CyanogenMod Plans To Make Quick Work Updating To CM10, Jelly Bean And All

So, you all want some Jelly Bean on your Android device but don’t want to wait for the OEM’s to take their time and push out the update? Fear not, CyanogenMod 10 will have you covered as the team posts an update on Google+ with their intentions to base CM10 on the Android 4.1 Jelly BeanROM. The team believes converting Jelly Bean will be relatively easy thanks to only needing a few minor tweaks to make it work with the last available Android ROM.

Still, without the Android Open Source Project code available for the team to beginning modifying, the timeframe for release is still unknown. One move the team does seem confident in is the ability to run CM10 on any device that can now run CM9. For now, we’ve got to wait for a stable CM9 release before the team can shift focus over to their next adventure with CM10. Regardless of the timeframe needed to make it work, we’re taking a lot of comfort in the hope the Cyanogen team will likely push out their own Jelly Bean CM10 ROM well before any of the carriers or manufacturers will.

Engadget via CyanogenMod Google+

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