T-Mobile Announces Future Job Cuts, Front-Line Staff Won’t Be Affected

Just a few weeks after T-Mobile announced the loss of close to 1,000 net job losses in their call centers, the company continues to move forward on their restructuring plans with a new round of layoffs. This time, T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm is working through some “difficult decisions” and that affected employees will receive notification this week.

We are announcing a new structure that further aligns our costs with our revenue realities, enables teams who support our field organization to act and react with greater speed and effectiveness to customer and market opportunities, and better positions us to return to growth.

The new organization required difficult decisions that will impact some of our employees. This week, news will be shared personally with employees and teams who are directly affected by the restructuring.

The full memo by T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm and a second memo by T-Mobile Chief Operations Officer Jim Alling follow:


Letter from T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm:

Dear colleagues,

Since the beginning of the year, T-Mobile has stressed that 2012 is a rebuilding year for the company. A vital step in that process was announced in March with the consolidation of our call centers. This week, T-Mobile is taking the second essential step. We are announcing a new structure that further aligns our costs with our revenue realities, enables teams who support our field organization to act and react with greater speed and effectiveness to customer and market opportunities, and better positions us to return to growth.

The new organization required difficult decisions that will impact some of our employees. This week, news will be shared personally with employees and teams who are directly affected by the restructuring. Changes will include some position eliminations and changes to individual roles and responsibilities. It is important to emphasize these impacts to employees result from business decisions. We have tremendous employees here at T-Mobile and we truly wish we could retain all our talent, but our business realities require hard choices. For affected team members, we are providing generous transition support including severance, assistance with COBRA continuation coverage, and outplacement services. As mentioned in the March announcement, customer service representatives in the remaining 17 call centers, technicians in engineering, and frontline employees in our T-Mobile corporate-owned stores will not be affected.

Our rebuilt structure enables T-Mobile to realize significant savings, allowing us to invest in future growth – in particular modernizing our network to LTE, repositioning the T-Mobile brand, and aggressively pursuing the B2B segment where we plan to add 1,000 positions over the next few years.  We gain the agility to put resources where the current opportunities are, grow in areas where potential is greatest, and act on emerging opportunities quickly and rationally.

The restructuring provides a sustainable organizational model, centered on our T-Mobile Values, with the following attributes:

  • A greater focus on driving Customer Delight by reducing the layers between working teams and executive leadership, and shifting and consolidating groups in the field sales regions and the FSC to minimize redundant work – resulting in more effective coordination and communication.
  • A renewed emphasis on Best Place to Perform and Grow:
  • Enhanced people manager spans of control (number of direct reports), enabling faster decisions, more ability to execute, and more empowerment of employees at all levels.
  • Evolution of our leadership model from player-coach, where more time is spent on daily tasks than on planning and guiding, to leader-coach, where time is focused more strategically on coaching, developing, delegating, and motivating.

We approached the restructuring process and decisions with care, rigor and cross-functional alignment. A team comprised of top leaders, with support from industry-leading subject matter experts, worked closely together over the past few months to develop an effective and sustainable structure. We strongly believe the organizational principles we applied are lasting ones. More details on the new organizational structure will be shared in department and team communications this week and more broadly after that.

I want to assure you we will move through the communications this week very thoughtfully, but also as quickly as we can while preserving the quality of the conversations that need to happen. As always, our T-Mobile Values will guide our actions.

Thank you for your patience as we work through what will be a difficult week. Thank you for your continued commitment.

With sincere appreciation,

Philipp Humm

CEO & President

T-Mobile USA


EMAIL from Jim Alling


Since creating our current organization our business has undergone significant changes. In particular, our revenues have declined while our costs have increased. As the Frontline Representatives of our company you know these business realities all too well since they translate into fewer customers visiting our stores and calling our call centers. In order to align with these business realities and to better position ourselves to regain growth in the future, it is necessary to restructure our organization. We will be communicating these changes throughout the week.

Our plan is for you to learn directly from your leader how this new structure impacts you and your team. We will communicate with you as quickly as possible while not rushing through sharing these changes with affected employees.

I want to reiterate that customer service representatives in the remaining 17 call centers, technicians in engineering, and employees in our T-Mobile corporate-owned stores will not be affected by these changes.

Look for a communication from your leaders today with more information about timing for restructuring discussions with you and your team. I will follow up later in the week with an overview of changes to the Operations group.

For now, I look to each of you to do what you do best: take care of our customers and take care of each other.


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  • iTried

    Wow, Sorry to all those affected. 

  • so FCC, you mean TMO is losing customers despite the ATT deal being killed?  lol at the FCC and people who were against the deal.  i tried telling people one way or the other jobs would be lost .. it’s an unfortunate thing nonetheless.  hope they all bounce back quickly.

    • BigMixxx

      Really…job loss is job loss.  Things absolutely would not have been any better with an AT&T buyout.  As a personal experience, after personally seeing 45% of a company’s IT staff being cut, families being relocated, and personally taking a pay cut so, I feel their pain as those discussions start……it’s a not a pretty picture; I can imagine the mood around the offices of t mobile…..

      The RIGHT thing is to replace Humm being replaced as the face of T mobile U.S.A. and someone to come in with new ideas…so the company can go into the right direction. 

      • Guest

        Today’s announcement (for the most part) wasn’t even job ‘loss’ per se, rather it was a shifting of the same positions to be outsourced through existing partners T-Mobile already has ’employees’ working through. Much better than if AT&T happened, as _that_ would have been true job loss. Us that were affected by today’s announcement are, by and large, handling things pretty well, and I think T-Mobile did a great job at making the transition as painless as possible. 

      • true that

    • Fm4264

      If we don’t get the I phone 5
      were dead

  • Taron19119

    wow i just hope something good come out of  all this

  • MacRat

    “…and frontline employees in our T-Mobile corporate-owned stores will not be affected.”

    Like there are many frontline employees even left.

    Every time I visit any of my local T-Mobile stores, there is only ONE employee on the premises and a line of 4 or more customers waiting in line.

    • Devin

      Sounds like you’re not going to a “T-Mobile corporate-owned store” then.  In the store I work in there us usually 4 employees working during peak hours, at the least there is only 2 and that’s usually the first hour the store is open, or last half hour before closing.  This is how all the stores in the market I’m in.  Now, if you’re in a third party store, then yes, 1 employee is very common.

      • MacRat

        Yes, they are corporate owned stores.

        The local franchise store closed last year shortly after the announcement AT&T was trying to buy T-Mobile.

        • Taron19119

          well i allways see 6 worker in the t-mobile store i go to all the time

        • Get_at_Me

          you guys must live in a busier market…i guarantee you you’d be hard pressed to see more than 3 employees in a store at a given time (including weekends)….And its not b/c ppl left necessarily…The business/traffic has warranted a streamlined approach to staffing/hours.

        • Employee

          I work in a corporate store and we usually have 1 person or 2 working every day. Heck I’m here by myself now.

        • Taron19119

          no in the store i go to its all ways 6 workers in the store standing around wit one or to people in there but its time t-mobile do like the big 3 do and have lest stores i see more t-mobile stores then every now i got 10 stores in walking distance and i never seen the big 3 stores befor i cant begen to tell u where there stores are at

        • Get_at_Me

          i can relate to that…my district and the other district in town all have closely grouped stores…they’re sort of paired up….my particular store is on the outskirts of the district, but there’s another store 5-10 mins (driving) down the road…..its like that with every other store in my district. There are even two stores in 5 min walking distance of each other in the heart of downtown…they both do well though….In 2007/08 TMO in my city went through a major growth spurt (adding new stores and buying out authorized dealers)….We grew so much that a new district was created to support the new stores

        • Primus42

          PolicY says at least two employees must be on at all times..so can’t be a corporate store

      • guest

        in my store we have 22 reps …..OMG 

    • Boston

      LOL Last time I went to a store, there were 5 people waiting in line ; a security guard; and then someone cut a phone off its cord and ran out of the store stealing it.  Then all the employees including the manager and some people who apparently were in the back (when there were all these customers waiting in line) ran out of the store after the guy.  Of course they didn’t catch him, but they left the store with all these customers still waiting in line = just laughing and shaking their head at what Tmobile has become.  This store service used to be fabulous

      • None

        Be happy there was a live model in your store at all.  We have NONE and the employees act like it is a chore to get the live one (if the have one) out of the locked cabinet.  And then, when they do, of course the battery is dead.
        I hope the robber enjoyed their display unit.

  • Prayers to the families that are going to have to start a new journey, keep your heads held high.

  • BigMixxx

    More prayers to the families of these employee’s.  It is sad to see job loss…

    • Guest

      We’ll be fine, but the kind words are appreciated. Most will be doing the same thing when it is all done — it’ll just be a different name on the top of the check, and likely a little smaller number next to the dollar sign ;)

      • IamDefiler

         Did you happen to work in the Tampa, FL. building?

  • TmoEmp

    I am T-Mobile frontline employee myself and there will be cuts in the frontline in the future. The company is going on a hiring freeze in a few weeks and they are really focusing on hiring Part Time II postions which dont require them to pay health benefits. They way they are changing our comp pay is changed drastically and retail sales rep are being affected in my opinion. This is not the last of lay offs. The next wave will be frontline employees.

    • Get_at_Me

      I hear you on this…I’m losing a PT1 in a few weeks and i have to replace her with a PT2….not easy considering PT2’s dont get the “perks” PT1 and above get.  As far as comp pay goes, changes aren’t that drastic….If you’re a hard working rep that goes after what the company is asking, you can still make a lot of money.  i haven’t heard anything about future frontline job cuts, but i wouldn’t be surprised if under-performing stores (in relation to other stores in their district) get shut down.

      • TmoEmp

        I agree with you. Im one of the top performing reps in my district and in some ways comp has changed a little but not much. I know t-mobile is making cuts because of PT 2 positions. Thats pretty much all they are offering which sucks from a scheduling stand point because of their 19 hour per week limit. I guarantee there will be changes in frontline stores like mine that 3 store less than 10 min away from each other will be shut down. Its said but its the only way T-mobile can survive.

        • guest911

          well I’m a WCW 2011 as a sales rep, and I do work on a TOP retail store here in Texas I have been with the company for quite some time and I agree that company has  changed a little now I’m on a management position and I hope future changes DO NOT affect us specially now with al this crazy stuff…..

  • Get_at_Me

    TMO senior leadership is just reacting to the state of the business…As David posted recently, TMO lost quite a few Postpaid customers in Q1, but gained net customers b/c of the prepaid boom. TMO has been losing Postpaid customers for as long as i can remember, but until now, they haven’t really reacted in such a way as this.  Sure, new rate plans became available, credit requirements became more strict, data speeds keep getting faster, but despite all the “improvements/remedies” TMO continued to lose customers…..It’s indeed tragic that so many jobs have to be cut b/c the business isn’t performing as expected.  What can the company really do to turn things around???  Cutting jobs won’t fix churn or a lack of interest in TMO by the general public.  But it does help net revenue.  If the company can grow, more jobs will become available in specific areas.

    • NOAH

      Honestly most people I know don’t even consider Tmobile as an option when considering a new cell phone plan or contract.  Their perception is of a lower end brand and they’ve just perpetuated that with the huge push toward prepaid.  Their marketing choices have also been suspect.  But just for fun, I asked some friends what they think of when they hear Tmobile…and one said “I don’t think of it” and the others said “Its a crappy network with poor service.”

      • Get_at_Me

        TMO has been in a tough spot for a very long time.  They’ve tried having their cake and eating it too, so to speak. (expecting postpaid growth with little investment)  Marketing dollars spent is a huge example.  In another thread someone posted how much money the national carriers spent on marketing.  T-Mobile was outspent by a HUGE margin (even by Sprint who nearly quadrupled TMO’s marketing expense).  You can’t expect to convince customers you’re a legit player without spending the money.  Ppl aren’t going to magically switch from other carriers.  Despite TMO’s stigma, they offer a great value (if you live/work in the right areas).  If the ppl you’ve asked that question to live in a decent sized city/town, they should give TMO a serious look….Regarding TMO’s push toward prepaid….Its an easy win for them.  They don’t even advertise their prepaid service and they’ve seen huge growth from it….VZW and ATT are synonymous with “phone service”.  Being Bell offspring and having roots in the national landline business, they have a leg up on Sprint and T-Mobile.  Its hard to change the perception and spend money like they do to keep the business growing.  Sprint is growing but their damned near going bankrupt in the process.

  • guest

    Frontline employees ARE being effected as my girlfriend’s store is being shut down next month because of this…

    • TmoEmp

      dam really.. what location is she at?

    • Get_at_Me

       Not to sound insensitive, but its probably just a coincidence.  Does her store do well?

      • Guest

        ^Exactly. Front line had zero to do with what went down today… couldn’t have even been a ripple effect. Purely coincidence.

    • Yancy

      Any proof T-Mobile has been rapidly opening new storesto broaden their horizon.

      • j5ive

        Soon, retail stores will be handed over to TPR. T-Mo will not be building anything “new” anymore.

        • Guest

          All TPR here. (And they sell way more than Corp. Retail did with far less locations.)

    • Matthew

      They just opened a new store near me but i think it is designed to capitalize on the prepaid side…It is in a low end part of town – within a mile there are MetroPCS, Boost, Virgin, independent retail stores.  I live in a ‘transitional’ area where on one end there are million dollar homes and on the other there are couches on the street and abandoned homes..and in the middle is the middle/upper middle class homes.  But it was interesting to see this new store in a strip mall next to all these low-end stores and near all the Boost & Metro signs

    • Absolutely, this goes for all retail RPS branches….all retail RPS are on the cutting block. do the math, lose 8 to 10 millions customers and the workforce is off balance and HR budgeting can not continue to support front line retail in declining business. last month the call centers were axed mostly the under performers call centers were closed down. we can assume the same in retail store. I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend in her current position. 

  • Sumydi123

    more outsourcing to india hmm? 

    • Guest


    • MadisonMIchelle

      Customer service for prepaid is already outsourced and even worse than the domestic.  Most of the people are in the Phillipines and have been horrendous.  I did manage to get a rep in Mexico who was great.  He delivered A+ service, really tried to help , and even went against policy to call me back the next day to make sure the problem was fixed.  I told him  he was way overqualified to be at Tmobile.  He also said that Mexico only has a few % of the positions and they’re trying to get more and that they thought -and had been told by customers -that the Phillipines call centers were really bad.  Ive got to say Ive never seen more incompetent customer service and tech support people than the ones in Phillipines.  Besides the language barrier, they are just unaware of BASIC Tmobile policies, rate plans etc.  Pretty much 95% of what they told me was absolutely false.  When the customer knows more than the rep, thats trouble.  I even emailed corporate with a long list of what these people told me.  It was like an SNL skit.

    • Guest

      Outsourced cs centers are held to the same metrics as state side centers.  THEY asked for that over a year ago because of the perception that they were under preforming.  If your interested in results.  They out perform US sites nearly all the time.  I don’t like hearing that but it’s true.  Bottom line, TMO isn’t going to keep liabilities onboard.  Period.  They are a pay for performance based companies.  If our outsourced sites were hurting us – they would be gone.  They’re not.  I wish we had the same work ethic here.  I wish we had the same level of gratitude.  Notice they don’t put the outsourced sites in our stack ranking?  We’d all drop… Sad but true.  TMO is making decisions to keep as many people employeed as possible, and they’re going to keep performers.  Bottom line.

      • guest

        What you say is a crock of s***, outsourced CS centers are the worst thing to happen to T-Mobile. Even if what you say has any bit of truth, do you ever look into how they get there numbers? They pass off calls they are too stupid to handle, they tell customers they should just switch to another carrier, they promise crap they never honor, pass calls to other dept when customers asked for a supervisor and this list could go on and on. There scores from customers a considerably lower, and we had a VP come in and openly state that the trade off is necessary and beneficial for the company lower customer experiences but bigger savings on paying reps in the US. Call customer care yourself and speak to those idiots yourself, most customers will openly ask for retention because they know they speak english, i have no doubt they are fine people but they are not fit to handle customers. If i had a dollar for everytime i heard, “why cant you hire americans”, “tmobiles customer service has really gone down hill”, and my favorite “the last rep was the rudest person ive ever spoke with and couldnt understand a word of what i was saying”, if i did then id be the richest man in the world at this point. Take that exaggeration as you will but there is a reason JD powers was lost, funny when we had JDP call centers had people sharing desks even because there wasnt enough for each person to have their own, now call centers may be half full at best. Those outsourcers are so awesome aren’t they?

  • j5ive

    Been given an expiration date of August for RPS. On to the next one.

    • Guest


      • j5ive

        For several years now.

        • Guest

          It’ll be interesting to see what MarketSource/Anderson/etc… has to offer. Time will tell. I know that Marketsource had a ‘mock’ SDR role that was piloted in the past that was separate from the traditional Event Rep program. Wasn’t ‘too’ bad if I remember correctly. 

        • j5ive

          Same boat?

          From what i hear, MarketSource pay will be significantly lower than what we make now. By significantly, i mean less than half of what we make now.

          It’s a great plan for T-Mo to hold off until August to pay out severance, they are betting a lot of people to leave before then to ax those payments.

        • I do your job already

          Thats kind of what SDR’s get IMO! Im an ER with MarketSource and have been for about two years. I believe TMo seen what everyone else seen, that you guys are way overpaid for what you do and there is almost no accountability. I work closely with several SDR’s and honestly ER’s do their jobs for them a majority of the time for less than half the pay.
          I feel bad for the good EPM’s that built great teams and now have to deal with their jobs being outsourced. All I know is if MarketSource offers me an SDR position or equivalent I’m game, if not then corporate retail is calling!

        • j5ive

          Have fun working for Market Source as an SDR…..won’t be the same as T-Mo. I doubt your resources will be on par with what we have. 

          I do feel bad you had a crappy SDR. Not all of us are like that but being an ER, you don’t do my job already. You have no idea.

        • I do your job already

          Ha, do you think analyzing a few numbers and figuring out what your opportunity stores are is difficult? Or maybe you believe that you are the best trainer and build the strongest relationships in an account.
           First and foremost, associates dont sell for you they sell for the person they see three or four times a week. Secondly, when an SDR doesnt answer their phone because theyre on that extreme amount of pto they get who do they call? ME!
          And resource wise, I have no resources now and I sell and train associates just fine. Just because I dont have a pink Tmobile visa to pay for things doesnt bother me much. There is something called RETURN ON INVESTMENT and SDR’s in their current roles dont provide much of that!

        • j5ive

          Sounds like someone was bitter because they were never hired on. I’ll stop before the insults come. 

        • Guest

          I’ve been both, and I was one of the ERs that did more than just sell (which led to an SDR position). Even with all of the extra duties I performed as an ER I wasn’t doing close to what I do as an SDR. I didn’t realize ERs in your market were busy negotiating additional shelf space for product with regional partner management, meeting with business owners while prospecting new Monthly 4G locations, working with management to allow additional table events (for you guys to sit around and scoop up sales that are more often than not just walk-ups) in stores that currently allow no events. The list goes on. Understand that when you see your SDR, he is going to alter him/her visit to accommodate you. It will be a different visit than you would see as a ‘fly on the wall’ so to speak. And shut you ungrateful mouth ;)

        • This email is private internal email for employees only, i’m curious with whom is risking their employment and benefits. I won’t feel bad when you’re being escorted out the door with a box of your junk from your desk.

          I’m deeply sadden to read so many negative remarks and simply attacking those that reach out and apologize for other’s past poor experiences. 
          ” I do your job already ” it’s not an acceptable behavior, and i can’t believe you sell our products. I just hope you don’t talk to your customers the same way as your team mates. You’ll never get promoted up with this attitude. no reason to get defensive or cocky. Walmart could sell the phone without your help or position with Market Source, because all the phones are priced to go out the door all on their own. Market Source ER’s is a good addition to our partners, but its not even close to being compared SDR. First, ER are only part time postions 20 – 24 hours per a week, easiest job in the world. SDR is a Fulltime and never off the clock, never enough time to complete all task and cover a region on target monthly goals verses your daily goals 3 activation target. TMO post 2010 ER’s had more responsibility and expectations covering Sam’s Club, Radio-shack, Walmart, Target, Best-buy, Costco and smaller service partners with real set events and expenses planned out months in advance. You’re considered as a “Third party”But of the rest of my T Mobile Family in RPS; retail stores. Those that are affected by this news I wish the best for you and  your career, and i appreciate all your hard work. this is not easy. I’ve been in the same position myself 2 years ago, Market source offered me a higher pay, I declined both recruitment offers and switched to Sales and Service within T Mobile. I’m sure some employees will get a chance to relocate and go through an interview for another position, good luck!I have complete faith in Philipp Humms decision, TMO is coming back to life changing its game plan, direction and strategy. We will earn back JD Powers #1 spot and trust of your customer one call at a time, crater to our customers and grow value with technology.  

        • Guest

          Exactly. Our market has ERs doing numbers that would send most home with their tails between their legs, and none of them would have the balls to post the nonsense this ingrate is spewing.

        • Tmoisscrewed

          This guy is a complete moron and has no clue.

        • Guest

          I was an ER once as well and I thought I was doing an SDR’s job too… Trust me its much more than you think… It seems all easy at 1st but there’s so much that is out of control, regardless your still held liable. Sometimes if feels like there’s not enough time in a week to get what you need to get done. You won’t get an opportunity to understand.. ER’s are being let go in july anyway soo dont worry about it… 

        • speaking the truth

          I’m currently an SDR and was an ER before getting promoted to an SDR. An SDR role has a lot more responsibilities than an ER cause ER’s just sit in a store 20 hours a week and  try to maintain an SPH and MRC. SDR’s have to make sure all doors are stocked with inventory train associates and ERs make sure our total performance summary and commission estimator is healthy and carry the wm family mobile above 20 psa worry about churn per door and make sure the fraudulent customers dont hit any of our doors. Not only that our personal cars we use looks like a UPS truck inside with all the merch brochures and dummy phones we have to personally deliver a the store. and if a dummy phone is brokebn we place orders and brochures. Can you imagine doing that to 20 plus doors and most SDRs territories geographically are huge! I myself on average drive about 120 miles a day and im lucky to even get to visit 3 doors a day on an 8 hr shift. we have emails to answer PAL visits to do and E-Learnings. Just because we have a magenta visa card doesnt mean were living lavishly. Those cards are used for office supplies and needs of the business. And yes we use those for meals while were travelling in a territory that is over a hundred miles away incase we have to do an overnight. Im not putting you down as an ER but walk in our shoes first before you judge. I can speak because Ive worked both roles. An SDR has way more responsibilities behind the scenes than what you see on the floor

        • Jpark831

          SDR role is a joke. Can you say, easy money?

        • Guest

          Yep. Same boat. I’m thinking there will be some good opportunities to make this summer pretty lucrative before September, and figure the rest out then. 

    • Yanks20001

      holy crao. i worked RPS and was already let go man….. im sorry to hear that good luck to you bub.. 

  • Wsstaub

    Bottom line….all the Directors, VP/GMs and GMs who placed their cronies in positions in anticipation of a big AT&T merger reorg are out too! They built an organization to mirror AT&T structure knowing there would be redundancy and there would be buy-outs for them. They created their own Golden Parachute for themselves and their buddies. Also, they made their big EBIDA bonus and have cashed the checks. TMo made money in 2011 and so did this level of management. I’m glad to see the 23 regions reduced to 9 regions with so many of these clowns getting bounced! (Thank you for my Occupy Moment…..it will never happen again!)

    • Guest

      Half-truths in this post.

      • Zb88

         Like what?

        T-Mo is a very top-heavy organization. It’s like Office Space, those who actually do work have 8 useless cronyist bosses micromanaging here there and everywhere.  These guys are going to be in deep crap trying to find similar jobs elsewhere,as they lacked the knowledge and credentials to legitimately have them in the first place

        • jon

          You and the bozo just above are so far off base. My wife is a manager at a call center and I am a manager in retail. Her responsibilities far out way mine. In retail structure she would be a store manager, an assistant manager and a human resource manager all rolled into one…if youre speaking higher up on the corporate ladder please specify that; but as far as lower level management, they are the hardest working people and bare the brunt if the heavy lifting.

        • Reed

          Hope she’s not a supervisor with any of the folks I speak to.  If I were a manager listening to how they treat customers, Id fire them on the spot.  Some of the rudest customer service, billing, tech support people Ive ever experienced have been at Tmobile within the last nine months.  After I got an Apple computer, I saw the huge difference.

        • Truth

          The huge difference in weight on your wallet.

        • Karma2713

          Liar, all low level management does is sit around talk, laugh, and have potlucks. I am so glad this BS organization is getting busted up. Tmobile is the worst company I ever worked for, the sorry coaches, that never provided any real coaching and the sorry managers above them. Thought they knew everything, did not know crap. I had a coach basically tell me she was such an @ss to the people under her because of tmobiles insurance(she had cancer in the past). Her @ssery still got her nowhere because we were consistently in the bottom at the call center, like 29 of 30 or 30 of 30 teams. Then when Tmobile did get ready to fire the POS of manager above her, she ran and took leave, I bet she will be gone until June.

        • Zb88

          Sorry, obsessed one who doesn’t work for T-Mo but has an obsession with the workplace culture, the lower managers and supervisor types are often barely fit to manage the night shift at a McDonalds – these are positions gained through tenure and being a sycophant more than anything else.  Only thing worse is when some of these types brown-nose their way to higher levels and then act like they know what they are doing.  Company performance proves something is amiss.

          The people who “bare the brunt” of the most garbage and deal with the most de-motivating idiocy by supposed managers and supervisors with no real managerial credentials, are the lowly CSRs making $12 an hour… who are fired for the most minor infractions, micromanaged within an inch of their lives, while supposed management can commit murder and remain on the payroll (nice long sentence there, I know).  It’s not what you know…

          Good luck to those who are cut, if they are in these surplus managerial and supervisory roles (often with nothing more than some cakey communications degree, if that), they are going to need it.  The past few years of promotion in the company have been insane, and the churn of both customers and employees proves it.

        • Zb88

           Furthermore, I don’t doubt that your wife is one of the good ones – but she’s probably in a minority of the “leaders” in her center, and I am sure if she has visited HQ, she’s likely been amused by some of the people there.   The future of the company remains very uncertain, and in my not so humble opinion, it’s the managers and above who own 99.9% of the responsibility for it.  Morale was sinking like a stone when I found greener pastures years ago – I still have friends there, and they are less than sunshine and smiles.

        • jon

          My wife is a 12 year vet from the days of voice stream. So, yeah, she is one of the good ones. She has done customer care, financial care and high balance/retention. I understand the “99%” vs the 1% that our wonderful political leaders have stired up lately, but this situation I’d far from wallstreet uber rich basically cheating.g their way to millions while leaving others out to dry. My wife and the vast majority work very very hard. Her day does not end when she leaves the office. Monitoring and scoring calls takes a huge chunk of the time she should be spending with family. The other off site issues she deals with are approving time, conference calls, and unemployment hearings. I would say she really works about 70-80 hours a week. The regular reps just don’t have a clue what roles and responsibilities the managers have. The true responsibility for tmobs decline is the direction set by corparate execs in Bellevue. The second Sue Nokes left and the focus shifted from customers to the bottom line is when shit hit the fan. Lower level management has nothing to do with the that direction. They are simply following orders..life for the managers hasn’t been rainbows and ice cream either and pitting reps against management is work of bitter reps losing their jobs and pro union hacks trying to drive a wedge so they can slither their way in the door to make a buck.

        • Zb88

           “Following orders” is rarely usable as a defense of anything.  I see no evidence of brown-nosing call center managers working 80 hours a week.  If your wife finds the hours (more like 50, tops) to be too much, perhaps she should find another job.   But I do agree about Nokes, I was there then, and when she bailed, the writing was on the wall.  The lower level managers should have formed a united front and started speaking up loudly, instead of simply sitting back and waiting for their healthy bonuses while micromanaging people who for the most part hate them.

          Workers vs management is not the result of any supposed unions or bitter reps – it is the result of poor managerial skills by unworthy leadership.  Go abroad, you’ll find much less tension between worker and manager than you find in the US. 

        • jon

          Alright @sshat, I see you’re all about insulting people behind a computer screen. You have no clue what it takes to be a salaried manager at a T-Mobile call center and also haven’t the slightest clue what their daily routines are. You wouldn’t know how many monitors are due per rep per month. You wouldn’t know how much time is taken on a day “off” to conference in on an unemployment hearing. You wouldn’t know the hours spent approving time, doing documentation, and following up with customers on your “off time”. You wouldn’t know how much time is spent cooking for your reps or speaking to reps when they need a friend rather than a manager….even saving the life of a rep who is threatening to harm themselves. You just don’t have the slightest idea and you need to move on. Good luck to you in whatever choose to do. Managing people or a business definately isn’t it though..

        • Zb88

           There you go with the insults again.  I guess you can’t take the heat, along with your wife.  I have every clue what it takes to be a T-Mo manager – connections and a brown nose, for one.  What kind of real world credentials are needed, what kind does your better half possess, why do you spend your time obsessing about a company which is in no legit way connected to you?  Seek help. 
          Unemployment hearing?  It’s a rare day when there is any contesting at all.  It takes hours to approve time off?  You mean she has to actually do her duties in a salaried position where she makes several times as much as those placed under her but does not do several times the work?  The shame!  Cooking?  Seriously?  Maybe there would be less reps with issues if so-called management, usually with no real managerial education, didn’t henpeck them every second they are at the center. Good luck to her and to you – you especially are going to need it, as the real world becomes more skeptical of empty heads, it will eat you alive.

        • jon

          Lol. You can have the last word…you’re obviously bent on having it. Just know you are a true clown that knows zero about tmob. It is obvious when I say approve time and you think I am talking about approving time off…lol. You probably deserved to get fired and since you no longer work for tmob, maybe you should move on.

        • Zb88

           Yawn.  Unless wifey works in RP – and I will wager she never has, she has nothing to do with actual time worked by reps.  I somehow doubt she has any specific technical or statistical background, as she is a manager and all.  Better hope her center isn’t next – you’re screwed if it is, as by you obsession here, she’s obviously your meal ticket.
          Nice try at more lame personal insults again…but I wasn’t canned, found a job where I was treated as the educated adult I am, now make roughly 65% more than I did back in 05, still have the T-Mo service though.  Move on yourself – someone of your abilities and credentials shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone.

        • I miss Sue. :(

  • Guest


    Do you think that Phillip Humm moonlights for Allstate Insurance??

  • I’m glad that the B2B is safe, I still have a job!! I feel bad for some of my upper management that I have grown to respect and like but that’s business.

    • Sourbro

      What is te guarantee b2b is safe?

      • Guest

        Adding a ton of B2B positions. Increasing business sales is one of the priorities moving forward.

  • Ron C Hentry

    I feel bad for all the people who have this new reality, Tmobile pays big money to its employees people are shocked by the money we make. I hope all the people losing their position are able to find a company to pay them the same. Best of luck to everyone!!!!

    • Ransom

      How well we talking?

      • Guest


        • firebird

          No one has been shocked by it in my experience and from friends who work for competitors its pretty standard, possibly even a bit low. Benefits are good though.

          I could make double a sales rep with years of experience at an entry level IT job, if that gives an idea.

  • eBruins77

    Do the official T-mobile kiosks count are the ‘Front line corporate owned stores’?

    • Get_at_Me


  • ChurningAsWeSpeak

    Keep up the terrible customer service and continue the already 15 straight quarters of postpaid losses.  TMO used to be known for outstanding customer service even if they might have had fewer A-rated handsets, and maybe a poorer network.  Now they’re dead last in customer service and dead last among the 4 largest national postpaid carriers.  They don’t have the iPhone, they are pushing prepaid under the Tmobile brand (not like Sprint does with Boost and Virgin) and they are becoming known as the official cell phone of Walmart.  I keep telling all the rude, incompetent, arrogant employees Ive spoken to in the last six months that they are just contributing to  their own job losses by their behavior.  Customers like me have tried to be loyal to Tmo (the only cell carrier Ive ever known) but that is not reciprocated.  So you can’t be surprised to see all the churn.  Wont post all my personal negative Tmo stories of the last year…but I will say that Iwould never recommend this carrier to any of my friends where I used to brag about it -and I can’t say I know a single person anymore who uses Tmobile.  Humm says goals are reducing churn and improving customer service but that is NOT what they’re doing.  I recently even spoke to a VP and the lack of follow thru on what he promised and the unfulfilled promises showed me that the poor service and c customer focus flows from the top.  I really feel bad for the great employees at my local store.  They constantly complain about “corporate” and say they’re no longer permitted to do the things necessary to help a customer or keep them on Tmobile.  Its really sad.  These are the people who’d always help me, who’d recognize me even if I hadn’t been in the store for over a year – Its sad watching this company self destruct but at this point, I no longer care as Ive resigned myself to switching carriers…The company’s poor management is to blame.

    • Get_at_Me

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience with TMO recently.  Its hard for me to think that noone wants to help you or keep you as a customer.  I’m not saying you’re lying or anything.  I just don’t see how a customer could just be disregarded.  In my store, we do what we can, (within reason), to ensure our customers are happy.  I also know for a fact that TMO’s loyalty department has done some outrageous things to keep customers.

    • go12345

      Sounds like they should have given you a big credit or something for free- Go see if Verizon or AT&T will give you that stuff!

  • nerdlust

    All the people that enjoy tmobile’s great service, and value should tell thier friends and family. This along may help a little.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      I doubt it, TMOUS is hurting and things are super dire in Europe. Deutsche Telekom execs in Europe look like walking calcium deposits or walking milk cartons.They are afraid, very afraid.

  • unrelated random comments:

    what exactly? what numbers? market compared to? One giant question mark… you must be confused, you don’t exactly sell anything especially when you aren’t providing a product as an ER. Walmart is providing the contract and device (service and product). i’m glad you’re proud to be a Market Source employee, i just don’t see what that has to do with this article??! unless you mean by being outsourced! if you read closely it says restructuring not outsourcing. according to you, lets fire all tmo employees because market source ER can  keep the company float. scary thought yikes. 

    • Guest

      I think you misunderstoodmy post. I was agreeing with your comments to the dude above (“I do your job already”) and adding that whatever he ‘thinks’ he does already, my markets ERs are crushing him, and even they wouldn’t have the balls to assert that they do the same thing as we (SDR) do. 

    • speakingthetruth

       Long live RPS and SDRs!!! I hope they open this position back internally  to T-Mobile cause I dont see Marketsource doing the numbers we did… Can you imagine them maintaining a 25+ psa on family mobile 10 PSA on postpaids and above 20% on 5GB attach and have a good close ratio on Dand H Class deposits?!? I dont know how they will have access to PCR-DCR Data reports Total performance summary churn and icam for being a 3rd party. I love national retail but I cant picture our RPS teams going to a corporate store just because their accustomed to driving door to door and maintaining accounts. It seems like T-Mobile is giving other carriers more ammo cause obviously their letting go of good sales people and telling other carriers we let go these many employees and u can have them. What will T-Mobile do if they have their 3rd party SDR against an Old SDR that went to ATT Verizon Sprint inside a walmart? Of course the old SDRs relationship is already built and will know how to sell against T-Mo. Dont get me wrong I love T-Mobile and want to retire with T-Mo but it feels like they pushed us away. I mean they cut 350 jobs but will open up 550 jobs> I wouldve rather took a paycut that let eeveryone go.

  • guest

    SDRs dont do crap have work in two diffrent markets doing numbers when i left the first market all both of the sdrs numbers sunk you know why associates liked me not the people who came for 2 minutes that never had dummy phones always showing off there new phones etc too bad too sad all good things must come to a end

    • ATT manager

      i have to agree i was an sdr and i didnt do crap you guys actually made me money i thank you for your hard work. and i was making 22.36 an hour

      • Same situation for ERs, a Walamrt associate process an activation with no help of an ER but the ER can claim the sale.

  • TMoFan

     To point to this as proof that the sellout should have passed is insane,
    and completely ignores all of the evidence to the contrary. Tell me,
    would at&t keep adjacent T-Mobile stores? Redundant field
    workers, and representatives? Not in our lifetime. If this pathetic
    sellout went through most of T-Mobile’s workforce would be gone after a
    few years. What do you think those buzzwords “synergies” and
    “efficiencies” meant? These are though choices for T-Mobile, and I feel
    for anyone laid off, but sometimes in business such actions are
    necessary. T-Mobile’s restructured network will go a long way to
    reposition the company towards growth. Think about it. Support for
    iPhone either officially or not, support for international and at&t
    phones. And at&t is deploying LTE on 700 and AWS just as T-Mobile is
    deploying on AWS. We just have to get through these growing pains

    I will say the cs seems to have taken a hit. I have been
    dealing with a billing issue that is still not resolved. All the reps
    I’ve spoken with acknowledge it yet it is still not reflected on my bill
    and I’m at my wits’ end dealing with this. One rep even suggested that I
    switch to a competitor…wtf??? If you really hate your job and can’t
    fake it do us and the company a favor and gtfo. I’m always the first one
    to brag about T-Mobile’s cs here and to friends/family, but this
    experience has left a bad aftertaste.

    • guest

      I have had some bad experiences with customer care.. most of them don’t even speak fluent english and tmobile got last place in customer service myb that’s also a reason why they’re letting all those employees go.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    This is consistent with what Deutsche Telekom said at Earnings Call.

    And you should note that TMOUS warned more cuts are coming.

    Bottom line: This evidences TMOUS is morphing into being a prepaid carrier. As I said in my other posts, as a prepaid carrier TMOUS can cut 80% of its workforce.

    IMO that’s what TMOUS intends and is doing.

    Besides, despite spin TMOUS continues to hemorrhage post-paid accounts. You can’t really bank on the loss of 500,000+ subscribers from January to March 2012.

  • SpeakingTheTruth

    Marketsource SDRs will not produce the same numbers Old SDRs do. What if an Old SDR gets hired by a competitor and has the same territory they had? Ill bet the old SDR will outsell Marketsource SDRs any day cause one they know the product and they know how to pitch against any product. Family Mobile PSA Postpaid PSA Deposit close percentage Prime Conversion Data attach will all decrease and churn will skyrocket. How will the new SDRs perform without access to Total performance summary PCR/DCR Data report sales booster and the break down of their doors performance for being with a 3rd party vendor? seems like T-Mobile shoved all of us out the door and not give us a chance. I mean why cut 350 RPS positions to create another 550 positions? A base pay cut and increase our at risk to even out the loss of the base pay and if an SDR hits their goal they can make it up with their at risk pay. To all my fellow RPS DMs SDRs and EPMs good luck to all of us and like what they said. This decision wasn’t based on performance but it was made to save cost. I wish you all the best of luck whether its within T-Mobile or another carrier.

    • L32383

      The Er program is now doom that Marketsource has complete control nuff said turnover rate is at its best right now