Samsung T699 Coming To T-Mobile Says New User Agent String

Say hello the Samsung T699 on T-Mobile, a ARM11 equipped, 720 x 1280 display wearing new smartphone coming to T-Mobile. So what is it? With our steadfast belief that the T999 is the Galaxy S III, and the T879 is the Galaxy Note, whatever could the T699 be? Well, here’s a wild theory — it could be a Galaxy Nexus. Keep in mind that while the T699 conjures up the idea of a mid-range smartphone, that is in fact what the Galaxy Nexus is. It’s a great device to be certain, but I wouldn’t lump the specs in the same group as the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S III. Still, it’s just a working theory and we’ve really got nothing else that hints at a Galaxy Nexus arrival on T-Mobile. More importantly, given that the Nexus has been out since November (never mind that Sprint just picked it up) we’d rather see T-Mobile focus on the next Nexus, rather than the current model.

Opinions aside, the T699 is something to keep an eye out for and  the 720 x 1280 display has our curiosity piqued for something good.

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  • James

    How about the Samsung Focus S T-Mobile? Where’s the Windows Phone love??

    • While I don’t believe this is that phone, you are on to something. Tmobile needs a new windows phone, and the focus s 2 is a good choice.

    • If you look at the beginning of the code, it’s copyrighted to Google, 2008 using the open source licensing for Android. Sorry, while I’d like to see T-Mo offer some high end Windows phone for people to try, this isn’t it.


      I would love another option for a larger screen on a Windows Phone. Please give me another option TMO

  • It feels odd calling the GN a mid-range phone. 4.7″ 720p screen, dual-core, NFC, 1080p video, and the direct pipeline to Android upgrades. While the phone has been out since Novemeber and I agree that it is aging, I still wouldnt place it in the mid-range catagory with wvga screens and the what-not.

    • Aside from the screen, nearly all internal components of the Galaxy Nexus are from 2010. Many of them were in the Nexus S. I’d agree that the Galaxy Nexus is mid-range. The screen is a powerful exception. The OMAP 4430 launched in 2011, true. However, the OMAP 4 series was designed and fabricated for production in 2010.

      • Spanky

        The Galaxy Nexus is actually equipped with an OMAP 4460.

        • The OMAP 4460 is only a slight overclock on the OMAP 4430. It doesn’t mean much.

  • 30014

    With google selling the galaxy nexus itself it doesn’t make sense for T-Mobile to sell it directly. It would be smarter to pay $400 and get it directly from the play store contact free.

    • Well if T-Mobile can subsidize it to like $99 on-contract then some consumers might bite. I know for instance that my sister has been wanting to upgrade to a touchscreen smartphone for awhile but her upgrade isn’t due till November and she’s not going to pay $400 for any unlocked phone.

      The Galaxy Nexus may also be “mid-range” at this point, but to her (who’s never owned any smartphone besides a Blackberry) and has never owned an Android device the Galaxy Nexus would be the best thing since sliced bread especially for only $99.

      I think that’s the market T-Mobile could/should aim for.

      Hell, if this was 2-3 months ago and T-Mobile released the Galaxy Nexus for $99 and I had an upgrade I probably would of bought it. Luckily for me my upgrade is in August and I get to choose between the One-S or the GSIII (leaning GSIII).

      • 30014

        $400 contract free as opposed to $200 with a contact. You can forget about $99 subsidized. I don’t see that happening.

        • tmorep

          with the way T-mobile subsidizes it actually would likely be 99-150 before a MIR.

    • Unless they want to see a Google Wallet removed version …

  • tmobilizer

    Actually the Gravity T was the T669. So this is a new model number.

    • trickinit

      I was about to post this same thing. This is definitely a new model number.

  • Ihatethispost

    yeah right an LTE phone that Verizon and Sprint sells for 200 is a mid-range phone now. Then you are implying that the iPhone 4s is a mid-range too because its screen is from 2009 and everything else is 2010 is it?

    • Guest911

      It is insane to think the Nexus is “mid-range”. I know why people say that but I just disagree. That is the curse of Android though – everytime a new phone comes out, the older one automatically becomes “outdated”.

      • Ihatethispost

        besides from the One S which could be called mid-range if compared with the One X the galaxy S III is not out yet so to me the galaxy nexus still up there. Benchmarks are not the ultimate proof of real performance, I’ve had all other brands before my nexus and it has been the best performer hands down, no contest here. Coming from the G2x which was a beast on paper but a chicken in real life, lets see how the Ones keep up with user wear. I made promise myself that I would never buy other than a Nexus. maybe a galaxy S III because my girlfriend has a white II and I really like it.

      • TMOTECH

        He calls it mid range because all of you call the One S a mid range phone and it has better specs. So which is it? If the Nexus is not mid range then the One S must be called High END. Personally I don’t care how all of you categorize any phone. If a phone is nice and you love it then who cares. Now a days it is hard to tell the difference. I have an Amaze. I consider it high end.

        • Ultra phones

          The Amaze is not high end.
          It’s more high mid range.

          Sorry man

        • TMOTECH

          Case and point. It has a faster processor than the Galaxy nexus and has dual carrier HSPA+ 42 while the Galaxy nexus is single carrier HSPA+21. They have the same screen size and the Amaze has a qHD screen with a better camera and independent camera button and video recording button. Not to mention better camera software. They have the same amount of ram. And in a couple of weeks they will have the same Android OS. So why is the GNEX a higher end handset than the Amaze?

        • Spanky

          The Amaze’s processor is clocked higher than the GNex’s processor. However, the GNex’s OMAP 4460 clocked at 1.2 GHz outperforms the Amaze’s Snapdragon S3 clocked at 1.5 GHz.

        • jaquan saliard

          The amaze has sense which uses a lot of resources than the galaxynexus .

        • Spanky

          You’re missing the point. The OMAP 4460 outperforms the Snapdragon S3, regardless of what phones they are in.

        • Spanky

          Also, the GNex has a 720p screen, which is higher resolution than the Amaze’s qHD. I’m not even mentioning the SAMOLED vs. SLCD difference.

    • Derail Doax

      Yes, the iPhone 4S is a midrange phone. Just because it’s the best that Apple manufacturers does not make it high end. It’s specs are all old tech now. The only thing it has on most Android phones is a higher resolution screen. But the HTC Rezound launched at the same time as the 4S and has a higher ppi. So once again Apple is peddling midrange crap right out of the gate.

  • Well, whatever it is….it’s coming soon.

  • tmobile will never see a dime from me when it comes to a phone.. Nexus devices from gplay will be my only source for a new phone..

    • Hugo

      Do they sell anything for a dime?

  • daghost

    We love you David, but you are off base calling the Galaxy Nexus a mid-range phone…Way off base.

    • 30014

      I have to agree with you, i still consider the galaxy nexus to be high end. How many phones currently available can anyone sayare better than the g-nex? Not many, but as always it’s about preference and perspective. High-end to me may be mid-range to the next person.

      • Ultra Phones

        Your OUT OF ORDER!
        YOU SIR are INCORRECT!
        The Nexus is VERY MUCH a mid range phone!

        • 30014

          Based on what besides your opinion?

        • I’d also put it as mid range. With the note, one s/x and now galaxy s3 about to be released it is no longer a top tier phone. It isn’t a bad thing. Most phones don’t remain a high end phone much past 6 months after INITIAL release.

        • I’d also put it as mid range. With the note, one s/x and now galaxy s3 about to be released it is no longer a top tier phone. It isn’t a bad thing. Most phones don’t remain a high end phone much past 6 months after INITIAL release.

        • 30014

          To each his own i guess.

        • Spanky

          I’d say that the GNex is a higher end phone than the Note.

        • I’d also put it as mid range. With the note, one s/x and now galaxy s3 about to be released it is no longer a top tier phone. It isn’t a bad thing. Most phones don’t remain a high end phone much past 6 months after INITIAL release.

    • Agreed, it’s not a mid-range to me either. But it’s only his opinion, no biggie. Either way, it’s an amazing device.

      • caseybea

        Agreed. Just got one myself- ‘amazing’ indeed. And in my opinion, anything that’s still amazing (esp. to a tech nerd like me) most certainly is not yet a “mid range” phone. By Christmas 2012- sure, I’d agree a bit more at that time….. Minus one for David ticking off a bunch of us Nexus owners :-) :-) :-)

    • Completely agree. I play with just about every phone that launches on TMO and occasionally other carriers. The Galaxy Nexus is STILL a high range phone, easily comparable with anything considered top of the line today. …come on David. 

  • bruce_leer0y

    I’m still waiting on User agent string info suggesting the note is coming to be true

  • MarcusDW

    If the Nexus is mid-range then so is the Note. Which is not.

    If you ask me, we need 4 tiers now: Highest, High, Mid,and Crap.

    GS3/One X
    Nexus/Note/One S/Amaze/GS2
    Sensation/Lumia 710/Radar/Blaze/iP4S/MT4G/Slide
    Dart/Double Play/Wildfire/Mytouch/Exhibit II

    • None

      Since these designations are just made up in people’s heads anyway, you can call them Unicorn, Queen, Princess, and Troll if you would like.

      • Ultra Phone

        This is a very serious subject son!
        I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take this seriously!

        • 30014

          Yo son, Bronx to the fullest. But why you illing with yo comments b? Get that garbage outta here

      • MarcusDW

        You’re right of course but here on these blogs, I think some rules need to be set!

  • Noel

    For starters…the GNex despite a few flaws like the 5Mpx cam and not so great battery life is no mid range device. If u asked me i will strongly recommend Tmo not to bother carrying it directly at this point, in light of Google selling it directly for $400. They should focus on getting the next Nexus as soon as it launches which might be in abt 6 month from now. My guess is the T699 might be the Gravity T or a Windows device with HD screen. For now Tmo should focus their energy on bringing us the HTC One X with vanilla ICS and a micro SD slot in tow and also a slightly shorter GS3 hopefully with same size 4.8″ or a 4.7″ screen achieved by eliminating the excess bezel at the bottom by bringing the home button closer to the screen or just utilizing onscreen buttons an getting rid of most of the bottom bezel and a little up top to achieve a device that is about 130mm tall.

    • tmo man

      I am an official representative from Tmobile and I appreciate you advising us
      I will bring this up at the next board meeting.

  • Wow, T-mo is on a blitz. They’re trying to save as much customers as they can. They seem to be losing customers more than they’re gaining every month. I still currently have 4 lines with T-mo and 1 with AT&T.

  • davedsone

    Wait.. ARM11? Isn’t that the core before they went to Cortex A series, or am I missing something? Because that would be REALLY old technology… Like myTouch 3g technology.

    • JMccovery

      (Forgot that the MT3G used an ARM11 chip) If this phone will use an ARM11-based chip, it would have to be cheaper than the Exhibit II

  • Derail Doax

    Man, Samsung is kicking HTC’s behind when it comes to T-Mobile phone offerings. First I was considering not waiting for a One X on T-Mobile and considering getting a Galaxy S3, or a Galaxy Note. Now there is a third Samsung device that will possibly gain my upgrade before a One X is even available on T-Mobile…

  • jaquan saliard

    I agree the nexus is a mid range phone as of now. The snapdragon s4 processor wipes the floor with the galaxy nexus not to mention also the exynos4. Sorry but the galaxy nexus is out of its prime. We all just have to wait for the next nexus. And I have a galaxy nexus and a galaxy s 2 (snapdragon s3) and the galaxy s 2 runs better than my galaxy nexus.

    • Just went head to head with my Galaxy Nexus and my buddy’s GSII … you’re high. Nexus performed as well or better in every “real world” test we did (open a site, run an app, etc. etc.) 

      • tspx23

        you’re high lol. tell your friend to flash a aosp rom and then run the tests, the gs2 will rape the nexus in opening up “real world” apps. lol also run some benchmarks the s3 is better than the omap.

        • You’re all high, hahah! 
          Seriously though, you just made my point. Once you remove TouchWhizz the GSII out performs the GN. Stock ICS performs as well as or better than some phones with better hardware running some manufacturer UIs. 

        • tspx23

          well spec to spec basis the gs2 outperforms the nexus though, it has a better gpu/cpu. so there isn’t really much else to say. the apps only “opened” slower because there was touchwiz on it. so if you run benchmarks, or run a graphically intensive game the gs2 outperforms the nexus all day

        • “so if you run benchmarks, or run a graphically intensive game the gs2 outperforms the nexus all day”

          Yes, if all you do is run benchmarks on the GSII then yes, it will out perform a GN all day. However, if you use the device regularly, you’ll see the phone is on par or quicker than a GSII. Navigating screens and menus, launching apps, etc. (excluding “graphically intensive games”). My whole point was that just because the Galaxy Nexus’ gpu/cpu is not as big/fast as current devices, does not make it a mid range phone. People need to keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be all super spec’d to “keep up” with the higher spec’d devices since stock ICS out performs other manufacturer UIs.

        • tspx23

          i run stock ics on all my devices, so sorry the nexus still underperforms lol its a hardware limitation.

  • Moneyman

    Gravity T was T669, not 699

  • Michael

    SIDEKICK SIDEKICK SIDEKICK!!! :) one can only hope :)

  • Asfsdh

    Already getting great service and battery life out of my unlocked GSM Galaxy NEXUS and I couldn’t be happier.

  • godrilla

    Tmobile needs better phones! Something better than even iPhone 5 or galaxy s 3, they need a phone with quadcore s4 with Mali 320 chip @ 720p. The best phone they have is not even 720p, not even Mali 320, not even quad core. If they want people to switch they need the next nexus, or galaxy note 2! With jelly bean android 5.0.

    • Lazera Thompson

      last time i checked no carrier has a quad-core phone and i dont see the use for one 

  • love Samsung T699

  • jon

    If the Galaxy Nexus is “mid range”; what does that make your beloved iPhone? Seriously curious to know your opinion David…I obviously disagree with you but would like to know what your criteria is for low, mid and high end.

    • I’m saying the specs inside of it are considered mid-range these days, that’s why I’m theorizing the T699 could be the Galaxy Nexus. Against the likes of the HTC One X, Galaxy S III, hell even the HTC One S, the Galaxy Nexus is on a slightly lower level. I’m not saying it’s a bad phone…as for the iPhone, even with it’s internal specs, check out AnandTech reports when it launched, it blew away everything. Different power management.

      • jon

        To be fair, I have 4 catagories…low, mid, high and superphone. Maybe I’m in the minority for adding “super phone” but I think devices with at least 4.5inch screens and multicores deserve another class beyond high end.

  • Galaxy nexus mid range? I think david is thinking nexus s

    • No, I’m not.

      • Just playin’ devil’s advocate. But I agree with one of the other comments. We love you, but in no way is the galaxy nexus a mid level device.

  • Jonathan

    I just want to know, when are we going to hear/see any new news on the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note?  It’s been a month now.  :-(

  • Acgjunkie407

    I just bought by Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I gotta admit i feel offended. At the end of the day it is what it is… The G-Nexus is a unique collaborative phone which made history without good advertisement. Its a device for true Google enthusiast that set the trend for the pre SG3 era simply because it is a device ranging from $699-750 even 8 months after its release it is still considered a super phone too me. I chose too even buy a GSM version because Nexus is a device that offers the true Google experience and will always receive the latest Android updates and its already guaranteed too receive Jellybean 5.0 because it is a NEXUS.If you purchase any NEXUS you are guaranteed 2 versions of Android O/S before its capabilities are considered outdated. That means NEXUS is good for 2 years in smartphone time give or take. Probably the last of Samsung collabing with Google, especially since Google now owns Motorola and there is talk of a MOTOROLA-NEXUS in the future codename TBA there is not even a model name leaked… How about that food for thought. Motorola is quietly preparing to solidify their position in the wireless industry once again. Now that they are backed 100% by Google. Prepare.