(Update: Contest Over) TmoNews Seidio Case Giveaway For The Galaxy S III And HTC One S

Update: Remember everyone, the contest ended last night at midnight so any submissions from today will not be counted! I’ll annocue the winners on Tuesday!

It’s time for another giveaway thanks to our friends at Seidio and we’ve got 6 Active cases for the HTC One S and 6 Surface cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III. We’ve got Black, Amethyst and Royal Blue for the One S and Black, Purple and Garnet Red for the Galaxy S III. Jealous that AT&T is getting a special edition Red Galaxy S III? Don’t be, just put a case on it.

I’ve been using one the Garnet Red cases on my Galaxy S III for the past week and it’s wonderful. I expressed some “unhappiness” with the size of the Galaxy S III in my review and strangely enough, the case actually makes it feel more comfortable in my hand. I’ve honestly got nothing but good things to say about Seidio products and this Surface case in particular has absolutely made using the Galaxy S III more enjoyable for me. With durable plastic and soft-touch coating, the look “enhances the Galaxy S III without attracting lint.” It’s adds very little bulk, protects the lense of the camera and leaves access to all ports unhindered. All in all, I’ve got nothing but good things to say and while we’re giving away just a few, Seidio products are absolutely worth checking out for future purchase.

Take a peak at the gallery below, check out how the case looks on the device itself and then leave a comment below telling us why you love your smartphone. Is it capturing pictures of your newborn or catching your kids at their soccer match? Perhaps the instant shutter on the HTC One S helped you grab that picture of bigfoot you’re circulating to the tabloids? We’re making winning incredibly easy, just tell us why you love that smartphone oh so much.

The contest begins as soon as this post goes up and continues through Sunday evening, 11:59pm ET. Just leave a comment below and if you’re a Disqus user, make sure your email is listed with your username or make sure to leave it in the comment so we can contact you. Ready, set, go.

Find out more about the Seidio Surface case and Seidio Active case at the urls below.

Seidio Surface Galaxy S III

Seidio Active HTC One S


  • salnova2k2

    Just bought one for my wife (GS3)… next step is the case! smiceli3@yahoo.com

  • Juez74

    I will take a black one for my new $3….thank you in advance

  • Michael Aybinder

    I would love to get the black case to accent my GSIII.  maybinder@gmail.com

  • Deadeye37

    I wish I had a SGSIII to put one of these bad boys on!  Got to wait a few more months for my upgrade… :(

  • Haithem Obeidi

    I hope I win! I need a.new case mine broke :/. Good luck everyone. GS3

  • mcaslan

    I love the HTC one S for the camera and battery life on standby. a case would bee cool

  • Benchmade7

    Want to throw in an GSIII also?

  • Phrozen2nd

    Black case for my S3, thanks

  • Matt

    Would love an HTC One S black case, email is matthewwinstennis@gmail.com

  • luis alvarez

    i hope to get my hand on one of this the for my s3 and one for my future wife.
    just in case my email kyzecyte0405@gmail.com

  • Aric Braun

    Getting a SIII this weekend. Looking forward to moving on from an HD2. Never liked using a case before but I hear the SIII is more susceptible to scratches.   

  • Qtfrat7

    I need one 4my galaxy s3 qfrat7@yahoo.co m

  • Dreadlocdiva

    I’ll take any color for the SG3!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance for my new case!!!!

  • Mark Sussman

    Convince my Dad to get the HTC One S, so a case would be a nice gift for him –  msussman@gmail,.com



  • Ebocioj

    Black case for the s3 por favor

  • Mikecvtm

    Love the red case..

  • Carl

    I just got my s3,  it’s awesome.  I’d love a free case. :)

  • Mccullyp

    HTC One S. video camera is the best for take video and the then taking a still of a frame in the video.  Great for sports shots of kids games.  I use it every week to this.  

  • anthony becerra

    my girlfriend and i both have the s3 and love them .have been a huge fan of this brand of case and would love to change up the color scheme on the phone. i love love love my phone .ynotajb@msn:disqus .com tony b.

  • TeacherMai

    I’ve always been a customer/supporter of Seidio’s products for a long time. I had a surface case on my G1 and have convinced friends to purchase from them as well. Great products.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is just butter for its sharing capabilities. In for a black surface case! Thanks!

  • Anthony C

     What is there not to love about the GS3 amazing phone. Glad I made the switch from the My Touch 4g to this phone.

  • smisa27

    I need a case for my sgs3 and this would be perfect!


    Me! GS3!

  • Aaron Todd

    Yes please.

  • farfromovin

    I rock the Seidio Active cases on my Galaxy Nexus and HTC Sensation. I’m addicted to the soft touch material. I wish phones were just made out of that, instead of slippery plastic!

  • Gimp_Ninja

    That is an attractive case that I wouldn’t mind owning.

  • Been waiting for the Seidio case for the G3.  Here’s hoping I win  one.

  • Griff68

    Love my Samsung SIII this case would be perfect with it.  griff68@gmail.com

  • My Galaxy S III arrives today! I would love one of these!

  • Marcus Gormsen

    I love my GS3! I have gotten some great pics and videos of my son playing t-ball! Best phone I have ever used!

  • akna2010

    me and my dad just got the galaxy s3 the phone is super fast im on it 24/7 thats why i love mine  i wouldnt mind wining a black case for it. akna2010@gmail.com

  • Michael L.

    I love my Galaxy S3 I went down to DC to get it the first day but too bad they didn’t have any accessories for it. Anyways my favorite thing about it is the camera I was never much of a phonetographer till I got the S3 it even makes my pictures look good.

  • Reveng101

    I love my Galaxy S III for it’s speed, screen size, 2GB of ram, sleek style, ice cream sandwich goodness. I also love it because it allows me to view tmonews at work since they blocked it and I can help keep you updated with Costco phone news. Haha

  • loving my verizon galaxy sIII!!!! jpkmxrider@gmail.com

  • Edward_2k1

    I just purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3 Wednesda and I Absolutely Love It. I upgraded frome an HTC HD7 to the Galaxy S3 so it was a major upgrade. I love the screen size and the sleek feel of the phone. It doesn’t feel as big as I thought it would, It feels good in my hands. I did not buy a case because I didn’t want it to feel to bulky but according to your review the case you are giving away is perfect. Contact me at edward_2k1@yahoo.com

  • RJTG3E

    I love my Galaxy S3. It’s a million times better than the HD2 i had before it. I just need the case now to keep it looking sharp!


    SGS3 Black please.. I NEED a cover badly.. I almost dropped my phone once.. no case or zagg.. I never win anything, I want to have case while I wait for Otterbox Defender case which is still not released yet!.. I’m getting Zagg soon would love to have a case ontop as well!

    • ROZCO
      • ROZCO

        If this is just as good as a Otterbox i might as well just use this case, I looked at the website the case looks sooooo nice!!!

        • ROZCO

          I love the fact that you can record and take pictures and then watch the video and move it around the screen while showing off the pictures taken!!.. I keep showing off that feature to friends with iphones LMAO..

  • Abacuswars

    I really into my HTC One S which I brought thanks to TMONEWS review. I would like to have the Seidio case to protect my investment.

  • Sunnybeachgirl

    Loving my Galaxy S III! The awesome camera has been taking some great summer vacation photos!

  • looks good, would love to win one!

  • edward_2k1

    I just purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3 Wednesda and I Absolutely Love It. I upgraded frome an HTC HD7 to the Galaxy S3 so it was a major upgrade. I love the screen size and the sleek feel of the phone. It doesn’t feel as big as I thought it would, It feels good in my hands. I did not buy a case because I didn’t want it to feel to bulky but according to your review the case you are giving away is perfect. Contact me at edward_2k1@yahoo.com

  • flip_flop

    Love how fast this galaxy s3 response. I can never see myself without a smartphone. Email, games, apps, web and many more all in the palm of your hands!

  • Omar Thompson

    That red case would look really nice on my white GS III


  • Ward


  • Sintia179

    David make it happen for me and my galaxy s 3! Sintia179@gmail.com

  • 1CardsFan

    Great blog, David. Keep it up.

  • scase66

    I’m in! Love Seidio products.

  • Fundadjj

    I stood in line on the 21st here in utah for my GSIII. the phone is amazing, fror the camera, to the color, and back to the interface. mine has already seen some trauma, i need some Seidio love. fundadjj@gmail.com

  • SloSupra

    I would love a case for my one s

  • Awesome contest!!!!!!!! Awesome cases!!!! Jaefisher@gmail.com

  • Roger

    Have the HTC one s love everything the phone does. I use the camera internet n apps all day it never slows down or lags like older phones have the best phone I’ve had so far. the camera continue shot is awesome can get pics I couldn’t with older phones!!! Would love a case to keep it looking nice!!

  • I will take a blue case for my galaxy s 3

  • Amorekelk

    Galaxy s3 love taking pictures with it ans overall speed

  • Marc Klein

    Hands down the best phone I have ever had. It’s slick, fast, beautiful colors.

    Email: Ezriel.Klein@gmail.com

  • Dhanych

    Getting a new Seidio HTC One S case might be enough incentive for me to upgrade to the One S phone since I came off contract a year ago.

  • Moses Cruz

    The black case would really look awsome on my htc one s.  jcruz01@q.com

  • I’ve been putting off getting a case for too long for my 1S, this would be perfect (bubbl07a [at] yahoo [dot] com)

  • rizo66

    Don’t mind if I do… GS3

  • Jcmercil

    I like the case colors not too sure about how big they make the phone look. Kind of loses the form factor of the phone. You can’t tell what’s in the case….the SGS3 is just too nice of a phone to hide its shape.

  • Would love a case for my s3.  Best phone I have owned to date.

  • NaingHtoo

    Very nice cases :)

  • NewZ05

    I wouldn’t mind a black one for my GS3 that’s set to arrive next week…

  • cubskru

    Cases look lovely

  • Prince Oberoi

    perfect for my white s3 D4rk1n6@live.com

  • Aczarney

    Would love a case for my galaxy s 3. This phone is just gorgeous.

  • Would be great to have a case for my SGS III :)

  • billy padilla

    i have had my galaxy s3 for about 3 weeks now. i love it. for me the phone has lived up to the hype. i personally love big screen sized phones. my favorite feature is the share shot and the shutter speed. that fact that there is no lag means i dont have to say ” sorry you came out blurry, lets take anither one” and my subject has to re-inact the moment. the share shot freature is really cool, i linked my phone to 2 s3’s at a gathering last week and everyone was amazed. i love taking picture of my 2 girls ages 4 and 6. the paper camer app works really well with the S3 8mp camera…..i love this phone, my wife says its like my 3rd child because i take care of it so much and show it off to friends and family all the time. a sweet purple Seidio case would be awsome!!!

    thanks tmonews. you truly rock!!!

    dodgerfan26@gmail@gmail:disqus .com

  • Jfretzzzzz

    Sure would be nice to win a case for my HOS . already had one scare when my phone fell 4 feet flat on its screen and survived with no injury…

  • Lindy Hendrickson

    Pick me!!!!!!! My S3 needs this badly….already 1 drop :( lindyhendrickson@gmail.com

  • Gary S.

    I’d love to have one of those to give to my wife for her One S.

  • Singleweird

    i need a case actually!!

  • Steve Yon

    this case looks amazing!

  • RJ

    Perfect for my One S to watch videos and such.

  • fixxmyhead

    am i the only one that finds phone accessories lame?

  • Kendal32884

    I just picked up a new s3 and would love a case for it please didn’t have enough money to get a case so it would be awesome if I won one thanks for ur awesome contests tmonews been a fan for a longtime

  • Bjh2379

    Good looking cases! My gf’s s3 could definitely use that!

  • i’d like to get a case for my ONE S … i checked and there’s an email on my profile .. i hope that’s enough  .. i never win commenting giveaways so if i need the email some place else that would explain why lol

  • Data Renegade

    Have a similar case for my S3 I got from the TMO store. Not quite as study as this one looks tho.I have owned the G1, HTC Nexus One, My Touch Slide, HTC Sensation, I decided that it was time to switch from HTC, I don’t feel they have made enough improvements over the last few phones for me to continue with their brand. I loved there phones, Android OS skin, but the battery life on all of these phones was terrible, none of them could make it through an entire day. This Samsung tho…all day use, Facebook app, ESPN app, checking/sending email, making calls, sending texts and chats, by the end of the day , still has anywhere from 20-30% battery life remaining after 12-16 hours of punishment, very impressive. Not too mention it is super fast, no lag when turning on like the Sensation, no lag in loading apps, does it all in a split second. There is a lot, a whole lot of settings, little more work to set up (more than any HTC phone) but to me it means that it is more customizable. This is truly a marvel of a phone. If you have liked any of HTC’s phones, you will LOVE this one. datarenegade@gmail.com

  • AlienZen

    Nice looking cases. I need something to protect the new S3.

  • Sienna01

    I want one

  • Dave Patrick

    I love my HTC One S. Best camera on a smart phone that I have ever had.  This allows me to take great photos wherever I am.  So that means that I can easily share photos of the kiddos with family (on FB or elsewhere).  This is so much faster and better than the old days of downloading and then uploading.  And that is just 1 of the MANY features that I love. Constant communication with those I care about. Ability to step away from work, but not miss important things. Of and course, pron on the go. ;)

  • plightatlanta

    Getting 2 SGSIIIs later this month…would LOVE a case to go with them!

  • alexlx086

    I love my Samsung Galaxy SIII with T-Mobile.  The phone is truly a smartphone!  The best thing about the phone is the use of NFC.  I am loving messing with the TecTiles and S-Beaming content from one device to another Galaxy SIII! 

  • Gigi

    I have just ordered my Samsung Galaxy III from Wirefly thanks to the earlier post this week. I’ve been eyeing since my contract was eligible on June 26th. I can’t wait to take pictures on the 8GB camera.

  • Adrian Gaw

    I love my smartphone because it is my canera wherever i go. As people say, the best camera is the one you have wi you.

    Samsung galaxy S3

  • doughsix3

    Want that red

  • Juan zaniga

    Would Deff. Take a picture of my case and put it on instagram and shoutout TmoNews and Seidio if I won. juanzaniga@gmail.com // juaninatrillionn

  • Corey Smith

    My HTC One S could really use one.  I am a big fan of Seidio cases and holsters.
    corey.pocketpc at gmail.

  • Dbarker1965

    I love my smartphone because it helps me make the day at work go faster,checking emails,listening to music,taking pictures of the displays I create,and so much more

  • Nickts1989

    I really want one for the Galaxy S3. I cant quite find one I like and if I get a free one I wouldnt be able to complain, well since its free!

  • Anabeln

    HTC ONE S …PURPLE…shout out to Seidio!!!

  • vinhbanh

    i need a gs3 case! just got mine in wwhite for 129!

  • Samsung Galaxy S III is better than the HTC One X.  It’s also guaranteed to have one important thing that the One S or X don’t…. a microSD slot!

  • jonsoncd

    Black for the S one, thank you.

  • Guess the Guest

    Black case for my SIII would be awesome!

  • sirkojac

    GS3 blacker that black

  • DL

    Each time I have purchased a phone, it goes straight into a case.  I took advantage of the Wirefly deal you posted the other day and am expecting my white SGS3 from FedEx any minute now. Even if I can’t win a black or red case, I’m still probably going to buy one. leedennisr at gmail

  • Comteacher

    The htc one S does not get nearly the respect it deserves – best phone I have owned. Thin, fast, and the best camera to date – I really dig this phone. comteacher@comcast.net

  • luvtheGSIII

    Ill take any of them. They look schweeeeeet!!! 

  • tech80

    Black for SGS III i really need one.

  • Jud

    Black is the new Black.  S3

  • Knamliss

    Garnet Red for the S3 Please! I just upgraded from my dinosaur S1. My brother who is an apple fan is finally switching after seeing my phone. Now I just need a case for it :D    -Knamliss@gmail.com

  • Billy Suy

    garnet red for GS3 please

  • I don’t care if its HTC ONE S white or black or pink case. JUST WIN, BABY!

  • trapexit

    Black GS3 would be nice.

  • GREnvoy

    I’d take a S3 case, just not purple

  • Michael Devine

    Bought my GS3 last week and enjoying it. I was using an HTC HD2 until I purchased this phone What a big difference this phone is. I have been looking for a nice case to protect this phone. mdevinicus@gmail.com

  • Fireboypr

    Please pick me please!

    • Fireboypr

      Forgot to mention GS3

  • Rensman

    Bought my Galaxy S III a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely impressed.  Why do I love it?  Big screen (old eyes); Smart Stay (actually works quite well); fast (coming from a rooted HTC HD2 running ICS which was surprisingly fast – well not slow – but nothing like the Galaxy S III); beautiful screen.  All in all, I am really enjoying my experience with this phone!

  • diego
  • Gabriel Gurrola

    that would look amazing on my one s

  • Slover419

    Hi everybody this Samsung Galaxy s3 is amazing!!. With T mobile great monthly plan it just makes this phone even more enjoyable.. Please pick me I need some protection for this beautiful piece of art work.. Thanks!! :) :)

  • I need to put the S3 case on my S1…so the phone can play dress-up with its older and bigger brothers clothing!

  • sfbr2012

    Getting the GSIII next week.  Can’t wait to see it in one of these cases!

  • carlosestremera

    wouldn’t mind a kickstand for the one s :)

  • touchworks

    I LOVE my phone because it has GALAXY of features …. and I want to PROTECT it from everything …. :)

  • LarryOmen

    I’d like to have one of these!

  • Pheneks

    S3 Case please!

  • Msiharath91

    Loving my One S! I would love a new case though :)

  • Ezyang91

    HTC One S FTW! :)

  • Dare15

    A fantastic case in Black would make my Galaxy III so enticing, so inviting, so splendidly delighting.  It would match my black hat, my black bag, my black cat.  The Galaxy above is black now the Samsung galaxy should match its name getting lost in black socks, black sheets and a black blocks. Love my phone and would not only appreciate a case but be very happy as well! thanks for reading!   will see a reply to this for email address if I win thank you so much!

  • Olber Ramirez

    gs3 baby i need one case so badly 

  • John

    I’ll take one red for my white SG3, please!!!

  • Roxva

    SIII case please!

  • Jack Nymus

    I’m getting my GS3 on monday- enter me in the drawing for one of those cases.  Thanks!!

  • Ruskastud

    Would love one for the SIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denny Pham

     Would love a purple SIII case…

  • Phong Le

    just got a s3 and would love this case!

  • OlimBurhonov

    I love my HTC One S because its my little office, my entertainment house , and my media tool. it would be nice to have a black Seidio Active case for it’s protection.

  • Blueyeliz

    Been wanting a seidio case for my awesome One S…Amethyst sounds great!  Such a joy to use the One S after daily battery pulls on the G2X for months.  One S soooo fast & smooth.

  • CaseMe

    Awesome! When it comes to my 13 month old son, nothing says my S3 isn’t a Wonka bar like a hard plastic case.

  • In for a white case!

  • En2mente

    HTC One S is a great phone

  • Rich Dolezal

    I love my HTC One S, it’s even better when viewing TmoNews

  • basslevel

    like the stand on this case. would be great for my gsiii

  • I’d love the One S case. Pretty sure my email is attached to my Disqus profile.

  • remister

    Sammy case FTW

  • drivethruboy168

    Sweet! I want one!!!

  • Jared

    I’ve been looking for a case to also help the SIII fit my hand more securely so this giveaway is perfect!

  • MarcusDW

    I need one for my future GSIII purchase!

  • Mblam

    I love the galaxy s3 because I’m constant shopping online and checking my emails.

    • Mblam

      I Also Love Taking Pictures With My Galaxy S III. They Are So Clear. The Phone Also Is Very Slim Which Makes It Eier To Hold.
      Color: Black

  • Mlynch01

    I need that One S case please!

  • I like the cruzerlite cases, but it’s good to have variety.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Nice giveaway.

  • Princealijr

    Samsung Galaxy S III Black Case – PrinceAliJr@hotmail.com
    I love my White 16GB SIII, The speed of it is amazing everyday I’m looking of ways to customize it. I keep changing the weather clock widget. The speed of pictures and no shutterlag is amazing too! Would love to have a black case for this phone all I need after is a screen protector and I’m set.

  • Caleb Gibson

    I’ve been looking for a good case for my One S.  Its a little slick and I’ve many a close call with it falling due to the slick case.  Maybe this will solve my problems.  Help T-Mo news!

  • dbpiano

    Please GSIII black, Thank you 

  • SP

    Great present for the wife’s One S. pomario@hotmail.com

  • Tony

    I want a case..

  • Chris Lombardo

    i want one

  • Rodney Barrera

    My wife loves her One S because it’s small, sleek, and provides her with easy access to games, music, the internet and a point and shoot camera. She’s a nurse and the amethyst case would match the color of her scrubs perfectly. I’d score some major points if I could hook her up with one. Pick me!!!

  • Keith Kn

    Rockin’ the Tmobile 16gig version of the SIII.  Loving it so far.  Wish it had the Quadcore from the international version though since the dual core is pretty laggy, especially with Exchange email.  ICS and its USB support is great!  I can plug in mice, keyboards, PS3 controllers, everything!!! Too cool. 
    Send me a case so I can protect this fine piece of tech jewelry will ya?

  • cardinalknight

    Yes please

  • AJ

    i want one too…

  • JA

    want one of the white color…

  • A H

    I want one S3 Black looks good

  • Zanefbanks

    Getting a one s for the wife and she NEEDS a case. She drops her phones more than my Alzheimer’s uncle forgets my name.

  • Muhammad

    Its as light as a feather, The screen size to watch movies and videos. Makes my Iphone 4s using coworkers jealous :-p They hate the facial recognition feature :-) The speed for applications to run. Its just awesome ! 

  • Joshua Goodman

    I love my OneS. Camera is great and phone has proven super durable too.

  • Eddie Nabhan

    Just got the S3.  Great screen.  I love taking pictures and videos of our 2 little girls who are 3 and 1.  It makes sharing those videos and pictures via, Groupme, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and Facebook oh so very very easy.

  • Dsd424

    Blessings everyone, definitely would love one of those seidios for my S3!!!! booyaaa

  • TexasPeach52

    I love my S3 it does everything that others wish their phones did!!! It is lightweight and has functions galore form the S Voice to caputuring multiple pictures….need I say more!!!

  • LTEstyles


  • dubyaj

     The Red SG3 case for me

  • Mike Antici


  • Davidbrashear

    Smartphones aren’t necessarily that smart, but they’ve made us smarter. All those questions that pop up daily about meaning of words, length of bridges (and is there a traffic tie-up on it), weather, how’s so-and-so doing: now answers are immediate, and often with verbal data input. I do my job differently and better, am more accurate in discussion and thought, am better informed. The gizmos are great: scanner, video, whatever, but how smartphones have changed me is that “Go look it up” is easier than “Pull it out your …”
    HTC One S (PS: I’d not have known about products like Seidio and others without your site. Thanks) 

  • slayr

    I’m obsessed with my SIII because it’s soooo much better than my Vibrant.  Wanted 4G, better camera and bigger screen and my expectations were exceeded.  SIII case in red or purple pretty please.

  • Brian G.

    Black case for my Galaxy 3 :-)  brian AT thesavvybrands.net

  • Jwells2015

    I lover my galaxy s iii because of its awesome motion actions and the amazing s voice.

  • chasechs

    i have a windows phone and i would love to try android for once :-). Anyone one of the 2 would be a great experience for me. Can i win??

  • Dougee327

    Getting my S3 today a case would be nice

  • Boostedfern

    I need me a case for my s3 :)

  • trolololologuy

    Should get a white one tomorrow.   Would be sick to have a black case to sort of alternate between the looks.  :D

  • Stewgotz79@gmail.com

    S3 case would be sweet

  • PeteJames1138

    I need a case so bad, just got my galaxy s3!

  • Azon21

    SGS III please – No Red! Thanks

  • WD

    looking good :-)

  • HTC ONE S here…. NO Amethyst Please..

    Thanxs….LUV U GUYS!

  • I love the galaxy s3 because it’s way better than my last phone, the Samsung Highlight.

  • Incyc

    GS 3, enjoying this version of TouchWiz and the S Voice

  • HTC One S love the multiple burst

  • Ryan DeArmond

    Id love one for my HTC one S, im not picky, just grateful :)
    Ryan_All_De (twitter name) <— following Tmonews, can you get a hold of me that way?

  • archie53

    One S FTW

  • Anand G

    Went from the galaxy nexus to the one s. Love the one s but still miss the galaxy nexus

  • Henry

    I love my smartphone because I can use it to keep in touch with family and friends even when I’m in other countries. Combining google voice with my Galazy S3 while being abroad is a winning combination =]

  • Jason

    multiple burst has helped me get a pic where my kids are actually smiling all at the same time.

  • Michael Hoffman

    One S all the way!

  • RogerMCT

    Went From HD7 (hated WP7) to SGS3.  BEST PHONE EVER!!!  New case would be nice :)

  • will

    does everything on one device.

  • Mike

    I moved up from the Vibrant and it is amazing what happens in 2 years. All my friends are Iphone 4 users and I wouldn’t trade my GSIII for an Iphone if someone paid me to do so. I love my phone

  • metis

    I love the flexibility and power of android.  It’s been getting better all along, but the ability to carry around a decent linux laptop that functions as an entire office suite of fax, scanner, phone wifi hotspot etc etc  in my pocket is so astoundingly useful.  

  • Frankie

    I love my HTC One S, would love to have a great case to protect my investment!

  • DK

    GS3 is great. New case would be nice.

  • Ernesto Santos

    Would love this for when i get my S3

  • GS3 :-)

  • Edien Ibanez

    I really like the look of this case, Seido has always made a great product.

  • Needspeed64

    wow, these cases look amazing.  I have to get the red and blue one !!!

  • Sprite

    I’ve been using Android since the g1 and have no intentions on leaving. I love the support and the freedom to change it as I want. Back in the day of the market with under 100 apps, you needed to be self-reliant. Learning to program myself has been the best part of the Android experience. 

  • Jose Hernandez

    I just got my brand spanking new Galaxy S 3, 16GB Blue. I can honestly say that this is by far the Best Android Phone I have Ever Owned!, it also happens to be my first Samsung Smartphone too. I Love the feel of it, the display is amazing, and the camera is just great. I love how my kids, friends and family go “that is cool!!! let me see it!” lol. Very happy with my new Sammy!!!

  • peter rardin

    I love my phone as it helps me keep track of my busy life Cozi for the win!

  • Spam7771

    hallo I like ze tmonews plz giveh me won

  • Taron19119

    I love my phone galaxy s 3 it’s the best phone every and if u are a iPhone user looking to try your first android phone I’d recommend the galaxy s 3

  • NotNIL

    I used work for T-mobile for 6 years living off the comission during high school and college, and it all began with the Sidekick? Remember that phone? I’m not even sure if that’s considered a smartphone, but it helped me one summer when I delivered Pizza’s using MapQuest on the integrated web browser. It was running on EDGE and it was super slow, but that phone saved my life everytime. I love my Galaxy S III, was always a fan ever since I got my Samsung Vibrant on release day 2 years ago. It made me jump ship from the iOS ecosystem, and I’m a happier person because of it. I love my smartphone.

  • Handoyo

    I am IN!

  • J-Hop2o6

    I would love the black case for the galaxy s 3, and purple for my girlfriends one s.

  • Just got a samsung s3. With the extra RAM this phone is rocking compare to my HTC sensation. No more launcher reload.

  • Joel

    I want that S III red cover! Looks nice :)

  • DeLarren Young

    Coming from a Blackberry Bold 9700, this Galaxy 3 has enabled me to control the Cable Box, Use PayPay for Business (Card Reader), Kies to keep updated on Outlook items, see all of my music artwork, and upgrading me from 256MB of onboard memory to 2048MB!  I can RECORD IN HD!!!  A new case would be a SUPER PLUS! :-D  This phone pulled me away from Blackberry for good.  


    Would love a Black One-S case, thanks for the running the contest!

  • souggie

    Still debating which one to keep and which to sell….gs3 or jellybeaned gnex….tough decisions!

    • souggie

      Screw it, I’ll just keep em both…just gotta save for that new HTC nexus in November! At least one of the five gotta be an HTC!

  • Cpxnathan

    I would love the black or garnet red. Sorry purple.

  • Saniyal Hirani

    same here would love the black on for my one s


  • MoiBoy23

    Ill take the red one for my sg3!!!

  • Keith Cole

    Just got my S3. A case would be nice.

  • JJ

    Black one please for my GS3.  Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alvin Marcelino

    Would love a new case for my s3 or new one for my sisters one s

  • Bryanle99

    I love Android, and especially S3. The feature of instant media sharing has really bought me in! Loving it! I would love to have black cover for my S3.

  • Count me in on this. One S.

  • Darnell

    I’ll take one, any color, so long as I’m a WINNER :-D .

  • Trungbui817

    Galaxy s3

    • Trungbui817


  • diego


  • Nate Calderon

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! CHOOSE ME! I love taking pictures w/ my phone, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had! I would really love a black SEIDIO case for my HTC one s, to protect my baby! 

  • Dmrubio86

    I have a HTC One S and I like the Royal Blue case. The kickstand would be very useful and cool to have

  • rwc1792

    Just got my S3 today.  Here’s what I love about the phone so far: I had the Vibrant, and I’m so ready for a phone that doesn’t have GPS issues, as I use it almost everyday to track my running in real time.  I ready to get a more accurate read on the distance I’ve covered, and not have a phone that dies because the phone is constantly trying to get a gps signal.  

    Who wouldn’t be happy to make the jump from Froyo to ICS?  Or the increased download speeds?

    I’m also looking forward to the camera which is much improved, not only in the picture taking ability, but simply because this phone has a flash.  Remember when we complained that they left a flash off the Vibrant?  I don’t take many photos, but when I do, I want to make sure I can capture the moment.

    I’m ready to view webpages on a larger screen…who knows, maybe I’ll be able to read a whole page of Tmonews without having to scroll from side to side.

    Lastly, having this phone is great, simply because it’s so much easier to find cases and accessories for it because it’s everywhere.  I think most people will admit Tmo’s accessories selections are slim.  I’d take a black or red case, beggars can’t be choosers.

  • It’s time to Win!
    I have a galaxy S3 pebble blue 16Gb.  I use my phone for all kindsa things.  I take random pictures  while driving down the freeway, pictures of my lunch etc…Lol….I record video’s of Mom/Dad and their dog.  I connect the phone to my bluetooth car stereo and rock out to some metal.  I check XDA Developers for the latest Roms with it.  I love the voice to text features on it.  I’m practically married to this phone.  

    Pick me, cuz  I wanna Win!  :-)

    Black Seido Case would be awesome!



  • Sean

    Seems like there aren’t a lot of cases available for the HTC One.  Was looking for a gelskin and they only have the D30s.  

  • Andy Phoeng

    I am Blackberry user for the past 4 years and decided to change my phone to HTC One-S… I really like my new phone and I can say proudly that I am an android! 

    It felt like a revelation when you change your phone from blackberry to android.. The OS, the Look, the Internet you can get all of these in one package.

    Being a new android user, it is not that hard to change your gear from blackberry to android. It was a smooth transition especially when you are one of a few who use blackberry in your friend circle.

    So, if you still use blackberry when you read this comment, it is time to change to more urbanized phone with great feature and reliability!

  • Pecto

    Case will definitely protect and beautify my already gorgeous GS3!

  • Serotheo

    I love my S3 because of the unified launch on the carriers getting us awesome accessories like this..

    Well that’s not all, that’s just a plus.. being able to capture those goofy moments when my friends do something stupid in HD quality with my GSIII while on the go or snapping some awesomely quick pictures while on a trip with friends or family, or even both – its just nice to be able to have all this technology at my fingertips, that and the fact that it just works well.

  • Ophio

     I hope I get this!!!! :P

  • Jasenguerrero1966

    Great for all my fantasy sports

  • jonathan3579

    I’d love to have this case ready to go for my new phone!!! :)

    This would make the GS3 perfect!

  • Scapegrace


  • teablue

    would be stoked for a black s3 case

  • Make this the best Friday the 13th ever. Thanks.

  • Gs3heaven

    Loving my new s3!

  • Justin Ladd-George

    I love my HTC One S and in opinion is one of HTC best devices ever made. The only thing I’m missing is a case. I sure would to have seido case for my htc one s

  • Steve Schonwetter

    Thanks for the chance to win a case for my One S.  Happy Fri 13th to you.

  • Lainemac

    I love my one s because android is the best

  • aj34

    thanks Galaxy S3

  • Bajamin

    I love my smart phone because it is like Jesus in digital form. 

  • Josh Robert Nay


  • John Lawrence

    I love my Galaxy SIII because it has already bailed me out.  I went with some friends to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Sporting KC soccer game.  The bummer was it was not on TV.  I pulled out my Galaxy SIII and found it streaming online.   So we sat enjoying our wings and watching the game on this amazing 4.8 inch screen streaming over T-Mobile’s super fast 4G!!!  I wont be missing another game with this phone with me.  :)

  • Frank

     I have a galaxy S3 marble white.  I hope I win one of the cases.

  • mreveryphone

    Gotta love giveaways!

  • Benlee337

    I need a case for my s3!!!!

  • sashatronics

    Love my Galaxy s3 !! pee pee iphone)) 

  • mws8130

    I need a case for my S3 please!!  Black or Blue!  Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Charles Robison

    Case for my One S?  Lovely.

  • Corey

    Love my GS3!!

  • Bret Waering

    I’d love to get a case for my HTC One

  • Brodfra

    I desparately need a black case for my galaxy s iii

  • Avengethis1

    Love my sgs 3!!! Help me save my baby!

  • Cmebling

    I’de love a case for my BROKEN SCREENED Galaxy S3 (insurance is sending new one MONDAY)

  • Woo Hopefully I could win this case, my current case is getting discolored T-T! HTC One S!!

  • PanamaPaul

    I would loooooooove one of these for my new S3!

    TMonews ROX!
    The place I come to get ALL of my Tmo scoop! :)

  • Vikram Dhani

    I would have love to have this case for S3 since my wifey has slippery hands and i am sure she will drop the phone :( 

    I wish i will win the case 

  • Derek O.

    I love my S3 because its thin, has a gorgeous screen and is a beast for multitasking!!!

  • This looks nice.  Thanks!

  • Nghi Nguyen

    A case for the S3 would be great!

  • Thomas Sienkiewicz

    These cases look awesome and i love the sg3 and I always hated touchwiz because of the way it looked but its been tweaked and i love it on the s3 :D 

  • Patrick Armijo

    Getting my gs3 next week, gonna get a case too, hopefully I could just win the case.

  • TMoNews_Fan

    My GS3 is incredibly fast and I love it because it keeps me organized for school.

  • Keori

    I love how slim my GS3 is and the huge screen just looks so amazing!

  • Outrager

    I love the GS3 because before that I was using a Nokia E72 with no data. There are no apps even worth getting, the UI is pretty out dated, and the messaging app is single threaded and slow.

  • HTC_Fanboy1

    I Love my HTC ONE S!!! The camera and its features have replaced the need for walking around with my old canon P&S camera. Ain’t technology great!
    I would be a gracious winner if chosen. Thanks!

  • Colin S

    TmoNews gave me the deal on my one s and now I need a case to protect it.

  • Omar

    I purchased 2 HTC one s for my mother and daughter. I love them because my daughter and her grandmother can spend quality time chatting face to face, despite living 1
    300 miles apart.

  • Ryan

    I just got a HTC One S and have been looking at cases.

  • Hiddndragn

    I would love to win one of the GS3 cases!

  • Johnny12times

    This would be perfect for my new galaxy s 3! Pick me! ;-)

    • Johnny12times

      And as to why I love my smartphone… Always have a way to talk to my wife and look at photos of my friends and family. Games on the go, news when I want it. What more can you ask for?

  • Adam Scherzer

    Future owner here, thinking buying outright would be better than a new contract, $20/EIP payments, etc. Definitely going to consider an unlocked version vs. T-Mobile branded as well.

  • El Andy

    That garnet red case for the galaxy s3 actually looks pretty awesome. 

  • AT

    I love this phone, and I need a case!

  • Nickyb220

    My gs3 needs that right now…..

  • Pat Browne

    I now own two S3s I paid full price for it would be great if I had a seidio to go with either one white or blue

  • wldthng842

    Wouldn’t mind a case for my GS3

  • Dustin Vilmur

    I’d love a purple G3 case…

  • Kayvon Khaledi

    Be sweet to protect my One S with 1 of those cases

  • ssssss

    I want one

  • Andres

    Love my HTC OneS. (upgraded from a Sam Exhibit). It helps me manage two businesses and spend less time seated in front of the computer. I can start by reading my email in bed. Stay conncected via email when out of the office. If we have a promotional event, I can take pictures and tweet them immediately. If we are selling our product we can accept payment via Square. Hard to beat all that functionality in a small package.

  • Sun

    i need a case too, for my future Samsung G3

  • Blkbear

    One case for the Sammy G S III please.

  • Jake

    HTC One S Royal blue or black would be awesome. 

  • Ziad Farah

    I love my galaxy s 3 cause it has a awesome camera it is super fast large 4.8 inch display for watching movies and playing games with the kids like mole Vs would be nice to have a case so my sone does not drop it Thanks :)

  • deeoh1084

    one Seido black Samsung Galaxy S III case for my wonderful T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III white version please!!!!! i love my phone best phone hands down as of this moment!! super fast!!!

  • Harold Truong

    Black on my Galaxy S3 would be out of this world!

  • Joel Villegas

    just gots my S3 and i needs a case D:

  • my 32GB Pebble blue Galaxy S III is such a Monster, I can’t believe how crazy sick this phone is.  Seriously if you have any doubts, you owe it to yourself to at least pick one up and try it out for a week. 

  • Red case on my white GS3 would be nice!!!

  • Crease Oberg

    Wow Cool, My brother in law is getting an S III next week so I will try to win a case for him :) 

  • Umang Choudhari

    trying my luck to get a case for my new SIII *Crosses fingers*

  • if you saw my G2 you would know how bad i need this for my Galaxy S3…..rfawns1@gmail.com

  • Mblam

    I Also Love Taking Pictures With My Galaxy S III. They Are So Clear. The Phone Also Is Very Slim Which Makes It Eier To Hold.
    Color: Black

  • Mblam

    I love the galaxy s3 because I’m constant shopping online and checking my emails. A black case for my Galaxy S3 please.

  • ben

    Got a One S. I’d like to get the royal blue case. 

  • Welp, I wasn’t able to win last time. Didn’t really understand the instructions. Thought the names would be announced on the blog or my email was in the Disqus (DtheArtist). But, hopefully I win a case this time, I’m just gonna use my Twitter.

    • This is my account, I don’t know why it logged me in under my Disqus. My twitter is @Nfinite5, if it’s not logged in right because it keeps logging me in as my Disqus. Weird…

  • Mbhan123

    need a sick samsung s3 case, please =)

  • erikdrakon

    Just ordered My SGSIII, waiting for it to arrive next week, and i have the GSII with the kickstand seidio case so would love to be able to get the same one for my new phone in black of course 

  • Dronnok

    The Galaxy S III is the 3rd Android phone I’ve had and loving it. They just keep getting better and better. This case would be a really nice way to protect the sizable investment I made into getting the phone and keep it protected for the next 2 years. I use it for everything from taking pictures to navigation to online searches wherever I am but the one thing that I always use is online streaming radio to listen to the music I want to listen to whenever I’m driving since local radio really blows. Without it, I’m left listening to really scratchy AM radio from cities hundreds of miles away or really lame music. It really is an indispensable part of my daily routine.

  • Tracksforhire

    Am a android freak

  • sdk4

    Definitely very very happy with the S3, my first smart phone after years of flips and slides. Great purchase and happy to finally be in the 21st century for phone technology.

  • Jake Snyder

    I love my galaxy s 3 because of the BEAUTIFUL SCREEN! I cannot get over it especially coming from a dumbphone. So happy with it!

  • Sasha!

    Oh I love my phone! It has made my life so much more interesting. I have been able to convince my friend I left the country within 24 hours on a secret mission. I have gotten calls asking for someone named Chris late at night. I don’t even know who he is but he sounds like he is in trouble. And I was entered into a beauty pagent accidentally by my brother who was clicking on ads. Thank you HTC for such a wonderful and hilarious time! :)

  • Ali

    nice i can have my red phone

  • Wade Moeller

    A little over 2 years ago, I traded in my Blackberry Pearl on a Motorola Cliq. I was very happy moving to Android, but quickly started looking for an upgrade to the Cliq. Craiglist soon found me a used HD2 that I quickly had running on a NAND Android install. Sadly the heat of moving from Nevada to Texas damaged the phone and if it ever got too hot, it would lock up. Finally it got stuck in a bootloop and I submitted a warranty claim. None of the phones offered were really equal to the HD2 and I ended up with an LG MyTouch. I wasn’t much impressed from the start with it’s reception nor performance and it was so much smaller then the HD2. To add insult to injury they decided that the HD2 had been damaged in a drop and they charged me $90 for the MyTouch. I bided my time until I could use my upgrade on an HTC One S. Within 12 hours, it was rooted and the bloatware removed. It’s easily equal to the HD2.

    I would greatly appreciate the Amethyst Seidio Active case to protect my HTC One S for the next 2 years until I’m upgrade eligible again.

  • nds5z6

    I’m planning on upgrading to the SIII at the end of the month, this would be a great addition!

  • Mark Hennessey

    I upgraded from the Vibrant to the GSIII two weeks ago. This is my 3rd Android phone. When I got my G1 there was nothing to compare it to… when I got my Vibrant I loved the screen, but thought other phones on other carriers might be better. Well for the time being the GS3 is the best phone from any manufacturer on any network. The iPhone 5 will have it’s work cut out for it in order to claim the top spot. 

  • Aphill25

    I recently purchase the HTC one S; first things first, it is the epitome of a smart phone for a stylish owner. I love the incredibly rich feel of the material, more and more smart phone makers are using cheap plastic to make their phones lighter; well plastic is cheap-feeling and looking. I love that the One S has that ceramic feel. It’s like having the latest Michael Kors ceramic time piece, and using it as a phone. The phone looks beautiful, feels rich and sturdy. I love the jealous looks of the “fruit phone” owners when I pull my beautiful friend out of my pocket!!! The only thing better would to add a lovely new case to add just a little something extra (not that it needs it though)

    • Sharklover

      I had the 1s for 2 months and changed it for S3 which is so much better. Being able to switch batteries and adding sd card is so important. Also S3 has many great features.

  • Quicktip23

    Just picked up the s3 yesterday I really need a case quicktip23@gmail.com

  • Michael Sean Christensen

    My HTC One S would look oh so tastey in the case. michaelsean@gmail.com

  • Geoffmartinez

    I have had the s3 for about two weeks and I love it. There is nothing I can’t do. And I have been looking into different cases and haven’t found the right one yet.

  • afranci703

    Cool. Looking for a better case than the skins I’ve bought thus far.

  • clamder

    i want one for my s3 :)

  • Guest

    I am really interested in a case, the thing I love the most about the phone is the screen. The S3 beats out the fgalaxy nexus

  • Santiago Burgos

    1st day with my GSIII and its screen is amazing!
    Set the screen to max brightness and apply the Deep Sea live wallpaper. YOUR EYES WILL FALL OFF!!!
    Anyways, I’d love to win me one of these, thxx!!

  • Spartanstew

    Had a Seidio case for my HTC Incredible, and would love one for my new One S

  • I really like the S3. My only complaint is that it is too thin. I some times forget its in my pocket. As for cases, I’ve been looking for the right one. This seidio case looks like it might just fit the bill.

  • s10shane

    i would love a black case for my GS3. i dont have a case yet.

  • taino211

    Oh please let me win?!!  I’m going to be getting my GS3 in about 2 weeks! :)

  • Jfaviken

    Did I win? :)

  • Zebeck

    Oops…forgot to mention:  HTC One S

  • vx117

    Need one for my awesome Galaxy S3!

  • jdelgadoutsa

    I have the HTC One S and I love because of its awesome  camera.  I have a baby girl and she’s starting to learn how to walk so having this phone and being able to take videos and pictures at the same time is awesome.  So far its be the best phone i have had and i actually gave my sony camera away because the HTC One S camera was a lot better

  • I love my smartphone because it keeps me connected with the world!

  • MJBigDeal

    I want one 4 my S3

  • Akorn123456

    I don’t want to FALL in love with my galaxy s3 as it would BREAK without that seidio case 

  • Michael Montanez

    I’d LOVE a black case for my Galaxy SIII *fingers crossed*

  • Nolachef54

    I really need one of these, plain and simple so scared I am going to ruin my I S III. After all I am a chef and my phone is in my hand almost as much as my knives in the kitchen…….nolachef54@hotmail.com

  • what_is_love

     Galaxy s3 case please :P

  • Rvpanthony

    Htc One S in black Pls . And thank you.

  • Tdtyler07

    Need a case for my international gs3 on t-mobile please

    • Tdtyler07


  • Borrusownage@gmail.com

    galaxy s3!!

  • Brandon Olmos

    I would not mind having a case for my SGS3. I already have one scratch on the back of mine.  :'(


  • Brandon Olmos
  • Randy

    HTC One S

    • Randy

       The white case if possible

  • man i want one but i don’t have S3 or a oneS all i have is my cool amaze 4G i keep it i like it better any way  but if you have a case for my Amaze 4G i’ll take it at kaffinekid@gmail.com black or red please

  • spk4life

    can I have the black case for HTC One S please?

  • DirtyEskimo
  • Di Fan Zheng

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARNET RED SAMSUNG GALAXY S III PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    difanzheng@gmail.com    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Di Fan Zheng

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARNET RED SAMSUNG GALAXY S III PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    difanzheng@gmail.com    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Badbyzkid

    This galaxy S3 has been my tablet replacement since I couldnt hold off for the note. I love this phone cause it takes awesome pics and lets face not only is it faster than my work computer with six monitors but it has more available ram. Lol so if u have a purple case available shoot me an email badbyzkid@msn.com

  • cyberoid

    Would like one for Galaxy S III please.

  • Deryk Su

    HTC One S!!!


  • Ben

    Love my One S and can always use some more protection

  • im number oneS

    Can I get a case for my HTC one s I love it cause it has an awesome camera and I want to use the case so I can watch videos on a stand


  • androidlover522

    Can I get a case for galaxy s 3 the most legendary phone in the world like for galaxy s 3

    love s voice and beam best phone ever

  • cromo8

    wow those cases are definitely nice. I would love to get one for my HTC ONE S 

    That kickstand looks awesome!!!!!


  • Clifton latour

    i woulkd love to win a blk case for my htc one, clif, thanks

  • James

    Hook me up =)

  • Julio

    I need a case for my new HTC one s

  • pedroc23

    I need a case for my wife…

  • Singindrew

    I would love a better case for my One S!

  • j_fisc

    I know my HTC One S needs some case lovin.


  • Anthony Lavergne

    I need a GSIII case :)

  • Vincent Chan

    I want a GS3 CASE

  • Michael Stemmeler

    I love my Galaxy III. The screen is so crisp and the fabulous pictures taken on the camera, with all its features makes carrying along my regular point and shoot camera redundant. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Impending Doo

    I love the battery life on my HTC One S. I don’t need so many charging cords around the house anymore.

  • Bmarie19752000

    I just ordered my galaxy 3!! Now I need a case!!!

  • Ron Yeshulas

    A case for my One S would be nice

  • Wiiengineer

    I just love using the camera on my galaxy s iii to get that perfect shot of my 10 month old doing something adorable with the burst shot! Its also amazing how quick and small it is compared to my old sii. I also couldn’t live without the chrome browser!

  • Suryo88

    another case for S3

  • WackyJoe

    TMONews Rocks!!!

  • WackyJoe

    Samsung Galaxy S3 has been great so far…sleek and fast.  The UI could be better but anyone can slap on a different launcher.  Just can’t seem to find a good case for it yet, guess it’s too new.  Just hoping to win one of these cases here ;)  

  • Levy Salazar

    Heyy buying a galaxy s3 soon so this will be a great start (;
    I have T-Mobile of course

  • exeot

    need this for my yet to be delivered s3

  • Randy

    HTC One S in white :D

  • Cashman

    HTC One S is the phone that really made me forget about my blackberry. it’s lightweight and the internet speeds are simply amazing……

  • Slickyrickyross

    I need one 

  • Zekegeek

    galaxy s3 case looks cool

  • emil

    just ordered my one s coz someone stole my G2. boy am i gonna miss the keyboard. this’d be a great case for my new phone.

  • Bgbagz

    I Love My SIII because  for numerous reasons….. loud spearer phone… i can actually here my phone ring…. the size… the ability to to Share photos more easily with the different shortcuts…. Awesome Pictures and the Battery life the list could co on and on

  • JoshuaLynn Wiggins

    My phone is the best! I absolutely love how EASY it is to be connected with everyone on my twitter, facebook and instagram! My HTC One S is so fun and extremely fast. I can’t stop playing with it and learning new things about the phone. Did I mention that the audio on this phone is just clear and the bass is so loud. I upgraded from an HTC HD2 and it’s been definitely worth it. 

  • Nahoou

    I’m so excited about my new Samsung Galaxy S III. This phone has an amazing display and has so many great features but by far the best feature is the 2GB ram. The speed and smoothness of this phone is great and when jelly bean gets released its gonna be ridiculous.

  • Mikedee718

    I absolutely love the Galaxy S3’s camera and camcorder. I also love how i can just look at a contacts whether its on a call log or opening the contacts myself, and just put my phone to my ear and it automatically dials the number. Anything that can get me to use the phone without entering more than 2 keystrokes i just think is awesome. I waited about 8-12 months to get this phone, i had an upgrade available and i was using the mytouch 4G (the original one, got it the 2nd week it got out). I just kept looking at this site everyday since February cause Tmonews and David Beren do such a great job keeping me informed about everything and anything about T-Mobile. Got the S3 on june 21st, the 1st day it came out, and trust me it wasn’t easy to get that day it was only available in 2 stores in NYC, but i waited on the line outside the 34th Street store and got my DREAM PHONE. Apple could go to hell with their iPhone, cause this is better and will be better than the new iPhone. May 3rd was my birthday, and the best present i got was the reviews, and to actually see the S3 in reviewers hand in the U.K. I want to win that red case by seido. Does anyone know how to enter the contest??????

  • Cjoeyw

    Case me! Samsung Galaxy SIII in red please!

  • Derek Clemmons

    I’ll take one! 

  • I’ll take one for the SGS3 :-)

  • LeoCohen

    HTC One S is awesome

  • Mattymattmc

    HTC one s is awesome and it isso thin it gave me my pocket back

  • Vurnt Toast

    SGS3 please…………..!

  • MaddiesDaddy

    I absolutely love my HTC One S because it makes all of my iPhone-toting (sheep) friends wish they had one too.

  • SirMakoto

    i can try a red case for once, hook it up :)

  • kristen torres

    i would love to win anything! 

  • fozzy2u

    I would like purple for gs3

  • David Yanez

    I would love to win any color!!!

  • Brett A. Spitzer

    That Garnett Red is fantastic! I REALLY want the Red S3 on ATT but cannot give up the ol’ TMO! I have a white S3 that would be complemented very well with that red case adorning its still new and not dropped shell! PLEASE DAVID make me a believer in cases again! Email bspitzer@gmail.com

  • Cmebling

    2nd time posting: I broke my TMO GS3 in 6 days :( insurance is sending me a new one on MONDAY! I would love black please!!! #houndingyoursite!

  • Guest

    Wooooooo!! In for one red GSIII case! :D Thanks David!

  • Calvin Tran

    this look cool. Could use a case for my One S

  • Krystn

    WOOOOO! In for a red OR black GSIII case!! Thanks David!!! :D


    Yes please

  • Todd C.

    So… I was on the brink of leaving T-Mobile until I got my hands on the HTC One S. We have terrible service in our area, but with the combination of the signal booster sent to us and my new One S, I am now a happy camper with T-Mobile. I have full 4G service everywhere in my own home now! Yahoo! At first the One S was a little bigger than I was used to and I found myself really having to reach when using the phone with one hand – but now, I can’t imagine going back. The camera is FABULOUS! I have taken more pictures of my little family (especially my new 2 month old) with the phone than with my Canon ELPH 300HS. The colors look great and I absolutely LOVE the ability to take pictures WHILE recording video – very nice feature! This is my first experience with Google Play Music – love it! The phone is so thin that I am nervous I may break it – hence my hoping to win a case for it. :) All in all the phone is great, my service is wonderful, and I am a happy customer.

  • Rdiwan

    Woo! I’d love to snag any sgs 3 case. (Written from my naked sgs 3)

  • keeping my fingers crossed. 

  • Hansedog

    Awesome I could win a case for myself and the wife

  • Craigers

    The camera on my One S is simply amazing. That is the thing I love about it and why I chose it over the gs3.

  • sparky1113

    Black HTC One S for me

  • Tmo_Fan

    I just got my SGSIII wgite 16gb and this would make my week so fabolous if I get one of course ..


    I got no case in my headphones!    ed@edtiva.com 

  • Would love a red case for my S III!

  • Rick J

    The S3 is wicked fast and has the most vivid screen of any smartphone I’ve seen!

  • yong liu

    As an IT admin, always have fun with the Android OS updates, apps.  Also DT (Tmobile should know what is DT) employee, need to stick with Tmobile.

  • Aarong2005

    The instant shutter on my htc one s is amazing and I love ICS and sense 4.0! 

  • LoganC

    My roommate could use a case for his One S, even though I tried to convince him to buy one like I did.  logan.crouch@gmail.com

  • Mark

    Would love to get a one s case! Keep up the good work!

  • Bwattsllc

    I’ve been using my gs3 for a month now and I can’t wait until jb is pushed out for tmobile, any ideas when that will be?

  • hot case 

  • A Wu

    I’ve always loved Siedio cases and I just picked up a One S AND a GS3 so whichever I win would be awesome!!!

  • abc

    Case for GS3 please!

  • Scottk247

    Love my GS3. Now I just need a Seidio case…

  • AlexTheCoolestness

    i would really enjoy a new case for mine!

  • Jt Vo


  • Jmgbeokwere1

    I want a case!!!!!

  • Rosario

    Literally just ordered my new white Galaxy S III so definitely need a case for it.
    Please and thank you!

  • Dihopia

    this is a wonderful case, hoping and wanting for one.any color will do. thank you so much and may God bless you.

  • jmwils3

    could really use a case for my One s, just wish you guys had the garnet red active case. Beggars cant be choosers tho :)

  • Michael D

    Me please!

  • Millowster

    HTC ONE S Please :)

  • tmolover

    i just ordered my galaxy s 3 i cant wait to use s voice when it gets shipped i usually buy otterboxes for my phones but i think they are too fat so i would like to try a seidio case please!!!!
    nazeefv@gmail.com    p.s. how do i know if i win

  • Mikeg

    i got my OneS a few weeks ago… I would enjoy this case.

  • Andy Amaya

    Would love to get one of these for my Galaxy S III!!! :D

  • curlee_three

    I hope to win!!!!!

  • Carlos_arana96

    i would like to win :D since i never win anything lol :) galaxy s3  


  • PudgyPanda

    enter me. Galaxy S3

  • Twoinsf4fun

     Love Samsung Galaxy S III, would love to win a case!

  • Juvedebo

    I would love one for my S3

  • jdelgadoutsa

    I’m a proud owner of a HTC One S and the best feature of the phone is the camera. I have a 6month old baby girl and I enjoy taking videos and pictures at the same time. jdelgadoutsa86@gmail.com

  • JB

    S III is fast. Please enter me.

  • me

    Ordered my S III last week and it should be here by Wednesday. Can’t wait! Sold my S II to get the S III — sad to see my S II go but on to bigger and better things =D

  • Bryan

    do want.

  • Optimaxeyewear

    hi i would like to get one for my samsung galaxy s3 

  • Lori Fredericks

    Yes please.

  • Lori Fredericks

    Yes please :) I need an HTC One S case! It is thin and keeps me in contact with my family and friends – and keeps me in the loop on all the latest tech news (and celebrity gossip) ; )

  • Maury32

    I need a black one for my galaxy!

  • I love my gs3 because i no longer have to text anyone that I am i can just scan my phone over a tectile.  Now thats Awesome. Hope I win fingers are crossed.

  • john johnson

    Burst mode on HTC one s

  • Nicarius

    nicarius@sbcglobal.net. Galaxy SIII. Thank You guys!

  • Shadowleo85

    hope i win

  • mmanrique86

    protect my phone with a case for the HTC One please :-)

  • AxEffect

    please protect my one S!!!!!  fsustrength@gmail.com

  • skaderi

    My One S is lonely without a case.  Winning one would make me very happy!
    shaby at kersting dot com

  • Rfawns1

    I really need this protection for my GSIII i have already dropped my phone 2 times…rfawns1@gmail.com

  • I love tweaking and modding my phones.  Been with Android since the G1 launch day!

  • impasse

    pretty nice-looking!

  • lemonkissu

    Would like a new case

  • IronTexas

    I would like a new cae for my GS3!!!! Been looking for a case since i got mine on the release date been worrried I will drop it and that Siedio case looks really good. checked it out online and seems like it is built really Good E-Mail: meetjoeblack1982@yahoo.com

  • Disconnect

    I love having an actual supported ICS device. The nightlies on my G2X were good, but not amazing. I can’t wait for JB to arrive for my SGSIII :)

  • diego

    gs3? :)

  • Mark

    I would like to be in the HTC One S case drawing.  Do we actually need to post our email publically?  You can’t get it from the login info on the comment?  Or did you mean we simply needed to use a legit address along with our name in the “Post as…” info?

  • Shaun_mahmood

     I would like one for my One S. Email: Shaun_Mahmood@hotmail.com

  • seoj

    Would be lovely to have it on SGSIII!!!

  • I love my GS 3 because it feels like it has superpowers compared to the Vibrant it replaced which would just laugh at me whenever I tried to do anything on it.   

  • Cucogordo

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Sifer2400

    Ill take one in Navy blue For my White S3 email  Sifer2400@yahoo.com

  • Samsunguy

    I’ll talk one please

  • Scokes7

    I want one…

  • Mark Botelho

    HTC One S.  The camera is amazing.  Great quality and super fast. botelho.mark@gmail.com.

  • Andrew Davis

    You can never have too many for your Galaxy S III! I love my Galaxy S III, by the way. A huge upgrade from my old HD2. 
    email = davisal771@gmail.com

  • Dare15

    I guess I didnt win..   :( awwwwww

  • Tasty Tuna

    Just throwing it out there:
    That “annocue” typo is first on google. hahahaha.