HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available, HTC Amaze 4G Update Coming May 21st

Right on cue and beginning as early as 3:00am this morning, T-Mobile and HTC released Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Sensation 4G. Not to worry HTC Amaze 4G owners, you’re waiting just a few more days as T-Mobile announces your update for May 21st. As soon as Sensation 4G owners stop dancing around the room celebrating this release, just remember the end of free tethering as soon as you hit that update button. If you’re done reading, go go go to the link below and get your Ice Cream Sandwich on.

For download instructions:

HTC Sensation 4G:

HTC Amaze 4G:

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  • Deadeye37

    Since my G2 probably isn’t going to have an official ice cream sandwich update, I’m going to go to the freezer and get my own ice cream sandwich and am going to consul myself with it.

    Hopefully in a month I’ll have time to root my phone and get a good custom  ICS rom on my phone. 

    • MarcusDW

      Hang in there man.  I bet that we’ll know something about June 1st and we’ll get the update around mid June.  

      • CuriousC

        The amaze did not include free wifi tethering, i just changed around the apn and got it to work. Can someone explain to me if the ics update fully blocks out any way to use free tethering at all or can the apn still be changed to make it work on the sensation like i did with my amaze.

        • Brista

          i read that on xda that someone did that and it still works

        • what are the apn settings to get around the pay for tethering?

        • Realweirdblog

          Found this. Worked for me. Anyone know of a way to make it work on GS2 without ICS?

        • Bradmill08

          im able to tether for free  i got the update in Missouri at 3am 

        • CuriousC

          Epc .tmobile. com no spaces*** i had to do that to post it on here.
          Is the correct apn you need to put in place of the current apn to get it to work. Just search the market for apn managing apps and do a quick google search on changing apn to get free tethering.

  • Dswagg2k10

    i tried 30 minutes ago, giving me a green thunder monkey thingy(android) and a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. I don’t have a custom rom on it, however the boot loader is unlocked and rooted… that going to be a problem?

    • Dswagg2k10

      nevermind, found the answer in the forums. Im guessing Tmobile an HTC didn’t like the movie “Roots” very much

      • MarcusDW

        What’s the answer?

        • Dswagg2k10

          Manual updateDevice is running Android version 2.3.3 / Software version 1.50.531.1, 1.29.531.2, or 1.45.531.1Device software is not rootedMore than 50% battery lifeData or Wi-Fi connection

        • MarcusDW

          So you had to unroot?  My wife’s Sensation is S-OFF’d, is that an issue?  

        • You can flash manually…give it some time then head over to Xda-forum

        • MarcusDW

          Right on thanks.  Hopefully we have no problems this evening with it.

  • No hope for ICS for Mytouch 4G officially? I’m so damn picky about updating phones. There’s nothing out right now that I NEED [love HTC but the One S isn’t it for me]

  • should have never updated

    Updated an hour ago.  tried to send a text message and it’s been telling me to “Please wait” for over 20 minutes…  Anyone have any idea what’s going on?  I can’t seem to access any of my messages, the screen is just stuck on please wait with the circle cycling.

    • Dswagg2k10

      have you tried to power cycle?

      • should have never updated

         you mean removing and replacing the battery? i tried that, more of the same.

        • BrianTessier

          I didn’t have this issue, just some issues with facebook after the update. I went to the Play store and updated everything, then rebooted and have had no problems since. I’m really liking the new look and updated apps.

        • Kurtleyp91

          Weird I had the facebook issue as well and this messaging issue. it’s saying please wait and it’s been quite a while now.

        •  Im getting the same issue, i do have a million text messages in there though, it must have to go through them and reformat them or something

        • Vinny T.

          I’ve been waiting for more than an hr and my messages still aren’t working…

        • Sagnik De

          Just give it time. It happened to me as well. I let it run its course, and it works now. Took me like 45 minutes. Also, probably depends on the number of messages you have!

    • sarah

      Has this issue been resolved for you? I am still getting please wait, I can’t even compose a message!!

  • Fatalhashbrown

    Downloaded the update at around 5am when I got up for work. So far my phone is running smooth as butter. Seems a bit faster, especially when playing games. The facial recognition works pretty well too.

  • Rdelar01

    After reading the boards, I ran the S-off yesterday and downloaded the update this AM.  The only hick-up was needing to update the Facebook app which was causing a sync error.  Other than that, I’m enjoying my tasty Ice Cream Sandwich…

    • Neilatlanta

       i have s-off and now my phone is stuck on the white triangle with blue android screen. How do i fix this

  • Teachereudeferrer

    Does anyone know if there are any apps you can get from store to make the Hotspot feature stay if my Sensation is NOT S-Off or rooted? If so, will they work for free?

  • FINALLY… My Amaze hasnt been so amazing the past few days.. I wonder if in senses the update coming…LOL
    SO ready to get ICS… I hope that it fixes a few small issues I have with GB

  • bitbank

    I just upgraded my Sensation to ICS this morning in preparation for selling it (I upgraded to the unlocked Galaxy Nexus a few weeks ago). For all of you eagerly awaiting your ICS update, don’t be in such a hurry. The upgrade went smoothly; it took about 15 minutes from start to finish. At first glance, you can’t even tell that you’re running ICS. HTC Sense 3.6 pretty much hides/covers all of the nice parts of ICS. There are obviously underlying features that have been added/improved, but for the most part, your phone looks and works the same way it did on Gingerbread. I’m not one to give any importance to app launchers, home screens or any visual fluff. The differences I’m talking about are in the Google branded apps, the dialer, and all of the parts of the phone you interact with on a daily basis. I hope there is someone in the XDA community who can “de-sense” this new version to allow Sensation owners to get the “pure” Android experience. In older versions of Android I considered HTC Sense to bring benefits, but Android is finally grown up and doesn’t require any “skinning” at all.

  • I am LOVING ICS on my Sensation, updated at 4am. – )

  • Jake88

    Upgraded my old Sensation (now I use a Galaxy Nexus). Not much appears to have changed on the surface -still laggy scrolling and switching- probably due to Sense which is still covering the operating system. Is Sense even necessary? Pure ICS is so good and fast. Sense FTL!

  • Gio

    I like the new folders. You can make groups and when you press the folder, all the icons in the group will spawn. Nice improvement from GB now I can put all my communication apps in one folder. I also like the animation when you hold the home button. A lot of little tweaks that make the OS more usable day to day.

    • frontrowfred

      How do you add folders?

  • Questank

    I just updated, as the other posts say, Sense 3.6 basically makes the UI feel like Froyo. ICS on my Acer tablet is a much better experience. Add to that the removal of free WiFi hotspotting (aren’t I already paying for the Internet connection, which T-Mobile has already capped?) and car dock mode apparently missing (you people do understand we use our phones for everything these days right?) and I am ready to rollback. I am still an HTC/T-Mobile fanboy, but the two companies are making it harder to stay that way.

    • Dumbazz

      Guess you didn’t read the contract you entered into.

      • Svetzy02

        The contract is stupid. Since your data is capped, you should be able to use it for anything you want. There’s no reason to restrict a feature that’s built in to the phone.

  • Youngt82

    Just so everybody know Facebook syncing is known issue with ICS , and we’re waiting on a fix for it.

    • drivethruboy168

      My fiance updated hers at midnight and the Facebook thing popped up in the notification bar but once she updated the Facebook app, the error went away.

      • Remarkablyadept

         Same here. Just update Facebook via Play Store.

  • Marc Klein

    Anyone know where I can go to root my Sensation and does it have be done through the phone directly? Wonder if these roots allow for free tethering… 

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i keep getting a yellow exclamation point inside a white triangle next to the android robot. phone unrooted with s-off. anybody else experiencing the same issues?

    • Neilatlanta

       yes, im having the same issue. Whats the fix. Help

      • baopham

        try flashing the official RUU update found on xda.  google sensation forums xda

      • krazytrixxxsta

        i rerooted my phone and flash Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) + Sense UI 3.6 + Beats Audio by Android Revolution HD instead. you better off just flashing this rom instead, it better than dealing with tmo version that fill with a whole bunch of bloatware and the removal of the free wifi hotspot feature. this one is bloatware free and the wifi hotspot feature still work for free.

  • Ltgisabeachbum

    In other news cyanogenmod 9 is out for the sensation 4g via official nightly builds. Why would I use the ota update and bother going through the hassle of unrooting my phone and losing the wifi hotspot ? Rom updates via rom manager couldn’t be easier.

  • Even with the new update I still can’t disable the HTC lock screen (if it’s there someone please help me), so if I wan’t to lock with a PIN or use facial unlock, I have to go through two lock screens.  CM9 here I come.

  • Mikkej2k

    Where is the face lock feature? Did T-mobile remove it?

    • It’s where all the other unlock settings are Settings>Security>Screen lock

      • Mikkej2k

        No , it’s not. That’s why I posted this.

        • lost1

           you have to touch under screen security to see the options

    • Titino Lattie

      you have to go in setting and click on security then u have choice right there

    • Titino Lattie

      you have to go in setting and click on security then u have choice right there

  • hg

    Just upgraded and my wifi hotspot seems to work fine. I’m not sure what everybody is complaining about…

  • Dumbazz

    I am very impressed with Tmobile. This has to be the first Android update that has gotten to users the fastest in terms of the rollout. In the past once it was released you sometimes had to wait weeks once they released it.
    This is a step in the right direction!

  • Mangobeach

    I want to change my phone back to Honeycomb. I do not like this. It changed all my phone settings, & I cannot change them back

  • koridawn

    I would rather hang with Gingerbread than lose tethering.  I have ICS on my ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet. I don’t I am missing much at all, especially after reading comments in the forums about the underwhelming changes to their Sensations.

  • Dumbazz

    WOW Google voice typing is FANTASTIC!
    Can’t wait for my sg2 to get ICS!
    New calendar is nice but I don’t know about this new Gmail. I guess I will have to get used to it.

  • cathy20

    I updated last night and all my pictures/music is gone. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Dozer461

      Looks like they are still on the card, they must have changed up the folders with the update… had me worried for a bit…

  • hg

    I used to be able to change the app shortcuts on the HTC Sense lock screen.  Can’t find it now. Any help?

    • STV3

      You have to change the apps on the bottom of your main screen in that new bar we have. Those apps correspond with the apps on the lock screen

    • want2cbetter

      Yea, took me a while to figure it out as well.  Just press and hold the app on the bottom of the screen and you can move it or delete it.  Then you can drag the one you want to the blank space you created.  They then are the ones that show up on your lock screen.

  • nerdlust

    My upgrade went really smooth. I have seen speed and performance increase, but looks similar to gingerbread and sense 3.0 I’m very happy with the performance improvements.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Is ICS nicer looking then GB? I just got my amaze so I am wondering if I should just use GB for a few months then update to ICS so it feels newer at that time

    • baopham

      it does look a bit nicer, problem is sense 3.6 covers alot of nice stuff…

  • I upgraded this morning. I haven’t seen any improvement to battery life or speed, but I didn’t lose my free tethering either.


      That is good news. 

    • Lani

      What is your software version now?

    • baopham

      think you only got the 2.3 level updates there are two

    • zifnab

      Mine tethered too after the update… wondering if i’m going to find a new charge on my bill for tethering…

    • FakeEmail

      what plan and data pkg do you have — some 5gig plans include hotspot anyway

    • FakeEmail

      what plan and data pkg do you have — some 5gig plans include hotspot anyway

  • None

    This is certainly a *really dumb question* but to be honest, I have neen looking for an answer for over an hour online and cannot find one (maybe because its a dumb question).
    If I get the “update available” screen but do not have the time and hit cancel, How or When will I be given another chance to do the update?

    • Ayodele Amadi

      Probably go back into Menu>Settings>About Phone>Software Updates

    • FakeEmail

      You should be able to to into Settings < about phone < HTC update and search for updates to get it there

  • kod



      People that don’t have lots of disposable income. It is a good handset. and it is only about a year old. Why you gotta be so judgmental? 

    • phone-o-logist

      So true with what TMOTECH said.  I am pretty happy with my Sensation.  I got it when it came out and I am not thinking of upgrading til next year.  Pretty solid and suffice for my everyday needs.  Not everyone can afford changing phones, like me being a broke college student. 

    • zifnab

      Its less than 1 year from release? Most people sign 2 year contracts? … just sayin

    • jarjon76

      Poor attempt at trolling.

    • jarjon76

      Poor attempt at trolling.

    • StonersLane


      Forever Alone

  • kod


  • if i download the update will it use up the mobile data allowance of 5GB? I’m on 4.2 GB this cycle? 

    • Lani

      Always use WiFi for any update, when possible.

      •  but doesn’t Wi-Fi still use up my High Speed Data Allowance for the billing cycle? i kinda need the last .7 because of a trip i’m taking i kind of need the GPS,

  • Crice1972

    When I first updated still seemed very laggy. It was a pain but I did a master rest and thinghave seemed to improve.

    • Crice1972


  • Quaestor

    I updated my daughter’s Sensation 4G this morning to ICS and overall everything went smooth. Her pictures disappeared at first but after playing around the phone found them. However, her 20k messages have yet to appear. When you go to the messages icon it gives a blank screen and says “Please Wait” and has been like that for 9 hours. Has anyone else encountered this? As of right now she cant access old messages or get new ones.

    • FakeEmail

      the more messages, the longer it takes — lots of others reporting similar stories

    • FakeEmail

      the more messages, the longer it takes — lots of others reporting similar stories

    • Barker1964

      It takes a while I only have about 8000 and it took over an hour

    • Barker1964

      It takes a while I only have about 8000 and it took over an hour

    • Lizaaa4464

      is there any way to fix this? i can’t view my messages, and it’s driving me nuts! my dad doesn’t have this problem because he texts far less than i do. any news on how to get rid of this crappy “loading” error?

  • pokemonhunter

    I haven’t been able to connect to 4G on my sensation since the update its has been stuck on Edge!

    • Frank Pajuelo

       I am also stuck on 2G…..Where is the 4G?

      • pokemonhunter

         That’s what I am saying! Its getting kinda annoying now.

    • Titino Lattie

      you have to remove the battery and reinstall the battery back on then it should be work

      • pokemonhunter

        That does not work.

  • Kurtleyp91

    I haven’t been able to text since the update. I can’t view my previous text logs. At first it said please wait then when that went away an hour later whenever i go to text someone it says loading but never loads.

    • Crazcris3

      I had the same problem today. What I ended up doing was backing up my text messages via smsbackup, then I deleted all the messages through the T-mobile My Device app. I restarted the phone then restored all the texts and now it works as if it had before the update. Hope this helps.

  • efg123

    Anyone knows how to make the Hotspot work through an app when your phone is not rooted after you do the update?

    • Guest

      use easy tether or clock work mod tether works just fine or even pda net

      • efg123

        These apps offer tethering options but not “hotspot” functionality. :(

        • Cars249999999

          I know that sucks but their is an app thats working in a hotspot version called wifi tehtering by opengarden inc. the only problem is that they are just working on getting it to work on a non rooted device or at least thats what it seams

  • Wlangelwl

    Does anyone know why I can’t remove the prediction off the keyboard.. The option in settings is blacked out.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      You can’t remove it as in uninstall it.  That’s an ICS feature that it’s blacked out.  All you can do is install another one you want, and not use the one you don’t.

  • Wlangelwl

    Does anyone know why I can’t remove the prediction off the keyboard.. The option in settings is blacked out.

  • jarjon76

    I updating this morning and gone is the lag I had with the old Sense. Looking at the task manager, I seem to have more internal memory at my disposal, which probably explains the no lag. As far as ICS (with Sense overlay) goes, I like what I’ve seen so far. I really like the grouping of apps option–that’ll save screen real estate. I like the overall look and feel of ICS (with Sense). It isn’t a major change from what I had before, but there are enough changes to make it a different experience. So far, so good.

  • jarjon76

    I updating this morning and gone is the lag I had with the old Sense. Looking at the task manager, I seem to have more internal memory at my disposal, which probably explains the no lag. As far as ICS (with Sense overlay) goes, I like what I’ve seen so far. I really like the grouping of apps option–that’ll save screen real estate. I like the overall look and feel of ICS (with Sense). It isn’t a major change from what I had before, but there are enough changes to make it a different experience. So far, so good.

    • Jberryman1

      Same here.

  • xorox

    i dont know what people are talking about here…….erased / flashed my sd downloaded….voila!!! WITHOUT a SINGLE HITCH!! speed is awesome, and best of all the crappy battery drain is gone. It took what seemed a lifetime, but alas….its complete.

  • Mando2real

    im rooted running ARHD, how can i get this update?

  • Miguelon99

    Nothing for the My Touch 4G?

    • baopham

      Don’t think it’s gonna happen you should be able to upgrade to a new phone soon if you are using a Mytouch 4g.  There are cm9/rooted roms that are 4.0 that run.  But ICS seems to run very laggy on single core SoCs.  It’s ok but noticeably slow on Galaxy S phones.

  • I downloaded 4.0 this morning. While a lot of it looks like GB, there is a lot more flexibility. I love the idea of folders, to save on the desktop space. At first use, the phone seemed to lag and bit and a bit of unresponsiveness. Then I had to remove the battery and replace it and it practically didn’t read anything on my SD card. Eventually, the information seemed to have loaded. Also, downloading some of the apps, seemed to have gotten stuck in the process. 

    Over the course of the day, it seems the phone has gotten faster and more responsive, without any kind of reset. I was able to reload some apps and I was able to get the connection I was used to. Now over the past few weeks, I’ve used the GO launcher, haven’t gotten one white HTC screen with Go Launcher. I used SENSE and at first it seemed to work fine. Later I got the white HTC reboot screen, so I’ve gone back to Go Launcher. It’s been super smooth since!!

    I’m anxious to see what 4.0 improvement will come with the apps. I do love the 4.0 versions of G+, Google Talk and Gmail. Only exception in Google Talk, seems to have taken away the ability to sort ALL your online contacts, just most used contacts. 

    Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the upgrade (so long as I use GO LAUNCHER). Seems sense still has some issues. 

    • baopham

      one program that is 4.0 only you should use: chrome beta

      • steveb944

        I completely forgot about that, thanks for reminding me. haha

      • I love the Chrome Beta. Can’t wait till the official is released. Never use the stock! Too slow!!

    • rosie

      how has battery life been?

      • I admit I’ve gotten sorry battery life. I can now get into 4hrs before going into the red. 

  • Al Miller

    I installed 4.0 this morning, now my Sensation will only connect at 2g.

    • pokemonhunter

       You have to go into settings and then to mobile network and switch the network mode from GSM Only to GSM/WCDMA Auto.

      • Frank Pajuelo


      • Hamid

        Hey thanks alot , now my 4G is back 

    • Hamid

      i have exacly the same problem update my htc sensation 4g this morning , and what i got 2g all day , i call t-mobile speak to them and try all diferent thing but nothing work , so they set me up with techican i two days to se what he can do , and i asked them is there a way i can go back to previous version they say NO , 

  • MarcusDW

    Need help. Sensation has been stuck with triangle and blue robot for over 20 mins now.

    S-Off, rooted, correct software version.

  • Marreran

    I upgraded this morning and can’t see any improvement. Do I need to activate something to see camera improvements, etc? Thanks

  • Pete G

    Be aware – If you upgrade the software and want to use the hotspot feature you will pay $15 per month per phone. I have 5 of these in my family plan so $900 per year on tpo of the current data plan. Looks lke the math is $2400 per year to use TMO data. I just called and was told too bad. When I was being pitched to extend my plan a few months ago, the loyalty department was pitching “free” hotspot. Not so “free” anymore if you want to upgrade the software. I saw the upgrade on facebook and there is no mention of a $15 fee to activate the hotspot once you upgrade. I feel this is unethical on their part and I will be departing after 11years with the company as a loyal customer. Nice job TMO news for pointing out the story of the hidden fees and change of service on the upgrade.

    • FakeEmail

      Some  5gig plans do include free hotspot even after ICS — if you were told you did just a few months ago I would go ballistic until you get some concessions or something fair — give it a try, it usually works if you can make a good case, which you might have — I’m liking my GB with hotspot more and more

    • Adora

      you can also invest in an app like easy tether which tethers the web to your lab top or pc via usb. the app is worth about 5 dollars when i got it and works just fine

    • Yourmom

       You ever heard of having a choice?  You do know nobody is holding a gun to your head?  If you want the upgrade this is the pros and cons.  If you don’t this is the pros and cons.  Quit the entitlement already

    • Aaron Tant

      The fee has not been hidden.  T-Mobile has been charging for Tethering a few years now.  Other commenters are right, though… T-Mobile still offers the best deal in town, so, you can look around if you want and you will that.  Also, there are data plans which include free tethering (even with ICS) — 5GB and 10GB data plans do that.  I’m sorry you feel cheated, but what T-Mobile is doing is standard.  No other national carrier offers free hotspot/tethering.  At least T-Mobile is offering it through some of their premium data plans.

  • Jberryman1

    Ice Cream Sandwich on the Sensation is awesome…so what if you don’t get to use free tethering…get wifi for your house and stop complaining….not a big deal.

  • Silveroaks909

     Your not gonna get a cheaper price at verizon,att,or sprint with family plan or hotspot. So if money and 11 years loyalty i dont know where ya gonna get 5 phones cheaper with data or hotpsot but nice ya can vent for a second till you go in and start pricing plans.. ha ha

  • BKPhil

    Has the update been pulled?

    Yesterday I was able to bring it up on the update check (declined, wanted to do a backup first), but when I tried the same update check this morning, it tells me my phone is up to date, there are no updates for my phone.

    So I read below that the stupid Sense reboot white HTC screen bug has been migrated into this update?  Still not solved?  WTF?

    • baopham

      it happens when you run out of memory, android boots the launcher but when you click home, it starts the launcher again, hence you wait on white HTC screen.  Decreasing the number of open apps should help.  You can also try using a 3rd party (apex/nova) launcher.

  • Aol

    Since Ive done the upgrade my phone keeps restarting. ugh

  • BigOne

    Issue Seems To Be With Sense, Switched to go launcer and so far so good.

  • ErnieD

    Updated to ICS yesterday and already noticing somethings i do not like.  First off, the Automatic Brightness is ultra sensitive. It goes from bright to dark with simply holding my phone landscrape rather that portait. Secondly, internet browsing with GB, the notification bar (battery life, 4G, time, etc.) and the web address tab was always fixed on top of browsing page while scrolling up or down. With ICS, it disappears as you scroll down. I would like to keep it fixed on top. Third, browsing history isn’t displayed as a drop down box when i tap on the web address tab. I feel its easier to select website i have previously visited rather than going thru the bottom menu button and then select history option. And finally, the code lock screen has been bypassed a few times already.  It went straight to the home screen widget without swiping in my screen lock passcode.

    I wonder if some of you are experiencing the same or have found some quick solution to this. If so, let me know.

    • Rielle

      Chrome Beta keeps the web address and notification bar fixed at the top

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    It works perfect on mine..i mean PERFECT idk about the rest but no lags here at all or any problems…ive been showing off lately lol

  • Mcyeates83

    i have a question will that also mean that the theatering from the amaze will go also

    • steveb944

      WE HAVE FREE TETHER??? That’s news to me

    • rasheed307

       No. If you have 5GB data plan then you will be able to use the Hotspot and tethering feature. It was the same even before the update.

  • Pablo Guevara

    Okay, so I have a question. My HTC Amaze has the data plan – Unlimited 5gb data premium with smartphone mobile hotspot service, $30, and everything else is unlimited as well. But I hear that when the ICS update arrives tomorrow, I will start getting charged for the mobile hotspot, an extra $15. When I got my Amaze in November I got 5gb of data limit from the start but never got the mobile hotspot, which I was told should have been given to me because you needed to have 5gb of data or more to get the free hotspot, FREE. With the update tomorrow, will t-mobile start charging me another $15 for the mobile hotspot? Oh, and another thing, I have another person on my plan, its a family plan unlimited everything, only the other person has 2gb of data and no mobile hotspot. With that said, when the update arrives tomorrow, will the other line get charged the extra $15 even though it does not have, and doesn’t need, mobile hotspot? Yea, we both have the Amaze. Please, someone help me with this confusion!

    • Mr Farias09

      If you have the 5 gig plan with hotspot you will not be charge extra, however the other line that has 2 gig plan will need to add the 5 gig plan in order to use tethering. Before the update T-Mobile did not detect the hotspot usage , now with ICS T-Mobile can detect it.

      • Starattack

        So your saying that people that have 2gb of data will automatically get charged the extra $15 even though they’ve never and will never use it? Or only if you decide to turn on the hotspot on for one day, then you charged the extra $15? T-mobile can’t charge me for something I don’t use, right?

        • krazytrixxxsta

          So your saying that people that have 2gb of data will automatically get
          charged the extra $15 even though they’ve never and will never use it? not at all. the hotspot wont work, other devices wont be able to connect to it. you will have to call tmo to add on the hotspot feature.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      once you update your phone and you have any plan that less than the 5gb data the mobile hotspot wont work when u turn it on, your devices wont be able to connect to it. you will have to add it to your plan to use it.

  • Cupcake

    My update did not include Face Unlock.  Am I supposed to have it or not?  Anybody else not get it?

    • HTC Amaze guy

       Yes you have it. You have to go to Settings then click on Security then click on Screen Lock and you should see the option.

  • HTCsensationrooted

    End of tethering…..NOT for me..LOL

    • HTC Amaze guy

       Nothing changes after the update. If you have 2GB data plan then T-Mobile officially don’t support Wireless Hotspot however, data plans with 5GB and up will be allowed to tether just like before.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      lmao…. same here. the end of free tethering and mobile hotspots, i think not. im currently using Android Revolution HD 6.6.4( Android 4.0.3+ Sense UI 3.6 + Beats Audio) on my sensation 4g. what rom are you currently using on your phone?

      • Victorious

        Very smart move! I am also using Revolution! The best!

    • Jones K31

      Help me I’m Pissed my tethering gone