T-Mobile Makes Upcoming Buy One, Get One Sale Official

Is two better than one? T-Mobile certainly wants you to think so as they introduce their newest buy one, get one (BOGO) offer this Friday, May 18th through Monday 28th. Customers who purchase a select T-Mobile 4G device will receive a mail-in rebate for the amount of the second purchased device, up to $329.99. The promotion includes the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Radar 4G, Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot and the rest of T-Mobile’s 4G handset choices. Hit the T-Mobile link or press release below for all the details.

Magenta Deal Days


Full Press Release:

T-Mobile Proves That Two Is Better Than One

From May 18 to May 28, T-Mobile’s “Magenta Deal Days” continues, offering customers a free 4G smartphone when they purchase one of equal or lesser value

BELLEVUE, Wash. — May 16, 2012 — T-Mobile is showing customers how two is better than one. For a limited time, customers who purchase a select 4G T-Mobile® smartphone will receive a second smartphone of equal or lesser value for free, after a mail-in rebate card, making it more affordable than ever for families to upgrade and have amazing 4G experiences on America’s Largest 4G Network®. The promotion will take place from Friday, May 18, through Monday, May 28.

T-Mobile’s “Magenta Deal Days” Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) promotion offers customers a mail-in rebate card worth up to $329 toward a new device with the purchase of a select T-Mobile 4G smartphone or mobile broadband device. Customers can choose from T-Mobile’s latest and fastest devices, including the HTC® One™ S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G, HTC Radar™ 4G, Sonic® 4G Mobile Hotspot and the Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze™ 4G, among others, running on America’s Largest 4G Network®.

“Our latest ‘Magenta Deal Days’ promotion continues our commitment to giving our customers the ability to enjoy all the 4G experiences of a smartphone on our best plans ever,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “What’s better than getting one of the sleekest, fastest 4G devices on the market? That would be getting two for the price of one.”

New and existing eligible (meaning 22 months or more on their current contract) customers can take advantage of this promotion and receive their second device for free after a mail-in rebate card when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying Classic Plan™1 or paying a $0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate card on their second device when signing up on a qualifying Unlimited Value™2 plan.

Below is an example of pricing for the BOGO promotion on either T-Mobile’s Classic or Unlimited Value plans. The devices listed do not reflect all of the devices available during the BOGO promotion.

The “Magenta Deal Days” BOGO promotion will be available at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. For more information about T-Mobile’s products, services and a full list of eligible devices: http://t-mo.co/IFiLii.

Standard upgrade eligibility rules apply for existing Classic customers who stay on a Classic plan.

On approved credit and 0 percent APR. Down payment and unfinanced portion required at purchase. Remaining balance paid in 20 monthly installments. Total price of each device equals down payment amount plus 20 times the monthly payment amount.

About T-Mobile USA, Inc.

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  • Bratty

    The One S is bogo! Thats cool.

    • Brian in Hazlet

      This is nothing new.  They just ended a $100 trade-in deal for new customers.  The net of the value plan is $99.50 per phone.  The previous offer was better.  

      BTW Its not even a bogo, read the fine print.  It comes out to be only 16% off on two HTC ones  on the value plan.

      T-Mobile should go back to school and learn how to do math!!!

  • Jaygqitalia

    Up to 329? Well then this is only good for people who want a classic plan


    No its still a good deal for Value plan you get the down payment back and its a cheaper plan after the sale you would not get the 199.99 back.   Sweet Deal

  • What is EIP monthly payment that’s listed for 1st device and 2nd device?


    On the Value plan you pay for phone balance with monthly payments but its always a better deal then the Classic plan .
    Two lines unlimited talk,text and data Value plan 99.99 on Classic same thing is 140.00.
    So if you do the math you pay less with Value plan even with phone payments ….

    • Hemingway

      Some of us only have single lines – If they’d advertise one line – unlimited (or 500 min with unlimited text and 2gb of 4G data for 49.99, people would be all over it…But thats not the deal and thats not how they promote it (even the prepaid for unlimited talk, text and 2gb of data is $60 -ten more than that)..

    • TheReder

      “Unlimited” data should have huge quotation marks around it.


    Or if you do not need Unlimited talk you can get 1000 minutes with unlimited text and data you pay only 80.00 for two lines on the Value plan.
    Thats 39.99 each,,,,,,,

    •  I recently switched over to this plan and it’s cheaper than the grandfathered plan I used to have.  Granted, I have a $20 payment on 2 phones for the next 20 months, but I plan to pay the phones off early, effectively bringing my monthly price down to $80/mo.

  • avataranjie

    I want one s on 1000min and unlimited data for 70 bucks. How does the BOGO deal work with the one s? This graph still doesn’t make sense.

  • badbob001

    So no specific required voice and data plans like the valentines day sale?

  • rwc1792

    I’m not sure I understand this completely.  If I buy one phone and renew my contract, I get another phone of equal or lessor value free?  Do I have to have two eligible lines for the two new phones, or do I only need one line, and just get a free phone to use as I wish?

    • baopham

      You need two eligible lines each with a 2GB data package.  I think the 10 dollar add a lines also work so long as they have a data package.

      You have to realize the full retail price for these phones is in the 300-500 dollar range.  The discounted price of 199 to 249 for the One S is actually subsidized by renewing the contract and the rebate for the free phone is only for the subsidized amount not the full retail price.

  • PalJoey

    I have been with T-Mobile for almost 10 years now but have never done a phone upgrade.  Do I qualify for this and does that mean I would have to switch off my current plan? (Monthly Unl Loyalty)  I was thinking of grabbing a One S and Galaxy SII so I can try out both Sense and Touchwiz.  As much as I love it, my Nexus One is on it’s last legs and I need a backup phone.  Thoughts?

    • baopham

      If you haven’t used an upgrade in 22 months (and I am guessing 10 YEARS counts) then you qualify.  The only sticking point is that the smartphones require data packages of 2GB minimum which may or may not be compatible with your very old voice minutes plan (Tmo stopped selling Unlimited Loyalty a few years ago).  What you can do is look at something called Unlimited Classic Family Plan (for 2 lines) which should be pretty comparable if not cheaper than your Unlimited Loyalty plan.

      Personally what I think is even better is the Value Plans they are cheaper in the longrun especially if you go past 20 months using the same phone.  It really depends on what you want.  If you are the type of person that holds onto a phone for 2-3 years then Value is probably better.  If you want a new phone every 12-18months then Classic is probably better.

  • Now What

    CONFUSED…Do you have to buy 2 plans or can you buy an individual plan and get 2 phones – the second free?  Or if you did that, is the second phone valued at its full retail price so it not really free but you get 329.99 off that second phone (so maybe you’d pay 200-300 instead of 500-700 for that second phone)…or is this only for people who sign 2 contracts?  Tmo usually charges more for these phones (even without contract) than other retailers..

    • I think that’s pretty obvious, you have to have two lines.

    • Coreynews

      U are clearly the example why American is the way it is. U seriously asked about a BOGO offer on a individual account. Please don’t go into a store.

  • ChurnBot2012

    The fact that the comments below show people have so many questions and the promotion is so unclear – even after reading the company press release word for word- is another example of all of the marketing problems at Tmobile.  Imagining customers seeing an ad that its BOGO weekend and then they go into the store with all these questions (or misunderstandings) and then get pissed off – or deal with employees who may be as confused in explaining this plan as they are in explaining Value Plans or who aren’t sure themselves who or what qualifies until they input things into their computer.  And again if people think this is a simple BOGO and then realize its not, as usual, Tmobile is going to end up frustrating more and more people.  They really can’t seem to do anything right.

    • Coreynes12

      Its clear as day what u have to do. Any sale or advertising has fine print. That’s the problem with Americans we don’t have time to read anything. Or can’t read.

  • MacRat

    The text in the web page graphic says: “New activations only”

    • It counts for upgrades as well.

  • Zingar

    So no value plan members even though we have to pay full effing price for the phone?

    • Abc

      You get the whole down pymt back for the second device! What’s bad about that. Think about it this way a htc one s. put 200 down, now you only owe 400. Take that mail in rebate put it towards the phone and now you only owe 200 and you have cheaper rate plans.

      • tmorep

        You cant pay anything towards what you owe on Installment unless you pay full amount.

  • Purenupe1

    Screw mail in rebates!!!! the only out of pocket cost should be the price of the 1st phone. If people cancel contract then you add the cost of the phone to the final bill. I f@#king hate t-mobile’s marketing strategy

    • Get_at_Me

      No bc phones = $$$. U could turn around, sell a one s on ebay for $400, pay an etf on that line and still turn a profit…think like a business man…..if u ran tmo you wouldnt run the company that way bc you know youd get burned….ppl cant be trusted and its a shame.

  • Zekegeek

    i hate mail-in rebates

  • Rebates are the pits! In my opinion rebates are done because a company knows that a small percentage of people will never turn the paperwork in, make a mistake and give up on the whole process.  Why the hassle T-mobile? Just give us the 2nd phone for free up front and make it very clear that there are penalties for cancelling any plans early. 

    • TmoRep

      Well three years ago we offered BOGO with out any rebates and we were slammed with fraud. People would activate four lines and never pay their bill and we lost out on a great deal of money. This is also used as a deterrent to prevent fraud and theft.

      • Get_at_Me

        Exactly….blame fraudsters for tmobiles mandatory mir promos. Ppl cant be trusted to actually “appreciate” a great deal in the way it was intended.

    • tommy

       rebates are money and ‘penalties for cancelling early’ are BS. whiner.

  • Coreynews

    Some of you guys aren’t smart or can’t read. U have to have 2 eligible line. Hence the word B OGO. 22 months since your last upgrade if u are a tmo customer alreadly. U pay up front for both. It doesn’t matter what plan u have. U will get a mail n rebate card for the full amount of what u paid for the second phone ONLY. If u are to stupid to mail off your rebate don’t complain its your fault.

  • rickerlore

    It’s is encouraging to see Tmobile offer deals to existing customers. I really don’t see any other carriers make these kind of offers to existing base. And while I don’t like mail in rebates..I kind of get why they do it.

  • Derrick227

    Im no where near eligible to participate in this lol, only a few months in my contract

  • Lani

    I like Tmobiles BOGO offers.  It usually means cleaning inventory before a few new mobiles hits the displays.

    • Khalints

       Hopefully the note!

  • tommy

    I have a family plan with 4 phones and Mom with her bberry recently upgraded it to the newer bberry. So…can I or can’t I? I will have to call tmo I suppose? I love my plan (value) but it’s confusing I want some decent new android phones!

  • NardVa

    Once again Tmobile ignores people with the individual lines. Every once and while it would  be nice to take advanagte of a free high end phone as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

  • NardVa

    Once again Tmobile ignores people with the individual lines. Every once and while it would  be nice to take advanagte of a free high end phone as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

  • Look damnit, when I went to the T-Mobile store, the HTC One S is listed at $229.99, WTF.

    • tommy

       If you go classic plan you get cheap phone. If you go ‘value’ plan you pay full price for phone but save money over 2 years, and get an installment plan to pay off phone difference over 20 months up to 400 dollars.
      I hope this is correct!

  • Look damnit, when I went to the T-Mobile store, the HTC One S is listed at $229.99, WTF.

  • Guest13412

    Lame, does anyone know how I could use this? Full upgrade is the 30th sale ends the 28th. Told that I wouldn’t be able to get the deal if they overrode the date…

  • Porschecarrera7

    This is weak, even Best Buy has way better every day deals than this one week Tmobile promo. The mytouch and Radar 4g are 100 and 150 at Tmobile but you can get them for free at Best Buy, or the One S for $150 without mail in rebates crap. People should look around other stores for better deals before falling for this.

    • Encino Stan

      So, 1 HTC One S for $149 at wirefly or 2 for $249 at T-Mobile. Not a great savings if you only need one. I would have taken 2 if the price was right.

  • Brian in Hazlet

    This deal sucks!  Its cheaper to get a Nexus on the Play store for $400 and switch to the value plan.

  • steveb944

    Honestly where is this deal good for Value plan? It sucks for us.There have been better deals, wait for another one