Hope You Speak Italian As The Galaxy S III Gets Unboxed On Video

With a European launch of the Galaxy S III happening in just under two weeks time, it was only a matter of time before at least one unboxing video popped up online. Thanks to Nicollo Rolli, Editor-in-Chief of Italian blog HD Network, we’ve got our first look. More important than just the unboxing aspect of this video however, is the comparison look as Rolli puts the Galaxy S III against the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X and HTC One S. If you have any questions about the comparative size of the device, any questions at all, this video is going to answer them.

There’s a good 7:34 of video here, but it really helps if you speak Italian.

Androidandme via HD Network

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  • Deadeye37

    Why are the USB cables that come with the phones so dang short?  Since it doubles as a charging cable, they should make it a little longer…

    I think that SIII is a very sexy phone.  I think I might have to get that phone as my next phone unless the International version of the One X somehow makes it to T-mo (or some other awesome phone is released in the next few months).

  • It is a good looking phone, but the subtle nuances that are the S3 to me aren’t worth it. I think will wait for the next “flagship” phone, or better yet switch to HTC…I would hate to do it, but it seems HTC recieves priority in getting updates…wifi calling update and ICS rollout update. Tired of Samsung being last (whoever owns the blame). I have many Samsung devices in my house and I love(d) the brand…my loyalty might *die* due to this model.

  • redman12

     This had me focusing on HTC One X instead, it’s sexy.

  • I was in a T-Mobile store yesterday, and the rep told me that TMo will getting the S3 soon

  • Sidekicker89

    Ich spreche Deutsche, nicht Italienisch!

    • BoricuaBoy88

      I know you speak German, and not Italian! I speak Spanish, so I could understand roughly about 60-70% of the video.

  • mreveryphone

    Looks good. Can’t wait to sell my note for this. i just sold my sensation for $300 and got a unopened one s on cl for $400. good pick up if you ask me. so i ran a quadrant test and got a 4927!! with this kind of score it won’t matter what processor comes in it, they are both more than capable. i’d rather have the 42mps though!

    • You did good @ getting $300, wow.  As for the One S, nice phone.  I hope it works for you, thanks for sharing.

      • mreveryphone

        i know i didn’t think i would get $300 but i rooted it and put ics on it plus i still had the original 16gb memory card that was in the hd2 with transformers on it! its all about the presentation. the one s is nice but the no sd slot is terrible. there was only 9gb of free storage space available. not cool at all htc, not cool at all!

        • WOW. 9GB? Oh my, I didn’t know that. That’s why I love having a GNote, card slot comes in handy. My Nexus though, I have to use cloud for lots of things. But, still great..as it has 12GB of the 16 open.

        • mreveryphone

          Yeah i’m going to root and get rid of all this bloatware and that should free up some space.

        • Hey just an FYI, I got me an HTC One S today. It has 12GB free…hmm.

        • mreveryphone

          Nice wonder my mine only had 9?? Check and see if you can post on here with yours? Mine won’t bring up the keyboard but I can see the cursor

    • Spanky

      $300 is indeed an excellent price. Last December, I sold my Sensation for $325 to help pay for the GNex. The phone was in immaculate condition, in box, and everything that came with it. I even threw in two gel cases. Still, $325 is the best I could get.

  • It’s either the SGS3 or the Nexus for me as my next phone.  Still on a Vibrant (rooted with Team Whiskey ROM), so either will be a big upgrade for me.  I just need to get them both in my hand, see how the increase in size feels.  I really got used to the size of the 4″ Vibrant, and remember thinking the Nexus felt HUGE when it first came out.

  • tekmonkey

    I have been long due for a new phone. I’m currently using a SGS 1. As others know, Samsung sucks at updates. I rooted my phone years ago and run the latest ICS build. Now back to upgrading. I am with TMobile and ive been eagerly awaiting the new SGS 3. Now that its been announced, I am debating on getting the HTC One due to the build quality.  Or maybe I should just get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus…
    Anyone have any tips/suggestions?

    • mreveryphone

      wait for the gs3

      • Legione13

        Why? It’s impressive, but if history is any guide, the One S and definitely the Galaxy Nexus will be updated way before the SIII… and tekmonkey seems to place timely updates high on his list of desired attributes. 

        • mreveryphone

          Yes but samsung has the best developer community out there, and he said he rooted his previous phone that’s why I said wait for the gs3. You’ll be able to get the latest roms before the official upgrade, overclock, governors and all the wonderful things that come along with rooting. With HTC you never know, that bootloader might be locked!

    • carl444

      get a galaxy nexus, no contest. You dont need a better processor or screen or camera it is just flawless. I’ve had other brands in the past and trust me I would never go back; stock ICS on a galaxy nexus it just works all the time, the most perfect combination, and the price 399??? really? 

    • jelliottz

      I went the unlockeck GNex route and have no complaints. No contract and a $400 phone that will hold its value? Made since to me. And PenTile be damned… this screen is beautiful.

      Remember, you can always sell your Nexus when the GS3 comes out and get the new one for very little out of pocket.

  • Caseybea

    Got a Galaxy Nexus a while back and LOVE it.   Was previously waiting for the SGSIII, but dropped that when Google’s sale for the nexus happened.    I like the SGSIII specs, I really do.   Do I wish I had an 8mp camera?  Sure.   But the one I have works pretty darned well.    In the end, now that I’ve seen it, the SGSIII is well, simply too big.   I can’t imaging wanting a phone any bigger than the nexus…  it’s big enough already, believe me.

    • Legione13

      Eh… the Note is the only real monster in that side-by-side. All of the rest are in the same general size range. 

      The lack of an 8mp camera on the Galaxy Nexus does bother me a little bit; it seems like these new 8mp cameras are where it’s at. 

      Still though, Google selling it themselves off-contract for $399 keeps the Galaxy Nexus tempting, although I’d love it if Google offered refurbished ones for even cheaper. 

    • tspx23

      LOL the video shows that it’s essentially the same size as the galaxy nexus. the nexus wastes a lot of space on the top and bottom

  • I am due for a upgrade and not sure what phone to get. I still have the HD2, really like my phone, its old but its such a nice phone, the os is buggy, not sure if i like android though  but i know my next phone will be android. the question is samsung or htc? biuld quality and updates are my concern. my htc hd2 build quality is pretty good.  any samsung phone owners here?

    • Dave Gomez

      Put android on your HD2 and give it a test drive of what newer HTC Android phones might be like.  One of the first things I did when I got mine.  

    • MarcusDW

      In the meantime, put Android on your HD2 and decide if you like it.

  • MarcusDW

    I hate the fact that I may have to buy this phone just to take advantage of the new features found in TouchWiz.  

    I really wanna know if Samsung even has any intentions of bringing these features the the “old” i9100.  If they do, then there’s hope my TMO GS2 will get the new TW one way or another(ROM).

    One update, new phone.  One update, new phone.  That kinda sux.

    • Xavier

       they just following what apple does with their products now lol

    • Xavier

       they just following what apple does with their products now lol

  • carl444

    The software has a lot of cool features i must say that if I get one it is only because of the software. Samsung fails to innovate on hardware design once again. I own a galaxy nexus only because stock ICS the hardware cries in front of others, I always try to show people my gnex without letting them hold it because wen you do it is a disappointment that the hardware is just an illusion. My next phone should have the best design on the market(loving the lumia 900 and iphone design as much as i hate apple) I am excited about that nexus line that will have many brands involved so we can choose the best

  • jerry

    So what happened to the corner of the onex at 4:47 in the video? and people still says HTC uses the best quality material….

    • JBrowne1012

      They do you try running your phone over with a 93 honda and have it survive without a crack on the screen and only the camera lens cracked of which btw still work 100% fine as if it came out of the box…. HTC makes devices that withstand most things that happens to phone I love my HTC Sensation and would buy the One S if I had money to shell out.

      • jerry

        Dont overreact man… Its just kinda annoys me when I look at it, and I can imagine how the phone will look like when I drop it on the ground (and I dont like cases.
        And save your money, dont get the one s, multitasking on that phone is a joke. I used to have a sensation and I think it looks good, feels good in hand. Just laggy, no offense.

  • now_onTMO

    when do we get this phone?

    there’s not a day that i don’t search for news about it.. lol

    when? the video became like a music video towards the end.. lol

  • Jgalindo2009

    That was the dumbest video ever!!!

  • Tomnewtn

    non capisco!

  • noobie

    speak   english you  a*****le. i am an asian but i will speak english in this case so everyone understands

    • Kotiya

      He’s Italian from ITALY. The video WAS for people in ITALY. It’s nice if you can READ.

    • Heh

      Yah go back to Asia.

  • Gman3

    Thanks for the video. Good stuff.

  • TMOCustomer

    I had an odd phone Samsung made for an Italian carrier (back when they used those proprietary connectors for the charging cables). It was multi-band GSM and had a strange flavor of HSPDA (not usable in the US). It did run WAP, and I used it until it died, around the time the G1 came out. Nice hardware, but I needed some software features Android didn’t have back then. The (Windows Mobile – ick) Dash was a great paperweight, so I ended up with a Blackberry (ok as long as their servers were up), which I traded in on a Galaxy II as soon as I could. I now have an unlocked Galaxy Nexus. Thanks for the sneak preview!

  • Johnny Brown

    Good thing I paid attention in my Italian classes in college… for the most part. I understood a good 90% of that lol. The SIII was looking pretty good and all but man, that One X (and S) were some sexy mofo’s… The whole non-external memory is what’s killing it for me.

    FYI, is it just me, or was anyone else a little jealous that he had every current high end phone in his possession? Just sayin’

  • bruce_leer0y

    You can stop watching about a 1min into the video.

    • Lani

      I’m envious of him possessing the latest Android mobile that other models will have to top and thankful he took the time to record/post the vid…

      But slow unboxing videos of mobiles have got to stop.  Am I the only one who doesn’t care what the text states on the box.  Just open the box and show every included item laid out without plastic bags and move on. 

      I’d rather see a quick spin of the ports/buttons, MAX 3 seconds of screen swiping, camera shot comparisons, best quality video samples with audio synced not sounding like a tin-can.

      And a must is to review/show all NEW features that explain why this is the new must-have mobile.  Otherwise its looks like another thin sleek Galaxy mobile.

  • Andres Garcia

    Spanish speaking people can understand the video, so go on and watch it, italians are our language cousins

    • Spaced and read that as Samsung speaking people. o.o

  • Tmotech

    I messed with the S3 today at work, here in the U.S., the phone is HUGE, it does not easily fit in the hand. I’m sure the phone will sell well but I think alot of folks will be disappointed due to size. This was also “live” on the T-MO network. 

    • Tmotech

       David, I can also confirm that your previous post in regards to the internal model number for the SIII , S3 is correct; SGH-T999,