Dear T-Mobile, Just Announce The Galaxy Note Already

I could probably just leave the article alone as the title says it all — T-Mobile needs to announce their worst kept secret, the Galaxy Note. I mean come on, it’s listed as a giveaway in their “Spin to Win” contest. How do you list a prize you haven’t announced yet? I get it, it was supposed to stay under cover and surely I had a part in making sure that didn’t happen. That being said, it’s a device people want and while I understand there may still be an AT&T exclusivity period running out, it’s a bad secret at this point and should just be public.

So I ask of you T-Mobile, announce the Galaxy Note, even if you just give us the usual “coming in a few weeks” line. We just want to be told what everyone already knows, T-Mobile will carry the Galaxy Note and if you want to tell us it’ll happen on X date at Y price, we won’t complain.

Pretty please?

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