Samsung T699 Coming To T-Mobile Says New User Agent String

Say hello the Samsung T699 on T-Mobile, a ARM11 equipped, 720 x 1280 display wearing new smartphone coming to T-Mobile. So what is it? With our steadfast belief that the T999 is the Galaxy S III, and the T879 is the Galaxy Note, whatever could the T699 be? Well, here’s a wild theory — it could be a Galaxy Nexus. Keep in mind that while the T699 conjures up the idea of a mid-range smartphone, that is in fact what the Galaxy Nexus is. It’s a great device to be certain, but I wouldn’t lump the specs in the same group as the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S III. Still, it’s just a working theory and we’ve really got nothing else that hints at a Galaxy Nexus arrival on T-Mobile. More importantly, given that the Nexus has been out since November (never mind that Sprint just picked it up) we’d rather see T-Mobile focus on the next Nexus, rather than the current model.

Opinions aside, the T699 is something to keep an eye out for and  the 720 x 1280 display has our curiosity piqued for something good.

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