Galaxy Note Support Documents “Appear” On T-Mobile’s Website

Chalk up yet another piece of evidence for the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile as their support website lists some (still private) links for a Galaxy Note overview and support documents for the phablet. Unfortunately, these links require a login and without the proper credentials, we’re left to trying the links every few hours to find out exactly when they are available.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say we’re beyond any shadow of doubt that the Galaxy Note won’t arrive on T-Mobile — all we need is price and a release date. Come on Magenta, give us the info!

Thanks GeekNerdStuff!


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  • Interesting but I can’t be bothered until my N7 gets here. :P

  • ceegii63

    would be awsome if it was a Snapdragon S4

    • seriously awesome if it did.

    • GeekNerdStuff


    • Wilma Flintstone

       Agree.  There would have to be a hardware upgrade somewhere to make this more appealing to the customer now because the software is the same now.  If this has a 32gb version with SD card and a S4, that’d be worth a look over AT&T’s.

  • Carloslacend

    More than the price and date, I want to know all the specifications

    • Carloslacend

      I need the specifications to determine whether to wait or buy the sg3

      • fixxmyhead

        its the same as the at&t note but with hspa 42 radio. what more do u want

        • None

          Ummmmm, price and date!

  • Steve102680

    I cant get in there either and I have a log in, they must be restircting the logins. Come on Tmo we need specs!!

    • GeekNerdStuff

      They aren’t restricting the logins. They are restricting general public login access to the documents at the moment. I am looking for a few workarounds. In any case specs are (for the most part) same as that of the AT&T Note with the exception of the device coming with Android 4.0 already installed. Then again, you never know what surprises T-Mobile may have in store.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Doesn’t matter now because the AT&T Note just got the Official ICS update.  It’s going to have to be a hardware update.

        • GeekNerdStuff

          Sorry but you’re not going to see that much of a hardware update. The specs (again) are pretty much the same as the AT&T Note. The only real change that could possibly happen is a bump in memory or an S4. Again that is probably a long shot. Best look into getting a Galaxy SIII or wait a few months for Galaxy Note 2 if you’re looking for anything more. Also, while it is quite delayed, keep in mind AT&T had the Galaxy Note under exclusivity for quite some time.

        • jonathan3579

          It’s the S3 Snapdragon. I’ve already seen it…

        • GeekNerdStuff

          So have I, just not sure if T-Mo is/was planning on a few surprises. I guess we will see soon enough.

        • J-Hop2o6

           There will be NO surprises, only ICS @ boot. Doubt JB for this also since the AT&T Note just got its update recently.

        • None

          The surprise will be just how much TMO bloatware they can stack on this thing!!

  • Ike

    I went on Tmobile and searched every phone so I guess that means Tmobile is getting Iphone 4s every phone I searched has the same topic points I tried to look at the topics and won’t let me look at any phone I searched so probably not true I’m not sure tho.

    • wave

      Are you sure because i know wat your talking about. ….. Idk

    • RDD

      Tmobile is not going to pay $600 for each iphone, they have plans to pay $300 for them and get screwed by apple.

      The thing I care about on the Note is weather or not it will have UMS or that stupid MTP.  IF its MTP then I’m staying the hell away from it.  I will go get the ICS AT&T version and wait until September when it will be able to run on the HSPA+ with Tmobiles new spectrum.  I have the S3 and could care less for it with that stupid MTP.

      • RDD

        whoops meant “whether”

      • What exactly is UMS/MTP?

    • hurricane

      Really why is your name IKE

  • Wilma Flintstone

    What’s the point now?  AT&T’s note just got ICS Officially so you may as well grab an AT&T version from someone on CL (For cheaper than tmo will probably be selling theirs for on contract, I’ve seen them going on CL in Atlanta for ) and put ICS on it after hacking Tmo’s HSPA+ onto it.  

    I REALLY want to see Tmobile’s pricing on the Note.  They are being quite hush hush on it and that’s usually a bad sign.


      You already know T-Mobile, they are gonna charge an arm and a leg for it because they supposedly have cheaper plans than everybody else but yet when you factor in the payment for their installment plans, you ain’t saving anything at all. And you have to put up with their spotty coverage. For instance, you could stand in one spot and the internet wont work, move like one foot away and it works(for a little while) T-Mobile sucks and I don’t know why I have been with them for as many years I have been. Loyal customer I guess but I never get get any type of thank you from T-Mobile. Jutting rude customer care reps who don’t know the first thing about customer care.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Unfortunately I have to agree with everything you just said and I’m not sure if you’ve called customer service lately but it is pretty difficult to even get to a customer service rep now.  I used to be able to hit 611 and then just say representative but now you have to go through almost 7 steps just to talk to someone AFTER asking the automated voice service for a rep. 

        You can be standing in the same place and the signal will go from 3G/4G to Edge and sometimes to GPRS and/or Voice Only or sometimes it’d just terminate the signal altogether. On top of that, they still charge you $5 to pay your bill through customer service which should be their job anyway.

        I’ve been with Tmo since 03 and yea I don’t sometimes understand why I am still a customer of theirs (Been paying $101.75 every month for unlimited everything).  I just recently renewed my contract for the first time to lower my bill to $82/month but I’m now thinking about Terminating that contract early and just ride the Tmo off Contract wave again.  The direction Tmo is taking is one that I’m not agreeing too much with at the moment.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          oh also, I just recently got my 10th HD2 replacement and when the replacement came, I turned the phone on and tried to enter my email info and before I could do that, the phone would shut off.  I just had that replaced and now it seems like I FINALLY have a functional HD2 which I will be selling VERY soon.

        • Mark

           Wilma: See my note to you on the ICS Open-source story.

        • Mark

           My apologies… it’s the Jellybean Open-source story.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Very interesting read there.  Most was forum posts but it’s true.  Most of the stuff that is doable and popular now was doable on MeeGo years ago like video to device/vice versa streaming, in door GPS, in vehicle infotainment systems, swipe gestures to delete things, touchless swipe gestures that use the front face cam to recognize motion, etc.  The good thing is, Jolla (Ex Nokia MeeGo Employees) have taken up MeeGo and are about to start cranking out devices for it.


  • hurricane

    Att pushed out ics well looks like im going to att whats the point of tmobiles when its the same specs i really think tmobile should drop note 1 and focus on note 2 its pointless to launch this. I would love to have note 2 on Tmobile not note 1 theres nothing new about it

    • J-Hop2o6

      I don’t want the Note (nor 2), but I highly agree. Tmo should just drop the Note 1, and focus on the upcoming Note 2.

  • i got it on att when it came out and used it on tmobile…this phone is dead before it even comes out…took tmobile too long to bring it my book and my opinion this phone is a flop just coming out now

  • Guest

    It took T-Mobile “too long” to bring it out
    because AT&T has had carrier exclusivity on it since February. They just
    lost their exclusivity making it possible for other US carriers to get it. It
    may not sell as much or be as popular as the SIII and though outdated it will
    still sell. Glad Samsung put their foot down on carrier exclusivity with the
    SIII launch. This needs to be done going forward with all devices.

    • BoricuaBoy88

      This is more of a general notice to everyone, but I just got hired at T-Mobile where I live, and almost immediately began inquiring about the Note. One of my co-workers let slip that he saw a leaked image of the Galaxy Note II on the corporate forums, and that the rumors are seemingly true, a Galaxy SIII spin-off with a larger screen and an S-Pen. That was the good news, the bad news is that just like the original Note, Samsung is planning on signing an Exclusivity agreement with AT&T which would force T-Mo users to wait until sometime next year to get their hands on a domestic model of the Note 2. So unless you’re willing to sacrifice the larger screen and S-Pen just to get a Galaxy SIII now, there’s still plenty of time to invest confidently on the original Note once it’s released on T-Mo. I personally have been fixated on the Note since January, when it was unveiled for AT&T, so I’m definitely getting one. Like I said, I just started working for T-Mobile, but my source is about 80-90% sure that his info will turn out to be correct. Start the disillusioned arguing now…lol

  • Guest

    It took T-Mobile “too long” to bring it out because AT&T has had carrier exclusivity on it since February. They just lost their exclusivity making it possible for other US carriers to get it. It may not sell as much or be as popular as the SIII and though outdated it will
    still sell. Glad Samsung put their foot down on carrier exclusivity with the
    SIII launch. This needs to be done going forward with all devices.

  • dfmckay

    I was just in a T-Mobile store today and they said that the note will be released between 1st and 15th of August.

  • S4E

    Pentile kills this great phone. Too visible on large screen

  • RDD

    @David:disqus  ~ you asked me what UMS/MTP is earlier (can’t find the post now though but got it on notifcation).

    UMS = USB Mass Storage = your phone acts like an external HDD or thumbdrive when plugged into a PC/PS3/Xbox360/Car Stereo/ect… and everyone and their mom knows how to use it.
    MTP = Media Transfer Protocol = Just shoot yourself in the head now because some brain trust though it would be a great idea if you could use your phone while plugged into a pc and yet at the same time take away a perfectly working function that most everyone in the world uses. [/sarcasm]

  • Junior

    I have the INT note and I wanna see TMO’s Price I’ll prob be like $299 with $50 MIR and let’s not forget the $10-$15 a month you pay every month if you put it on your bill….

  • arsenito

    That’s good news.

  • And next month, the Note 2 gets announced.

    • undecided

      looks like it will be announced august 30th

  • l slugZ l

    I don’t see that on tmobile site where can you find them

    • GeekNerdStuff

      Looks like T-Mobile removed the documents! Lol

      • MatthewMurawski

        They probably removed them in an attempt to cover it up, lol. They are doing a horrible job so far. The biggest giveaway that it’s coming is the fact that it is one of the prizes in the Facebook spin to win contest. I spin but I never win :(

  • Gaye

    why would i buy a long delayed note when 2 weeks later i could get a substantially better note 2?  TMOBILE is acting like a company on the verge.