tmo but the one thing the Iphone SHINES in is quality.  Have you held an iphone? the materials and feel is bar none.  Samsung phones feel like toys next to it, HTC reaches its heels.

  • Prepaid is the future join the club B-)

  • kaskade

    I do like what he says about the iPhone. Even if it’s unsubsidized it still works. Problem is most people don’t see it that way. They would rather spend 200 or 300 rather than 700 or 800, even if the cost is more in the longrun. 

    • kahlayoh

      But if you really look at it, there are a lot of tmo customers that already posses an iphone and will even be more happier with tmo. And AT&T customers who left tmo for the iphone will more likely to return. And there are quite a few people that would pay full price for a phone instead of actually getting locked into a contract! Tmo is making a good move, it’s showing customers and consumers that even if tmo doesnt sell the iphone the network will support it unlike other wireless carriers!

      • Spooln3

        That and the fact that AT&T is actually unlocking all of their iPhones, they are really doing T-Mo a favor. No need to sign over the farm to Apple when AT&T is allowings customers to do it for us. Its a good move and makes huge business sense.

        • Honestly, no it really doesn’t. T-Mobile is banking that people will spend the time to get their phones unlocked or buy unlocked equipment in the first place and come over en masse. The likelihood of any of that happening is minute at best. They need a subsidized iPhone on the network in order to prevent people from leaving, plain and simple.

        • JayMo86

          But there are clearly thousands, if not millions of people who are unlocking their iphones everyday. And there are constantly people asking how to unlock an iphone and are willing to learn. At the end of the day, It’s true that they need a subsidized iPhone, but this is definitely a step in the right direction until they get a deal done…

        • There are thousands and millions of people unlocking their iPhone’s every day? I hope you can prove that, because I don’t think that’s a likely scenario at all.

        • Bajamin

          T-Mo has millions of unlocked iPhone users on its network at any given time. Also you can get unlocked iphones by calling the local small business dept (they can work with IL accounts). Buying the iphone from Apple is a bad decision financially, adapting the network to work with it and offering value plans is genius. 

        • T-Mobile has slightly over 1 million iPhone users, not “millions” and not all at once. Honestly, there are actual printed numbers on this, I’d suggest researching before making fantastic claims.

        • Bajamin

          so sorry, it is right at 1.5 mil (internal number) CURRENTLY ACTIVE iphones on the network. This number comes from the engineering team at T-Mo as of about 15 min ago. Anyways my point remains valid, buying the iphone in bulk would cripple the company. BYOD is a great way to do it considering the biz dept does sell the newest iphones unlocked. 

        • Jason Skidmore

          Exactly Right.

          Count me and the 2 other people on my plan as ready to jump off the T-mobile ship if they don’t get a subsidized version of the next iPhone.   It was different when AT&T was the only carrier with iPhone, but now things are different.
          If someone goes into an apple store to buy an iphone, does T-mobile think anyone is going to look at the $800 unlocked version when they see AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint versions for less than half the price?  Even at the apple website it’s like a treasure hunt to find the unlocked versions.

          The next iPhone would be a great opportunity for T-mobile to partner with Apple and prevent their customers from jumping ship.  Sprint and Verizon both started offering the iPhone in 2011.  Start the clock counting there…two years later (in 2013) every tmobile customer who was in a 2 year agreement at the time the iphone came to sprint & verizon will now be out-of-contract.  Tmobile has to act now.

  • TMoFan

    I’m not an iPhone fanboy, far from it actually. But I recognize the importance of it. It will be T-Mobile’s undoing if they fail to embrace it. If they can’t come to terms with Apple then at least the refarmed network will support iPhone, and hopefully T-Mobile will go on a media blitz to state that fact. Another thing is that Tmo’s network will be almost identical to at&t’s, meaning that the next iPhone will be TMo LTE compatible.

    So either way T-Mobile is in a good position.

  • Wex

    Question: If top Android unlocked phones can cost up to $700-800+, why does everone say the iphone is more expensive to carriers? The Samsungs & HTCs are also subsidized and often sell for 199-229. Is it that Apple requires a minimum purchase & others dont…or Apple doesnt allow carrier bloatware? I dont get it.

    • i fone

      It’s the cost that it costs to sell the iphone. The buy in is high..The iphon for sprint isn’t profitable. More consumers don’t mean more profit when it comes to the I phone. If there is a 20 million dollar buy in your customer base better grow significantly.

    • Bajamin

      Top android phones DON’T cost that much. The Galaxy S2 is $599.99 so is the HTC One S.
      On top of that Apple charges carries almost full price on each iphone they buy then demands bulk orders in the billions of dollars. Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc sell it to cell companies for much less than the “$599.99 full retail.” Usually closer to $350 – 400. So they lose less on the subsidy AND they are not forced into mortgaging the company to place orders. 

  • Paticumbia

    why is his forehead so biG!!!!!!

  • This CEO has proven time & time again that he has zero integrity, honesty or decision making skills & will do anything to keep his 20 million dollar per year job, regardless of how damaging his time at the helm has been to those who depend on him. He’s cost his employee’s hundreds of jobs & yet he still believes he’s qualified to run this company.

  • Richard Monti

    What ever happened to the money & spectrum that T-Mobile acquired from AT&T? Where is it, or what are they going to do with it? It sounds like this transaction never existed. I would not have mentioned it, but were talking about $2 [B]illion+ dollars here. And to the best of my knowledge, they do not have a extreme debt to pay off. That’s no chump change. They don’t mention nor speculate what they are intending to do with it in addition to even mentioning at all.

    • They’ve mentioned it a dozen times, I’m not sure what exactly you’ve missed but they have mentioned it quite a bit.

  • jp

    tmobile will be dead in a few years.

  • StonersLane

    Someone review this guy’s resume.

  • Winski

    Just like the rest of his kind…. Followers, not doers… I’m amazed the Germans tolerate such a transparent jerk.. They usually don’t suffer fools very well.

  • Kookoo4coco

    Really? You would just let people take the iPhone to t-mobile instead of getting it yourself? I would keep t-mobile but my iPhone is SO SLOW, it cant even send or receive pics, it cant even log me into Facebook?? But you know what the speed doesn’t matter much at my home considering THERE’S NOT EVEN 3G SERVICE. Switching ASAP!!