T-Mobile’s New Spin To Win Game Offers Galaxy Note As One Of Several Prizes

Say hello to T-Mobile’s newest chance to win free smartphones, including the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note with their “Spin to Win” game now on Facebook. No purchase is necessary and all you have to do is “Like” the T-Mobile USA Facebook page and unlock the entry form. The promotion begins at 9:00am ET on July 11th and ends at 11:59pm on July 31st. There’s a limit of six chances to win, 1 entry for the initial Instant Win Game Play for entering the promotion and 5 additional chances for inviting friends to enter the promotion.

Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • (3) winners will receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone with a $50 T-Mobile gift card redeemable for products and services, including without limitation, prepaid T-Mobile service of comparable value, and one (1) Samsung 40” Class LED 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTV. ARV: $1,749.99 each.
  • (60) winners will receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone with a $50 T-Mobile gift card redeemable for products and services, including without limitation, one (1) month prepaid T-Mobile service. ARV: $650.00 each.
  • (21) winners will receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. ARV: $650 each.
  • (21) winners will receive one (1) Samsung Galaxy Note. ARV: $750 each.
  • (525) winners will receive one (1) Android figurine. ARV: $10.00 each.

Head on over to T-Mobile’s Facebook page to win.

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  • MacRat

    Facebook is too high a price to participate.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      I agree; that stinks…

  • GeekNerdStuff

    Anyone notice ARV on the Galaxy Note is $750 each. I hope that really isn’t the retail price when it’s launched. Lol

    • I noticed that too lol. Damn $750

    • Herb

      If that’s the price it probably breaks down something like this

      Value: $250 down, $25/month EIP (down payment would have to go up to $350 for EIP to go down to the standard SuperPhone $20)

      Classic: $400 with a $50 MIR

      And I think I’m being generous.

      • Guest

        not likely to have a $25 EIP… just based off the way value plans work each line is given a $400 EIP Line of credit 

  • Elpapipr

    What if I don’t have a facebook?

    • MacRat

      You have a life and are happier?

      • andy budhu

        You have a life and are happier?”
        this is the best comment ever! you made laugh so f-ing hard.

        • Marc Klein

          My life is happier with booze :)

      • Marc Klein

        Nah. Facebook is a safe place. It’s my happy place when I’m sad…


      It means your Friends are actually real…

      • Marc Klein

        Wait, you mean Facebook is just a fairy tale world?

  • Joey

    So when is the Note coming to T-Mobile??

    • Bruceweidner

      did you see $750 price tag

  • epsiblivion
  • AfricanKing

    Just played; didn’t win:(

  • Marc Klein

    So there giving away a phone that’s never been officially announced and not yet available….

    • Pvl109

      I was thinking the same thing. Note is not even announce and it has a promo?

      • Marc Klein

        Bad business strategy. Maybe they ffigured a new way of announcing things.

    • YEAH! What the hell..

      • Marc Klein

        And then people wonder why T Mo is #4 carrier. Who’s running the company there the E Trade Chimps?

        • Tbyrne

          Yeah with really fast 4G speeds and the lowest monthly plans out there it’s no wonder. Nice try Marco!

  • predation

    you have to “like”.  I’ll PASS. people just don’t know what facebook does when you press “like” SMH. 

    that’s why you create junk facebook account. lol

    • Sidekicker89

      they steal your information no matter if you hit like or not.. haha but you’re correct :p then again so does owning a smartphone…

      • predation

        i do realize that owning a smart phone, you do have your info “filed” but this if facebook. FUCK FACEBOOK!

  • Robz

    i got “sorry you didnt win shit but now we can market ourselves on your fb page” 

    • therealmikebrown

      All you have to do is unlike them after you spin.

  • Me

    I want to win Carly instead of something electronic

  • redman12

    WTF, I tried to spin it. It wont spin, when I refreshed. I had zero spin remaining.

  • Cncj04

    Do you only get the one time or can you do it daily?

  • Sidekicker89

    I still haven’t received some of the prizes i won in the last contest though… but i did get my $10 dollar gift card :)… of course this is after I get a $900 + bill  with a $300 bill coming next month.. ouchhh

    • Herb

       How did you manage those bills? haha


      Maybe you should switch to a better plan bro… Just sayin…

  • Thecityboy781

    I want Carly in the bike instead

  • GwapoAko

    Facebook sucks!!!! Why do I need to go to Facebook???? FAIL!!!

  • Sun

    my current phone doesn’t use micro sim card. If i get a GS3, how do i get micro sim card? Let’s say i purchase the phone off ebay and the seller took out the sim card.

    • jian9007

       T-Mobile will usually give you a free one if you already have service. If not, you can buy one for $9.99 from T-Mobile.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Hahaha. Buy A Sandisk Ultra micro sd (red & grey) off Amazon.com or something.

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Micro SIM, not Micro SD

        • J-Hop2o6

           Hahaha oops, read over it to fast, my bad.


      You can get a SIM for free from any store. 

  • jian9007

    There are tons of comments on the FB contest page from people that complain that they had errors trying to spin and it didn’t work. I think I’ll wait a bit before I give it a go. An yes, that retail price on the Note is ridiculous. If the ARV on the GS3 is $600 (it shows $650 but that includes the $50 gift card + 1 month service) then the cost of the Note will probably be $349 when it’s released. The 16Gb GS3 is $279 (Through T-Mobile & after rebate) so it may be even more than that.

  • George


    • George

      I just got an e-mail saying congrats bla bla bla… T-mobile will be contacting you within 5 business days… hmmmm, I guess I can wait that long :) Jez I’m still pretty nervous about all this…

      • Samymalik2008

        Could you please tell me at wat time did you spun???

        • George

          it was around 11pm central time

        • George

          why? :)

    • Ben Kapferer

       Wow, good for you! I just wish I had won as well, though. I’m the same way. :(

      • George

        Thanks! good luck to you on your next try(s)

    • George

      Still haven’t heard anything from tm

      • Tbyrne

        They were just screwing with you. You actually didn’t win dirt squat!

        • George

          Yeah, you are probably right, just got excited there for a second :)

  • 750 for note…..lmao

  • Elpapipr

    Is someone kind enough to play for me because I don’t have a facebook account. But please if you win send it to me ^.^

    • theking_13

      Like thats gonna happen….

  • 30014

    Facebook requirement = fail on t-mobile’s part

  • J-Hop2o6

    Spun the 2nd time, still nothing  =(

  • Mycoolpark
  • Starattack

     how many tries do you get to spin?

    • WW

      Looks like once a day.  After I lost, it said “come back tomorrow for another chance”.

    • George

      from the text above: ”
      There’s a limit of six chances to win, 1 entry for the initial Instant Win Game Play for entering the promotion and 5 additional chances for inviting friends to enter the promotion.”

      • George

        this is per day

  • Jaylenking19

    http://bit.ly/NkwNYe i need 1 person too play 

  • Eric

    Not rigged at all.


    • It’s not rigged, selections will be at random, just like last time.

  • Steve

    If the promotion isn’t endorsed or associated with Facebook why require you to have a Facebook account? Some people don’t like and will never have a Facebook account. Poor planning at T-Mobile.

  • Bjh2379

    What the hell! I won tv and phone but then email says I didn’t!

    • Eldriclong21

      Me to i called t mobile but was told they would get back with me so i took out my video recorder to have proof

  • MatthewMurawski

    I think the $750 ARV won’t happen. The AT&T one is $600 and most likely it’ll be the same exact hardware. The pricing isn’t even confirmed yet.