New Samsung Galaxy Series Poster Appears In T-Mobile Stores, Galaxy Note Pictured

At this point we’re past the stage of asking whether the Galaxy Note is still coming to T-Mobile having moved well into the “when will it arrive” phase. With the most recent rumors pointing to an early August launch, we’re continuing to see evidence of a planned T-Mobile launch thanks to this new Samsung Galaxy series poster arriving in T-Mobile stores. Check out the “device” three deep and it’s exactly what you think it is, the Galaxy Note and it’s S-Pen. Since our last rumored August 8th release date post, we haven’t heard anything that has us believing that “new” date has changed. Still, we emphasize it’s impossible to call the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile “delayed,” considering it was never officially announced. While that hasn’t stopped a lot of you from questioning whether the company is better off waiting and going after the rumored Galaxy Note II, we’re still eager to see this arrive on T-Mobile regardless. Perhaps the late arrival will show it priced to move and ready for phablet lovers to grab and take home.

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