Dear T-Mobile, Just Announce The Galaxy Note Already

I could probably just leave the article alone as the title says it all — T-Mobile needs to announce their worst kept secret, the Galaxy Note. I mean come on, it’s listed as a giveaway in their “Spin to Win” contest. How do you list a prize you haven’t announced yet? I get it, it was supposed to stay under cover and surely I had a part in making sure that didn’t happen. That being said, it’s a device people want and while I understand there may still be an AT&T exclusivity period running out, it’s a bad secret at this point and should just be public.

So I ask of you T-Mobile, announce the Galaxy Note, even if you just give us the usual “coming in a few weeks” line. We just want to be told what everyone already knows, T-Mobile will carry the Galaxy Note and if you want to tell us it’ll happen on X date at Y price, we won’t complain.

Pretty please?

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  • It’s almost like Samsung is the only manufacturer releasing phones for T-mobile (and for most other carriers).  Nokia has 1…HTC has 1…Moto has 0…Apple has 0…Blackberry has 1 but probably should be 0.

  • Cameroon

    I’m with you on this one. I’m waiting impatiently for this phone, and getting tired of checking all the usual sites five times a day to see if it’s been announced!

    • T-Mobile Galaxy Note

      I’m glad I’m not alone.

      • GeekNerdStuff

        Not alone. Same here.

        • MatthewMurawski

          Me too. I’m basically searching google news ten times a day- literally. T-Mobile better make this worth our wait.

        • Mario

          Yup im another one I check every hour now that I know tmobile is very close to announcing it

        • Di Fan Zheng

          Me too. checkin tmonews/t-mobile/and google every hour or so

        • Note Lover

          and of coarse me, me too! :)  I check every single day and as long as long as it takes, that’s how long I’ll continue to wait

    • FeArZ

      I’m with that I check the site and twitter just in case.

    • Nunya

      Jesus H. Christ….. You people need to get out more often. Maybe think about going on a date or something. It’s a effing cell phone, not the cure for cancer…. pathetic…..

  • Dell can suck it

    I almost don’t even want this phone anymore.  Just give me the damn note already.  

  • JoeyKhache

    It’s being released on AUGUST 8. Mark my WORDS!

    • Note Lover

      that’s the positive words I like to hear :)

  • Taron19119

    T-mobile need to come out and say at&t still has an exclusive that runs out at x s and we well start selling it as soon as at&t exclusive runs out

    • Note Lover

      It makes me wonder if they’re not at liberty to say anything about AT&T’s exclusivity…either that or maybe they don’t want to take away the glory or sales of the S3

  • FeArZ

    Depending on the price T-mobile wants us to pay I’m going to get a Unlocked Note and save my upgrade for something else. Maybe a Galaxy Note 2 if Samsung does what they did with the S III and give the Note 2 to all carriers.

  • Carloslacend

    My opinion is from August 8 to August 20. About the price I dare not speak. If the same processor as that of AT&T then it must be cheap. 199.99 with contract.

  • JBMTycoon

    I was thinking about getting it, but I know I would use it as a tablet.  I’m already in the final stages of finalizing the color that I want on the GS3 (always have had the darker, more subdued colors). Since I am on the Value plan, I don’t think it makes sense to pay retail for it (likely $600 or so), but I can get the Asus Transformer Pad TF300 (32GB,10″) for $384 on Amazon. 

  • guest

    Those of u that are thinking bout getting the note check this article out by Tech Radar……….

    • I believe I mention this in the post do I not?

    • Carloslacend

      You have to realize that this is just another rumor. Nothing official yet. So I do not think Samsung will reveal the galaxy note 2 in August. And if it were true tmobile would not have it until next year because it is almost certain that AT&T and Samsung have another contract for its exclusivity.

      • Di Fan Zheng

        pretty sure that the samsung galaxy note 2 will be releasing on August 30th on IFA in Berlin Germany 2012. packin quad-core exnos cpu, 13mp camera, and obviouly 5.5in screen with thinner bezel. And this is probably the international version. AT&T will probably get theirs hand on it in Q1-2 2013. T-mobile this time will be releasing the first generation with already confirmed dual-core at 1.5ghz 8mp camera and 5.3 in screen……..If t-mobile will ever get the note 2, its probably second half of 2013… i think getting this one is worth it.

        • Carloslacend

          I agree with you. I do not think tmobile has the note 2 for now. But there are people who believe that tmobile has the note 2 even if we do not have the first lol

  • GeekNerdStuff

    SERIOUSLY – Just announce it! This has got to be the most worst kept secret ever. lol

  • bydavidrosen

    is there ANY chance that it’s gonna be slightly upgraded over the old at&t model? if so i really would consider getting it…

    • Lanh Nguyen

      doubtful.  It’d be better if it at least launched wth a snapdragon S4 cause the S3 is pretty damn old and to launch a phone with an S3 processor is just stupid at this point especially when it’s suppose to be high end.  It should at least ship with ICS I assume…

      • bydavidrosen

        ugh. come on t-mobile…

  • LTEstyles

    They will announce it the day the Note 2 comes out. 

    • Farhan

      I agree. This makes me wonder if T-Mobile will actually get the Note 2 when it comes out.

      • severinj

        Judging by the way Samsung handled the SGS3 release I would assume that they will try to release it on all major carriers as well, so TMo might end up releasing the Note 1 and then the Note 2 by the end of the year. Really stupid IMO but what can you do.

  • Sasha!

    This is one of the most useless pieces of paper T-Mobile has ever created.

  • Zabaniya

    eh a bit too late already me thinks…

  • ajrogers111

    So many people seem to miss the whole point of this device… “…Oh it’s old already…it’s only got the s3 processor…it won’t make me famous…” It’s all about 2 features… A Huge screen, and the stylus that REALLY works… If you want to be able to really use an app like Sketchbook Pro, it’s the only phone worth having. Is the SIII faster/newer/sexier? Of course, and I’m waiting for my SIII to arrive on Monday, but I TOTALLY get why someone would still be lusting after such an “outdated” piece of hardware. It’s amazing to me how elitist some people are about this stuff… I’m just glad we’ve gotten where we are. The options today are light years ahead of what was available a few short years ago.

    • Manashetics

      I see where you are coming from but the galaxy note 2 is coming soon and its going to have mostly the same specs possibly even better than the us version galaxy s3 making your s3 outdated

      • JBrowne1012

        Galaxy nogte is like SGS2 suped up Galaxy Note note is SGS3 suped up. Pick your poison. 

        • MatthewMurawski

          That’s what I’ve been saying! If you look at the galaxy S2, it’s just a small note with no stylus. So, most likely, the Galaxy Note 2 will be like a bigger Galaxy S3 with a stylus (which is why I’m not interested). And since the Galaxy S3 has a bigger screen, the Galaxy Note 2 will have a bigger screen as well.

    • Anonymous

       I guess you should write samsung and tell them to just not make the note 2 then.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I hope it has the S4 processor.

    • Farhan

      It won’t.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you had inside information.

        • juanmondragon

          He does

        • Carloslacend

          if you know tell me when available. Since you have so much information

        • Di Fan Zheng

          most likely august 8th……….pretty sure that it will pack a qualcomm snapdragon s3 dual-core processoer running at 1.5ghz. 8mp camera. 2mp front camera. with GPU with adreno 220. its most likely to have t-mobile’s HSPA+42.  IT’S BASICALLY SAME THING AS GALAXY S II WITH BIGGER SCREEN AND STYLUS S PEN.

        • PHUCK ! as much as I want a new device the same internal specs as I have on my s2 YIKES ! I guess I wont have a new phone until I get something I really want !!!

        • Dan Rubin

          but what if they release the note at a $100-$150 price standpoint because it has older technology? ;-)

        • I buy my phones outright. But I could sell my s2 for like 180 & split the difference. Im really itching for a new device

        • juanmondragon

          And your welcome

        • Joseph Tongret

          I don’t think it takes inside info to…… Never mind, sure… S4, probably 2gb ram, & 128gb internal memory. There, That was much easier then explaining common sense thinking…

  • Di Fan Zheng

    i was on the chat with T-mobile Sales Support and they CONFIRMED the release of Samsung Galaxy Note. She did not tell me a date but she did confirmed to me that they will be releasing it.

    • Carloslacend

      Really??? I think you discover america

      • Di Fan Zheng

        just this morning she told me it will be releasing really soon. so we finally will get our hands on the big boy

        • Note Lover

          Hurray, thanks for the update…I will wait patiently since I’ve wanted this phone from the very beginning!

  • Jeffrey Curry

     please, the galaxy note 2 is gonna be revealed this august here is proof

  • l slugZ l

    Dear t-mobile replace note 1 with note 2

  • Liversausage

    I dont care if it’s GN or GN2–i’ll take it! Just announce it already!

  • Dumbazz

    you are asking a lot of t mobile to do something that would make sense.

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    please bring note 2 early …. i am waiting for that 

  • Carloslacend

    Well david hear something I did not like. Supposedly it will be official on August 22. August 8 = t mobile my touch. Aug. 15 galaxy s blaze Q. August 22 = galaxy note.

  • I hate the anticipation of waiting on new/old/whatever phones.

  • How can they legally announce a product they are prepping  to sell with exclusiveness period on another carrier..You answer your own question as to why they cant announce it as I am sure it is a part of the exclusive period. 

  • Joseph Tongret

    Hey I think everybody here owes David A HUGE thank you, even those that take shots at him forgetting this is his Site, because he’s the reason we find out most everything happening at Tmo! If it wasn’t for him, we’d be in the dark about 90% of what Tmo is doing until they actually did it! It seems like most major sites don’t like to cover too much Tmo specific news, unless it’s negative or they throw one or two lines out there that don’t dig too deep. Thanks for keeping us up to date & ahead of the game in most cases David! I go into my local Tmo retailer alot, and 90% of what I find out from Tmo news, they aren’t even aware of. I’ve gotten to be pretty good friends with one of the reps, and I told him I can’t believe the other reps don’t read this site in order to have an idea of what’s to come.

  • Erico T

    I know this idea i have for the galaxy note n note 2 is a good one but i know that tmobile abosolutly wont do this cause its a good move n all they make is wrong moves….tmobiles galaxy note 1&2 should be sold as a NOTE PACK meaning u get both notes for a set price on a family plan then i bet tmobile would be back on top of the phone game again with booming business …but let me snap back to reality and remeber im talking about tmobile…sigh… But if they do that it would be great as for the galaxy s3 sell a two pack on a family plan one blue one white and people from all over will be flocking in lines like birds flying south for the winter lol wat u guus think ? It would be a good move for tmobile right?

    • Di Fan Zheng

      sounds pretty stupid.if they could make money off of two phone. why would they put it together and sell it as one

  • Danrt2

    I spoke to T-Mobile customer service tonight, and they said that the Note is definitely coming out in the next month, and they are definitely NOT getting the Note 2. 

    • The reps are usually kept in the dark with future releases meaning a release after a release.  They probably just don’t know anything as of yet about the Note 2.

      • Bonay

         the reps never know anything about anything EVER!!! Ive never seen a company full of clueless employees like i have at t-mob. it just amplifies the sh*tty customer service. 

        • Imprezaowner27

           are you serious here? tell me then…what do YOU know about the note 2? oh thats right….absolutely NOTHING, it hasn’t even been announced yet so how can you expect an employee to know anything about a future phone. 

        • Di Fan Zheng

          Most Likely that Galaxy Note II will be release on August 30th at IFA in Berlin Germany 2012. packing quad-core exynos processor/ 13mp camera/ 5.5inch screen with thinnerr bezel and thinner body. its gonna have the design of the galaxy s III

  • AM3RIG

    this is too little too late into game. C’mon… Note II will release this year, hello!

  • Mgmessner

    4 years ago Tmobile had the best customer service, not now. They suck so bad, been a customer for 12 years. Its sad, they were so good to me originally

  • MatthewMurawski