Two Out Three Phone Buyers Went Smartphone In Past Three Months, Android Reaping Rewards

It’s going to come as almost no surprise at all to learn that Android and Samsung continue to dominate smartphone marketshare in the US thanks to a new Nielsen study. As Android climbs and approaches 52% smartphone marketshare in the US, with almost 54.6% of new smartphone buyers opting to go the Android route in the past three months.

Android’s growth isn’t at Apple’s expense however, as 33.4% of smartphone owners are using an Apple device. Apple still maintains the largest marketshare as a single manufacturer with 34% share by operating system. Samsung, for its part takes just 17% of the Android pie, with HTC running in second place with 14%, followed by Motorola at 11%.

The takeaway from the Nielsen study is that Android and the iPhone continue to pull away from Blackberry and Windows Phone as the latter two continue to lose marketshare. The Nielsen study shows that 2 out of every 3 people purchasing a new phone in the last three months are going with a smartphone over a feature phone, leading us to believe that smartphone penetration will quickly hit the 60% mark in the US.


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