So, What It’s Going To Be? Galaxy S III Or HTC One S?

With the Galaxy S III launch coming in just under two weeks, the HTC One S already on store shelves and the Ice Cream Sandwich update just three days away for the Galaxy S II, T-Mobile customers have some excellent Android choices. Sure, I know at least a few of you wish the Galaxy Note was already available and it will be — soon. For now, the Galaxy S III has the spotlight and rightfully so, it’s arguably the best Android smartphone on the planet. That is, unless you’re a HTC fan.

We know what the Galaxy S III is coming to store shelves with and it’s packing a punch, even so there are still a group of disappointing Exynos supporters angered by the inclusion of the Snapdragon S4 processor. We know that the Galaxy S II is still a formidable device and the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich makes an already great device, better. The HTC One S is part of HTC’s trifecta of smartphones hoping to turn the company around and I know I for one, love it.

So I leave you this question over the weekend, what’s your next T-Mobile Android device going to be?

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  • definitely getting the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III 32GB on day one, I just really wish T-Mobile had offered a pre-sale like everyone else… 

    • deeoh1084

      i know… i called T Mobile customer service just in case to see if they will pre sell the device to me and obviously “NO” was the answer…. but i’m in a dilemma right now should i get the blue one or the white one tough choice

  • Emmanuele18

    Htc s is like a cheap version of the one x if it would have been the one x then it had a chance to compete

    • Ian Harrington

      How do you figure, comparing the At&t X to the T-mobile S and they come out to about the same. They have the same processor since AT&T can’t use the higher end processor on there network. The one S benchmarks higher the the X, and reading most reviews people perfer the One S’s screen saying the X feels too large. So I think you might be confusing the S with the V. The V is definitely the “cheaper” version.

      • Vim

         I’ve read a ton of reviews, and pretty much all of them rate the X over the S.  A few of them may prefer the S’s look or feel in their hand, but that’s not enough to compensate for all the other advantages of the X.  And of course the S is going to benchmark a little higher, its cheaper lower resolution display doesn’t have as many pixels to push around.  And speaking of the screen, I challenge you to find even two reviews that say they prefer the One S’s pentile qHD screen over the One X’s IPS 720p HD screen. That statement about most preferring the One S’s screen was an extreme exaggeration on your part.  The size of the handset has nothing to do with the quality of the screen.

    • Stream

      If anything the One S would be a sleeker, luxurious toned down version of the One X. I’m probably going with the GSIII but ill take unibody anodized aluminum over plastic or polycarbonate any day.

  • Already got my One S.

  • Kirbi182

    Galaxy S 3 with out a damn doubt, the one s is nice but no nfc no removable battery no memory card slot, three strikes is all it takes 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    LOL Come on David, is this even a real competition? 

    GS3 is hands down better than the One S.  Doesn’t matter though because I’m getting that Note and one of the Nexus devices that come out in November. :D

    I am going to wait until the price drops a bit before I get the Pureview 808.

  • tspx23

    selling my carbon blue note for white s3, can’t wait.

    • Wilma Flintstone

       How much?  And is it International or AT&T?

      • None

        Where do you buy international phones?  Do they carry bloatware?

        • tspx23

          international phones have very little bloatware. I always root my phone and delete all the bloatware anywas though so doesn’t matter to me.

        • 21stNow

          I prefer Expansys, but Negri Electronics is a popular source for international phones, as well.

      • tspx23

        ATT with T-mobile 4g and the latest ICS release. Love this phone but am going to try out the S3 for what it’s worth :).

        And I’m not sure yet! Depends on how much the S3 will cost me lol

  • Is this a joke? The One S is garbage compared to the GS3.

  • Danafortner

    Keeping my Sensation with ICS until the next nexus drops

    • I’m in the same boat but i have an upgrade waiting to be used and the SGS3 is just too good to pass up. I can always resell it for the new nexus if it matches up spec wise

    • niftydl

      That is at least 6 more month, an eternity in Android time :P Getting the S3 to hold me over. Hopefully the next Nexus won’t be another disappointment.

  • ResidentJack

    Really? So What’s it going to be, Poop from a Diaper or Steak??? Or did you not know that the S in One S stands for “SUCKS!” 

    • Bgale14


  • farfromovin

    Yeah David. Normally you put up real great stuff here but really? These two devices aren’t in competition. Processor- Tie , Network speed- Tie, Ram- SGS3, Display- SGS3, Storage- SGS3, Battery- SGS3. The only thing someone would pick the One S for is Sense.

    • Deaconclgi

      Sense is causing all kinds of memory issues on the One S…..hogging RAM and causing applications to reload. Sense itself crashing and reloading, making the phone UNUSABLE while the loading circle swirls and other elements crashing and taking more than 30 seconds to load.

      Example, the Sense laden text messaging UI….I had to wait almost a minute to be able to read a text messaging because messaging was “Loading”.

      All the horsepower of the S4, the optimizations of ICS and 1 GB RAM all for naught when Sense brings the entire phone to a horrible, time consuming, unbelievable, screetching halt.

      It is at those moments when I realize that HTC’s Sense efforts have done nothing more than hinder the user experience and cripple otherwise fantastic hardware.

      Too bad I’m a week outside of my return window.

      •  Sounds like you got a bum phone, no issues here. I would reset or take it in for an exchange.

        • Deaconclgi

          Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Bgale14

      What about Beats Audio. Big thing for music listeners.

  • Ian Harrington

    Love my One S. Way too many haters for it. I had a chance to use the GS3 and was not impressed in the slightest. Too many of these guys see a “new phone” coming out and start thinking it is loads better. I will admit it would have been nice if it had NFC included on the One S but the Battery Life is the best I have ever had since my non-smartphone days, talk quality is awesome, and I have yet to fill up the 16 gb it comes with.

    GS3 can stay on the shelves for all I care. My One S kicks ass

    • Matlock

      I have a Galaxy Nexus with 16Gb of onboard memory, and it is killing me to only have that and no expandable mem card slot. Also, after having such a gorgeous screen on my Gnexus I could never go back to a qHD display, plus ive never been a big fan of the S-LCDs! The only thing the One S has that I like so far is the Camera, which blows my Gnexus away! If T-mo would have gotten the One X instead then maybe, but I have grown so tired of Sense that I just dont care for HTC anymore. And Yes, I have played with Sense 4.0, and I still dont like it. I will applaud HTC on the fact that they streamlined Sense, big time. I honestly prefer Touchwiz to Sense. Def looking forward to the Galaxy S3 to hold me over until the new Nexus devices see the light of day!

      • IRIE4IPIER

        The One S has a Super Amoled qHD screen.

  • charles4

    Keeping my Galaxy Nexus and waiting for the next, not buying any non pure google crap. I’m sorry for my attitude but my past experiences taught me that google’s official phone is always the top choice and for me the only. 

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Nexus One users are pretty upset with Google though.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        Why, it got updated to 2.2, then 2.3, it isn’t capable.of running ICS smoothly, and I still have the phone.Its better off with Gingerbread.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Yet Sony has figured out a way to get ICS working smoothly on the Xperia Mini Pro.

    • None

      Unless you are on Verizon and have a Nexus phone.


      You are correct, I have the gs2 from tmo and our best ROM on xda has network and data connectivity issues. Wish I had gone with a gnex. Almost bought last week but stopped myself because the next nexus devices are close.

  • Drew

    Although the HTC One S has a great build quality, so does the Samsung Galaxy S2/3. However, it would be great if the Galaxy series were built with better materials then plastic.

  • Guest

    Same as Charles4,

    I don’t need T-Mobile to subsidize my phone purchase with their crappy offerings.

    When the next Nexus phone releases, I’ll happily get that and pass the Galaxy Nexus to my wife. 

  • Carlos

    I have my sg2 pending ice cream sandwich until the note comes.

  • noobie

    gs3 or HTC ONE X, htc one  s carried by TMO is a piece of crap= inferior .

    • Bgale14

      Your name seems appropriate for your post. = noobie = never actually used a One S

  • Get_at_Me

    I voted Note. If it sports the s4 chip, its a done deal.

  • MarcusDW

    What? You guys don’t want the 3rd Sensation model within like 10 months!?

  • Quill

    Note for me, S-III for the girlfriend.

    HTC screwed the pooch: no replaceable battery, no expandable memory? Forget it.

  • Adoubet

    I do not understand your title. The phrase should be “so, what is it going to be?”. Your title without the inappropritate contraction says, “so, what it is going to be?”. As you can see when you loose the contraction your title is grammatically incorrect and makes no sense. The Internet is destroying the written English language along with “Internet journalists”!

    • Mirad77

      Prof. Adoubet, am kinda surprise u come to a tech blog for grammar lesson. Seems u have nothing better to doing with ur time. What a loser.  

      • GetHooked

        Mirad77, let me guess, you are another example of our failing public school system? I think that would make you the real loser, loser.

    • Lilguy13

      This ain’t grammer class bitch,.move along.

      • Deaconclgi

        When I write an article on MyNokiaBlog, I correct errors that are brought to my attention if I don’t catch them myself.

        I don’t mind MNB readers helping me tidy up the articles.

        Adoubet is correct in what he/she wrote and it is a shame that you felt the need resort to insults, even if this is within the confines of the internet.

        I hold nothing against David as anyone can make a grammatical mistake but your comment against Adoubet paints a stereotypical blemish on the content of your character.

        The internet only hides the tangible make up of your personality but exposes your mindset by the words you choose to submit for all to see and attribute to….YOU.

        I’d rather a reader point out my errors so that I can correct them rather than have an article re-tweeted, copied or linked with errors that I can’t fix on the other sites.

        • CrankyBear

          That’s all fine and well, but for two things:

          1) Adoubet didn’t merely point it out, s/he was practically bemoaning the downfall of the internet. That’s not constructive, that’s just being a douche.
          2) The comment really didn’t add anything to the forum itself.

          If it said, “Hey, you may want to change the title to the correct form. Now, my feelings about the phones are ….”, then you’d have a point.

        • MarcusDW


      • iLiterati

        You should have written: “This isn’t grammar class, bitch. Move along.”

        Lilguy13, may I suggest you get hooked on phonics, my internet tough guy friend?

        • MarcusDW

          No, you may not.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      The trouble with your grammar lesson is that you made serious grammar errors when giving it. The law does not permit you to comment on one’s poor grammar when exhibiting it yourself.

      Preliminarily, the first sentence is a waste of space. You say “I do not understand your title.” Obviously you did understand the title because you then proceeded to (feebly) attempt to give the author a grammar lesson.

      Anyway, you then write “Your title without the inappropritate contraction says…”

      1. You misspelled “inappropriate.”

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      *end “Engrish” finger wagging*

      • MarcusDW

        Thank God the polizia was around lol!

    • CrankyBear

      If you’re going to be a grammar nazi, you might want to spell “lose” correctly. You just made yourself look like an idiot on top of being a tool.

  • Manit Suri

    I want the One X on T-Mobile, nothing against One S, I want a bigger screen.  

    • Bgale14

      When did a 4.3 inch screen become too small?

      • odesho mirza

        I really want an answer to that too! how come every android user has a case of huge thumbs to were a 4 inch screen is too small lol. i have my htc g2 and the size is amazing (3.7 inches). i get lucky because it has a hd keyboard but what about the iphone users… they have the smallest of screens!

        • Ohgeez10

          The answer to your question is that Manit Suri is probably like me. I make a few calls per week on my phone….and thats it. My primary use is web surfing, emails, text, FB, twitter, instagram, games, GPS (all the time), etc.

          This is where screen size does make a difference. I had the HTC Amaze (4.3″ screen) and currently have the SGII (4.52″ screen) and although on paper the specs don’t sound like much, when in actual use…it does.

          I thought about getting the Note but it seems that that SGIII might be better for me. Little bit bigger screen but more pocket friendly.

        • MarcusDW

          I’m with you on all counts!

      • MarcusDW

        When 4.5″ came out.

  • Cgutta69

    I I have the One S and I am disappointed. I will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Deaconclgi

    Well, I have my One S and the latest software update has brought a gargantuan improvement in battery life and better multitasking (the web doesn’t reload as often when multitasking).

    My GSII is awaiting ICS and I don’t need 3 ICS phones……….my next phone will be……(long reality tv pause………then commercial break….)
    ……………808 PureView

    12MP Zeiss on my N8 just doesn’t do it for me anymore….

  • Mavictb

    SGSIII for me and HTC1S for my girlfriend (she likes how the one fits her small hands). The shortcomings of the one are not an issue for her usage.

  • JonnyBoy

    Drawbacks that I saw with HTC One S:
    1. No SD Card
    2. No removable battery
    3. The three dot Menu bar on the HTC One S was horribly annoying
    4. The battery life was pathetic
    5. The size of the screen was too small…
    Overall I’m not upset that I returned the HTC One S – holding out for the S3 is well worth it for me.

    • keila

      ima get both and the one s is the shit!

    • Klutz

      Know exactly what you mean, I did the same for my One S and went back to my GSII. Absolutely hated the limited space, plus all that you mentioned, dead on..

    • MarcusDW

      Samsung is very smart by retaining the menu button.  I too can’t stand the ICS standardized on-screen menu button.

  • Kindredkian

    Neither. Just release the Note and take my money already!!!!! If it has the S4 I’ll be one happy Note owner.

  • Jt Vo

    As a HTC G2 user, I am still in love with it. I am currently looking to upgrade because I do like these bigger phones. However I am really upset at what Tmobile is getting, they don’t have the note currently and they do not have the HTC one X. The one X is beautiful, and the one S is just lame. I was somewhat excited about SG3, but finding out it is also going to be release on AT&T really bothers me. AT&T gets EVERYTHING. 

    • odesho mirza

      i am also a G2 user and I will finally give it up for a gs3 because its probably going to be big enough to replace my love for the hd keyboard. nothing will completely replace it but i sure hope it does.

      • MarcusDW

        Just a heads up but you’ll never use the KB in Landscape once you start using a portrait KB with this HUGE screen.

  • HTC One S all the way, the camera is amazing.

  • Keila

    i have the GSII and the one s and I def love the one s right now. It is so sleek and thin and I primarly use it for instagram and pictures in general. Granted I do love my 4.52 inch screen on my GSII I am currently using my new one s and I love how thin it is and useful it is in the palm of your hand. Def the one s for now but since I got 2 lines my next to replace the GSII is def the GSIII

    • LC

      I got to hold an SIII today when our Samsung rep stopped by our store today, and it felt even better in the hand than the One S does. It’s such a fantastic phone.

  • impasse

    thinking about trying my luck with retentions at upgrading two eligible lines since february without data plans to two gs3s, been with t-mo since 2004..we’ll see how it goes!

  • mreveryphone

    Selling my one s for the gs3. The one s is nice but the features on the gs3 are nice

  • Tlovett7

    Reading the comments on articles like this with everyone arguing about which 600 dollar phone is better because of an extra .10 inch screen size or an extra hundredth of a mhz processor, especially to the point of calling one “Garbage” is absurd. It makes me miss the days when a phone was just for making phone calls and you had to be tethered to the wall with a spiral cord just to do that.

    • WhatEver

      Sounds like you’re in the wrong place.

  • GK Punk

    I was originally going to get an HTC One S, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

    • SnakeEyez

       Lulz!!! Genius

    • swagmonster

       Only the Avatar can bring balance to all 4 wireless carriers.

  • Sigmacrash13

    I’m fine with my One S, I mean does everything I need it to do ans great camera, screen looks great to me, sense 4 is cool after u get the hang of it and Everyone complaining about no SD card slot are crazy like 16 gb of memory isn’t enough for you? What the hell do u download that u need more memory?

    S3 looks like a great phone but much greater than the One S I don’t think so

    • Acnjr28

       Yeah I agree with you. One S is fine. Plus I think HTC make the best quality phones. I don’t trust Samsung products much since I had bad experiences with them and don’t care for their products expect their LED TV which suprising I’ve been pleased with. I prefer stock Android but the One S is great with me.

    • I keep my music on my phone so yes, I do need more than 16 gb that’s on internal. Your use is not everybody’s.

      • Sigmacrash13

        Trust me I have a lot of music on my phone and have up to 9 gb of it and I still don’t need an added SD card. Yeah my use is not everybody’s which is why that was just my.opinion on the matter just think people make a huge deal over the SD card slot

  • Cycad007

    I’m happy with my HTC One S.  I’m sure the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be an amazing phone….IF Apple doesn’t succeed in stopping it in court!

  • I’m going with the GS3. I need the extra memory and I’m not sure how the One S works with modding. There are plenty of times when I need to remove the battery. 
    Also, I figure if the next Nexus is worth the switch, I can easily sell it.

  • TMoFan

    Personally I’m looking for a worthy upgrade from my G2, and that phone is the mythical G4x. Sadly I’m beginning to realize that that might just have been a rumor, which would be a damn shame. I’m probably going to hold out and see what comes of these Nexus phones.

    Slll is a great phone even if the quad core didn’t make it over here. For once Samsung did the release right and didn’t play favorites.

  • Jb8von

    Neither. I’m holding out for either the Nexus devices in November (keeping fingers crossed) or some of T-Mobile’s first LTE devices next year.

  • LCDFan

    Neither. I’ll never have another super AMOLED screen.

    • Acnjr28

      I feel the same way but I went with the One S since I love HTC. I ugly screen bothers me but I’m dealing with it.

    • niftydl

      I wish LG would make better phones, those Super IPS screens are just fantastic. Sigh.

  • cm

    I just returned my One S yesterday because of the issues I was having (that the update didn’t fix) – getting the S3 instead!

  • goodboystay

    I’ll have another…..I mean no other….phone other than the one I have for now. I anxiously await this fall for the new Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • CrankyBear

    I’m coming off the Vibrant, which was decent when I first bought it, but I was sorely disappointed in the GPS, and it began having issues with locking up and serious lagging. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Samsung. However, spec-wise, the GS3 slightly trumps One S, and it has a removable battery (important for those times if the phone freezes). I’ve also heard too many reports of the One S overheating.

    However, there’s a good chance the One S will be free in next weekend’s Father’s Day sale, so I will probably get it to take advantage of that sale, then test the snot out of it, focusing on all the issues II’m concerned about. I will turn on WiFi, run YouTube, play music, etc. to test battery usage, and leave the GPS and run Google Maps searches to test the overheating issue. In the meantime, I’ll play with the S3 when it comes to the stores. If I’m dissatisfied with the One S, or simply like the G3 better, I’ll exchange it during the 14 day period. I know, it won’t be a true exchange, since I’d have to pay for the G3, but at least this way I’ve taken advantage of the sale if it turns out I prefer the One S.

  • BrianTessier

    I have the Sensation running ICS, and since these are both upgrades, but not significant upgrades (IE dual core to quad core, or to a newer version of android, S3 to S4 is major, but not enough to warrant buying a new phone), I will be sticking with my current phone for now. Like others have mentioned, I’m very interested in seeing what comes out with all the new Nexus devices later this year. I’m really hoping one has a HW keyboard, and I will buy it in an instant.

  • Freddroid

    I was ready two weeks ago to pull the trigger on a One S during Wirefly’s sale, but now I’m glad I waited. Camera specs are a big deal to me, but it looks like the GSIII has HTC matched in that department, plus the bigger screen. My son has a GSII, and I love the size of its screen, so I know the GSIII will be even better with .3″ more and 720p HD.

  • Going_home

    HTC One S hands down.

    Anything with Touchwiz on it is out of the question.

  • Terry

    I have been a hard core HTC fan for quite a few years. But HTC has UTTERLY lost it’s way.  I was beside myself waiting for MWC. It was a bitter disappointment!  The One X is more rightly called the Sensation II.  The One S is a Sensation 1.1.  There is NOTHING compelling about these phones.  I am jumping the fence to Galaxy S III on the 21st.  THAT is the pone HTC HAD to ship.

    I was disappointed because 4 cores is better than 2 right?  Well not really.  The Exynos processor doesn’t really outperform the S4 where it’s going to matter.  And its not like you’re trying to crack encryption with the thing anyway.  I hope the S III turns out to be as awesome as it looks; I think it will.

    • SalesRepTrent

      Oh I will be cracking encryptions using my phone. ;)

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      I agree. I was an HTC fan, big time. Although I had the G1 and thought that a great first Android phone, where I really started to be impressed was with the Touch Pro2. I especially liked the feel and quality of the keyboard and overall build.

      And I loved the HD2. After I installed Android 2.2 that remained an awesome phone even after newer, faster phones debuted.

      The disappointment in HTC started when I bought the Sensation. That flagship phone had a horribly underpowered speaker. I could not hear callers, and I could not watch movies because the external speaker was underpowered too. I got rid of that phone quite quickly because of the audio issues.

      Enter the One X and One S. Right after I read the rumored specs I lost interest, completely. No microSD slot, a non-removable battery, definite deal breakers for me. I am not sure why HTC would do such things. If the motive is money (Apple makes money by making the iPhone without a removable battery) IMO that strategy is misguided.

      I too am looking forward to the SGS III. Samsung sold me on the Samsung Galaxy S series when I bought the Vibrant. The 4G and SGS II did not disappoint either.

      I was concerned that the SGS III might establish a trend, moving toward no external storage and a battery that is not user-replaceable. I was pleased to see that all iterations of the SGS III will have both an SD slot and removable battery.

  • MarcusDW

    Imagine the Galaxy S 4 lol!  It’s only about 10 months away from revealing itself.

    • But the Galaxy S 5 is less than 24 months away! Just hold out! It’ll be better than any phone ever EVER!

      • MarcusDW

        Ha ha ha yeah! I’m gonna skip the 3 and the 4 for that sucker!

  • max….

    I have an amaze and I hate the screen! It makes everything look so ugly and dead…..blah Samsung products look too cheap but the htc one s is too small and limited…and I’m giving my phone to my mom since she’s has an old BlackBerry -.- I guess I will go with her old BlackBerry till I can make up my mind or htc finally comes out with something good

    • Vim

       You must have a bad screen then.  My Amaze looks absolutely fine, and I’m very picky about displays.  If I have a complaint about the Amaze it’s the terrible battery life.  I carry a spare everywhere I go.

  • nathan118

    Galaxy Nexus.

  • watbetchh

    Not the HTC One S for several reasons.. HTC Sense, bad HTC reception as usual, no removable battery (WTF), Beats Audio sucks (the DAC in the GSIII should be much better without the beats stuff), no menu key, like TouchWiz way more than Sense, much larger battery, larger screen, HD screen, better cameras (yes, it’s true – especially for the FFC). etc…

    • niftydl

      Oh man, I thought I was the only one who even cared about the headphone output quality. I kind of gave up trying to find a DAC similar to quality to the iPhone on an Android device. The reviews of other S4 based phones claim the audio outputs are much cleaner, I hope that will be the case on the 21st.

  • TBN27

    Ifbi were patient and had not upgraded to the Galaxy S II, I would’ve bought the One S because of the screen, construction, performance. Then enclosed battery and lack of memory expansionand lack of NFC after evaluation isn’t important to me. But now, i will be waiting LTE capable phones a year later…actually 2 years later because HSPA+ 42 is very satisfying and the 1900 mhz refarm allows the GSII to get alternative high speed data servicw, then i won’t upgrade until the the latest operating system arrives after jelly bean.

  • Derrick227

    The htc one s but i cant upgrade -_____-. Nor use another EIP

  • duck383

    never owed any Android phone, im really liking the Galaxy S3  

  • Sanman202

    Keeping the find Galaxy SII as the GSIII does not have enough improvements to warrant an upgrade. Also, getting ICS in a few day for GSII. I have the Vibrant also and the GSII was without a doubt a worthy upgrade from the Vibrant. I may hold out until the first LTE compatible devices become available for Tmo. If you have an older device than the GSII then the GSIII is a worthy upgrade. 

    • Aristroker

      Gs2 should become new Tmo flagship phone at 299-349 contract free. Theyre still offering it at 229 postpaid when every other carrier sells sg3 for 199..maybe thats why they havent announced pricing

  • This is so clear, lol.

  • SalesRepTrent

    I love love love my HTC AMAZE! BUT I will be switching to the Galaxy S 3 for obvious reasons. I would grab the One S in a heartbeat if it didn’t have the unibody design. Plus the idea of not being able to have an SD card is off putting as well. Oh well SG3 here I come. :D

  • oker

    And in a few months well be talking abt a new google nexus with android 5.0 JellyBean…(+ why doesnt tmo release sg3 pricing?)…..Next phone will be an iphone

  • tommy

    Android is supposed to be an open source operating system, so what I really want to see, is android on a blackberry and on an iphone. A simply stated request.

    • tommy

      Nokia windows phone too.

  • JG01

    HTC One S is not better than the sensation ( rooted , ICS 4) and the SIII , is not much better than the SII (roooted with ICS 4.0.4). I challenge anyone out there to prove me wrong.

    • JG01

      Before anyone reply, you must know the technology in depth to compare devices. Don’t reply if you just an every day user, you won’t know what you are talking about.

      • Tjbunch1228

        If YOU knew technology, you’d know just how much more powerful and efficient the Krait is vs your Scorpion. The Sensation is a fine device, yes. And perhaps not a worthy successor to it the One S makes. But sure, you are wrong. The One S does outperform the Sensation.

        • JG01

          You are right ! when it has all the BS bloatware. What proof do you have? don’t just read the articles and beleive then,  remember they are marketing materials to promote one product over they other. I own a galaxy S, Sensation, SGII and an iphone 4s. All have been rooted and bloat removed. I look for performance in runing apps and battery life, these are the two main things that users look for. Now I also go far deeper into the systems to see how they handle under the covers, signal quality, data speeds, media playback and context switching between processes at the CPU. There also other factors that effect performance, such as BUS speed, RAM speed, L1 and L2 caches and others. So don’t believe the hype. MOst people buy things without really knowing what they are really getting….it just looks good and they believe what they are so carefully told! it like leading sheep!

        • Deon Davis

          Man just give it up, the One S is a better phone period! Yes I understand what your are saying, The S3 is a fine cpu but the S4 is that much better! I have a Mytouch 4g with a ics rom that runs just as smooth as a iphone 4s! But Im not going to claim my S2 cpu is better then a S4.

        • Dumbazz

          Ok your right the rooted S outperforms the rooted Sensation.
          Your logic and reasoning are brain numbing.

      • Mlynch01

        The only advantages the Sensation has is a removable battery and micro sd slot. But the Sensation has less ram (768 as opposed to the 1gig in the One S) and a slower much much more power hungry processor compared to the One S as well. Being a former Sensation head the One S battery life because of the S4 Krait processor is great compared to the Sensation. It more than lasts me through the day and I haven’t missed having a removable battery one bit. I love this phone to be honest and don’t miss the Sensation at all. I agree with David its a great phone and more for people who might feel the Galaxy SIII will end up being too large for them.

        • JG01

          if you root your device and remove the HTC spyware and bloatware, tmobile bloat too. I have about 450 Mb left free, cpu running at 1.4 Ghz( not over heating) and it fast with great battery life. All I’m trying to tell people is , don’t beleive the hype!  If you know technology as I do, it about what you do wiuth your device and how fast it does it. Most people are not into how fast their device as long as there is no lag and the battery last a long time (like iphone). I get no lag with my galaxy S ( single core) and can to same things withit as I do my Sensation.

      • Realcool2000

        Me get new phone, cause company say it work better……UNGA!

      • Dumbazz

        You strive to be the king douchbag right?
        You are,”that guy” whom when leaving a party everyone celebrates.

    • The One S has an S4 processor, the Sensation only has an S3. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BALLGAME. 28nm processor in the One S. You’re wrong.

    • Max….

      So, yeah maybe it is faster…what are you going to do with that? Play Angry Birds without any lag? Or do some “hard core” gaming. If you really want speed, gaming, and a device that is useful. Get a dam tablet! A 4-5 inch device is not what you are looking for. And the HTC One S is more visually appealing than those plastic devices! I would rather carry a “slow” (which to be honest a HTC One S does it job on gaming, listening to music, and taking pictures just fine) HTC One S than a Samsung product. Also, phones might be useful when you are in the road to check grades (college student), networks, and some gaming nothing more…..come on tell me one thing that a S3 or S2 could do that a HTC One S cant…. 

      • juanmondragon

        2 gigs of ram ;D

        Therefore it can do more multitasking than the one s.

        • JG01

          True, but how many apps do plan to have open at the same time? Remember, the more apps you have open at the same time, they all want to use the cpu , if the OS is not properly tuned, they slow your device down and drain your battery. So when you think about it, how many apps will you have open? how much multitasking will you be doing? you only work in one app at a time. I have the SII (rooted) and I removed all the tmobile and samsung bloatware. I went from having only 200Mb free to having 550 Mb free and I have about 3 -4 apps running.

        • Dumbazz

          Ya twice the ram is way el way overrated.

      • JG01

        You have not looked at the devices in despth to understand what you are really getting for your money. You are just like all the other mainstream buyers out there and don’t really know what they are buying…only that it looks good. Get the facts  and understand them before you talk !  Take this as a lesson in life and apply it to your everyday chores, you will find it will help you.

        • JG01

          Oh yeah, one more thing Max , read this link ( tmonews)

        • Dumbazz

          Feel superior much?
          Maybe these mainstream buyers are busy having fun and getting laid instead of on being geeky about technology.

        • Max….

          Yeah, lets just say I have priorities. Sorry if I am not all geeky! Indeed this here is me procrastinating on my research paper that I have…so no I am not all mainstream and getting laid. I am a college Pre-Pharmacy major that takes his career very seriously

        • Max….

          The point is… mobile device will NEVER replace the full functionality of my desktop! I find it ridiculous that you guys that call yourself “smart” and go and spend money on either device…as a college student I only use my phone for two things…texting and calling. You are wrong if you think I should go in depth looking at both devices, you know how stupid you sound? Its like arguing about a Jersey Shore. If you really want to look smart go and learn something productive not something useless as mobile devices. Oh and sorry for not having all the time in the world to look at the devices and their full specs

      • matthew pitts

        s2 and s3 can take a external sd card

    • Dumbazz

      You want us to prove your preference wrong?
      That is like saying I like pepperoni pizza prove me wrong.

    • Dumbazz

      Ya because the newer, better processor and more RAM of the S isn’t as good as the Sensation.

    • I think I have to agree. 
       I’m thinking about getting a GSIII but I’m not 100% convinced yet, mostly because my Sensation feels like it has a lot of life left in it. OpenSensation ICS is fast and stable.

  • I’m voting Galaxy Note on the above poll. I’ve decided to wait for the Note in the beginning of July. Reviews are clear that the Note is much better for videos, web browsing, etc, and I still have a virtually brand new S II I can use as my second phone. Also our Note is coming with ICS, so that’s an added benefit. The shape and relative cheapness of the S-III (both cheapness in shape and in perceived design even compared to the S II) isn’t enough of an ‘oomph’ to make the compromise over the Note. I actually prefer the Note’s shape and aspect ratio, and obviously the size. The Note is different enough to be a whole new type of device, which is something that definitely appeals to me as a REAL upgrade, something that changes and shakes things up.

    • Tjbunch1228

      Ummmm the note was included in the poll… Do you internets by banging your head against the keyboard or what?

      • ghulamsameer

        The first sentence of a paragraph is most likely the main topic. The writer will state his thoughts and then explain why with the rest of the paragraph. Welcome to 1st grade.

  • JoJo

    Waiting for the G2 to get ICS and holding on it. Neither phone has that much more to offer than the G2 with ICS other than some gimmicky stuff I will barely use.

    • oakley444

      Stock ics is not going to happen for the G2. There are plenty of semi laggy ROMs to choose from for that on XDA developers. How about another processor and more ram? That alone is good enough for me. (Written from my G1.

      • .A.J.

        While the g2 won’t officially receive ics, the official ics release for the desire HD will help us g2 owners. We should have a relatively fully functioning ics rom by October/November. Even the current ics rooms have improved greatly in the last month. That said I’m still on CM7.2 nightly roms.
        As for a new phone I’ll probably try to hold out for Tmo to put out something with LTE that I can put an officially supported cyanogenmod ROM on. Yes, that’ll likely be a long wait but this G2 is still working relatively well for me. To each his own.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I honestly think these companies who are updating us with ICS around the time they release their newer models are using us as test subjects. That or are upgrading us to buggy ICS versions in hope we want to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone. I noticed how a leaked version of ICS for the HTC Amaze hit the net soon before the HTC One S was released. While it was a good lea. It had its issues like the radio was horrid yet believe it or not the final built released was exactly the same… bugs and all. Funny how the issues with the One S were fixed so quickly. Also being very similar to eachother… well I have a feeling that the Amaze owners were the ICS software testers for the One S and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same goes for the GS2 owners with the GS3.

    • JoJo

      I meant to say I’m waiting for my GS2 to receive ICS not the G2 sorry guys

  • Realcool2000

    wow i leave u guys alone for a couple months and every one on the forum turns into a phone snob….

    ah…the good ol days when an argument was over politics or an offensive screen name……

  • Arvin

    i want the htc one x but that aint happening 

  • Ted Greene

    I’m waiting on a Note, I just missed the larger screen revolution when I got the G2 two years ago and I’m going as big as possible on the next upgrade. I’m not sure if I will get the original in July or wait to see what the second version will bring. Rampant rumors say the GN2 will be released in October with a blazing 5250 dual-core processor (clocked around 1.7 GHz), faster graphics and a 1680 x 1050 screen resolution @ 5.5″.  I think the rumors are pure speculation though, and no one knows Samsung’s plans. Still, Samsung is reported to be mass producing the 5250 currently and it seems a high res, large screen phone (i.e the Note) would showcase the chip’s potential very well. If they choose to increase the already great 1280 x 800 resolution I think they might opt for 900 x1440 which will produce the same 1.6 aspect ratio as the rumored and current Note. I see no reason to go to the rumored extreme. 900 x 1440 will produce 321 dpi on a 5.3″ screen or 308 on a 5.5. The former would be very near the Iphone’s 326 for bragging rights and the latter would still be well above the 300 dpi often quoted as the limit the human eye can resolve (on relatively small screens).

    • Spanky

      Personally, screens larger than GNex’s/SGS 3’s are not my cup of tea. I’m 6’4″, and I can barely use my GNex with one hand. Anything larger is overkill.

  • jelliottz

    I’m sticking with my Galaxy Nexus. While it may not be perfectly even.with the GS3, it more than holds its own. Pm s, with the speedy updates quickly turned into custom ROMs, it will stay relevant.


    keeping my Gnex and will not get anything else.. until the next gnex

    • Dumbazz

      november will be interesting if google offers phones that can be used on t mobile

  • schtum

    I’ve had two HTC Android phones (G1 and MyTouch 4G), and the battery failed on both of them in under two years, months before I was eligible for an upgrade. Turns out their batteries are only good for about 500 charge cycles, about a year and a half if you charge daily, which was necessary with both of those phones. I don’t know how that compares to the competition, or if the One series uses superior batteries, but it puts a replaceable battery high up on my list of must-haves in a phone. GS3 wins by default. 

    • Dumbazz

      if only you could replace the batteries for like $20 instead of waiting for months for your next upgrade.

      • schtum

        Thanks, Dumbazz, I did replace the batteries. Only cost me $10. My point is that the One S doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery. 

        • Dumbazz

          Aaah well you didn’t communicate that very clearly.

  • Dumbazz

    I am pleased that you included the ice cream sandwich on the samsung galaxy s 2.
    I personally am burned out on how much I’m paying per month and I’m looking forward to going contract free and buying my phone out right instead.
    you can get a galaxy nexus direct from google for only $399!
    For me personally there simply is not enough about the g3 to upgrade.

  • If T-Mobile got the HTC One-X this would be a battle between that and the SIII but since we got the “mid-tier” HTC then it’s really no contest. I will be picking up the GSIII in August when I get my upgrade.

    • Brubawil87

       The One X can rot. Both have S4 and 1GB RAM. One S has more crisp screen smaller and slimmer profile. And a screen that prolongs batt life vs the LCD in the X.

      • Vim

        I along with pretty much every reviewer out there disagrees with you on the One S screen being crisper.  On the contrary, the IPS Super LCD2 720p HD screen on the X is far crisper than the lower resolution pentile Super AMOLED qHD screen on the S.

        Battery comparisons are a wash.  You’ve neglected to mention that the X has a larger battery to compensate for the greater power draw of its higher resolution display.  So the X has better standby times while the S does slightly better only if you keep your screen lit all day.

        The slimmer profile is a matter of taste, but I do tend to agree that the S is a little more attractive, at least until the displays get turned on.  Once the displays get turned on, the superiority of the X’s display makes me quickly forget about the S’s sleeker look pretty quickly.

  • I just left AT&T (and the iPhone 4S) and came back to T-Mobile a few weeks ago.  Tried out the GSII for a week but realized that I didn’t like the cheaper feeling build quality of their phones.  Plus the screen was just a little too big in my opinion.  

    Switched it out for the One S and couldn’t be more satisfied.  Maybe it’s due to ICS being preinstalled but I don’t know.  One of the things I’ve always disliked about Android was that all the phones seemed to have a slight lag to them and not quite as crisp as the iPhone.  The One S is the first Android that I’ve used that feels crisp and snappy like that.  My past Android handsets had disappointing battery life too but I’m impressed with the One S.  It has been lasting me all day consistently.  The beautiful camera is a plus.

    At first I thought I would be turned off by the 16GB limitation since I have so much music in iTunes but Google Play lets you upload 20,000 songs that you can stream wirelessly from anywhere that you have a data connection.  It also kept my playlists in tact.  The 25GB of dropbox storage is pretty nice too.

    One S gets my vote

    • Brubawil87

       Dude I’ve had iphones before and kept minimal data actually stored on them and every one had been a peice until the 4S. I gave it up before then but apple seems to destroy the ability of an iphone to last through the times with the constant iOS updates that slow any previous model down to a screeching halt because it wasnt designed for it. Where as android will release optimizations for the particular device not just for whats up and coming. Forward thinking. Not acting like there is no prior customer base.

  • Ajohnson8111

    Keeping GSM galaxy nexus forever n ever.

    • Caseybea

       Me too.  I already have awesomeness.   And frankly, anything bigger would be a tablet…    

  • Mfor33

    as an Amaze Owner, none of these phones have anything that makes me jump so neither

    • HelloAmaze

      White Amaze 4G owner here, with the recent ICS release my phone runs better than ever, and after visiting my local TMo store, One owners should feel happy about their purchase, for us Amaze 4G owners, don’t worry you ain’t missing much, and you already have an amazing phone with some better features, One S/SGS3? Nah ill hold out thanks

  • Labontesbuc

    I like my sensation on ICS oc’d to 1.62 Ghz. Just as good as these phones if not better.

    • Anonymous

      yea, keep telling yourself that.

  • GinaDee

    The One S has a sleeker form factor but the atrocious battery and terrible reception swing me over to Samsung’s side.  

    The One S keeps losing signal for no reason in areas my GS2 would work just fine. 

  • Jmstephens7

    It blows my mind on the issues i have every day with my One S, GPS taking forever to locate me, internet slow, WIFI calling stinks, and every other little nit pick, all of this based on my HTC mytouch 4G that actually does all of the above better. It blows my mind ! and its not operator error i did a side by side comparo with my wife’s sim with the same plan Both on 4g. MY touch wins! WHY????

  • Anonymous

    nothing at the moment

  • ExSensationUser

    Okay…WHY has no one spoken of this following problem.  I am on HTC One S number 3 and each have done this. 

    1. My camera lens had a sticker internally – Swapped
    2. My phone was losing signal (1st one never had this problem) – Swapped
    3. My phone seems to be perfect (third time is a charm??)

    HOWEVER…the unspoken!!

    Each of the 3 devices I have had have the same annoying FLICKERING KEYBOARD!  Why?!  And why have no others mentioned this??  I know, after three devices, I am not the only person on the planet having this problem.  When I google, I only find HTC One X issues with a flickering screen.  My keyboard flickers like a bitch.  I thought it was my eyes at first, but there is no possible way.  It is so slight and if you aren’t ready for it, you will miss it.  The best part?  It is ONLY the keyboard, not the entire screen…WTF?!

    **Capitals are inserted to be EXTRA dramatic and to emphasize my anger that HTC has not addressed this…or any of you for that matter!

    Please comment if you are having this issue…THANK YOU!!  :)

    P.S.  I feel that trading my Sensation 4g for the One S was pretty much a sideways “upgrade”.  I didn’t have to use my actual upgrade because the district manager helped me out a bit.  I am not complaining as I do like the phone, but I sometimes miss my carousel and other fun features on my Sensation.


    • poisonoussting

      Nope I don’t have a flickering keyboard.

      what are the symptoms of a sticker on the camera lens?is it the front camera or back ? don’t think I have that either.

      however I never got the new update for ics and i manually checked

      • mreveryphone

        Rooted, put a custom us rom on this bad boy and all issues are gone! This is the most fluid and fastest android phone I’ve ever used, before rooting it now it’s super fast

    • sharklover

      Mine restarts itself almost once a day. Often i have to restart. Bluetooth connects and disconnects. Mine is going back to costco for a S3.

    • Wiiengineer

      download Swype beta from their website directly and your problem will go away, it’s also a much better keyboard than the trace garbage that comes standard with HTC phones now.

  • Raver

    T-mobile lacks in vanilla android devices…..I hate HTC sense! Bough a HTC one S and not using it….using my LG G2X.

    • Raver

      Plus HTC one S camera in low light sucks…..never gets good focus!!!!!!

      • skpal

         You sir are an idiot. HTC One S has one of the best camera on the market. Sense 4 > Stock Android 4.0. I have used both. And Stock android has shortcomings..

        • tmo_rep

          I have to agree with you and Ian.  It amazes me the lack of intelligence society has evolved to…

        • Spanky

          I respectfully disagree. No bloated overlay, especially Sense, will ever come close to stock ICS.

    • Ian Harrington

       Umm wow not the bright bulb in the bunch are you

    • Ian Harrington

       Umm wow not the bright bulb in the bunch are you

  • Guest

    Probably keeping my SGSII…which has already had ICS for months.

  • Krca21

    Ditching my G2 and getting a GSIII in October when my upgrade is avail. Spilled coffee on it and the external speaker hasn’t worked for eight months. It’ll be nice to have a phone that rings.

    • Why not fix the speaker? Just curious…

  • Max….

    There is no way in hell! That I am buying a Samsung product! I rather get an iPhone than some Samsung plastic device! HTC One S might not be the “fastes” but it has a great build quality over any Samsung device

  • Lando


  • I went from the GSI to HTC One and am very happy. :I don’t have any keyboard problems but used the stock keyboard a week or so before going to Swiftkey beta-3. No battery issues yet, not limited by Dropbox since Google Music has more than enough or Google Drive if you must. Was going to wait for GSIII but didn’t like Sammy’s cheap feel and the Kies software updates that never happen. Remember how good my Google Nexus felt and wanted HTC’s build quality. Sammy in the past had probllems with reading the memory cards and loading music on them.I know the GSIII might be faster or the Blaze or Amaze but if I need that kinda speed then I should use a Alienware Computer.

  • Enoel69

    Even though i voted for the GS3 in the above poll…i would have rather had my vote for an HTC One X like device with same 4.7″ 720p HD ISP2 screen with a bigger replaceable battery and a mcro SD card expansion slot. Common HTC get with the program…WE NEED A DEVICE THAT DOESN”T SELL  YOUR CAPABILITY SHORT. ..STOP OMITTING VITAL SPECS and GET THAT DEVICE ON ALL MAJOR CARRIERS. NO EXCLUSIVE NONSENSE…GO THE ROUTE OF SAMSUNG n APPLE. IF U WANT TO SELL MARQUEE DEVICES STOP SHOOTING URSELF ON THE FOOT AND UNLEASH IT TO ALL WHO WANT IT.

  • kar120c

    galaxy nexus.

    • Dvaughn88

      Not one of the options….try again

  • charlieboy808

    Hmm… My Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant 3G) is running ICS no problem, well a few problems, but nothing really major. Will it be as bad ass as the SGSIII? Probably not, but do I need it? No. Do I want it? Hells yes. The fact that I have made my original Galaxy S device run for this long is impressive and I hope to expect the same out of the SGSIII if and when I purchase it.

  • Is there going to be an official price anytime soon? Best Buy already has preorder up for AT&T and Sprint. Would love to be able to use my best buy card for this phone. 

    • Spanky

      AT&T has actually announced the preorder on June 6, with an expected shipping date of June 21. $199 with a 2 year contract. It’s on the front page of their website.

      Unfortunately, my 7 year tenure with T-Mobile is coming to an end in about a month, when the contract on my wife’s line ends. As I’ve mentioned many times on this forum, the data speeds in my area are simply unacceptable (0.3 – 0.5 Mbps downstream), especially with AT&T’s LTE availability. I’ll consider coming back to T-Mo once it rolls out LTE in NYC (provided that my area gets it), but right now, it’s time to look elsewhere.

  • Nativeson1977

    Ok I understand bad devices showing up every now and then, but anyone complaining about the one s is insane. Does it offer more than G2. g2x or any other device for that matter…. hellz yea. I’ll admit that I was upset about not haveing a external sd but its a great performance boost and unless your just trying to you want need that much local storage. plus wait a bit and you will find every manufacturer moveing that direction. I DO HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO REPLACE BATTERY. that’s just stupid and HTC I wouldnt make that a habbit. Even stock its fast. rooted and OCed @ 1.89. last year’s devices have no chance. I have no issues with mine and have done all kinds of mods that cause undue stress and no hiccups yet. Anyone who would ever pay money for a neutered IPhone is a fuktard anyways I like my freedom and think its the most retarded thing ever to set a phone up with ITunes wich is so lame… let me sync real quick….apple so borrowed from active sync and even screwed it up worse than it already was..

    • MWill

      If they wasn’t going to have an SD card slot, then they should have put a decent amount of memory in the phone…I will wait til the Nexus come out in Nov!

  • mingkee

    Unremovable battery in One S is enough to disqualify.

    • jordanjay29

      Worse yet, lack of MicroSD slot + unremovable battery makes the One S a nonissue. Why can’t OEMs make their phones for their customers, rather than for reviewers?

  • SG3-TheNewFlock

    Why is there even a debate over the HTC one series vs. Galaxy S3?

    The OPTION to upgrade your battery (or have an extra one handy) + add more memory (via sdCard) ALONE makes me want the S3.

    What happens when the HTC battery goes bad?  You go find a tech to swap it out for an arm and a leg?!

    Yeah yeah yeah, pros and cons blah blah blah…we’ll all see cuz by this time next year, maybe earlier, the GS3 will have outsold the ENTIRE HTC series easily by two or three fold!

    HTC did make a nicely designed phone (but with a loss of what people want) and if you don’t like Sense you can change the rom (I don’t like TouchWiz either!  LOL)  but com’on, they came off one of their worst years and they’ll STILL be playing catch up after this.  Blah blah blah, but the iPhone doesn’t have a swappable battery or sdCard slot…yeah?  If there was an iPhone that COULD, everyone would get the one that COULD.

    • Reasons? The S III looks cheap. Bottom line. Nothing personal, no offense intended, but it looks CHEAP. In the new shape, same Samsung build quality, etc etc. Another reason? The screen. Pentile is cr*p, and that’s all there is to it. Now Samsung might not have the technology yet to produce 720P RGB plus AMOLEDs, but they will probably by next year, and then it should be decent. I’ll take the One X true 720P any day over the S III. These are just two points, but it comes down to a quality comparison. I just feel like the quality of the S III is suspect, especially in comparison to the S II (from which it should have had massive improvements), and especially the One X. Now I’ll be getting a Note to tide me over until next year, because at least the large screen size and the stylus, and the better aspect ratio and shape can make up for the shortcomings in the S-III for this year, but the S III is a no go for me. And I would take a One X any day of the week if it were offered on T-Mobile.

      • Dvaughn88

        Well it isn’t so forget about it. Unless you want to wait for the 1900 re-farm in your area and buy the One X unlocked to use with T-Mobile.  The options are SIII or One S.  So which would you choose.

      • tekmonkey

        many people bitched that the SGS 1 looked and felt cheap.  I still use mine today and its a very solid phone.  I’ve dropped it many times and its still going strong.  Just because something is made out of plastic doesn’t make it cheap.

      • mingkee

        720p resolution has hidden the shortcomings of pentile well.
        Asian characters looked bad with NS (480p pentile), but they look much better on 720p pentile (Galaxy Nexus). See it yourself.

  • lcnichols

    Other. BB10!

  • Stephan Brubaker

    I want neither. I really wanted the One S but after hearing all the complaints and seeing that it got the short end of the stick versus it’s brethren I’ll pass and the inability to replace the battery really killed it. The SGIII is too cheap looking. It has no personality or style. It just looks like a big screen wrapped in plastic covering. 

    • Fifthblindmouse

       whaaaa! sniff sniff

  • vsukid

    Yeah I must be uber slow because I’m not seeing how the SIII looks cheap. What look cheap I mean a screen males up half of the phone… whatever I feel most people are just fishing for complaints when it comes to the SIII.

  • Zekegeek

    I’m leaning towards the free one s because of the fathers day sale that is coming.

    • davedsone

      I was too.  Then they RAISED the price of the phone.  SO, not free, $50-$100 more than it was just a week before, 6-8 weeks to get your money back, unless you get rejected.  I have been pretty steady with T-mo even through the whole ATT process, but this feels like they actually DON’T want me to buy the phone.  Why play games?  What is the point?  I may just buy something cheap on ebay and go with the WalMart family plan.  Chasing the next hot phone is getting pointless.  Well, maybe after this NEXT one.  

  • Rjj621

    I’m going S3, I’ve mostly stayed with HTC phones but I want something of a bigger upgrade over my Sensation and the One S isn’t it. Not offering more memory and an SD slot killed that phone long before launch for me. 

    • I’m in the same boat, I have the Sensation.  I am looking for more bang for my buck.  Right now Galaxy S III is in the lead and as much as I love HTC (had all HTC phones almost, including G1) I love what Samsung is doing. 

      The only issue I have is that only a few days after the Galaxy S III drops there will be the Google I/O and I’m sure we will get an idea of the upcoming Nexus and Jellybean.   My prediction is that Samsung saved their big guns for the new Nexus phone.  We will see a crazy awesome phone with a crazy awesome OS revision.   Just my 2 cents.

      • Justlee7

        I’ll tell you this about Jellybean. When it is released the HTC One S will get it WAY before the GS3 does, if the GS3 get’s it at all. HTC understands where Google is going, and they stripped down Sense to not be as bloated as before, So you get ICS that is just skinned. Where as Samsung did not, and TouchWiz is as bulky as ever, which equals a much longer time to upgrade the OS.

        If you guys don’t want the One S for legitimate reasons like lack of SD card, I can completely understand, but I would skip the GS3 and wait for what comes out this fall with the new Nexus line.

  • Burke985

    i Want a note i got to play with an international S3 and the screen on my S2 was brighter so looks like the Note for me 

  • Abtexas83

    my htc one s was at 12% battery at 12:32am after unplugging it around 2:30 pm… and this is with emails.. web surfing and downloading (trying then deleting) new apps.. thats pretty dang awesome! it has gone longer (and also shorter) depending on signal etc.. but all together no complaints there. measured 17 megs a sec down and 6 up this morning.. this is also very awesome! screen is very beautiful.. phone looks modern.. its thin and fits well in the hand.. runs smooth.. seems some people are having issues but mine has had NONE.. im sure the SIII is a great phone…. but 4.8 screen…… prices are much lower for tablets now so why should my phone get bigger and bigger every year.. its just too much.. plus it looks like they paid no attention to making the phone look good… i mean its ok… but its stuck in 2010… i like MODERN. silver, black sleek, forward thinking, MODERN.. maybe the next model but not this time..


    you know that’s been my question since I saw all the news here on the website I thought of the S one which is very good but then this SGSIII is the most amazing phone I’ve heard so far and I can tell a 16GB will do the job for me hoping tosee this one at 199.. the 32GB and 64GB im pretty sure they will be not over the rice but of course way too expensive and people would love to get their hands on those too.. I’m just hoping for the screen to be as hard as the one from the TP2 which was a pretty hard one to break. and that this phn brings whole new ideas and hoping to see people rooting it and cooking rooms that would unlok its potential to the fullest. I will miss my qwerty keyboard phone.. I’ve always voted for qwerty ones no matter what OS they were running  as long as they werent cheap phones. if you kno what I mean…

  • Abtexas83

    although no SD card slot does kinda suck… but hey! its all about the CLOUD these days baby.. SD cards, their importance is sliding..  i printed a psychology paper with no cords or external memory needed.. but it still is nice to have one in the phone, just in case..

    • freeparkking

      No, it should not be all about the cloud these days. The US is massive, and there are still massive areas with crappy data coverage (even in major metropolitan areas). Then, even if you have a great connection, Tmobile limits your data connection severely enough that you could blow your monthly allotment in less than 10 minutes on 4G. What about wifi? Great at work and home, but those arent the only places I go. Most public transportation does not have wifi, and finding it for free is getting harder. Give me true unlimited data and a completely reliable connection, then I’ll be willing to throw everything in the cloud.

  • Abtexas83


  • Waldorfstatler

    Okay, going to post my *2-cents* here.  Long time smartphone user and I’ve gone through several.  I bought the One S after losing my prior phone.  Luckily the release was one 5 days away, so I popped a SIM in an old myTouch (horrible) and limped along.  Unless you fancy yourself a serious POWER USER (which, let’s be real, 99.5% of people aren’t), this phone will do everything you want and more.  The bitching about the lack of memory?  Seriously, I am a music photographer and can’t begin to understand WTF everyone is complaining about.  I use my phone for tons of photos, videos, and music and this is never a problem.  I have an external drive at home with 250gb of music.  Do I want that with me at all times?  Hell no.  I use Google/Play music and upload the tracks/albums I want, import into the phone those I really want with me, and life is good.  A commenter below said this is the way it’s all going, and they are right.  For the photos/video, I have it set to auto-transfer into Dropbox and then clear our the phone memory every few weeks.  Do you really need 5gb of photos with you at all times?  Seriously?  I can’t begin to understand what the hell everyone feels they need 100gb of memory on your phone for!
    Size/weight are great for a guy.  Look, I know the One X has a bigger/better screen.  But I don’t have a lot of room in my pants pockets for anything anyway knowwhatimean.  This is the perfect size – not too big/not too small.  At what point does it become too big or is bigger ALWAYS better?The removable battery – okay, I had a spare of the aforementioned myTouch slide and occassionally had to pull it out.  Why?  Because the battery life SUCKED on that phone.  I use my phone pretty constantly during the day and rarely, very rarely do I need to get a boost before plugging it in at the end of the day.  The thing lasts and lasts and lasts.  If they made it slightly smaller to drop the replaceable battery then god bless ’em.  You don’t need it.  It’s that good.The screen is fine too – this seems to be the final bitch everyone makes.  It’s fine.  It’s a phone people.  You don’t need to get full HD on your little ass 4″ screen.  Watch the movie on a TV/monitor.  Now, my bitches….the Trace keyboard that comes with it seriously SUCKS.  Read below about going back to Swype which, last I checked didn’t support the One S, but anyway.  The spacing seems to be random too.  LIke when doing a Google search it doesn’t put a space after the word, but otherwise yes.  And after punctuation it doesn’t, but a number yes.  It is seriously frustrating and I’ve been waiting to have time to find a better alternative (I was using ICS on my prior phone and loved it).The power/memory control also bugs me.  I guess (or have read) that to get such good battery life, HTC shuts down all other programs you aren’t actively using.  What winds up happening however is you can cut/paste something from a website in the browser, send it in a text, then when you go back to the webpage it has to fully reload.  A major pain when you are jumping back and forth repeatedly. This is probably my most major annoyance, but i have my fingers crossed an update will fix it by either giving programs a set time (say 5 minutes) before shutting them down, or otherwise correct it.I have had a few random resets, but chalk that up to gonna happen to every phone.  I don’t think that’s particular to this model.That’s all.  Just want to say in reading the always heated comments, it sounds like most of the bitching comes from the usual suspects who don’t own the phone, read the specs, and whine about the same shit.  Most everyone who owns the phone says they like it and the battery/memory/whatever isn’t a problem.  Sucks the guy who had to return it 2x, and I’ve been there on another model, but overall this phone is great.

  • Michaelsean

    I work in tech care for T-Mo and had high hopes for this phone. Even after the firmware update the signal fluctuation is terrible. Not to mention that wifi calling is absolutely terrible still. I would go so far to say useless. The Galaxy 3 doesn’t blow then wind up my skirt either though. I hate Touch Whiz more than I hate Sense. I hate the cheap ass poly carbonate builds they use. Why can’t a single TMo phone come out that does not have massive issues from day 1.

    On that note, Blackberry is dead. Every rep in the building hates dealing with troubleshooting them because of all the proprietary crap you have to go through. Not to mention when we do have to pass a customer on to them it is a long process and they are about as nice as bridge trolls to work with.

    Carrier subsidized phones need to die in a fire. Let us pick the phone we want without all the bloatware and bullshit. Every other country seems to be able to figure it out.

    And last but not least, T-Mobile stop outsourcing customer jobs over seas. Those people are terrible. Even as an employee when I call in and get one I just hang up and keep dialing until I get an American on the line. Bring your customer service back the the states in it’s entirety and for gods sake stop trying to sell everyone unneeded junky services when they already can’t pay their bill. It is very crappy  and it certainly is not what it going to raise our JD Powers rank. 

  • Am I the only one that saw how long this response was and didn’t even bother reading it?  Blog reply bro, not dissertation.  Sheesh.

  • tommy

    64 GB micro-SD? WOW!

  • Deadeye37

    Oh how I wish I could have the One S.  However, I can’t get it because it has no microSD card slot.  I have a 32 GB microSD card in my phone right now.  Its more than half full of stuff.  I can’t stick those MP3 & Movies on dropbox and expect to download them when I want to listen to them.  That doesn’t help me on long road trips through rural Utah/Arizona/Nevada.  It also doesn’t help me while I’m on a long airplane flight.  If I go anywhere where I only have a 2G connection, that Dropbox becomes virtually useless.

    HTC should think about stuff like that before creating phones.  The USA is much larger than Taiwan and a strong 4G signal/WiFi is not very prevalent if you’re out and about.  Also, even with a 4G connection, your data would get eaten up quickly if you’re doing a lot of downloading from Dropbox.

    Samsung S III, here I come (unless the One X or cooler phone is released by the end of the year).


      The One X does not have SD card support either…

  • tommy

    I scrolled down and saw all the comments about One-S problems. SA :( D ! I really want HTC to succeed but they just keep doing it, and you get no intelligent response when you try to communicate to the company about your problems, they way I see it.

  • mooggyy

    Question?  Would some of the responses be a bit different if the One S had a battery that was non-removable but had a microSD slot?  It seem like the arguments tie both together.  In reality, it seems as if people could deal with the permanent battery in the One S, its the microSD slot that is the deal breaker.  Its kind of like that for me at least!

    • nd5

      You know… everyone’s darling, the iPhone, has no removable storage, and no removable battery… and they seem to sell a gazillion of them and people don’t seem to mind.  Just sayin.

    • nd5

      You know… everyone’s darling, the iPhone, has no removable storage, and no removable battery… and they seem to sell a gazillion of them and people don’t seem to mind.  Just sayin.

      •  true story…

      • mooggyy

        Agreed!  The fangasms for the iphone with its current build is crazy.  I think the One S would have appealed more if it had a 32GB version.  My opinion!  Its a fantastic phone other than the storage issue.  The cloud is here but I’m part of the resistance!  I like as much of my content as local as possible. Storage is key.  That’s why the GS III is looking more appealing!

      • AndrewSingleton

        that’s true but theres only one iphone. if you want an iphone, you’re an iphone customer. if you want an android, you’re not necessarily an htc one s customer. 


    This is more like 50 cents. 

    • CnTWaItSGS_III

      man how u get a job as a tech in tmo.. is that in NY?

      • TMOTECH

        Well first of all you need to be able to speak proper English. Secondly, you will need to have some sort of telecommunications experience or an equivalent degree in the field. I was in the military for 5 years working telecommunications and also have a degree in digital electronics. And There are 50 to 150 Technicians in every state. Not just N.Y. I know it is hard to believe that things exist outside of N.Y., but there are people in other places too. 

        • CnTWaItSGS_III

          excuse me.. I believe Typing and Speaking are too different things.. sorry to offend you by just trying to type a short way of saying “you” and abbreviating words… seriously white people now days… but thanks for the info I mean I don’t see why other states can’t have more capabilities with telecommunications than what New York has.. and thank you again

  • Deadeye37

    I admit that I don’t have the One S.  I do really want one (my sister-in-law has one and feels & looks great).  However, That lack of MicroSD slot is really a problem.  I don’t want to have to keep downloading/uploading stuff off of Dropbox and constantly managing what I want on my phone week to week.  That becomes even more of a hassle if you go somewhere where there isn’t a fast connection/no connection.  32 or 64 GB of space that a MicroSD card has ensures that this would happen a lot less often, if ever.

    Aside from that, I agree with you that the One S is a pretty stellar phone.  The space issue is a deal breaker for me, though.

  • SG3 – seriously I’m upgrading from a MT3G slide (bought that POS Samsung Exhibit II 4g randomly one day in Nov b/c I was sick of the keyboard and bulk but I just broke that so I’m using this old clunker in the interim)…there are 8 million arguments and ways to dissect these phones (One S, One X, SG2 & 3) and at the end of the day, they’re all good phones and can do what you need them to do…legit concerns: no SD slot and internal battery – I get it, but the rest is all too damn techy for 99.8% of the general population…just tell me if it’s slow, has shytty call reception, freezes or any major problems but some of the arguments below are too much and will give an inexperienced Android user, just trying to read up on the device(s), a migraine – cheers

    • Bsnr818

      Amen!  Just give me an SGIII so I can replace this G2.

      • Bsnr818


  • Michael Hoffman

    Does anyone expect TMO to have another phone sale in the next few months once the Galaxy S3 comes out?  I was looking back through old posts for the previous years and couldn’t find anything…

  • the one thing i’d say it a slight to the One S is the nonremovable battery but let’s be honest .. iPhones don’t have removable batteries either and i don’t hear thousands of people saying it is a problem with the battery going dead.

    the storage thing is a non issue at least for me because i don’t download thousands of apps nor videos on my phone so i’ve never come close to using up the storage on prior phones . never had a need to upgrade my memory beyond what it came with so the One S is good for me.

  • Bigdross97

    I have a HTC sensation now, I love HTC and had every intention on getting the one x but then found out that the one x not hitting T-Mobile and as I am a huge fan of technology and have the huge hands for huge technology I want the biggest and the best and because the biggest and best on T-Mobile will be the galaxy 3 that’s what I will get

  • AndrewSingleton

    just ordered the one s. you cant beat that cold-to-the-touch build quality.

  • NickyA264

    As promised in many of my past posts, I have not purchased a Samsung product and I have bought the HTC One S.  I will never again buy a Samsung phone….they have absolutely no regard for their customers with regard to servicing and updating their phones.  They burned me twice, but never again. I have already received an OTA from HTC.  Once you buy a Samsung phone, they got you…. and they couldn’t care less once they got your cash.  You Have Been Warned!!!!

    • Birdsfan

      I don’t disagree with your statement but the GNex is a Samsung phone and I think the build quality is very good AND I’ll never have to worry about Samsung upgrading the OS….problem solved.

    • Justlee7

      Same situation here. I had a Vibrant (Galaxy S), and I really enjoyed the phone. Had it for nearly 2 years, but the total disregard of customer support and updates by Samsung is just too blatantly. They had a GPS issue from the start, and when they couldn’t fix it, they just quietly through out an app to reset it ever so often manually and that was that. Gingerbread was suppose to be released a year ago, and last thing I knew the update is no where to be found. Before buying my next phone I did some research, and pretty much every single Samsung smart phone OS update as been a debacle.

      So I decided to go with the HTC One S instead, because HTC seems to be updating their phones before everyone else. I tell you the quality of build between the HTC One S and the Galazy S II isn’t even close the One S is just far an above better!

      After seeing the spec release of the Galazy S III and reading about the the hands on accounts, I decided no more Samsung phones for me!

      Besides having a GSIII’s bigger screen, from what I can tell, the One S is a better phone then the GSIII in every way.

      • Spanky

        I bought the Vibrant on release day back in 2010 and thought that it was a total piece of crap. Non-functioning GPS, lag-inducing RFS file system, and lack of updates from Samsung….need I say more? However, I changed my mind about Samsung mobile products when I purchased the Galaxy Nexus. Of course, that phone is Google’s device more that it is Samsung’s, but Sammy is still the manufacturer.

        With that being said, I’ve had 3 HTC phones since 2008 (the original G1, MyTouch 4G, and Sensation), and have had mostly positive experiences with them (other than the well-documented screen fiasco with the MyTouch 4G). However, there’s simply no way that the One S is a better phone than the SGS III. The SGS III has twice as much RAM, a removable battery, a larger screen (could be a plus or a minus, depending on preference), and expandable storage. Although the latter is not a deal breaker for me (the GNex has no expandable storage), it is for a lot of potential buyers. Let’s not forget that Sense is a resource hog.

        I will agree with you that Samsung’s software support absolutely sucks. Based on your post, timely updates are important to you. They are most certainly important to me, which was the main reason I got a Nexus device.

  • Megamanfan22

    One S. The Galaxy S3 is huge and the build quality is plastic/cheap feeling. It’s day to day performance is only a little better than the One S and it having quad cores won’t even make much of a difference since most Android phones aren’t even optimized to take full capability of their hardware. My 4s on iOS 5 performs better than the S3.

    • Jordanclu

      You’re an idiot. After you said quad cores – I stopped reading your post. Then I felt bad, so I read the rest of your comment – low and behold you have some stupid shit to say about your Whyphone.

      • Chestbrah

        ^You’re the idiot. I agree with everything Megamanfan said and I’ve always worshiped Android.

        • Chestbrah

          Also, look me up on Youtube. I’m Chestbrah ya stupid kunt.

  • Rocco Gallo

    i would of purchased the HTC as i have the sensation now, but i dont like the fact that you cant remove the battery and no SD card slot, so galaxy it is.

  • SDJ

    Galaxy S3 for me. I still have bit of hope that HTC comes to the rescue and all rumors about their One X w/o sense arriving at T-mobile become true, otherwise I Hope the GS3 does not feel as cheap as previous devises. 

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Is it for sure that the GS3 will be available on the 21st or will Apple be able to get a judge to stop the U.S. sales?

  • Sh

    I have the HTC S and it’s very nice but has major signal issues where it doesn’t hold to cell signal at all and even after moving out of the house it will not re-capture signal without a restart or turning data on & off. Very disappointed in HTC software update that was suppose to solve this issue. But since HTC does’t recognize the problem exist, it will not solve it.

  • Sh

    I have the HTC S and it’s very nice but has major signal issues where it doesn’t hold to cell signal at all and even after moving out of the house it will not re-capture signal without a restart or turning data on & off. Very disappointed in HTC software update that was suppose to solve this issue. But since HTC does’t recognize the problem exist, it will not solve it.

  • Sh

    Update: Called HTC & T-Mobile about the random NO signal issue, and the only suggestion is to change SiM card and resetting the One-S. However, the same problem persists. This has become a nice music player instead of a phone. It’s so unreliable in full strength areas where my Nexus gets full bars & 4G, the nice HTC gets “x” Zero signal, neither cellular 2G nor 4G. It’s very frustrating wanting to like a phone that doesn’t want to work as intended. This is my last time purchasing HTC phones, even though I loved & owned most of their Androids. No wonder why they are loosing market shares so rapidly, aside from the similarity of all their products aesthetics; the built quality is great but functionally they are going backward and will eventually loose all their customers. Shame on HTC for teasing us with this gorgeous but semi functional phone.

  • Elise

    i sent my htc one s back as it dropped all my calls and wouldnt maintain signal.  I now have the Sony Xperia S which has fantastic signal ability, although I do prefer the design and software on the htc. 

  • Sh

    After exchanging my HTC One-S twice and sending the second for warranty repair (over signal loss issues)  which takes 3 weeks according to HTC; it’s an easy choice. These phones are not in the same league. The GS3 is far better as HTC has deteriorated in function. The HTC One S is a very well built- slim and nice looking phone that doesn’t work well as a phone. Battery life is not as good as what’s circulating, I had to re-charge both mine every afternoon. 10GB non-expandable storage is a joke compare to GS3 choice of up to 128GB (if u get the 64GB built-in + 64GB Micro SD) that no other phone on earth can have as of now. Some people think it’s all in the cloud, but you can fill 10GB very easily with just your phone HD video camera and few other files. This’s suppose to be HTC comeback super phone, instead we get the great metal feel and fancy Arc oxidization and all this superficial marketing crap for those that look and feel; but they forgot about the functionality and the invisible quality that’s essential for the phone success. This is a sad event for HTC and their greed on built-in non-expandable memory and internal as well as software built-quality. I went back to my HTC Nexus One since I shipped the One for repairs and it made me realize why HTC is loosing market share and going down hill fast. I want to like this company since I owned every phone they made so far, but next Thursday is when I’m gonna enjoy the Galaxy S-3 with no return to HTC. I truly hope Motorola start making good phones for T-Mobile.

    • quentin

      Have fun with your plastic piece of junk S III. After that dumps on you, you’ll be back here complaining about Samsung. You sound just like every other constant bitch-fester on here that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      • Sh

        SIII Sold over 10 Million “pieces of junk”, (as u stated) in one month. I still appreciate the built quality of HTC One but what’s the use of a dysfunctional nice piece of metal Vs. a fully functional piece of plastic? So Mr. Quentin, I’m back but not complaining about Samsung as you stated. Just to respond to your biased ignorant remark about my issue with HTC. So far the SIII is far superior to the One even though it’s made of plastic.

  • Cait

    I finally went with the HTC One S because of the phenomenal T-mobile discount this weekend.

    The Galaxy S3 looked to have several advantages, but not over $200 worth. Once the discount is over, I’d probably recommend the S3, unless 4.3″ is as big a screen as you want and/or the aluminum unibody is a big plus for you. The phone does feel very nice. I’ve had no problems with reception for voice or data.

  • phonegeek

    I’m keeping what I have due to its excellent technology. The Galaxy Nexus is a superb phone which meets everyone of my needs. I’m a gamer and I purchased the snes rom and psx rom from the market…one word…lovely. Although the galaxy s3 maybe a nice state of the art phone and the HTC One is very nice as well, I’ll stick with what i have until something knocks my socks off.

  • quentin

    Hey all of you complainers…..quit using your phone for shit that requires a ton of storage…..use your friggin phone for what it’s intended to do, which is COMMUNICATE with people. Get a tablet (preferrably something like my Ipad) for the fun stuff and quit wasting your time on these boards bitching about useless crap!