New Magenta Deal Days Coming Next Weekend, Buy One Get One Offer?

If you’ve held out for a deal on one of T-Mobile’s current smartphones, I’d keep your eye on next weeks buy-one-get-one offer. The offer is valid from 5/18 – 5/26 and includes eligible devices such as the T-Mobile myTouch, myTouch Q, HTC Amaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G and Samsung Exhibit II 4G. The bogo requires a new two-year agreement on qualifying Classic plans and a mail-in rebate is required. No word on if this offer will be good for qualifying upgrades or if the HTC One S will be a part of the promotion.

We’ll update you with more details as they arrive.

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  • Get_at_Me

    I’d imagine customers with 18+ months of upgrade tenure will be eligible for this as well. As far as the One S, i’m thinking if you buy that phone, you can get one of the phones listed above free. It would be sick if you could do BOGO One S’s though.

  • cellguy239

    Considering that it mentions the devices on the card and it states “select devices only” I would say that it only includes the mentioned devices.

  • Get_at_Me

    Just got confirmation the BOGO DOES apply for renewing customers with 18+ months of upgrade tenure….And Value customers can get in on the action!!! Value Plan customers will be reimbursed their down payment with this promotion.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I’m a value customer, so if I.get a phone how will they reimburse my down payment?

      • john wayen

        rebate most likely

    • I’m sorry… but what is this down payment you speak of? Is that the cost of the phone? Because I am interested in purchasing the HTC Amaze 4G through the value plan and the $449.99 for the phone is quite expensive.

      • Get_at_Me

        On a value plan, you pay the full cost of the phone, but you get to finance that interest free over 21 payments…the first payment is due upfront.  The Amaze is $150 down, then $15/mo for 20 mos ($300)…..totaling $450…..You pay sales tax on the total cost of the phone upfront as well.

  • Wait…so that means those of us that are say 3months shy of our anniversary are eligible? YES!

  • drivethruboy168

    Most likely if it involves upgrades, you’ll have to be at 22+ months tenure. They won’t offer it at any other tenure.

    • Get_at_Me

      not true….many of tmo promos only require classic/legacy plan customers to have 18+ months of upgrade tenure…the guaranteed tradein promo that just ended was the same….22+ applies to normal full discount upgrades….TMO also had a “hate to wait” promo not long ago where a customer who had 12+ months of tenure could get full discount (with eligible tradein of $50)…..Moral of the story: wait until a promo rolls around to upgrade your phone

  • daddy

    I would like to know can anyone accurately answer why this promotion has been set for next weekend as opposed to today or yesterday. Personally I have a very good insight as to why, but I am even more interested in your take on this classic value!!

    • Let’s not beat around the bush here. Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is taking place June 11th. T-Mobile as well as other carriers will do their best to get customers re-contracted in the event of Apple dropping an iPhone 5 bombshell to go alongside with iOS 6.

      T-Mo needs to make sure that folks on the cusp of being outside of their current contract are good to go for another two years.

    • Taron19119

      Then tell us y

  • Nickts1989

    I feel like the HTC One S is part of it but not in the way where you buy 1 and get another free. It might be that if you buy one you get one of the select phones free. I remember when they did this each year thats how it worked.

  • James

    So this promo will only be for the listed Android devices? No Windows Phones? WTF??

    • there aren’t really any windows phones on TMO worth having … wait for July when the Lumia 900 gets here :)

      • James

        Let’s see, Lumia 900 in July or WP8 Lumia in Oct/Nov? I think I can wait. Anyway, my wife and daughter are both eligible for upgrades and they would have been fine having the 710. Oh well. Waiting for fall.

        • totally forgot about WP8 .. hopefully it makes it this Fall .. looking forward to seeing it and hopefully TMO has a device that’s worth it.

    • It doesn’t say that specifically, we don’t know all the phones, it gives examples.

  • rschauby

    Waiting for GS3, One X, Lumia 900, or Note.

    • JBrowne1012

      Just buy them unlocked. T-moile is going to be able to run AT&Ts devices on its own 3G/4G network

  • former T-Mo employee

    Isn’t T-Mo tired of pissing off customers with it’s lame “mail-in rebates”? I swear they need to get with it and stop this shit!


    Yea, God forbid you may have to spend 42 cents to get a few hundred dollars off on a smart phone. You poor poor thing. Boo Hoo. WAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    • James

      Yeah, nothing like waiting a few short months to get that so called savings. Really, this is more like buy two get a rebate on one. If the sales is buy one get one free then give me that second phone free now not 3-6 months later.

  • Zingar

    What about those who have value plans? We must pay full price for the phone, shouldn’t we get a free one as well?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Somebody is making room for some upcoming devices. Hmmm could that Note be here soon?

    • Get_at_Me


  • CashDolla83

    Wish the 9900 was part of this

  • Joeygtp

    Anyone else see the $50 price hike on T Mobile’s site?  Just in time for BOGO.  I’m thinking I need to call Customer Loyalty.  This is bad business.  I have been watching the GS2 and most recently the One S.  I am just about at the point where a move to ATT is justified.  Lower phone price, mostly better phones.   Now about the monthly costs, damn oyu just can beat TMo. I’ll prolly just suck up and buy oneget one anyway (One S)