New Samsung Galaxy Series Poster Appears In T-Mobile Stores, Galaxy Note Pictured

At this point we’re past the stage of asking whether the Galaxy Note is still coming to T-Mobile having moved well into the “when will it arrive” phase. With the most recent rumors pointing to an early August launch, we’re continuing to see evidence of a planned T-Mobile launch thanks to this new Samsung Galaxy series poster arriving in T-Mobile stores. Check out the “device” three deep and it’s exactly what you think it is, the Galaxy Note and it’s S-Pen. Since our last rumored August 8th release date post, we haven’t heard anything that has us believing that “new” date has changed. Still, we emphasize it’s impossible to call the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile “delayed,” considering it was never officially announced. While that hasn’t stopped a lot of you from questioning whether the company is better off waiting and going after the rumored Galaxy Note II, we’re still eager to see this arrive on T-Mobile regardless. Perhaps the late arrival will show it priced to move and ready for phablet lovers to grab and take home.

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  • GeekNerdStuff

    I for one am very much looking forward to using my upgrade on the Note. I am aware the Galaxy Note 2 is right around the corner and everyone is saying it would be a dumb move to purchase the “old” note but there’s no guarantee it’s going to be hitting the States anytime soon (or T-Mobile for that matter). At this rate and so late in the game I wonder what 2-year contract price will be and if the device will be upgraded to Android 4.1. I guess considering it will come with Ice Cream Sandwich it may take a while to roll out to the Note but I’m just guessing. I plan on getting a Galaxy Nexus as my backup phone as well.

    • TmoRep

      To answer your question, yes tmobile is gonna get the Galaxy Note 2. The only reason why I state this is because I have seen the actual device. At our Perfect Your Pitch training one of our trainers was rocking the GN2. It is a beautiful device. It looks exactly like a bigger version of the GSIII, home button and all. I when u actually see one u will be amazed.

      • TmoRep

        And yes it had tmobile branding on the device.

        • Flurry


        • B-Mobile

          Now the plot thickens: i was planning on getting the white 16GB GSIII but the device is just not available in Richmond, Va. I’ve had an interest in the Galaxy Note but was scared off because of the Note 2 assuming it would be released internationally this year and T-Mo wouldn’t get it for another 12 months. But I would be willing to pay SGIII prices for a GNote 2 in Oct 2012

        • Mt

          I have the unlocked international galaxy note. Right now I only get edge service. When the TMobile version of the note is released will I get 3g service?

      • GeekNerdStuff

        Awesome news!! So do you think at this point it would be a good idea to get the Original Note (at least that’s what it looks like on the flyer) as they will be releasing the Note 2? Any idea of a release date on Note 2 or is it something that will be released further down the line?

        • TmoRep

          I think it will be releasing in October. The trainer wouldn’t “confirm or deny” the release date, but that being said it will be a 4th Quarter release.

      • Christianbragado7

        Thanks for the insight that the Galaxy Note 2 is coming to T-Mobile. Does it have Auto Focus and a dedicated Camera physical shutter button? It gets a bit irritating on my International Galaxy Note when I want to record or take a picture up close and it comes out blurry because it is hard to focus. Plus it is a bummer when I want to take a quick picture of things and unlocking my phone just to get to the camera. Thanks.

      • skeptical


      • Carloslacend

        You are a liar. Tell me how you saw it idiot. if not even Samsung has made it official lol. The GN2 is just a rumor. Have not revealed the gn 1 and tmobile and you have pictures of note 2 lol. Why not say when the note 1 debut? Or tell me if you saw the GS4 asshole.

  • Funny they are listed in the right order from best to worst LMAO

  • ***sigh*** and no Galaxy Nexus… and to think Google is selling it for only $30 more than the Exhibit 4G costs w/o subsidy.

    • Ash

      Exhibit 4G $200 at walmart off contract….no?

      • Wouldn’t surprise me. We have similar price if you buy it with at least the $50 Monthly4G plan.

        I was referring to the price w/o subsidy inside corporate T-Mobile stores though…

        • Jose Hernandez

           In all honesty, We are probably better off buying it (Galaxy Nexux) from the Play Store and not worry about any subsidies or monthly “EIP” payments. It is a better deal when you think about it.

        • I was telling a customer that exact same thing last night.

        • whiteiphoneproblems

           You are a good TMO employee… I was talking to a rep in a store about pondering whether to purchase Galaxy Nexus vs. GSIII, and he was making stuff up to convince me not to buy a Nexus — saying that you have to “pay to unlock it,” etc. 

        • I’ve found over 4 years that being up front and honest is the best route. Out right lying to a customer, sticking with things they don’t want, or just out right screwing them over does me no good – the customer no good – and the company no good in the long run.

          We get paid off of the rate plan & features rather than which phone you get anyway…

        • whiteiphoneproblems

           Well said… :)  (The funny thing is that I had already mentioned to him that I was on a Value Plan, and would be buying the phone full-price — so he really didn’t stand to gain much by pushing the GSIII…)

        • TmoRep0

          What he won’t tell you is that we are given incentives in the form of “spiffs” for each EIP we do… (not a ton, but if you do a lot them it ads up fast) 

          So that’s why the rep was pushing hard for the GSIII on EIP instead of outright.

        • GeekNerdStuff

           Agree. I will be getting Galaxy Nexus (Once it’s back on Google Play store)

        • J-Hop2o6

          Same here. It might not have the greatest chip, mediocre camera, and ONLY 16GB, but its gets JB/4.1 AND its only $350 w/o contract! I’m using a G2 right now, so its a upgrade from what i’m currently using (plus cracked screen). I do want the SGS3, but not with a contract (atleast right now). Once the next Nexus phone(s) comes out I might just end up selling the G-Nexus to get it.

      • WW

        Yes…$190 (Wal Mart website) and and at Amazon too.  

        • WW

          To clarify…this is the retail pay as you go/no contract package.

  • Carriers can solve there own issues. If its not out 7/11/12 why not take this time to I don’t know update to the most current OS we waited this long what we don’t  know won’t hurt us. Carriers should think outside the box when releasing devices when to pass when to acquire etc

  • rschauby

    And today the gadget news outlets are reporting the Note 2 will launch in August.

    Good game Tmobile.

  • Guest


  • I guess…but wow, now it does seem a little bit late in the game to launch the Note.  Only way this will be appealing, is if the Note is priced right.  Then it will be worth the customers wild.  Make it happen TMo, make it happen.

  • FILA

    T-Mobile is stupid, Note sales wont be as high, there claim never to release it again, when the Note2 sales would sore if they released it when sammy does. Jesus, hope the new CEO runs shit better. 

  • Sun

    I want one..!

  • They shouold make the Galaxy Note 150.00 on new 2 year contract with the Note 2 coming out soon….. yeah I know…. in my dreams!

  • Josue

    if TMO dont play there cards right there gonna bury themselves in a hole…they better come up with something to sell it fast cause as a owner of a INT note it really gets attention from the tmo better be on the ball if they plan to sell it or there doomed…lol

  • Eldriclong21

    T mobile always take so long to put out quality devices but now the galaxy note is old and I don’t know if I want 1 now

  • ChrisFromTheBronx

    They should add a Track Pad. Some people aren’t used to using the slider on the touchscreen when wanting to correct some mispellings or having a hard time scrolling on an app due to irritating ads blocking the screen. Plus they should add Auto Focus for the camera and Burst Shot to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or atleast the Note 3. Just my Opinion.

  • xSAVAGEx

    As far as the note and note2, tmobile will probably sell both like they are doing with the s2 and s3. If we get lucky and get the Note2 I’m sure the pricing will be $100 difference. Maybe $229 and $329.