T-Mobile’s Newest Commercial Shows Carly Rocking A Galaxy S III

T-Mobile’s newest advertisement shows off the Galaxy S III, a rooftop, a rock-band and Carly. Do you really need to know anything else before clicking the “play” button?

T-Mobile introduces the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S III. Built for sharing, this advanced smartphone helps you capture the fun and important events in your life with stunning photos and videos, helping you to quickly and easily share with your friends and family.


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  • Is it just me, or is Carly getting hotter?

    • Tbyrne

      It’s not just you Kal.

  • BigMixxx

    it’s the leather…..

  • TheOverlord

    Tmobile has done NOTHING CREATIVE with this Carly campaign! There is NOTHING MEMORABLE! It’s like they said, “Hey lets just take her out of the dresses that made her look 12 and only appealed to pedophiles and put her in spandex on a motorcycle”. 
    They are simply the most uncreative player in the cell phone game. 

    • UMA_Fan

      At least they have some continuity.   Something at&t and Sprint lack.

      Verizon and T-Mobile commercials FEEL a certain way.  These newer commercials definitely feel more grown up and there’s less of a kiddy tone even though the old commercials were knock offs of the Apple ones.  It was ballsy the first time, but got old real fast.  The only way to justify going with it was if they got Justin Long to play the iPhone.

      The big deal is though that for ONCE in a long long time, T-Mobile is advertising their PHONES!!!  As proven by the iPhone and the success Sprint has seen with the EVO line people want to BUY something tangible… the network is kind of secondary.  It also portrays T-Mobile as something that’s high quality.  Pointing to the device and network and letting prices sell them selves.  I say, good job with this commercial.

      • UMA_Fan

        This also sadly looks like the end of the ‘America’s Largest 4G network’ marketing even though At&t touts that claim with the most absurd standards ever.  T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is four times faster than at&t’s.  Still, I think T-Mobile reminding people their network is FAST keeps that thought in people’s minds.

    • Mr.Josh U.

       It shows you have no idea on what marketing is all about. 

  • robert

    sorry for off topic questions but I have 2 questions for gs2 & gs3 users,

    I currently have the GS2 ofcourse with many unneeded  preinstalled APPs.. I heared unstalling is hard cos I have to root. What’s the way to disable/hide some of these pre installed APP from the aap page?
    for GS3 users: is the S voice, the screen size & improved camera only the difference between GS2& GS3?

    I wanted to do upgrade but pricing is not so good and want to know bit more from the pros.

    • Herb

       If you’re running Ice Cream Sandwich on your GS2, go buy Nova Launcher and you can hide your app drawer apps and ditch stinky touchwiz.

  • Yourun

     super fast lol only getting 2.3 mbps tmobile

    • marcusallen

      Seriously?!….. I rock 22 mbps downloads and 2 mbps uploads on my stock Samsung Galaxy S2 . What are you using, a MyTouch 3G or something lol!

      • Jay Alford

        It definitely all depends on location. 

      •  I agree on my HSPA+42 devices I average 20 to 28mbps in my area.

  • Iaiij

     Me: when are we getting the note
    Tmobile: around september-november
    Me : you mean when the note 2 is coming out :(

    •  the note 2 is only coming to Europe Sept-Nov, it won’t be in the USA until Feb//March 2013 and T-Mobile could easily jump on it at that time same as all the other USA carriers assuming there won’t be an exclusive deal this time around.

  • BahamasGeek242

    is Carly the girl from mad men (Don’s Wife)  they look very much alike to me…hmmm

    • smylax

      No, that’s Jessica Pare….

  • Tarea222

    any gs3 sales?

  • dang Carly owns a big screen sitting on the side of a building?  nice! ;)

    • Deadeye37

       I saw that and thought “She just pulled a Tony Stark (from Iron Man 2)”  Gotta get me one of those phones!

  • souggie

    To anyone with a galaxy nexus, Google is now rolling out the official jellybean update as of NOW. Be ready!

    • souggie

      Just got the update prompt on mine!

      • Were you clicking check now? Or did it populate on it’s own?

        • Herb

          From what I’ve gathered from CNET and PCWorld, it’s an OTA push. That hasn’t stopped me from clicking “Check Now” every few minutes for the last half hour, though.

        • souggie

          it came on its own!

  • Zw77wz

    So an employee (kind of, technically) can actually get the phone too, cool

  • UMA_Fan

    Cool new commercial with T-Mobile showing off their coverage foot print:  
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0eML7aphSc&feature=g-all-uI love how marketing is now DIRECTLY targeted against idiots who say tmobile sucks.

    • WW

      Awesome…been wanting to see this one again.  Saw it about a month ago while doing a consumer research survey but couldn’t find it anywhere.  
      Thanks UMA_Fan.

  • Tinkeritis

    Carly is definitely not ugly.