T-Mobile Adding 550 New Positions, Hopes To Soften Blow Of Job Loss Reports

T-Mobile has posted a few brief updates to the unfortunate job cut story that made the rounds yesterday. As it stands now, the job “reductions” will result in a total net loss of 350 positions — and T-Mobile adds that it has plans to hire 550 new positions in the future. The 550 new positions are in addition to the 1000 new B2B positions T-Mobile plans to add to “aggressively” pursue the business-to-business market. The full statements follow:

T-Mobile USA Restructures Operations

Clarification: Changes will result in net 350 job reductions; as company plans to hire for 550 new positions; many in Puget Sound area

This week, T-Mobile is communicating to employees a new organizational structure that will enable us to react with greater speed and effectiveness to customer and market opportunities, that aligns our costs with our revenue realities, and that better positions T-Mobile to return to growth. As a result of this restructuring, some positions are being eliminated while hundreds of new positions are being created.

This restructuring effort will result in 350 net job reductions. While approximately 900 positions are being eliminated as a result of these changes;  T-Mobile will move quickly to hire an additional 550 positions in 2012 to support the needs of the business and strategic opportunities.  The majority of the new positions will be located in the Puget Sound area. These 550 new positions are in addition to the 1000 new B2B sales representatives T-Mobile plans to hire in the coming years as we aggressively pursue that opportunity.

Employees who are affected by this restructuring are encouraged to apply for openings that suit their qualifications. The changes being communicated this week do not affect technicians in engineering, customer service representatives in our 17 remaining call centers, or front-line retail employees in corporate-owned T-Mobile stores.

T-Mobile Statement Regarding Restructuring:

“T-Mobile previously announced its intent to restructure and optimize operations throughout the company in order to best reposition the company, given today’s demanding and rapidly evolving marketplace. This week we are communicating to our employees the balance of those organizational changes to best position T-Mobile to powerfully compete and return to growth.

We are restructuring the organization and optimizing operations so that we can make critical decisions better and faster in response to market and customer demands. Further, by reducing our cost structure and streamlining operations, T-Mobile will be able to invest in areas where we anticipate the strongest return: modernizing our 4G network; aggressively pursuing the B2B segment; and re-launching our brand.

These changes resulted in a restructuring of key functions and departments across the company including the elimination of some positions and the outsourcing of others. While difficult choices had to be made, restructuring our organization will help us better respond to market and customer demands and bring opportunity for continued career development and growth for many of our employees. We appreciate the contributions of our affected colleagues and will provide them with assistance and support during this transition.” – Larry Myers, chief people officer for T-Mobile USA

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  • JohnPA

    Thats right…lay off all those people and then rehire cheaper ones…nice job T-mobile

    • Guest

      In addition to these rehires, the majority of those affected by yesterdays announced layoffs will be able to be brought on through one of T-Mobile’s partners. The roles were not eliminated, per se, rather they were shifted to an ‘outsourced’ role that currently does not exist. 

      What I’m trying to say is that while these two news pieces resulted in a net loss of 350 employees, that number relates to internal head count only. Jobs were, surprisingly, created this week overall. 

      • Guest

        These jobs were either eliminated, or outsourced. Eliminated as in not existent after June 1.  Outsourced to a company who will not have nearly as many open positions and who will hire people to do the same jobs or more for much much less pay.

  • Bob

    Ok I’m sorry I have to say this. Kudos for getting the words blow and job in the title. Yes I’m THAT immature.

  • iTried

    Blow and job were so close in the title that I had to read it twice.

    • tomb

      Where’s Carly for added support?

  • Dumbazz

    Every year Tmobile wants to expand their B to B and most of those reps quit or get canned. Bottom line is business’s don’t take Tmobile seriously so they go with providers that can better support them.

    • perfectalpha

      Pretty much…I think in 2009 we focused on families (which went no where), now we’re focused on business? This is just a happy idea…and yes, the folks will get canned trying to sell B2B. It isn’t happening because T-Mobile doesn’t meet the needs of many businesses especially when it comes to coverage. Go to the outskirts, your phone won’t work. Send us a check please. 

  • 123

    Blow & Job

  • 123

    Blow & Job

  • TMOCustomer

    Lots of radio ads here for this promotion. Good job, T-Mobile! No, I don’t work for them, just a happy long-term customer that buys my own phone and doesn’t need to call someone when someone bumps into me in a hallway.

  • UglyPete

    And they will all be part time positions. That’s why i quit Tmo because in my district they would only hire for 19 hours. Current part timers had to chance to move up to full time no matter how good they did.

  • I need a job, hire me please!

  • Youngt82

    I’ll take a job, hire me TMO:)

  • Oyvey

    This was handled in the most fd up way imaginable. It started with humm telling us weeks in advance that there would be a big layoff. They still havent told us all of the changes they are making. Now we have this? What the hell?

    • Anon

      Lots of folks at the FSC are lining up and heading to the slaughter house one by one today. They were notified weeks ago as well. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to keep coming to work day after day knowing your position was being eliminated but not knowing when, where, why or what the outcome would be. So effed up.

  • At least they are trying, keep pushing TMo…keep pushin’.

  • mmendel46

    Any company i’ve worked for has been kind of top heavy. It seems that mainly, it were these people towards the top being let go. It sucks that people lost their jobs but just business-wise….it seems to make sense not paying top-dollar to quite as many people, who kind of had redundant jobs anyway. 

  • disgrunteled employee

    whats sad is the “Job Creation,” is more than a 50% paycut for the people who are loosing their job. They are wanting us to move to the stores for someone who is in say a technical support role that is more than a 50% pay cut… they can keep the 550 jobs unless they are going to up the pay from $9.65

  • off shore employees i’m assuming.

  • guest

    I was off today did anyone hear anything about who would be effected??? 

    • jon

      Those that were affected have been told. It did not affect the management structure like some assumed on here. I think it affected business analyst and people like that…meaning the people that analyze call volume trends and stuff like that. I am not 100% certain on that but I haven’t seen my wife yet today to ask her. She basically said it did not affect her in any way…

      • guest

        Im a senior rep… the email was very careful to say ‘customer service reps” would not be effected but not that their supervisors would not be.. Drove me carzy seeing reps freakin out for two days when the email said they would not be effected… Good luck to your wife… 

  • zib

    i thought it said blow job at first