Samsung Updates Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade List To Include Specific T-Mobile Devices

Not some time ago came a day in April that saw Samsung release a list of eligible devices on their website indicating which devices would receive the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. At the time, T-Mobile devices were mysteriously absent, with only a short statement available: “We are in close communication with T-Mobile…” the message went on to say in place of an actual device list. That is, until today.

While todays unofficial Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich release date didn’t pan out, Samsung has updated their website with a specific list of T-Mobile devices that are set to receive the ICS update. Much to my happiness, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is listed, along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Oh yes, the Samsung Galaxy S II is listed leaving no room for any more discussion as to whether it WILL RECEIVE the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

So there you have it, official confirmation for four Samsung/T-Mobile devices.


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  • yesssss ! Finally :)

  • cool but no word on when we’re getting it? I guess its good to know that the gs2 will get it but waiting is killing me…great work david

  • 4everdaddylove

    When will the update be available, what date?

    • Witor19

      According to the report will happen as smoothly as possible whatever that day means… Whish they would set a day

  • rickerlore

    This is great. Now I have to decide which devices to pick up on b.o.g.o deal. Or do I hold out for S3. So many decisions. Does anyone know if the Note is scheduled to get I.C.S.?

    • MagM

      I’d be holding out for S3.

  • Rob

    What happened to receiving it May 14?

    • Someone didn’t read the post!

  • cool, thanks, hopefully it comes soon to the GSII 

  • Defiant10k

    Keep an eye on the XDA forums. I am betting the official T-Mobile ROM will show up long before T-mobile actually decides to push it out. Just like what happened with Gingerbread.

    • Conchchowder

       Same to you.  I’ve been running the ICS ROM for over a month.  I guessed you took your eye off of XDA. lol

      • Conchchowder

         Ok, It’s unofficial, but ICS just the same.

  • Witor19

    Hopefully before the s3 comes to tmobile…. Would like to get it to my blaze 4g

    • Guest

      it is, there are tmobile branded s3 pictures

  • No love for the Vibrant 4G… =/ Oh well! lol

  • Mzdymondpryncess

    Yay Galaxy Tab Plus is getting ICS now if we only knew when…..

  • I’m almost surprised you didn’t say “I told you Brett”

    • Nah, I was going to save that for an email!

      • Where’s the link to the actual dates?

        • If there were actual dates, we’d have posted them!

        • Dumbazz

          Why you even give some of these whiners any attention is beyond me. You are not promised any updates when you purchase your phone and your phone works perfectly fine on GB.

  • Mirad77

    Samsung is always last when it comes to updates especially on T-Mobile. I bought the Tan 10.1 three days after T-Mobile listed it and will be among the last to get ICS. The only reason I have a Samsung phone is because it’s the Gnex. Sammy you will get my money if Google’s next Nexus is from you, but if not you can kiss my a$$.

    • Dumbazz

      I am sure Samsung will halt all business to address a whiner.

      • Mirad77

        I guess you are the CEO of samsung. But if not then shut up as I am entitle to my opinion as you are. Being disappointed is not whinning.

  • Youngt82

    Samsung is definitely the worst with updates

    • Witor19

      No! LG is with the G2X …. Then comes samsung

  • Tmonews

    Well, I as I always say, I the 2nd mouse gets the cheese. At least some of the latest bugs will be worked out by then.

  • Guestt1

    i wish it would have been today i was super excited for ics on my sg2 but i guess i can wait….

  • fixxmyhead

    Release the damn update. I’m tired of these half assed ics ROMS. Need official for better custom ROMS

  • davidwal

    I guess the exhibit and exhibit two are stuck on Gingerbread.

  • Lau631

    Woohoo! Tab 7 plus! Thank you Sammy and Magenta!

  • AnonymousAndy


  • exibitsman

    What about the EXHIBITS 2? And the LG DOUBLED PLAY?

    • doubleplay is by lg stupid….

    • Ian Harrington

       I highly doubt ether will receive any updates

    • Get_at_Me

       midrange = no love…if u ever want a chance at major software updates, u have to go highend

  • scottyrob82

    But when the heck is the cotton picking update coming out?

  • Kamijin1

    And now we play the real waiting game……

  • Dumbazz

    whaaaaaaa even when will my Dash get W8?I mean I am entitled to updates forever right? I did buy the phone WITH NO PROMISES, GUARANTEE OF ANY UPGRADE so why take any personal responsibility for myself?

    • actually Google has a new agreement something like 18 months or something like that basically you are guaranteed at least ONE update 

  • RepeatMyWords

    Dont see how being on the list is any more useful.
    There are no dates, so where is there commitment.
    Better to have dates of when to expect this or not.

  • justme02

    No ICS update for Sidekick 4G? :(

    • Dfireballwow

      I don’t think they sold enough of them to justify an update…

      • I agree, a representative told me the reason the Sidekick 4G was retired because it didn’t sell well. But a new is coming soon.

    • When I was in retail, I tried everything not to sell that phone!!

  • Tonyttt

    I received a ota notice this morning for a software update but it isn’t going anywhere besides a reboot into superuser mode.

    • Get_at_Me

      u can’t install ota’s if ur running a custom recovery (rooted)….Youll have to wait until a dev makes the ota file downloadable manually or u can download a custom rom based off the official ota update

    • sumflipnol

       i got the same ota notice just now. as Get_at_Me said, you can’t update if you’ve got a custom recovery. pretty bad timing considering im a bit busy, but i guess i’ll just keep waiting for XDA devs to develop on this new rom

  • Now if only we can get some dates to go along with this…

  • Well, I have a tab and an gsii so this makes me happy. Just wish they’d get on with the getting already.

  • Gagglecon

    what about the Galaxy S Vibrant…

  • mgrexx

    Sure, the update ICS update will come out for the Galaxy S2 but WHEN.  I bet it will come out in a year.  After the FROYO update for the Original Galaxy Vibrant took MONTHS to arrive and no Gingerbread update ever came, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ANNOUNCED AND QUIETLY CANCELLED…..I say BS until I see it!!

  • …but when?

  • TrevorMadden

    Yeah it would be nice to have just a loose time frame. It was a given that the GSII was getting it, otherwise… Well, I’d rather not think of that

  • Samspade


    • Getsome

      You’re ignorant to assume this process is any less cumbersome with any other carrier, I can point out dozens of examples from other carriers with the same or greater update delay, just Google the thunderbolt

    • Getsome

      And I’m pretty sure ‘bulldohocky’ isn’t a word……

  • AM3RIG

    No need update my GSII right now.. I will pick up GSIII if went with the official  QUAD cores. :oD 

  • wvilla

    TMO and Samsung will never see me again after my contract is over this coming September.  They have the worse update records on the market.

  • Kife0301

    And this is why I prefer ios over android say what you want about apple but at least they provide timely updates. I mean really? The s3 is almost out

    • Apples and Oranges…
      Apple maintains 1 product just in different sizes
      Android system…multiple devices with multiple hardware configurations from multiple vendors.

      Fanboy sit down and keep blowing Steve Jobs corpse

  • Agent360

    Why is everyone crying about tmo updates? Yeah it sux but I rather wait than pay 30 bucks more a month on att just for faster updates…. its not a big deal ics is not a game changer

  • Agent360

    Why is everyone crying about tmo updates? Yeah it sux but I rather wait than pay 30 bucks more a month on att just for faster updates…. its not a big deal ics is not a game changer

    • AGENT360, get facts BEFORE you type. ICS for SGH-T989 is a baseband (radio update) ICS software update. Improvements are HUGE.
      Sit down young man and shaddup

  • Sheeessh

  • Cp60188

    Very nice! Looking forward to upgrading my Galaxy II. Does anyone know if this upgrade get rid of Touch Wiz and include the version of Swype for ICS?

  • k.o.d

    update already cameout updated this morning tmobile galaxy s2

    • ::cough:: lies ::cough::

      • Agent360

        Dike…I,mean mike ur lame u must live on here no gf no life u probaly borrowing ur friend pc to get on tmo get a life u probaly still have a g1 lame hunky

        • Like I said nub, get facts straight BEFORE you post.

  • chris

    U got this morning? R u sure it ics?

    • no truth to his claim…

    • They did not get it. 

  • Westwk.o.dard832

    10am Houston tx

    • K.o.d

      Yes official update from kies 4.0 ics I’m in Houston tx I hookup to my laptop at like 945 by 10 it was done

      • don’t post B.S.

        • kod

          stfu cracker

        • KOD


      • Cricket_n_veg_dude

        Stop the lying man, post pictures and videos, then we will believe.

        • kod

          why lie to lames like yall

  • Westwk.o.dard832

    My galaxy s2 is not rooted and my friend Down the street said his update came ota but mines I had to hookup,to kies to get it

    • GS2

      Yeah right!

  • Hcofamousgirl

    When is the set date? Im in Florida, anyone here get it yet?

    • we did NOT receive update…it’s frustrating… I would imagine we won’t get it until June

  • sumflipnol

    To the few ppl being rude to others posting about claiming to have received the ICS OTA update:

    I got the first notification of the update 2 days ago, and I have postponed each day because my phone is rooted and running a custom ROM, and I currently don’t have the time to go back to stock and update, so I postponed once again (I will get another notification in 24 hours, hence the 5/18/12 tag on my notification menu). I decided to take screenshots for you guys as proof that SOME OF US received an OTA update notification. Is it ICS? I don’t know since I have yet to update, but I’m guessing it could be.

    • Which device is that on?

      • sumflipnol


    • kod

      yurs rooted cracker

      • sumflipnol

         Care to explain your comment better so that it actually makes sense?