More Details For Magenta Deal Days Arriving May 18th

We wanted more details on T-Mobile’s upcoming Magenta Deal Days and now we’ve got them. First, let’s make sure we’ve clarified that this is IS good for new activations, qualifying upgrades, family and individual plans, and add-a-lines. To qualify for the upcoming deal, customers must sign a new 2-year contract renewal or active on any voice plan with a qualifying 2GB or higher data feature or mobile broadband plan. Classic plan customers looking to qualify must have completed 22+ months upgrade tenure required for the same pricing as new customers and to qualify for the rebate.

Hit the images below to see the qualifying devices for the buy one, get one offers. There are a few pictures to sort through and yes, the HTC Radar 4G, Nokia Lumia 710 and HTC One S all qualify to help squash any concerns that were raised the other day. This offer is good beginning May 18th – May 28th and works for both Classic and Value plan customers.

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  • Marc Klein

    They should have waited till the GS III came out

    • baopham

      There will be deals featuring the GS3 in the future I am sure.  

      • Marc Klein

        Sure but by that time I’ll already have the device. :(

  • rickerlore

    I am amazed the one s is included. this is very tempting..but like the other post I really have the s3 on my mind. Maybe I should go back and watch unboxing videos to help me decide.

  • Elmeryanes

    I have a family plan for 2 lines, we have renewed our contract. but we haven’t purchased any phone yet, but they told us we cab any time and also get the full discount. do we qualify for this deal?

    • Vincent Chan

      I’m on a family plan of four right now. If three of my family members get a phone upgrade (renew 2 year) can I wait a few months for the SGSIII to use my phone upgrade?

    • WW

      I’ve done that in the past. Resign for a rate plan deal and it didn’t burn my upgrade eligibility.  I think they did use that as an excuse to restart the contract from the date of the upgrade though.

    • Get_at_Me

       yup, you’ll qualify…rate plans changes don’t reset your upgrade tenure

  • eh the only device that this is a good deal on is the one s, two for 300 total, all other devices are less than 100 somewhere, the gs2 for example ive seen at target for 98 several times and the blaze 4g has been 98 at walmart since release and amaze and radar have been close to free several times online at various places, this deal seems like a gimick to me, i do have two upgrades but why waste them when the gs3 launch is closing in and all the current pricing will be thrown out the door as soon as that hits, plus lest we forget the google sale on the gsm galaxy nexus for 399 no contract, deal debunked, myth busted. in a few weeks when someone has the balls to sell the one s for less than 100 it will all but ruin this sale

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tmo is trying to make room for some new device launch.  I am NOT getting in on this because I feel like I’ll regret it the week after due to some awesome launch and I would have just used my Upgrade.

    • ive also heard that there trying to lock people in so they cant switch when the new iphone is announced/released

      • Dumbazz

        Ya because it’s not like Tmobile has done this type of sale before.

    •  They’ll wait until you finally give in. Then they’ll launch an amazingly awesome Tizen device. You watch! ;P

    • Get_at_Me

       You want the Note, don’t you? Lol

  • Me

    No Blackberry 9900?

    • no because no one wants a bb and they wouldnt include there most expensive phone, thats bad marketing

  • Vicky

    to get rebate phone has to be active on the account when rebate is processed.

  • jobber99

    what if i don’t have more than 1 eligible upgrade? i have a family plan with 3 of 4 lines ineligible until may 2013. i have 1 eligible now. can i still get 2 phones?

    • Get_at_Me

       no..both lines have to have 22+ mos of upgrade tenure

  • Vincent Chan

    I’m on a family plan of four right now. If three of my family members get a phone upgrade with this offer(renew 2 year) can I wait a few months for the SGSIII to use my phone upgrade?

    • Get_at_Me


    • Pgbkk

      sure 1 line can wait

  • I’m out of contract, but I don’t want two phones. I’ll hold out for a free one before recommitting. Or continue to keep an eye out for a better offer from someone else.

  • Encino Stan

    I was holding out for the red/black HTC One S in June, but BOGO seems to good to pass up.

    1 HTC One S red/black MAO next month or 2 HTC One S blue now?

  • B-Mobile

    What’s stopping me from selling two HTC One S on ebay for $450 a piece and using that profit to buy a SGIII?

  • Jmatt45

    If I’m reading that chart right I can get two L710s for $100 up front and then get a $50 rebate on one.  Is that right?

  • With T-mobile’s track record for new devices, I would expect to see the GS III hit at&t and Verizon in July and T-Mobile will make us wait for a few months ’till late Oct.-Nov. to launch it right before Christmas.

    I still don’t see how this is a BOGO, you have to wait for the rebate and there were many complaints on the T-Mobile forum about how they signed up for the Valentines day BOGO and got a notice they didn’t qualify later in the mail.

  • JP

    Do they do this at Walmart?