Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Now Rolling Out To HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Handsets

Galaxy Nexus owners of the HSPA+ variety are in for a treat, a Jelly Bean treat that is as a Google+ announcement from the Nexus page indicates the update will begin arriving today. Galaxy Nexus owners will receive a prompt to update OTA over the next couple days, or if you just can’t wait you can push it through manually by going into Settings > About phone > System updates and pull the update manually.

This marks the initial rollout of Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus and Android devices at large so grab the update and make sure to show off to all of your friends that you have the latest and greatest in the Android world, and they don’t. Just kidding, don’t do that.


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  • Tmorep


    • Sanman202

      Not sure when the next update will come after this for the Nexus HSPA. I’m sure we will see small updates on JB over the next few months but will we see the next new flavor? 

      • Tarus Godbolt

        This may be the last major update for the nexus s, but the galaxy nexus should see a few more.

        • Sanman202

          Yeah, even though it’s not the latest hardware the design of it is not duplicated. The signature curves.Never had a device feel so good in the hand. I have the GS2 from Tmo and it’s a wider device than the Gnex. The Gnex just feels right. I believe we may see the next flavor on the Gnex. The dual core processor may be the reason. Too bad you can’t buy another gig of RAM and install it on these devices. 

      • Walhaddi

         Worked for me after the 2nd time :)  thank you

    • Sanman202

      Just checked manually and it’s not there. They always tell you about getting the updates by checking for the update in settings area and it’s never there. It’s going to be sent OTA when it’s sent. 

      • Spanky

        There is a way to trick the phone into pulling the update. On your phone, go to:

        1. Settings
        2. Apps
        3. Google Services Framework
        4. Clear data
        5. Return to Settings
        6. About phone
        7. System updates
        8. Check now

        This may take a few attempts (if it doesn’t work initially, repeat the entire process until it does), but will definitely work. I learned about this trick on XDA and used it to force my GNex to pull the  4.0.4 update. It took me about 5-6 tries, but ultimately worked.

        • Felipe

          tried it no work :-(

        • AnthonyRyan89

          Same thing tired it and it doesn’t work 

        • Bman

           I tried it 5 times and it hasnt worked for me :(

        • Patrick Hulton

          It could just be a coincidence but this has worked for me twice now.  Once in getting the 4.0.4 update for my then Verizon Gnex, and earlier today getting JB on my HSPA+ GNex.  Both times it worked, instead of going right in to the system update I rebooted the phone and let it sit for a few minutes powered off. Then I powered up and checked for updates and it started downloading. YMMV

        • Spanky

          I’ve tried it probably about 30-40 times over the last 24 hours, and it hasn’t worked. Perhaps Google caught wind of this workaround and put a stop to it? Sorry for the false hope, guys. In this past, it worked like a charm.

  • Sanman202

    Not yet! May look to see if it’s there manually. Almost don’t want to rush it because it’s 

  • frigadroid

    Im thinking about getting that nexus 7. Thanks to the urging of the tmobile employees here who hated me using my paid for 5gb of data each month. Since I’ve added wifi at work and home & no longer need tmobiles limited data or contract phones.

    • Sanman202

      Yep, when more people catch on about buying directly from Google the carriers will see a drop in device sales and contracts. They will always have there fair share of low knowledge users that will always think you have to buy directly from the carrier and yes it can be a convenient one stop shop, however you don’t get the best update and use of your device when you buy directly from the carriers. 

  • FILA

    no update for me yet, give it a few days this week, were get it!

  • scb1898

    Got my update in Oklahoma City earlier today.

  • souggie

    downloading as we speak

  • souggie

    google now is THE SH@T!! i’m torn betwwen my nexus and my gs3!!! Project butter is truly legit!!

  • tech80

    I have to wait for Sammy to release it to the SGS III. Next year sounds about right for a release.

  • WW

    07/11/12 08:13 Eastern time, Atlanta.  Still none for me.

  • prototipcars

    is 9:35 in NYC, nothing yet as well  

  • Chad

    FedEx says my GNex will be here Friday so hopefully as soon as I power on, my JellyBean update will be waiting for me. With that being said I’m selling an unlocked Nexus S :) any takers?

    • Gavi Shapiro

      sell it on

      • Chad

         Never heard of it til now. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks

  • Crackzattic

    Hey anyone know if the update will show/work with an unlocked boot loader?

    • Birdsfan

      Unlocked boot loader will not impact the OTA, the build # and radio are stock which is what it’s looking for.

    • Spanky

      Yes it will. My GNex’s bootloader has been unlocked since day one, and I’ve received all updates thus far.

  • 11.20 NYC still no update 

  • Ricky Santos3

    8:48 am Los Angeles and still waiting

  • Kendric

    I have jelly bean on rooted phone can I still get the update again over the air. Even thought I have the jelly bean I got over at clockmod on my computer

    • Spanky

      Rooted phones will get the update notification, but, from what I understand, the update will not install properly.

  • Gavi Shapiro

    5:12pm 7/11/2012 atlanta and still waiting

  • BahamasGeek242

    Portland OR NO UPDATE 

  • Ajtorres0126

    Chicago, IL no update

  • Drwillcg

    No update yet in Houston, Tx. 11:45 am.

  • Did Anyone get the Official OTA jelly bean on their Galaxy Nexus

  • Jason

    no update yet. its 12:40 pm NJ North NJ – galaxy nexus hspa+ GSM still waiting.

  • ChrisHarrington

    Not yet. Gnex T-Mobile, Boston. Still running 4.0.4. Have tried manual download a dozen times or more over the past 2 days. Always says there is no newer software.

  • Sanman202

    No update yet in Central Florida.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    nothing here either in south Fl as well ive been checking since i heard about it on the 10th

  • trife

    Currently downloading the OTA.  Did the wipe of data under Google Framework Services and checked for a System Update and there it was.

    Couldn’t come at a better time as I’ve been trying to flash JB all morning with no damn luck lol. 

  • Nik

    Yep. Northeast Ohio here and just checked at 3pm and got it. On takju 4.0.4 factory image.

  • MNBug

    Just got mine in Minneapolis, MN.  Had to check for updates.

  • Scotts71479

    Just received update in Maine.

    • What version ? Bought from the play store?

      • Scotts71479

        Play store. I also used the Google framework “trick”

  • Jason

    did google frame work delete probably million times since last 2 days….! no update yet.! North NJ still waiting.

  • trife

    Project Butter is the TRUTH. Makes this device sooooo much more fluid and snappier. I had my doubts about it being noticeable, but its quite apparent right away.

    I’m also loving Google Now.

  • BD1976

    No update in Austin yet.

  • WW

    Well, my GNex now says “This update does this & this & this…” but I don’t see any way to actually install it.

    147 MB.

    Is the update Wi-Fi only or something?

    Atlanta GA.

    • WW

      Maybe it’s installing. I just noticed it says “downloading 147MB”

  • Ames083

    Anyone know what to do if the download failed, hitting re try does nothing. Restarted my gnex and now the option to DL jelly bean is no longer there saying I’m up to date with 4.0.4….??

  • JulianHaro

    Jelly Bean is the real deal!!
    To force the update to your Galaxy Nexus, first make sure you are using WiFi. Then go to SETTINGS>APPS then choose Google Framework and clear the data. Once you’ve done that, Turn off your Nexus for a few minutes. Turn it back on and go back to settings and manually check for the update. It should be there waiting for you!! :)
    Good Luck! Sent this from Jelly Bean powered Galaxy Nexus!

    • Chiman

      Tried what you said ! still no update ! NJ ! is there any other way ?

      • JulianHaro

        Sorry, that’s exactly what I did to get it. I guess I just got lucky here in Southern California.

        • Did you get your nexus from the google play store? takju version?

        • JulianHaro

          Yes I bought mine from the Play store..I’m not sure what takju version is..

        • Seventy9ers

          Worked for me in San Diego. I bought mine from Play Store…

        • AnthonyRyan89

          I tired that a few times and it hasn’t worked for me in South Florida and bought mine from the play store the first day of Google I/O

      • Mirad77

        turn on wifi and try again.

    • Guest4.1

      Just did exactly what you said. Waited about 3-4 minutes to power my phone back and and voila! 4.1 updating as I type this message out! Got my phone from the Google play store back in may. Im from Hawaii.

    • Asdf

      This actually worked!!! I’m in Boston MA and I was checking my phone every other minute for the notification. Once I cleared the data and checked for updates my phone was already downloading the file…it’s just as sweet and buttery as I expected!

      Thank you for posting this very useful tip!!! You made my night!

    • Bigcash25

      I did that on my galaxy nexus clear data and force stop and its stell not showing in my update

  • Just got my update. GSM Unlocked yakju Dallas, TX 

  • Mirad77

    Downloading JB as am typing. What I did was force stop Fremework, Clear data then update. Mine worked only while on wifi. Give it a couple of tries. Good luck. 

    • Mirad77

      In Elgin,IL. Almost done.:)

    • Minioninnc

      This worked for me. I did clear data only and no luck, forced stop and cleared data, turned phone off and there it was. Installing now. Jelly Bean…Jelly Belly!

  • Jason_NJ

    There is a way to trick the phone into pulling the update. On your phone, go to:
     THEN Settings –> Apps–>Google Services Framework–>Clear data

    5. Return to Settings6. About phone7. System updates8. Check now



    • hoodied.hello

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing, man! Beaning me up right now!

    • AnthonyRyan89

      Thanks for the trick I did that and now it’s downloading as I type this.. Thanks again

    • Lem

      Yahooooooo! it worked finally, so just clearing data and refreshing will eventually worked but really definitely have to be using WI-FI, the X on the start up screen was cool!! THANKS!!

    • cspek

      Awesome it worked ! Thank you !

    • Deadpoeticpillar

      Thank you so much ! I have been manually checking and now I finally have it thanks to you

  • souggie

    Like im seriously considering selling my gs3 and using that money to pay for one of the new nexus devices, JB on my nexus is THAT good

    • souggie

      My galaxy nexus is like a brand new phone now

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Oh man using Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus :-) it looks like they changed the soft key buttons icons as well but I looked at the new widgets I like the new ones for play music and the everything else instead of the blue When you press home back or recent apps its grayish purple just everything is more polished how they put it buttery smooth Google says

  • AV

    i am trying this and my screen shows Android 4.1 system update…..message states downloading 147.2 MB via wifi only until Jul 13….is this just an announcement or is the phone actually downloading/updating jelly bean cant tell. any suggestions???

  • Drwillcg

    Wow wow wow… it is true. the methods described below will update you to jelly bean. I am upgarding as we speak. It was necessary for me to choose force stop first then clear data and the check for update without turning it off. It did not show up until I used the step just described.

  • AV

    Finally !!!!!!! It is finished!!   Jelly Bean is good.

  • jon

    Damn! Volume+ does not work with JB yet…I really need that volume boost. Other than that JB is much smoother. THIS is why I will only own Nexus branded devices!

    • woode29

      You can use DSP manager by Cyanogen mod.. the apk is easy to find.. really improves the sound of the gnex..

  • lee

    Got the update but now pinch to zoom doesn’t work on dolphin browser

  • prototipcars

    The only way it work for me is by clearing data and DISABLING “Google Services Framework”.  I didn’t even had to restart my nexus, went straight to manual update and there it was :)

    • Stevens1

      Thanks, this worked for me. I cleared the data and then Disabled “Google Services Framework” wait 2 minutes then enabled it and it’s updating now.

      • Ztf

        How do you clear the data?

        • prototipcars

          When you select “Google Services Framework” there will be an option “clear data”

  • got it this morning with that trick thanks guy im loving jb 

  • woode29

    Just got notification JB was ready to download.. I’m in New Haven Ct.. so the tri state should be rolled out over the weekend…

  • Czar901

    About phone > system update = never worked for me lol

  • jesse eric trevino

    i did forcestop google services framework, cleared data. shutdown phone and restart. went back to update and it started downloading.

    • Tlfelder0927

      I think u have to be on wifi in order for it to work, cause I tried multiple times an when I went to a local McDonald’s that had free wifi I did the little trick an it worked, been on Jb all day.

      • ColoradoGray

        This actually worked for me.  Which is odd since it never did before.

  • Techdummy

    I disabled the Google services and now the app is not there and check update is not there :/