T-Mobile Memo Alerts Employees Of PCS/1900 HSPA+ Testing In San Francisco

We already knew that T-Mobile planned on “coincidentally” showing off their 1900/PCS HSPA+ refarmed network at tomorrow’s World Wide Developer Convention for Apple — and they are letting employees know this is the real deal. The memo doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know two days ago, including the sudden discovery of this effort by an “iPhone-using pedestrian” who just happened to be walking by the center.

T-Mobile emphasizes that their network team is in the process of testing 4G in the 1900/PCS band on a small-scale in select locations, including this one particular micro-cell near the Moscone Center. The memo notes that T-Mobile engineers tested the site with a iPhone 3GS which saw download speeds between 3.5 and 5Mbps with expectations of faster speeds with the iPhone 4S which supports 14.4Mbps theoretical max speeds against the 3GS’ 7.2Mbps.

At this time, T-Mobile notes that the Moscone Convention Center is the ONLY San Francisco site to have deployed HSPA+ in the 1900/PCS band. More important, is T-Mobile’s note that they expect to have a plenty of HSPA+ cities online by the end of the year.

As a quick reminder, the refarm effort goes far beyond T-Mobile’s ability to operate the iPhone on their 4G bands as it will allow for the introduction of a number smartphone that includes HSPA+ connectivity on the 1900 band, which opens the door for dozens of new handsets T-Mobile customers can take advantage of by purchasing unlocked or bringing over from AT&T or other GSM-centric carriers.

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  • I love this news, right on time.  Its only going to start expanding out faster now until National.  – )


    **** the iPhone, can’t wait till this reaches my area so I can buy an international Note. People like David automagically think this is for the iPhone when really this opens up so much more capabilities and opportunities. Can’t wait!!!

    • You know what really is awesome? Reading through the end of the post before making comments that make you sound like an obvious troll. Did you honestly not read THE ENTIRE LAST PARAGRAPH?

      • charles4

        Calm down or you will lose market share haha

        • GwapoAko

           David relax :0) Happy Father’s day!!

  • gwhyte01

    Bring it on baby. Bring it on.

  • UMA_Fan

    I wonder if the cost of refarming PCS to hspa is cheaper than Apple volume commitment its imposing on tmobile?

    • Bigra718

      Cheaper by far !!! Sprint spent 15 billion to get the iphone !!!!

      • Bratty

        And Cricket spent $900M. Its all about negotiations.

        • Bigz2565

          Negotiations my butt, their prepaid carriers big difference

        • Bratty

          I dont think you undertand how negotations happen. Stick to your butt.

        • Aaron Tant

          but, how many iPhones did Cricket commit to versus Sprint?

        • Vim

          No, it’s about the change in management at Apple, and a desire to show continued growth to the shareholders.   Apple is suddenly being more flexible.  This is good for T-Mobile.  I predict that within 12 months, possibly much sooner, T-Mobile will be carrying the iPhone.  The biggest remaining hangup is  the lack of AWS support for HSPA+ in the existing iPhone.  And the 1900MHz refarm is taking care of that…

        • Maximillion

          Why couldn’t DT do what Sprint did and make the deal for the iPhone across its companies in ALL countries.  From what Ive read, most of their brands in Europe carry the iPhone…so why not include TmobileUSA in the next deal?  Is it that Tmobile USA runs on a different spectrum (I admit I don’t understand any of that) so that the iPhone wouldn’t work on Tmobile unless Apple creates a new radio or a special Tmo only iPhone – where they havent had to do that with all theprepaids and regional carriers that recently got the iPhone?  I keep reading conflicting stuff on this….Plus the iPhone is going LTE so Tmo is going to be at least a year off….I don’t know that Virgin, for example, will get the iPhone 5? iPhone LTE? The New iPhone? if they don’t have an LTE network…

    • Lani

       Think about it.  Carriers don’t make money on mobiles.  They make money on services.  If you bring your own mobile to tmobile, then they don’t have to service it.  That means you won’t be using tmobiles paid phone support to cry to tmobile customer service for help on mobiles tmobile didn’t sell you.  That alone will cut out a lot of labor and save tmobile lots of money.  So yes if Tmobile can get the iPhone working on 4G, then lots of people who don’t have good AT&T signals may switch over to Tmobile.  Also Tmobile will have to step up the game on pricing since Virgin America and Sprint are pushing their iPhone plans lately.

      • Whiskers

        In that case why even sign a two year contract with T-Mobile then…
        You can get the same service prepaid and not be bound by a contract.
        Walmart even sells the same service cheaper , postpaid service with an iphone T-Mobile is stupid since your on your own anyways with support.

  • GinaDee

    I’m happy they are doing this but I still have my reservations.  

    Even when T-Mobile claims to have something installed nationwide or in a “large number of cities,” it’s still very patchy and swiss cheese.  

    I’d like a commitment to refarm their entire PCS footprint nationwide to HSPA+ 21 or 42 Mbps where spectrum permits and to focus LTE on AWS.  

    Guys T-Mobile needs to go IPO and allow some rich investors to take ownership of the US operations.  Until then we’ll never have a network as seamless and vast as Big Red or AT&T.  

    Too bad Virgin Mobile in the UK couldn’t decide to go postpaid here in the US using T-Mobile and ditch Sprint.  Too bad Vodafone won’t force Verizon Wireless to sale their stake and purchase the T-Mobile US assets.  

    T-Mobile needs at least 10-15 billion worth of network investment to bring all the necessary backhaul and cell site density nationwide which would make their network much more competitive with the incumbents.  

    One can dream.  

    • The Virgin Group does not own Virgin Mobile USA. Sprint-Nextel does. The likelihood of Virgin Mobile USA using T-Mobile’s network is zero.

      Vodafone only has money because of Verizon Wireless. It would have to be really dumb to sell its 45% ownership of Verizon Wireless to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG.

      • UMA_Fan

        Kudo with T-Mobile rolling out LTE handsets next year, what do you think the likely hood is that chipsets will support HSPA+ 42 AND lte.  Most people will probably not see LTE in their area for some time so will people upgrading to those fancy LTE handsets be stuck with HSPA+ 21 until they get LTE? 

        I’m sure T-Mobile would love to have both but it seems chips from quallcomm seem to have support for either hspa+ 42 OR lte.  Do you think we’ll see both?

        • Get_at_Me

          Thats actually a good question….42mbps hspa+ is rare enough as it is.  Im thinking that 42 hspa compatibility will fall by the wayside once LTE is in full affect.  im guessing its not be that simple to incorporate since exynos and tegra chips dont support it.

        • Get_at_Me

          Thats actually a good question….42mbps hspa+ is rare enough as it is.  Im thinking that 42 hspa compatibility will fall by the wayside once LTE is in full affect.  im guessing its not be that simple to incorporate since exynos and tegra chips dont support it.

    • Steven Hammons

      You forget that that this investment was largely paid for buy the Failure of AT&T, THE Death Star, to acquire T-Mobile. Costing them very little in the grand scheme of things.

  • mbcls

    how about just kill off 1700mzh?
    then we can just buy any gsm phones, and you will have 3G on tmobile!
    almost all gsm phones support 1900mzh 3G!

    • Than You will off lte.

      • Ed

        I’d much rather have more 3G/4G coverage, than a few major cities with LTE. 

        How is 5-10Mbps not enough for people on a phone? It isn’t like they’ve hit the cap of what HSPDA will do either.

  • Bassam El-azzeh

    Hey, David

    Are they reframing all of the 1900 spectrum to 3g by the end of this year or is there still going to be 3G areas using 1700. I want to use an unlocked phone but am afraid that it would only work in major cities that converted 1900 spectrum.thanks.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Tmo is saving a small chunk (10MHz) for 2G/GSM/EDGE for those w/o 3G/HSPA+ phones. If that cell site hasn’t been converted to HSPA+ yet, then it’ll be the same as before (~20-30MHz of 2G/EDGE).


      Before HSPA+ over 1900 = 20-30MHz of 2G/GSM
      After HSPA+ over 1900 = ~20MHz of HSPA+ & 10MHz of 2G/GSM

      • UlyssesGhost

         And what will that mean for those of us in edge areas where we don’t have the current 1700/2100 3g/4g and depend on the gsm/edge?   How will that affect coverage?

        • J-Hop2o6

          What city do u live in? But if Tmo converts your area’s 1900 to HSPA+, then you’ll get HSPA+ instead of EDGE (hopefully your phone supports HSPA+ 1900). If u live in a small town (sounds like u do), then don’t have high hopes of the conversion by the end of the year. Tmo will focus on the Top 25 markets for the remaining end of the year. Then expand in 2013 and beyond.

  • With all the T-Mobile customers in Boston and surrounding suburbs the 1900mzh would help us out greatly. The Boston area supports T-Mobile, I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks if it meant being able to use some of the variety of phones available that support that frequency. I would bet I am not the only one that feels this way. 
    Thanks T-Mobile

    • jerry

      Same here, from Boston. I would love to import a gs3 when it happens. I will still get the gs3 from tmo btw.

  • Me

    “a iPhone user…” embarrassing. AN iPhone user.

  • Rinthos

    Am at WWDC so looking forward to see how well this holds up with all the WWDC attendees there. Quick speed test a couple hours ago just next to Moscone West yields 3.1Mbps here. Ironically just down the street at Mel’s (across from the new Metreon building) fell back to EDGE. As a note, unlocked Galaxy Nexus here.

    Now back to figuring out how early I need to get here for a decent keynote seat tomorrow… :(

    • cutienoua

      that’s OK,only 1.5 Mbps here in 98004. 4s factory unlock

      • StevenJohn

        in atlanta ga , i only get 1.5-2.5 mbps on the supposed 4g HSPA+ network so to me that seems like 3g speeds….When I run speed tests, its at times been as low as .6Mbps and the highest I got was once at 3…

        • njamilj

          Are you using a t-mobile 4g phone? I get 6.5 mbps up on my Sensation. the lowest I have got is like 4.4 mbps. I’m in south metro Atlanta.

        • Rinthos

          Well keep in mind only a couple hundred folks were at the Moscone location when I tested (early registration, no events), so we’ll see if it’s usable or not during the event.  I hope so..as I’d like to show off my G-Nex a bit to all the iPhone users… ;) (alas I do have a 4S on AT&T but would be great to see T-Mobile USA out-shine it).

        • Rinthos

          So much better today with more people (talk about weird)….
          Latency of approximately 125ms.  Download approximately 10Mbps, upload approximately 3Mbps.  Unlocked Galaxy Nexus GSM.  That’s at Moscone West, on the 3rd floor (just outside the hall where the keynote was).  Definitely MUCH faster than AT&T today.  AT&T suffering just under 1Mbps both up and down, but latency is only 116.

          WTG T-Mobile, now if you could just do this everywhere…. ;)

  • Nate

    Will they turn on the reframed spectrum all at one or city by city?

    • Sebastian Fuentes

       Most likely market by market slowly.

  • Blaine

    Im starting to wonder about this with more prepaid carriers starting to offer iPhone….and if you are planning to use an old ATT iPhone thats 2 years off contract….most iPhone users I know are wanting the latest thing…so not seeing them using a 2 generations off iPhone on Tmobile….Maybe it can work for a parent who’s upgrading their main phone and gives their old iPhone to a kid to use on Tmo prepaid.  Cuz the frustrating thing about the Virgin/Cricket iPhones is they only work with their own carriers…So you can call it a contract-free phone but if you’re paying $649 to Virgin for an iPhone…youre gonna want to get your moneys out of it – which probably means using it for about 2 years since you can’t take it anywhere else.   The best bargain seems to be something ike the 399 Galaxy Nexus on Tmo Prepaid if you want 4g-ish type speed – otherwise the rest of the prepaids offer way better pricing on 3g networks…which seems to have been fine for iOS users these past five years…Tmo prepaid rates are actually more expensive…so only make sense if you’re using 4gHSPA (I don’t know enough to know if what TMobile calls4g is equal to what ATT HSPA 3g)….It does make Tmobile look like total loser to not have iPhones when tiny regional players and prepaids are having it…the general public is gonna wonder whats wrong with Tmo…It also is idiotic commercial comparing Tmobile 4G to 3G iPhone on ATT…Do they think people are that stupid these days?  The public seems to have made it clear that speed is not the #1 decider..look at  how iPhone 4s outsold the LTE phones on ATT/Verizon.  Also with the SG3 out (why hasn’t Tmo announced a price? hopefully they’ll keep the free Dropbox that ATT/Verz have decided not to offer to make something distinguishable )…theyre still selling the SG2 for A HIGHER PRICE than the other carriers announced 199 price for SG3…Maybe they should make the SG2 the new FLAGSHIP MONTHLY 4g PREPAID PHONE…That would also help distinguish their PREPAID from the others.  Not only 4G speeds…but you get one of the best, highest-rated postpaid phones with Android 4.0 on Prepaid.  I could see this being a huge success since most people still associate prepaid with low end phones (and the iPhone may change that but is still more than most people can pay upfront)…I don’t know what would make the SG2 profitable but how about a 299-399 contract-free price…(That would give Tmo prepaid users option of GalaxyNexus via GooglePlay or the SG2 via Tmo itself….Heck, every other week they have the Exhibit 2 going from lows of 199 to highs of 329….One would assume once the SG3 is out, postpaid users will prefer that so put the SG2 as an affordable prepaid option and have the TMo marketing message- we give you the best phones on the best network at a great price…make them stand out from boost, metropcs, virgin by having a premium phone!!!  I still can’t believe I saw the SG2 at 229 with a 2 year contract when ATT, Sprint and Veriz, US CEL have all announced the SG3 will be 199

    • Steven Hammons

      I have been toying with these Ideas too and have some numbers to share. I was on a hard to leave grandfathered plan costing my only $135 taxes inc. for just two lines 1500 mins unlimited data and text from S. Thats $3616 once I buy a $200 phone for both my wife and I for 2 years. Instead I purchased a $399 Galaxy Nexus, Unlocked Prepaid gives tether BTY & NO carrier bullsh!^, I now pay $30 w/ no taxes at all and I just keep $50 in my account for additional per minute minutes, Easy. I only use 87 minutes a month but there are all kinds of Prepaid plans to fit all kinds of callers and data hounds. Total is $1119 x 2 = $2238 saving me $690 per year. Thats $1380! Oh yeah, NO contract.Additionally being the phone whore I am I can sell My phone every year for about 50% of what I paid Effectively subsidizing my own phone for only $8.34 per month!Dear America… We have been taking in in the rear for too long. There are Prepaid plans from every carrier that would save you LOTS! of money. Do the math, pick the plan that works for you, Take a vacation! S

      • farfromovin

         Steve, that’s a great point and that’s exactly what I did last Aug when I jumped ship from ATT to Tmo. When their value plans came out I got 4 lines with goodies for only $135-ish with unsubsidized phones. My wife couldn’t believe I paid $549 for the HTC Sensation until I broke it all down for her. The savings are there. Prepaid is even better!

  • Matt84j

    So when the refarm is finished will people with older phones like the G2 be able to have 3g/4g service over 1900? Will there phones be compatible with 3g/4g over 1900?

    • Brubawil87

       No. It all depends on the phones max theoretical max data speed and what frequencies their radios are.

    • Bob

       They have already refarmed 1900 here in Florida and yes, my G2 shows 4g.

  • Vim

    Apple’s deals with Virgin Wireless and Cricket are particularly intriguing.  Prior to these deals all carriers were required to sell iPhones at the same heavily subsidized price which conflicted heavily with T-Mobile’s business model of offering lower subsidies (or no subsidies) with cheaper plans.  That is no longer the case.   Virgin is selling iPhones unsubsidized now, while Cricket is selling them at a reduced subsidy compared to the Big Three.  Apple’s newfound flexibility makes signing an iPhone contract considerably more attractive to T-Mobile (although some customers will no doubt ignore the lower plan prices and whine that T-Mobile is ripping them off for charging more than the other big carriers for an iPhone).  The only real remaining issues are the 1900MHZ HSPA+ (iPhone 4 iPhone 4s) and LTE (iPhone 5) rollout timelines.  Will T-Mobile decide to wait until the rollouts are farther along? Or will it decide to jump in earlier even if the data coverage is still poor?  WWDC may turn out to be very interesting if T-Mobile has decided to jump in sooner rather than later.

  • Arvin

    just bring the one x and sIII and shut up tmobile. 

  • Carlos

    david tomorrow is Day 11. I’m waiting to confirm ics for GS2. I hope for you david

    • Why do you hope for me? I didn’t promise you that date. The company did.

      • Carlos

        Yes but you always know everything first.

      • HalfwayCrook

        You have quite an attitude today <_<

        • ghulamsameer

          Listen. He’s not some freaking machine that churns out T-Mobile information. If you pay attention to this website, you would know that he’s the sole writer for this website and DroidDog.com. Give him a break. He gets his information when does. You should be thankful instead of constantly asking for more.

  • This is good news for all phones that can work with the 1900 band, not just the iphone.

  • JA

    T-Mobile is in denial!  They think customers are leaving for all the wrong reasons…  The iPhone will help, but really there network coverage is garbage.  

    • Perhaps it depends on where you live.  Coverage in Houston is excellent.

      • Galaxy s2

        Yea seriously really opinionated statement, in denver I have the best coverage way better than sprint.

      • njamilj

        Yeah it depends where you are. I get better data speed than my friends GS2 on sprint. And the my voice service is better than a lot of people i know that have iphones on AT&T. I’m in metro Atlanta

      • ldm

        Los Angeles coverage is also good… definitly better than sprint

    • mreveryphone

      coverage in Kansas City is excellent, even in the outskirts! I’ve tested my one s against a Verizon lte phone and the one s won 2 out of 3 times! I also travel a lot and service is great in Orlando Vegas st. Louis Tampa Chicago L.A. Even in small Jefferson City MO so garbage its not!

    • Datruth

      Nice those comments almost proves the point.  Coverage is great in nearly every Large city.  Everywhere else is poor and lacks 3 or 4 g.  I drove 9 hrs the other week down 2 major interstate hwys and had 3 or 4g for a grand total of 40 min combined……  And that would have been much shorter if it were not for traffic

    • Stan Kasserly

      Garbage is as garbage does.  Live in a garbage area, get garbage service.

    • Yeah it depends where you are.  They’re not that good in extreme rural areas though.  The iPhone IS the major reason why people are leaving.  It’s no coincidence that in Q4 last year during the launch of the 4S on EVERY major carrier except T-Mobile, they registered one of their worst performances ever.  Ask any T-Mobile rep how many customers and potential customers ask “When are you guys getting the iPhone?” or “Why don’t you guys have the iPhone?”.

      • Vim

         There were several reasons why T-Mobile had a horrid holiday season.  Spotty coverage outside of cities has always been T-Mobile’s biggest problem.  The negative publicity over the impending  AT&T buyout was another huge disincentive for people to sign-up.  Who wants to sign a contract with a company that may not exist in 6 months?  T-Mobile’s disinterest in competing with the sales and promotions being run by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint  also lead to the loss of lots of customers.  As a single example, all three of the other major carriers took part in Amazon’s all phones for a penny week-long Black Friday sale last year.  T-Mobile was the sole exception, and their  normally superior plan pricing didn’t look so special when stacked up against Verizon’s top of the line phones for basically free plus their double data promotion on what is commonly considered to be the best network in the country. 

        Did lack of an iphone option contribute to those losses? Certainly.  Is it a common complaint that sales reps hear in stores? Definitely. Nevertheless I wouldn’t call it the sole cause, or even the primary cause of T-Mobile’s customer losses in Q4 of 2011.

  • @davidtmonews:disqus  Why they persecuting you tonight!

  • jarjar2007

    So if you have a phone like the mytouch 4G that doesn’t have the 1900 band whats going to happen? Will we still have access to UMTS?

    • Bob

       This phone does have the 1900 band.

      • jarjar2007

         Is there a way to check? Everywhere I’ve read just says AWS 1700/2100.

        • Jim Jiang

          Tmobile will atleast keep up that band for at least 1 more year, as thats when you’ll be out of contract(at LTE should be in testing), but most likely is that they would buy back your phone and get you one to work on the LTE network

    • tech

      nothing it will keep working normally

    • tech

      nothing it will keep working normally

  • I have a question for the educated, I’m fairly new to T-Mobile and I’m considering getting an iPhone 4S to use on their service.  I live in an area where I don’t get much service with any carrier and the reason I choose T-Mobile was because of the Wi-Fi Calling I could use on the HTC Sensation.  Does anyone know if their is a similar app that works the same way that I could use with the iPhone?

    • Samsunguy

      Nope wifi calling is a feature only on their android handsets

      • Thanks, Thats what I have been finding as far as google searches.  Does anyone know how well the Skype Calling works, would that be an alternative solution to solving the problem?

        • cutienoua

          I use skype a lot but I have a mifi lte sometimes is better than my home internet .I’ve had on lte 35 Mbs down/ 20Mbs up !!
          It will not work on edge,that’s for sure!

      • archerian

         while its common on Android devices now, it was actually launched with some BB and certain Nokias and Samsungs supported via Hardware

    • BigMixxx

      Tried the Vonage App?

    • Steven Hammons

      Actually there is an app for that. Hey I’ve heard that somewhere?… Its called Bobsled. Free wifi calling to all your Facebook friends, In Mexico and like 40 other foreign countries as well.. The app works nice too. Keeps me logged in which I don’t like but you can always logout.


  • Madogmoody

    Magenta needs to stop teasing us with these little tests and just light up 5 major markets such as New York, LA, Chicago and a couple others others and people will start to realize the iPhone and other at&t phones will work on t-mobile at 4g speeds. I sincerely hope t-mobile is going to advertise the s!”# out of this concept. :-)

  • SurgicalTech

    Why do you even report anything about the iphone? Its an outdated toy phone.
    More news about the GSIII please

    • Because not everyone cares about Android only, also, this is still a tmobile news site and we report about news relevant to tmobile.

      • I appreciate all the news you report David.  

    • StonersLane

      It’s all about personal preference. I have an android phone which I use for calls and text. I use my iPad for business. And it works for me.

    • cellularcrazy09

      What else is there to report? Specs…check….release date…check…pricing…check…WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

      • MarcusDW

        What pricing?

  • BigMixxx

    minus on the iPhone…well..it will attract a bunch of customers….

    BUT, Imagine where the rest of the worlds phones would be coming:

    1)  A Galaxy S III with T mobile 3 g bands (quad core baby)
    2)  An HTC one X (Quad Core)
    3)  Motorola Atrix 2 (no pentile, the good device)

    The list can go on and on, that’s why it says ‘…including the iPhone’.

    •  Maybe or not maybe. They going to have buy it unlocked not many people want to do that

  • This will quickly make T-Mobile #3 in the ranks as it will be the only national unlock-aware/friendly GSM carrier. AWS was like being caged.

    LTE is the next step. Hopefully they can use the same spectrum as the European/German counterpart.

    • Whiskers

      Not as long as there is prepaid services like Walmart and others that use T-Mobiles service for a cheaper rate than post paid services through them and you don’t have to sign a two year contract.
      So how is this going to move T-Mobile to #3 if the people that brings the unlocked GSM phones know their not going to get any phone support?
      They won’t because most people are not phone geeks and need tech support just to use their new smartphone properly. So if they are not going to get it a T-Mobile and they are feed up with AT&T services/fees , they will just go Prepaid and get the same service cheaper than signing a two year contract with a cell company that still don’t have true 4G/LTE yet.

    • Whiskers

      Not as long as there is prepaid services like Walmart and others that use T-Mobiles service for a cheaper rate than post paid services through them and you don’t have to sign a two year contract.
      So how is this going to move T-Mobile to #3 if the people that brings the unlocked GSM phones know their not going to get any phone support?
      They won’t because most people are not phone geeks and need tech support just to use their new smartphone properly. So if they are not going to get it a T-Mobile and they are feed up with AT&T services/fees , they will just go Prepaid and get the same service cheaper than signing a two year contract with a cell company that still don’t have true 4G/LTE yet.

      • Junkmale

        Somebody please explain to Whiskers that customers on T-Mobile’s network are…wait for it…customers on T-Mobile’s network.  Pre-paid = Customer.  Post-paid = Customer. MVNO (e.g. Walmart) = Customer.  Silly man.

        • Whiskers

          But the customers T-Moblie wants are Contracted customers.
          What moron would sign a two year contract and bring their already paid for smartphone to T-Mobile when they can get the same spotty service with no strings attached with prepaid service through the same company or a MNVO using their service anyways…
          Post-paid=Customer , Pre-paid=Customer true to a point.
          If you think T-Mobile is losing customers fast now , wait until people try the PRE-PAID and have NO contract holding them back too see if they like T-Mobvile’s services or not and then leave when they discover the coverage is not what they expected , they will leave as fast as they came riding in on .
          Now what good does that do for T-Mobile now ?

        • Brandon

          People will bring their own phones to T-Mobile to take advantage of the Value Plan which will give them a much cheaper rate than at any other carrier each month. Which I see happening every week.

          Also, Pre and Post customers do not have the same service area. The Pre does not include roaming either.

        • Whiskers

          I have the Value Plan and i’m currently in a two year contract and my co-workers are on T-Mobile’s Prepaid Plan and some on a MNVO prepaid plan that usesT-Mobile’s service/coverage and guess what , besides them not having roaming service they DO have the same service i get using the same HTC HD7 phones from Ohio to Las Vegas. There is no BS to talk here , i see it with my own eyes. Their phones work just as good as mine does and their not bound by a contract for two years getting the same service and coverage.
          No difference in data speed or call quality so what extra service are you talkng about ?
          If it’s CS your talking about , well that’s been in the gutter since AT&T wanted to buy T-Mobile out. Just spend a few minutes with them on the phone now days and your ready to spit bullets at them.
          True , someone coming from AT&T with a unlocked phone to T-Mobile will save half the monthly costs but why would that person sign a two year contract when they could get the Prepaid No-Contract service for the same price if not cheaper depending on who they go through for T-Mobile’s service.
          That’s where i think T-Mobile is making the big mistake . Prepaid contracts won’t save T-mobile’s butt but only help them tread water for the time being.
          They have no power over Prepaid customers since there is no contract , they can leave whenever they want. So that’s only extra income for them and that won’t save the ship the long run.

      • T-Mobile already offers tech support for the iPhone and that’s the main device that people are so hungry for with this 1900 refarm.  Their coverage is spotty compared to AT&T/Verizon but not any spottier than the current #3 Sprint.  They know they’re not getting contract customers by just being iPhone compatible.  Who would sign a two-year contract without getting a subsidized phone in the process? 

        They’re targeting prepaid customers who will bring their iPhones and/or hoping they can entice Apple to allow them to officially carry it since they will no longer require a separate iPhone model for their network.  Being compatible with just about every other GSM phone will also make them the network of choice for international travelers who come to the US.  Hopefully it will put pressure on AT&T’s offerings.

        Prepaid customers bring money too.  T-Mobile wants both contracted and prepaid if possible.

        • Whiskers

          I have an unlocked/jailbroken iphone as well and T-Mobile’s tech support is a joke.
          You can get better support online just about anywhere on how to set the phone up to work on T-Mobile service.
          So your only real option is using T-Mobile’s prepaid service since your basically on your own after you set it up to work on T-Mobile service.
          Prepaid service is only extra income for T-mobile , it will not save them in the long run.

      • I got a unlimited data plan through tmobile sold exclusively at walmart. $30 bucks a month for 4G up to 5GB at 4g speed with 100 min talk unlimited sms,mms, best data plan In the country to my knowledge. Switched from a att grandfathered data plan that got very slow after 2.5 gb. I’m giving it a shot. The trick is getting skype to avoid going over 100 min. Now when my iphone 4s can play on tmobiles 4g, then I’ll be happy to pay about a dollar a day for fast data

  • Mos_def98

    this is doesn’t put t-mobile on the map at all if t-mobile wanna get on the map then they are gonna have to step there game up and acquire the iphone itself vs doing a dumb move like this. T-mobile use to be a good company but over the past 2 to 3 years everyone is passing them by. I live in Washington DC and I read in the Washington Post back in May that from Jan 2012 up until May of 2012 T-mobile has lost over 700,000 customers just because they dont have the iphone. If t-mobile wanna compete they are gonna have to get the iphone itself and start getting better phones. Soon t-mobile will go out of business or they will have to make a desperate move to survive. You cant swim with sharks if you are a dolphin. 

    • Ed

      That whole “getting the iPhone” sure has worked for Sprint’s financials hasn’t it? /sarcasm

    • JBLmobileG1

      That last comment isn’t correct. Last I knew Dolphins can actually kill sharks. Which doesn’t make your business logic any better. Honestly I am sure Apple offered Tmobile the iphone awhile back…. but at a price that probably would have made Tmobile sink into bankruptcy. If anything I think Tmobile is playing it smart and showing Apple a thing or two.

    • Junkmale

      Whoa, Mr. Uninformed!

    • OmniLite

      Most know nothing post of the month. Should change your handle to MosDeaf because you are obviously not listening to the news or current events. Nothing you wrote is informed.

    • OmniLite

      Most know nothing post of the month. Should change your handle to MosDeaf because you are obviously not listening to the news or current events. Nothing you wrote is informed.

    • JMccovery

       Which makes more sense:
      A) Spending millions on phones hoping you can rope people into a 2-year contract, then nickel and dime them to death, forcing them to stay or shell out a few hundred dollars.

      B) Attracting people that bought their own phones to try your service, and if they don’t like it, all you are out of is a monthly charge.

      While A seems like a good business strategy, it will only work if people have limited choices (like with Verizon), or the ETF is so high, they are afraid of leaving.

      With B, you don’t have to subsidize ANYTHING, so if they leave, you don’t lose anything but a customer.

    • Vim

      Bad analogy. Dolphins swim with sharks all the time.  They’re far more agile and have been known to kill sharks too as JBLmobileG1 has pointed out.  And no, all those sub losses weren’t just because of the iphone, although it was certainly one of several contributing reasons.

    • Ryanscriven

      MOS-def98, You obviously have done little to no research. Phone companies do not make money off the iphone itself, only the plans, so as JMccovery has said, you would have to nickle and dime them.

      ALSO. Tmobile has only had one setback in the last few years. that would be the ATT merger getting shot down. their parent company has already stated that they are staying financially aloft. so just shut up. 

      Keep in mind they were the first to bring in android devices, which are gaining a lot of ground. and soon we will be able to use an iphone on their network, while SAVING MONEY. a big point for Tmo. they can keep their prices down, which keeps customers happy. on top of this, they have been rated for some of the best customer service period. 

      for JBLmobileG1, im rather sure if they were offered the iphone, they would have taken it at the time. thankfully, they dodged that bullet.  if they had taken it, they wouldnt have one of, if not the most, stable 4g(hspa+ if you wanna be technical) networks, on top of which, LTE is coming. 

      • Mark

         Also add to that the Truly Unlimited Data plan and there will be a lot of people returning to Tmo with their unlocked iPhones.

  • Test

    Oh no David, you make me think again and again, so should I get the tmo GS3 or should I get the international, yes for international I have to wait for the band to deploy, but on the other hand it have Exyno and Mali…… or should I just get the International Note, which is super cheap and fast

  • StonersLane

    If this is true. I’m going to buy a Lumia 900.

    • 21stNow

       You might want to hold of on this.  So far we haven’t been able to get the Lumia 900 unlocked, either by AT&T or by the unlocking websites.

      • Guest

        I have an unlocked and unbranded Lumia 900

      • StonersLane

        I bought me an unlocked & unbranded Lumia 900 on Tuesday afternoon. Where do you get your fact bro?

        • Vim

          I believe you gentlemen are talking about two different things.  He’s saying that it’s currently impossible to unlock a Lumia 900 purchased from AT&T, while you’re saying it’s possible to buy one unlocked and unbranded through a third party.  I haven’t checked the veracity of either statement, but it’s quite possible you’re both right.

        • 21stNow

           I’m a “sis”, by the way.  I have an AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 and received refunds from an unlocking website because they couldn’t unlock it. 

          I haven’t seen an unlocked and unbranded Lumia 900.  There are some folks on XDA that would be interested in where you got it from.

        • StonersLane

          Google it.

    • StonersLane

      I bought an unlocked and unbranded Lunia 900 myself.

  • HalfwayCrook

    Calm down punji

    • ghulamsameer


  • Winski

    This obvious bag of lies is one of many reasons I despise these jerks.

  • J-Hop2o6

    So WWDC is over now, so anything new/any updates to this story?

    • WWDC lasts all week until the 15th.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Wow, really?

  • J-Hop2o6

    So WWDC is over now, so anything new/any updates to this story?

  • Mos_def98

    First of all damn near all of you guys are so stuck on t-mobile and are brain washed by there cheap ass ways that hardly none of yall wanna see the truth for what it is. I’ll post the washington post article about all of these customers leaving t-mobile within this comment. I’m not a fan of the Iphone or Apple at that I can care less about the Iphone. What I do care about is high end phones at the end of the day T-mobile prices is no different than At&t, Verizon or Sprint. As a matter of fact Sprint has a plan that no company can really compare with they have a everything unlimited plan for 100 bucks and that includes your data and now that they have LTE they will get better. All I was trying to point out is that T-mobile needs to step there game up. Look back to 2010 t-mobile came out with the HTC HD 2 that phone was a joke Sprint came out with the Evo which basically was the HD2 only with android. I look at all of the HTC phones that t-mobile dropped last year and they all were garbage. It burns me up to see t-mobile getting weak ass phones when everyone else is getting the best of the best. If all of you or those of you wanna believe that t-mobile will get better then dream on I on the other hand believe and know that this is the best they will ever get. Samsung galaxy blaze was some weak and the HTC one S was weak also so far the year 2012 has been a rough year for them. Since my thing with the dolphins didnt work how about this, you guys should tell t-mobile to make like heinz and ketchup lol…..

    • John5323

      TOTALLY AGREE…. tmobile was the first to give android a shot, and after that all the other carriers ended up getting the better phones, verizon= droid, sprint, evo, and what does tmobile get,,,,, MY TOUCH GARBAGEEEEEEE its sad if you ask me.

    • TheTruth

      You are still uninformed. Tmobile has the lowest rate plans hands down compared to AT&T and Verizon – learn to read and compare them for yourself, or have someone read them for you bc you fail to comprehend the truth. As for Sprint, Sprint does have competitive rate plans, but Tmobiles are still better. On top of better plans, Tmobiles data network is technically superior than Sprints. WiMax was a flop standard that Sprint adopted and they are dropping it. Dude your knowledge of wireless telecom is one of the least informed I’ve read on this site. I’m not here to defend Tmobile, f them, I’m here to defend the truth and stop the nonsense you are saying.

      • Mos_def98

        Dude you aren’t defending the truth you are a tmobile fan boy. I can read very well. Tmobile has no choice but to offer great plans. With the plan that I have with tmobile now I pay 100 bucks and some change and that’s with data included. I’m switching to at&t and my plan will be cheaper and better coverage in terms of the drop calls. Before you try to insult me do me this one solid favor and stop ball washing or at least don’t type when you have balls in your mouth its bad for your health lol….

  • Tom

    Does anyone know if Nexus S 3G (900/1700/2100) will still be compatible with T-Mobile after they  move their 3G to 1900?

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmo will still use HSPA+ 1700, so your Nexus S will be fine. Tmo’s future network looks like this:

      LTE Advance = 1700 (AWS)
      HSPA+ = 1700 (AWS) & 1900 (PCS)
      GSM/EDGE = 1900 (PCS)

      HSPA+/LTE not guaranteed in all areas.

  • TheTruth

    You are 100% unadulterated moron. You know nothing. Asked you to do something simple, read, and you can’t do that. You’re so dumb you’re going to switch to AT&T and think you’re getting a better “deal”, hahaha – you do that. I’m not here to cure stupid, just to set the facts straight. Have fun paying more for about the same – I could care less what you do with your money. And please don’t force your homosexual fantasies on here, this isn’t one of those types of blogs. I have nothing against gays, but this is a wireless blog.

    •  People are silly AF in the end Sprint and T-Mobile will be the ones to choose from AT&T = dreadful service, capped data, crazy pricing and ducked tapped network. Verizon = Expensive as hell and capped data. By the time T-Mo and Sprint get done with they’re new overhauled networks they’ll be the least expensive and the best networks, but Sprint will have an obvious advantage over T-Mobile they have sub 1ghz spectrum and a ton of 2.5ghz spectrum

  • KeithSF

    I can confirm this works. I can get HSPA speed on my HTC One X. I bought it unlocked while I was in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. I got a microSIM from a T-Mobile store in downtown SF last week at no charge. They have two types of microSIM cards. The first one didn’t support data on my phone. I replaced it with the other type and the second one works fine. Tmo customer service in the store and on the phone were very helpful throughout this process. I’m normally limited to Edge speeds. I walked by the conference center where WWDC is being held yesterday and the phone flipped from E to H (or 3G depending on where I was on the block.) I ran Speed Test several times in different spots on the block. The fastest was 7.1Mb/s down and 3.6Mb/s up, this was on H. I tried to find a spot to run the test on 3G but every time I started the test the phone flipped to H, the slowest speed at one of these spots was 1.2Mb/s down and 0.9Mb/s up. For comparison, I just got 9.3Mb/s down and 0.9Mb/s going to the same server on Wifi over my 20Mb home DSL.

  • You’re praising Sprint of all carriers?  Their prices are more expensive than T-Mobile and their data plans yes are unlimited but ask Sprint users what their average 3G speeds are.  Lots of people average below 1mbps on their 3G network and get damn near the same speeds of T-Mobile Edge data.  Currently they have Wimax “4G” which is extremely limited in coverage area and still slower than T-Mobile’s HSPA+.  They’ll have LTE in the future but so will T-Mobile.  In the meantime while we’re waiting we still have a strong data network in HSPA+ to fall back on while Sprint users fall back on their 0.75mbps 3G network.

    • Umm actually my average Sprint 3G speeds are 1.7Mbps down and .9Mbps up and it gets the job done. Further more Sprint is completely overhauling its network which includes updated 3GCDMA and 4GLTE to all 38,000 cell sites that Sprint own, both of which are better than GSM/HSPA. Its not all about speed speed speed its about signal strength, dropped call rate, rate plan, and phone choices. Sprint trumps T-Mobile in all four of those. It’s funny that most of the customers that come in to Sprint have the same agenda, to switch from T-Mobile or AT&T. The common complaint amongst them is dropped calls, signal strength, coverage and pricing. To get a decent price with T-Mo you need to pay $500 for a phone… most choose to pay monthly so in the end whatever they’re saving is slapped back on to the bill because they’re paying for a phone for 2years that will actually be obsolete in 8 months. And yes I do work for Sprint.

      I almost forgot to mention the “fall back” thing you said. All of Sprints towers will be LTE by 2013 when T-Mo is just starting so no need to “fall back” to anything the entire network will be 4G.

      • Jim Jiang

        You don’t understand, T-Mobile will have LTE on 37k of its 40ish?k cell towers, so almost everywhere you get 2G speed now on TMO, and Also, speedwise, TMO’s HSPA+ is FASTER than Sprints’s WiMax, and its available in MORE cities than WiMax. T-MO’s LTE will be Release 10 Equipment, the first to use it, so TMobile will have some bragging rites initally, also, T Mo will let you get the best phones for their prepaid system. Also, TMo has a 100 Minute/Unlim Txt, and (Unlim) 5GB Data Plan for 30$ for one person, can sprint touch that? NO. The Closest is Virgin mobile’s 300 Min, Unlim Tt, and 2 GB Data (They give you the boot should you go past 2GB Data) for $35.

  • Jim Jiang

    Lets just hope that they can rollout LTE By Winter 2012, as the switch will be done by the end of the year.

  • oscar

    Is it available in Irvine CA yet? I wanted to buy an international phone with 1900 band frequency on it..