Bloomberg Report Says T-Mobile USA Will Get iPhone Next Year

Here’s an interesting Bloomberg report indicating that T-Mobile USA could use parent company Deutsche Telekom’s existing sales agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in 2013. That’s the word on the analyst street says Sanford C. Bernstein’s Craig Moffett.

Moffett says Apple and Deutsche Telekom are “increasingly likely” to reach an agreement for Deutsche Telekom’s US brand to sell the iPhone sometime next year. T-Mobile is already struggling to keep contract customers, often blaming the iPhone as the number one reason customers are leaving the company.

“iPhone availability at T-Mobile USA would likely reduce contract losses at that company, and push Deutsche Telekom U.S. to a net revenue growth position much sooner than the market expects,” Moffett wrote.

With Apple extending it’s sales agreements beyond the top national carriers into regional players such as Leap Wireless, C Spire and Sprint’s Virgin Mobile brand, T-Mobile’s looking increasingly out of the loop without the Apple handset in their lineup.

In the meantime, T-Mobile is concentrating on refarming their network in the hopes of partly appealing to existing, unhappy iPhone customers mainly on AT&T who will find a less cluttered network combined with significant monthly savings on T-Mobile.

For a moment try to consider that no matter where you stand on the iPhone as a smartphone or Apple as a company, the lack of T-Mobile’s selection of the popular device is leaving them looking increasingly embarrassed while regional prepaid carriers are stocking shelves. The bottom line has been for some time that T-Mobile needs to place the iPhone in their smartphone portfolio if for no other reason than to prevent customers from leaving and looking for it at a competitor.


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  • we have seen these rumors a million times

    • Wally SirFatty

      There was a big rumor about the iPhone on T-Mobile last fall.  All BS.

      My kids are heavily invested in iTunes with their iPods… the iPhone make sense for them.  And since we have a family plan with Tmo, they will be loosing four customers in November when the contract expires.

      • Dean

        I like Wally he’s gong to cancel his T-mobile plan so his kids can down load ITunes @ 1.29 per song that makes a lot of since. Let your cell phone bill go up and let your kids drain you dry. I’m sure T-Mobile won’t miss you.

        • GwapoAko

          Me too LOL!!!!

        • Bratty

          Or his kids could actually want an iPhone and he is a good parent.
          As for “I’m sure T-Mobile won’t miss you”…. TMo may not miss HIM specifically but they will miss his money and thousands of other customers like him that have been leaving. As customers, we need people like him to stay so that rates stay low and service expands. The customer base has to grow, not shrink. Capice? 

        • Ryanpherndon

          Teach your kids not to value a trendy device but the superior device…

        • Parent

           Because the definition of a good parent is one who gives their kids whatever they want?

        • Bratty

          So by your definition, he is a bad parent if he gives his kids what they want. Seriously dude?

        • Little Jimmy

          Yes, seriously. Nothing good can ever come from spoiling one’s children rotten on everything they ask for. Unless they’ve done something to earn it, there’s no reason to make them feel entitled to anything that’s not within their means to earn. If it were me, and if my kids were old enough, I would make them work for the money to buy an iPhone, not because I hate the device (Which I do.), but because it instills a work ethic that will prove to be invaluable to my kids throughout their lifetime. That’s called being a good parent. Not feeling sorry for them.

        • Little Jimmy

          He makes about as much SENSE as your illiterate statement. Use spell check next time, if you don’t feel like being lectured. Or read a dictionary.

      • ajrogers111

        You know that the Google play music (if installed on both computer and phone) can sync all of their iTunes music with their android phone (wirelessly) right?

      • jon

        Slight correction, it was more than rumor. For the first time ever higher management was telling other salaried employees that iPhone would be coming in six to nine months. And that was in March when the AT&T deal fell through. That puts it in the Sept to Dec time frame. I’m not suggesting it WILL show up then, but you can’t call it BS when that time frame isn’t even here yet…

    • KPB

       I find the rumors a little more believable this time. The refarm they are working on allows the iPhone to work on HSPA with out having to redesign it to support additional bands which seem to be primarily limited to t-mobile in the US and some of the smaller carriers in Canada. If nothing else, the refarm will make t-mobile much more appealing to unlocked iPhone users as being stuck on edge isn’t a great experience.

  • hmmm, while don’t like the iPhone much at all…this will help them keep customers.

  • BigMixxx

    Next year…really?   I’m an analyst (not really) and Imma start making shit up.  A ‘next year’ thingy makes no sense….

  • LC

    With the prepaid services, it’s a BIT more understandable how they got the phone…the device isn’t subsidized, so it isn’t a big deal.

    But it’s certainly embarrassing that regional contract carriers are getting the iPhone. I do wonder about the terms Apple is hanging them out to dry with though, because carrying that phone certainly doesn’t come easy.

  • Tomas

    10 years too late.  I want the iPhone on T-Mobile for the sake of keeping us strong and relevant in the world.  Hopefully this is true, but until then I’ll keep my Samsung GSIII in hand!

    • iPhone10

      iPhone has been out for 10 yrs already? WOW, what planet have I been on?

    • Ten years ago, T-Mobile was still VoiceStream Wireless. Back then, Deutsche Telekom had just bought the company… No iPhone then!

    • Little Jimmy

      Try 5 years. The original iPhone debuted in June of 2007. lol

  • fixxmyhead


  • Harddude5

    Hopefully the days of the subsidized cellphone are numbered. Waiting around for iphones is absurd. Old codgers like me can remember the days when the local Bell was the sole phone vendor and installer. It seems hard to believe that defunct business model is how cellphones are marketed all these years later.

    • Macrat

      You can buy unlocked iPhones today directly from Apple.

      You can buy the unlocked Galaxy SIII today from

      • Deihmos

        I don’t understand how anyone could drop $600 for a phone to use on a very slow network and not all the iphone features work with tmobile.

        • JBrowne1012

          You haven’t been on this network if you think t-mo’s network is slow. Regardless some people just don’t care what speeds they get. Plus it will work for t-mo once the refarming is done.

  • Yawwwwwnnnn – I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • d1andonly

    different day, same story

  • with the spectrum re-farming and the upcoming LTE network, I completely think T-Mobile USA will finally get the iPhone.  maybe even sooner than they say.

  • GwapoAko

    I already got my iPhone 4$ from the Apple Store !!! LOL :0)

    • MacRat

      Same here.

      Also many friends are getting fed up with Sprint/Verizon/AT&T and are now considering an unlocked iPhone to use on T-Mobile.

  • eclipse

    Tell Bloomberg we don’t >want< it.

    • Apple

      Speak for your self!!!


    T-mobile already has over 1.5 million Iphones on the network and by next year all unlocked Iphones will be able to work at full speeds on T-mobile network.
    Does not matter if they sell it or not .
    Its the best value in the market for Iphone owners but High end Androids are better phones.

    • tmo employee

      However when we sell family plans and they want multiple iPhones.. it does matter.

    • Whiskers

      But not everyone wants a damn Android phone…
      Some people like to have a choice of different OS systems.

    • It also matters because people want to be able to walk into a T-Mobile store and buy one.  The want to be able to get one by only putting $99 or $199 down.  Not have to go shell out $650 to Apple directly or to tinker around with using software hacks like Ultrasn0w or Gevey sims.  Don’t forget how non-tech savvy the average consumer is.

  • Get_at_Me

    I’m not a fan of apple’s personally, but as a tmo employee, i want the phone in our lineup.  I dont want its absence to be a reason for potential customers refusing to join tmo or for current customers to leave.

  • Guest

    fat chance. 

  • Lawrence

    Just don’t break the bank for it Tmo. Like Sprint did

    • JBrowne1012

      T-mobile isn’t as stupid as sprints ceo or at least i hope the new one wouldn’t be

  • Mirad77

    David and tmonews fan, this is what’s going down.This has become a trend as every so often some analyst comes up with some crapy analysis. Now my analysis is either David or some analyst is getting paid by T-Mobile US and they keep bringing this story every so often but some one is getting paid.

    • LC

      Why would someone pay him to say stuff like that? It’s pure speculation, so how would he be able to profit from it?

      • Mirad77

        David Beckham advertise burger king doesn’t mean he eats at burger king. Heard of PR stunt? Like I said either David or those analyst that keep bringing this same storyline every so often.

  • Aurizen

    I really hope iphone 5 comes to tmobile i would buy it in an instant since my contract is almost over in September. 

  • UMA_Fan

    The only reason I think this is credible is that by the time specctrum refarming is done the same iPhone sold by tmobile Europe will work on tmobile US. Aws lte included. DT could leverage Tmobile international as a whole when buying iPhone quantities instead of a separate deal for the US branch

    • Get_at_Me

      I agree, but i’m curious to know if TMO USA’s iphone would include LTE connectivity?  Europe doesn’t use LTE correct?  I mean i guess just b/c DT would include TMO USA in its iphone deal, the US version doesnt have to be identical to the international one (more similar to ATT’s w/ LTE support)

      • Well, it’s quite likely that Apple will split the iPhone into three variants: one for North America, one for Europe/Asia (Generic), and one for Asia-Pacific. Each variant will have its own set of LTE bands supported.

  • cutienoua

    Lte iphone is what I want
    Then I will not have to carry my lte hotspot all the time
    Problem is the lte band seems to be different for carriers!!
    Thus even that iphone will run on tmobile might not benefit from lte

    • Get_at_Me

      interesting point…i remember reading something similar (no two US lte networks are alike/compatible)….Could TMO’s iphone be hspa+ only to mirror DT’s version? One of the rumored roadblocks for us not getting the iphone before was the AWS hspa band.  It seems that there isn’t a standard for LTE though….There could be quite a few variants of iphones out in the wild….This means Apple cant discriminate against TMO b/c of its spectrum anymore.

      • cutienoua

        from cnet:Verizon got a nationwide license in the upper C block. That’s what it’s using to provide its 700 MHz spectrum. AT&T bought smaller licenses in the lower portion of the 700 MHz band.Some smaller carriers, who also own spectrum in the lower half of 700 MHz complain that AT&T has made the situation even worse, by adopting a different band-class for the spectrum it’s using for LTE. The result is that smaller regional carriers, which also have 700 MHz in the lower portion of 700 MHz can’t interoperate with AT&T. Not only does this mean that their customers can’t roam onto AT&T’s network, but it also means that they will have a harder time getting handset makers to create devices for their networks

    • JBrowne1012

      LTE is a gimmick honestly and a battery sucker if the next iPhone has it the customers are going to whine about their battery dying too fast.

      • cutienoua

        If getting 20-30 Mbps down at 35-70 ms ping is a gimmick,good for you.
        and this speed is consistent in many places .I can only get one or two bars from Tmobile inside of buildings most of the time.

  • bigdogg215

    Too late now T-Mobile USA

    • Joseph Tongret

      How would it be too late? When a new iphone drops, all of the iphone fans run out to get one just like android fans do a Nexus, Galaxy, or whatever Android is big at that moment. So if Tmo put the iphone out there, it would give all of those ppl who are running out to get one because their contracts up & they want the new iphone, another carrier to choose from. T mobile also has great pricing for the services they provide, and alot of ppl would probably take advantage of that. It’s never too late to bring another option people want. It would only be too late if Apple was no longer relevant & sales nose dive. If they were talking about bringing symbian in next year, then that would be too late! I haven’t used an iphone in years and wouldn’t buy it, but I bet they would account for alot of new, old, & returning customers phone sales & contracts. Then you’d have the ipad as well, which would be Tmobiles best functioning tablet & I bet they could really bring some revenue in that department as well! I don’t think Tmobiles subsidized tablets & data only plans do too well, and it mostly because of the tablets they carry Imo. So, how is it too late? Tmobile is not dead in the water, if any major carrier is I trouble its Sprint who’s banking that LTE is going to save them!

      • bigdogg215

        Ur right good point LTE will be great to have on iPhone

  • Winski

    A LIE.

  • Thepinkplanet

    Ok.  I understand someone who’s had an Iphone before saying they’d rather have an Iphone on TMo.  But, if you’ve always been with TMo (at least since ’08), then you have no business even considering an Iphone unless you’re one of the folks still using feature phones or blackberries.  If you’ve been down wiith Android since day one G1, then how in h3ll could this be 2012 and you’re still wanting an Iphone?  That’s not progress… That’s a step backward.  They are not on the same playing field.  The Iphone is built better, more aesthetically pleasing and simpler to navigate because Apple thinks for you and they give you no choices beyond that.  Those are the only good points to the Iphone. Iphone’s a pretty girl, but not a sexy girl.  Android is rebellious, expressive, chaotic and fun especially when it comes nude.  Android comes already experienced and capable, while Iphone wants you to wait a year just to get to first base.  Android is promiscuous but can be customized to be made loyal to you.  Iphone is a frigid bi*ch who still forbids you to see other people. lol

    • ghulamsameer

      Stretching that metaphor like no other lol.

    • JBrowne1012

      So essentially you just called android.. a whore.. nice… lol

    • JK


  • Chili

    I’ll keep my Android phone.

  • peter rardin

    This article doesn’t even make sense, IF android phones are being activated at almost 3 times the amount of all idevices per day why would any network really care if they are losing a very small majority of cell phone users? and I’m not even counting the unhappy iphone people who are switching to T-mobile due to the refarm. To many people who write articles would rather grasp at straws then just use basic math. Iphones really aren’t that big of a deal and are their customers are SHRINKING not growing so a little time will put apple completely out of the lineup. As far as the argument that they are the richest company on earth well DUH!, they pay foxconn workers like 1 dollar an hour and charge like 800 bucks per device, of course they are going to get wealthy real quick off others hard work. Apple should be punished for their evilness not catered to the ignorant,stupid and the foolish.

    • Sigh…you’re grasping at straws trying to tie two conclusions together that don’t have anything to do with each other. The amount of Android activations has nothing to do with why customers might be leaving the carrier, Philip Humm, Cole Brodman and Neville Ray have all said the iPhone is the number 1 reason customers are leaving T-Mobile and have done so on record.

      • Theeditguy

        Unless they are surveying customers that are leaving, there’s no way to know why. Many leave because they believe the other networks are better. I’m sure some are for the iPhone. But the iPhone has been around for five years. Why are there any iPhone lovers still on Tmo? And if they end up having to make a deal with the devil like Sprint did, the iPhone wouldn’t help them.

      • jon

        David, I certainly understand why you are saying what you are saying, but that simply isn’t true. My wife is a high balance and retention manager. I have heard thousands and thousands of calls over the past 10 years while she is scoring calls from home on her laptop. I haven’t heard one single customer ever cancel because of the lack of an iPhone. Speaking from the calls I hear day in and day out, most people leave because of “coverage issues”. Most people have one of two complaints. One, “service in my home/neighborhood sucks”. The second most common I hear first hand is “I travel for my job and there are too many coverage holes in the areas I travel”. If it isn’t a coverage issue, most people cancel because they run up a rediculous bill and then get pissed because reps won’t adjust the bill in the customers favor. So, they cancel because they think their “stickin’ it to the man”…
        That is just my first hand experience. I think if the iPhone was that significant of a factor, I would have heard a call or two over the years that expressed that.

        • While I get that, I’m going to trust in the words of the CEO, CTO and COO over anyone else. They speak on behalf of the company and their words affect shareholder prices around the world.

        • peter rardin

          I couldn’t agree more, working customer service for the 10 years I learned a thing or two. It generally isn’t due to a product being offered or not offered its usually due to service. I have seen that scenerio a hundred times where they cancel due to subscribing to some service that gets added to their phonebill and then try and blame it on the carrier. If it was due to the iphone being carried then that wouldn’t explain why people are jumping the AT&T ship like fleas from a dog in a flea bath.

        • Guys, I’m not saying this is a matter of opinion, i’m saying this is what the carriers top brass are saying on financial earnings calls, when they are talking to investors, analysts, press, shareholders etc. I know what you saw and heard in customer service, nobody is disputing that, but this is what is being said all the way at the top. Nobody is disputing people aren’t leaving for other reasons, only that the iPhone is one of, if not the single biggest reason people are leaving.

        • jon

          Seriously, can you hear any executive officer of any wireless provider tell investors, the press, etc “The number one reason customers tell us why they leave is because……our coverage sucks.”. Lol. Can you imagine the crickets chirping on that conference call. Of coase they are going to blame the device. They will never blame coverage, pricing, customer service…Let’s get real. The iPhone might make the top five reasons for churn, but it ain’t THE number one reason. Regardless what tmob execs say.

        • That’s just as bad an exec saying “The number one reason why costumers are telling us they are leaving is because our current smartphone lineup isn’t enough to keep them on our side of the fence?”

        • jon

          Tmob has always maintained the iPhone issue is in Apples court. They have always said they would love to add that device to their lineup. So yes, it is convenient to blame something “out of your control”. Come off the iPhone juice for half a second please. The boots on the ground have a better idea of what’s going on than the execs who haven’t taken an esco call in their lives. I just named four reasons that easily beat the iPhone in terms of churn. Coverage, coverage gaps, pricing(seen the price of the sgs3 compared to other carriers?), customer service (those jd power awards haven’t been around lately), and the good ole billing disputes.
          I think you have seen enough of my posts to know I am balanced and objective. I hope they do score the iPhone because it won’t hurt the cause. But I certainly won’t drink the kool-aid and believe customers only want a damn phone and that’s it. Especially when my own ears hear first hand why they leave.

        • JBrowne1012

          All of it is a matter of opinion. You forget ceo’s aren’t always straight up. Some ceo’s say some things because saying the other would harm their business more than the other.

    • Get_at_Me

      tmo offers the most value among the national carriers….provided that a person has coverage with tmo and is content with their cost, why would they leave?  answer: device.  tmo has a solid android lineup, but they lack the single most sought after smartphone in the world. the device that sells itself. Im an android fanboy but i realize the power of the iphone from a carrier’s POV.  Your average person who is pro-android could care less if tmo sells the iphone…afterall, why should they?  I’m an employee who’s gets asked if we sell the iphone on a daily basis.  It would be nice to say, “well yes we do…we also have a wide variety of android devices” instead of going into a long drawn out explanation and trying to force android on them.  It would be nice to have ALL devices so we can compare specs and features with customers to help them make an informed decision.  Despite all of androids advantages over IOS, many still want the iphone.  i want to be able to provide new and existing customers with the iphone as an option with tmobile.

      • peter rardin

        I almost left T-Mobile due to not very solid lineup of android devices for example phones with an HD screen. I ended up buying the AT&T Galaxy Note wholesale because T-mobile didn’t offer even a single phone with a HD screen and even now they only offer the galaxy S3 with a HD screen.

    • trife

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • urmom

      Yes android are activating faster… but realize how any diferent Android phones are made compared to how many apple phones are made. See the difference?

      • JBrowne1012

        And yet Apple’s smartphone market share is only around 25% where as Android has about at least 50% of which will prolly go up another 5% at least over the course of the next few months due to the Samsung Galaxy s3 release. Samsung 

        You also fail to realize Apple’s share also accounts for all of the iPhones still being sold. The 3GS, the regular iPhone4, The iPhone 4s split all of that up the share of the latest iPhone 4s, iPHone 3g isn’t being sold but i still see it being used alot. The iPhone4s prolly only accounts for around 8% at most then the iPhone4 has more usage at maybe 12% then the iPhone 3gs to follow up with 4% and the regular iPhone 3g at 1%

        Nothing amazing imo the iPhone gets points burst every release then slows down without going negative over the course of months.

        • Tyijkykttyk

          dont forget ipad, and ipods(my freinds use them because they want iphones, but cant have em)

    • macman37

      Take a look at it the issue from this angle bro.  Before Verizon got to sell the iPhone 4 in 2011, they had both a strong long line-up of Android phones that were selling really well.  They too saw the need for the iPhone due to them seeing the possible churn of their customers possibly getting too fed up of having a clone instead of the the real item they wished for.  I understand that some people are not into Apple products; but the more choices their mobile carrier has, the more relief the carrier will of losing their current subscribers due to one device.

  • badbob001

    Yes, TMO will get the iPhone 5 in 2013, one year after it’s release and thus much cheaper for them to buy. Of course, everyone is at that point lusting after the iPhone 5S.

    • JBrowne1012

      Who cares? honestly as history has shown that apple will put out the same form factor same looking crap for 2 years straight only with little updates over the last maybe a better processor with a huge software update that contains a gimmick feature that other operating systems has had for years before, then apple will claim it as their new thing.

  • trife

    Count me in for one if true. As cool as this Galaxy Nexus is, I don’t like my phone not being a part of the Apple ecosystem I have set up at my home. Sue me.

    I miss my iPhone 4, but I don’t miss the EDGE speeds. So an iPhone that would be supported with 3G or LTE speeds would be much appreciated by many TMO users, regardless of what the naysayers think.

  • haha, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Fredderrick17

    OMG !!! This has to be the best news ever from T-Mobile besides the LTE news. And it couldnt have come at a better time . Just when i was on the Verge of making the Jump To Verizon ! Guess ill hold out till Janurary. So if this does happen would T-Mobile possibly get it in Janurary 2013 ? Or later for possibly Iphone 5s ?

    • FILA

      lol seriously, who on T-Mobile likes iphone, well i guess you make up the 1%. We all andys here

      • Tyijkykttyk

        Thats just the people who bought it unlocked, where are the people who want it officialy through a 2-yr contract? They are with androids desperately waiting for iOS

      • Max_Kelman

        Stop fooling yourself. 

        There were tons of people semi happy with Android on Verizon and Sprint but really wanted the iPhone, for hype, to test, because they love their iPad, for whatever reason they wanted an iPhone. 

        Now, some that switched eventually regretted it and found that Android was the better fit, others found the iPhone to be the better fit. 

        The point is that until people have a chance to actually test the water they won’t really know what makes them happiest. Also people grow and change and just because something worked for you two years ago doesn’t mean that will always be the case. 

      • Fredderrick17

        lmaoo you sound stupid ! really theres looooots of people who wants an iphone thats on t-mobile ! and im sure if the other carriers pricing were like t-mobiles there be aaaaaa hooooooooole lot more that jumped shiped !

  • Alf4996

    When my contract is up in January, I will be getting whatever phone on the market has the best battery life. That is my biggest complaint and if it’s the iPhone so be it. If it’s another Android, great. Ideally I’d like to stay with T-Mobile after being with them almost a decade. Currently using the MyTouch 4G for past 1.5 yrs and it doesn’t seem like this device is on the list for getting any OS updates.

    • JBrowne1012

      Don’t expect it to the mytouch brand rarely gets updates

    • Rockdynamite

      You definitely want to look into rooting. When I had the mt4g, I installed a Virtuous Sensation port and it ran like Usain Bolt! I believe CyanogenMod 9 was being developed at the time as well. Check out XDA…

  • Deihmos

    I really want to dump my Android phone for an iPhone but would not switch carriers to get one. The price I pay with tmobile is just too good.

  • GinaDee

    This makes sense from a financial perspective. 

    Remember Sprint had to mortgage their company and then some just to get the iPhone. 

    DT can use its size and global clout to negotiate more favorable hardwrae rates which would benefit T-Mobile USA and DT financially at the same time. 

  • Hunu

    Lol…every year I hear the same crap. As a former tmo employee I’ve been hearing this since 2007.
    Tmobile is never going to carry the iPhone and is doomed.
    So glad I left that sinking ship…

    • Enoel69

      Lol…stay where u are, u are not missed at all…u might find yourself running back when Tmo super fast HSPA+/ LTE is up and running next year. It is just a matter of time..the iPhone will come for those who care for it.

      • DisgruntledTmoExEmployee

        You obviously have no idea what’s going on internally with your beloved T-Mobile so I wouldn’t be running my mouth if I were you. I being one of those people jumping ship and going to work at at&t because of better pay better opportunity and not having all these district managers enforce fraud as a policy to increase numbers and revenue. So like I said don’t talk if you don’t know the whole story. kthnxbai.

        • JBrowne1012

          YOU have no idea whats going on with t-mo internally. You were prolly one of the crappy csrs that they let go 

        • Hanu

          I fully agree, I am an AT&T employee and I can guarantee I make 3 times more money than all u losers. So glad I got out before the inevitable end comes. Tmobile is for poor ppl that can’t afford to have a real carrier.

        • ExTmo

          Actually the funny thing is i moved up quickly in my store due to high numbers and top notch customer service so dont go talking out of your ass like you know me. And i quit just for your information. Im just sick of being treated like a second class human because tmobile can advertise correctly for itself and bring in customers. So because of thay were forced to sell people prepaid activations in any circumstances and claim ita for a sim etc. So before you go running your mouth like your the ceo of the company and know in detail the inner workings of this shitty low paying garbage job were people feel entitled to free everything no internet cuz im a customer with tmobile for 20 years. And yes i got that a lot. Att is paying me more and theres more room for internal growth unlike tmobile were theyll hire the dm from wendys or some other non related company. Have a nice day.

  • qpinto

    this is an obvious move from T-Mobile. With the refarm, they won’t need to order a special iPhone like Verizon and Sprint. This way their cost ultimately will be less for the device, and can offer better deals than the opposing carriers. The only way this will work is with the refarm. If T-Mobile somehow comes out with a wifi-calling app on the iPhone to work on only their network, it would be a a shot to the kidneys of the other carriers.

    • Tyijkykttyk

      apple would not allow the app to be download on tmobile only phones, since apple wants to have everyone enjoy the same experience

      • Brad162

        not really, Apple would most likely allow this as long as it met Apple’s QoS standards, and to be honest if they can figure out how to make the Cell to WiFi handoff, that will be a shot in the head for other companies as they can tout free international roaming (on WiFi of course – but i bet business accts would be all over that one)

        Apple really is not that hard to work with, and something as small as WiFi calling could be added and Apple would most likely allow it, it’ll just take T-Mobile making the app/integration nearly perfect before they’d allow it (instead of giving us the buggy app they do now on Android)

        • Getsome

          Current android wifi calling doesn’t hand off between wifi and gsm, that was a blackberry only feature

        • Max_Kelman

          Apple doesn’t let anything of the carriers on the device. Any carrier specific applications must be submitted to the App Store and are left to the consumer to download on as needed basis.

          If T-Mobile wanted this they would have to put an app in the app store and it would face the same restrictions that all iOS third party developers face. Unlike Google selling out to Verizon, Apple has yet to sell out to carriers demands. 

        • Fabian Cortez
        • Max_Kelman

          What that has to do with my point that pre-load applications and services from carries are barred from the iPhone period? Anything they want is additional add-on. Either VIA the App Store or based on your image… A user generated request VIA text message. 

        • Fabian Cortez

          Nice try. Now pay close attention to the task bar…

          That AT&T microcell information is embedded within AT&T’s carrier bundle.

          A similar carrier bundle for T-Mobile USA could be offered but UMA will most likely need an iOS update to work.



    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Apple charges every carrier the same price. They are not going to give tmobile a discount. Tmobile will likely pay the same price per device as sprint, Verizon, or AT&T. Also they would have to subsidize it as much as the other three. They couldn’t charge more for the device up front like they do with the galaxy s3.

      • qpinto

        considering tmobile is an international wireless company, tmobile could ultimately order more devices as a whole than opposed to verizon, att, and sprint. when you have such a large volume, it would only make sense that tmobile would pay less for the device as its a worldwide offering or have some sort of incentive from apple. verizon and sprint payed apple to make a variant that would work on their networks here in the US. Once the refarm is complete, the iPhone will be fastest on Tmobile as long as they at least stick  21 HSPA+ inside which is a common amonst UK phones.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Apple wont care about that. Apple is the only manufacture that seems to have a grip on the carriers. They are in the business of making profits, and giving discounts hurts profits. they have no incentive. Is DT going to stop selling the iphone if apple does not comply? Didnt think so. Apple holds the cards. They are not struggling in their market, and they seem to continue to make record profits.

          China Mobile is probably the only carrier that actually has some leverage over Apple, since they have 600+million customers.

        • You state “Apple is the only manufacture that seems to have a grip on the carriers.” but this is simply just not true. Possibly in the past it was true, when Verizon and Sprint didn’t have the iPhone. But now that they do and Apple has even allowed PREPAID carriers to carry the iPhone, I see that as a sign of desperation to continue making record profits and destroying their competitors such as Samsung etc etc.

          If Apple wants to remain making record profits… The next logical step is to get the iPhone on T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile USA has shown it won’t commit to such large volumes of iPhone sales like Sprint Nextel has done (which is hurting them as of right now), and has been vocal on its plans to launch a “bring your own device” campaign when their network becomes compatible with current and future iPhones. The “Bring your own device” plan does not sit well with Apple.

          Whether Apple likes it or not, they will have to bend over to T-Mobile USA and it’s parent company Deutsche Telekom in order to come to a reasonable agreement. Apple will not simply IGNORE 33 MILLION customers just because their making record profits now. They want to make record profits on the next one and the next one. It’s all about the next thing.

          Apple has been suing Samsung on patent infringements and so far has not succeeded much. This shows me that Apple is concerned about its competition for the future.

          You can’t just hold onto the idea that because they’re making record profits right now, doesn’t mean that with the next iPhone they will continue to make record profits without adding T-Mobile as an official carrier to sell their phone.

          Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA are not stupid, they tricked AT&T into giving them billions of cash and spectrum knowing that the merger would NEVER get approved. They’re playing a game with Apple and in order to get the best deal from them they’re willing to be the last ones to get the iPhone even if it’s too late (Which with their affordable rate plans I don’t think people will care that they’re the last ones).

        • ExTmo

          There was no tricking anyone. Deutsche Telekom wanted nothing to do with TMO US. Hence why Phillip Humm was put in control to get the company ready to be bought out. If the FCC wasnt so against the acquisition it would have went thru. DT has no choice but to pump money into TMO US because its still their company. Its like having that bastard child that disrespects ou constantly but at the end of the day thats still your kid.DT wnted to focus in Europe were theyre focusing on their network in and around Germany like Poland, Balkans etc.

        • Of course the wanted to get rid of T-Mobile USA. However, the break up fee was extremely high for one reason alone…

          Deutsche Telekom must have not had enough confidence or must have known that this deal would not get passed the FCC.

          They figured, 39 Billion for the company or a free 4 Billion dollars if the deal fails.

          So even tho everything you stated is true, Deutsche Telekom still screwed AT&T over and BIG TIME.

        • Oh and about China Mobile, they do not have any leverage over Apple. FYI, when Apple was going to release it’s first iPhone they  approached China Mobile for a deal. But China Mobile wanted to add bloatware and control every aspect of the phone… Apple simply just outright refused, instead they ended up going to the second largest provider in China.

          China Mobile is actually bending over for Apple, since China Mobile is the ONLY provider without the iPhone (the 3rd carrier has the iPhone now CDMA version I believe) and has 600+ million customers and undoubtedly they have A LOT of cash, Apple will take advantage of China Mobile’s desperation! The iPhone is VERY popular in China.

          As for T-Mobile it’s completely the opposite because they’re a smaller carrier, and they really do not care as much as China Mobile, about striking a deal with Apple. (DEAL OR NO DEAL “BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE” CAMPAIGN IS A THREAT TO APPLE)

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          You make very little sense in both of your posts.

          You state that the LARGEST TELECOM IN THE WORLD is desperate for the iPhone, but a telcom with 33 million subscribers is not?
          China Mobile has 655 million subscribers. their competitors have 129 and 202 million. CM has almost doubt the amount of subscribers. And yet their desperate for the iphone? Do you see how silly your comment makes you look?

          You said that apple would not bend over for China Mobile, but then state Apple will bend for DT to get access to 33 more million customers. I havent taken basic math in a while, but last I checked 655>33. Again, You see how silly this comment is?

          Apple has let prepaid carriers sell the iPhone, but that does not show desperation. If it shows desperation, then Google must be really desperate. The prepaid carriers do not sell it for a discount. They sell it at the same price. Apple is trying to gain market shares on Google, and Google had no competition in the prepaid market.

          Apple hates BYOD? LINK? Steve Jobs hated the control the carriers had over manufactures. Apple loves BYOD or any system where people can choose their device separate of the carriers. They still get their sales and now it becomes about phones competing again phones. Android shined, because they took the market by storm. Almost every carrier had a few android phones, while the iPhone was stuck on one carrier.

          Apple has like 60-70% of the profits in the US smartphone market. According to Comscore, they are gaining in market while google stays around 50%. They are not suing because they are afraid of competition. They are suing, because they believe android was a stolen idea, and they( like every corp) would rather have no competition.

        • The telcom with 33 million customers is NOT as desperate as China Mobile is actually what I said. And also China Mobile has WAY MUCH more $$ than T-Mobile USA. Apple can get MUCH more out of China Mobile than they can from T-Mobile and they know that. When there’s more at stake (600+ million customers) versus 33 million customers, that cannot be compared.

          Apple isn’t looking at China Mobile in a worldwide sense, they are looking at it by China’s market. Apple’s iPhone is VERY Hot in China right now.. And believe me, China Mobile cannot be pleased with the fact that they are the ONLY ones (in China) not being able to offer the phone, especially since they are the number 1 provider over there. Also China Mobile’s competitors are going to push the iPhone MORE and MORE in order to lure customers AWAY from China Mobile. Are you sure China Mobile still has a grip on Apple?

          Look back to when Verizon Wireless got the iPhone… Apple first tried to cut a deal with Verizon. Verizon wanted too much control so Apple then goes to AT&T the second largest provider and cuts a deal with them.

          Verizon wanted an iPhone killer, so they turned to Androids. That didn’t work so what did they do next? Cut a deal with Apple. And you better believe that Apple was the one who benefited the most from that deal. Which means Apple had the grip on Verizon and not the other way around. Same thing with China Mobile, history repeats itself!

          As for BYOD plans, of course they hate it. For every iPhone sold under contract, Apple gets a certain percentage of the data plans paid by the subscriber. With BYOD they don’t get squat and they only make money off the phone and that’s it. And no I do not have the source of where I read this information as this was a long time ago but if you don’t believe me just google it.

          “They are suing, because they believe android was a stolen idea, and they( like every corp) would rather have no competition.” You just made my point. The more Android steals their “idea” the more of a threat it is. The more Androids look like iPhones and have features like iPhones, the bigger the threat. Which is why Apple cannot allow T-Mobile to be PURE android. They know that they have to attack android and they have to do so by getting their product onto as many carriers as possible and T-Mobile’s the next one. So yes, they WILL bend over to DT because they know DT is not going to pay much and now that their network will be compatible with current and future iPhones, they have a grip on Apple . And as for China Mobile, they don’t have a compatible network because they use some technology called TDCDMA and some new technology for FTD LTE or something like that. Also China Mobile has the cash and a large customer base that I am sure China Mobile does NOT want to lose over it’s two competitors. T-Mobile doesn’t have much to lose anymore.

          Also my comments are not silly and you’re quite rude and think you know it all, do more research please before you attempt to insult people.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          My Comments seemed rude, because your argument is outlandish. I was not( am not) even sure if you are actually serious. If I insulted you, then I apologize. It was not my intent.

          You call a carrier with over 400 million more subscribers than their closest competitor desperate for the iphone, while a carrier who has not had large subscriber growth since 2008. In 2011, Humm said that Tmobile would pass sprint in subscribers by 2015, but from then until now, Tmobile has practically stayed the same, while Sprint went from 48million to 56 million customers. Tmobile needs grown. DT was going to sell tmobile to ATT, and you could argue that DT wanted to trick att out of money and spectrum, but if that was the case, then why is Humm no longer here? The guy was a Temp CEO for the merger. He was never going to stay for a long period of time. Sorry, but Tmobile was not planning on tricking att. DT wanted out, which is why tmobile has to self fund their refarm.

          Also If tmobile has a grip on apple, they why are they refarming their network to match the iPhone? Why not make apple conform to them? Why has Humm and countless others said that the iPhone is the main cause of customers leaving?

          Apple is looking at china mobile, because if they just had 20% of their customers buy an iPhone, they would double their business and become a trillion dollar company. Also, why would Apple be so against letting tmobile be pure android with only 33 million, but would be perfectly fine with China Mobile being pure android when they have over 600million more customers? Hell, if 2% of china mobile customers bought an iPhone, they would have sold more iPhone than ATT/Verizon/Sprint did combined last quarter.

          Chips are supporting more and more technologies. When the iPhone 4 came out, they needed to make a separate 4 for Verizon( who was the only one to get one, which throws out the idea that they would not make a special iphone for one carrier). Now the 4S can handle both CDMA and GSM. Qualcomm s4 krait can handle TD-SCDMA/HSPA+/TD-LTE/FD-LTE/CDMA/BT4.0/wifia/b/g/n. Diffferent technology argument is gone.

          No one has confirmed that apple gets a portion of Data plan sales, but even if they did, I doubt it would add up to much. Lets not forget that apple sells iPhones unlocked for 650. They are not against unlocked devices on what ever carrier people like. Heck, their was a story a while back of someone actually email Tim Cook, and he got ATT to unlock said persons iPhone. Also If apple lets tmobile get a deal, then ATT/Verizon/every other carrier will want a deal with the same or better terms. It would kill their grip over the carriers. Next we will see iPhones with Carrier bloatware.

          Tmobile is the only one that is desperate, but they have a plan that will help them entice customers, but that plan does not give them any grip over apple.

        • Oh and before you tell me that 600 million customers is better than 33 million. Just remember that T-Mobile’s network will be compatible with the iPhone. Apple won’t have to modify their handsets for the carrier. However with China Mobile, they will have to modify it. So it isn’t the same.

          The reason why prepaid carriers got the iPhone was more because they had the same CDMA networks as Sprint and Verizon with the same frequencies. There was no need to modify the handsets.

  • This is GOING to happen, it’s just inevitable…

    Apple has made deals with prepaid carriers in order to keep selling the iPhone more and more. Last time I checked T-Mobile USA has approximately 33 MILLION customers. Striking a deal with Deutsche Telekom in order to allow T-Mobile USA to carry the iPhone is EXTREMELY important for Apple if they want to continue to compete with Androids and Windows phones.

    Apple already has AT&T, Verizon and Sprint selling the iPhone… Why would they exclude T-Mobile’s large customer base? 33 Million, is 33 Million potential iPhone customers. With the refarming of T-Mobile’s 1900 MHZ spectrum and T-Mobile’s LTE running on AWS spectrum just like Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless and possibly AT&T, it’s a done deal that the next iPhone will be compatible with T-Mobile’s network without any new modifications needing to be done to the phone (Except UMA if T-Mobile requests it).

    Otherwise the phone will come to T-Mobile because business is business. Apple sees potential $$ coming in and T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom sees $$ coming in… MONEY TALKS

    • Exactly. T Mobile having the iPhone in its inventory (w/ their affordable plans) will attract eager T Mobile customers into buying Apple’s product AND possibly even new customers from AT&T and Verizon who will bring their iPhones in search for better plans and customer service. 
      I used to believe Apple was just snubbing T Mobile because they thought their product was too good for us but seeing as how they are selling their iPhones to much smaller prepaid networks, there really is no logical reason for them to exclude T Mobile; matter of fact, Apple inking a deal with T Mobile would be huge for them because not only will they have accomplished bringing their product to ALL 4 top carriers in America but also make the iPhone more accessible to MILLIONS more people, which means more profit ($$$)! It’s a win-win situation for both Apple and T Mobile. As long as T Mobile finishes improving their service and upgrading to their LTE advanced network accordingly, Apple will jump at the chance to make the offer and as you say, it is inevitable a deal will FINALLY break through. 

  • UMA_Fan

    Really though, is there anyone REALLY left on T-Mobile hoping they might sell it one day?  I’m pretty sure they’ve all jumped ship by now if they really wanted it.  Especially with all the regional carriers offering it.  T-Mobile has nothing to gain at this point by bending over backwards for a deal with Apple.

    • trife

      *raises hand*

      One thing I learned a long time ago–never jump ship for a DEVICE.  Leave because of service.  I can’t complain about T-Mobile’s service–it works where I’m at and it offers the best affordability.  

      If you really believe that TMO has nothing to gain by offering the iPhone, well, I don’t know what to tell you besides never run your own business.  Customers value selection and having options.  With T-Mobile you have the flavor-of-the-month Android phones or the lukewarm Windows phones to choose from.  Oh yeah–Blackberry too.  With that in mind, go and read the examples that TMO employees themselves write on this very site about people coming in and asking about the iPhone all the time.  Sure it gets annoying but it shows that THERE IS DEMAND FOR IT.  Demand = sales.  Sales = profit (hopefully).  Profit = T-Mobile continues to solidify itself for the long haul for all customers, Android and iOS users alike.     

      How people cannot (or refuse) to see that selling the iPhone could be a good thing for T-Mobile is beyond me.  Nobody says you have to like it.  But if you like TMO and value the service you get, maybe look beyond what YOU like/need and look at the bigger picture.  Our beloved service provider is, and has consistently been, the #4 carrier in the country.  Our carrier was on the verge of an ATT acquisition.  If that doesn’t show you that things may not be all rosy and peachy in Bellevue, well, continue burying your head in the sand.  

      Will offering the iPhone be T-Mobile’s savior?  Nope.  Is it the end all, be all to all of T-Mobile’s problems?  Of course not.  But it damn sure can’t make things worse than they already are.  And what it does is level the playing field.  Right now, TMO sticks out like a sore thumb as the only major carrier to not offer the iPhone.  Do you really believe that potential customers aren’t put off by that?  Answer that question honestly without bias towards are particular platform and you’ll know why offering the iPhone would be an asset for T-Mobile.    

      • Get_at_Me


      •  testify!!

      • JBrowne1012

        He didn’t say it wouldn’t be a good thing he just said it wouldn’t be worth bending over backwards for paying apple a substantial amount of money for a device that they don’t really need. 

        Sure will it level the playing field? maybe… I bet not a lot of people would care about an iPhone on t-mobile (aside from those on the network already who have edge iPhones) people will still talk mess about the network and consider it a budget network. The amount of money that would be put into getting the iPhone to subsidize would not be more worth than what t-mobile is currently doing refarming the network so that people that actually want the device could just bring their devices from AT&t and just use it on our network, not only does it have that benefit it betters our network and makes the use of unlocked devices more of a attractive buy, and get people to look more to service than devices.

        The guy is right there wouldn’t really be a gain after factoring all of the costs to rebrand it a t-mobile device.

        T-mobile is still standing after all these years of having not offered the iPhone so obviously t-mobile is doing something right they just need to expand their coverage to become a full force.

        You talk about bias but you pretty much said that t-mobile doesn’t have a selection because of not offering the iPhone. It doesn’t get more biased than that. T-mobile has devices that cater to everyones needs the only other carrier that has a variety line up like ours is AT&T.

        Getting the iPhone in the wrong way could definitely mess t-mobile up but t-mo is doing it right.

        At the end of it all you are still just another guy who just wants it on t-mobile because you want it, there is no NEED or MASSIVE amounts of accounts leaving due to not offering the device, the iPhone is only one device that only so many care about. People know t-mo doesn’t offer the iPhone and is highly unlikely to get it. But potential customers, the ones that stay long term anyway are the ones the don’t care about the device but the amounts of great service they receive.

        Offering the iPhone on t-mobile would not be an asset at all.

        • trife

          I was going to type out a lengthy reply to you, but then I read your last sentence.  

          No sense in even going back and forth with someone who states that there would be no benefit in offering one of the most in demand phones ever.  I’m sorry, but that defies sound logic and common sense.  Carry on.  

        • Magamaspawn

          Tmobile has suffered the hemridge of no iphone. A nice boost after refarm would be nice. Then, when our network can truly tout would be the time to splurge an onflux of iphone tmo branded users.

          As it stands, tmo customers get an under utilized network that over matches data speeds. Right niw tmo competes with data speeds on a behind technology.

          this will not be for long.

    • Hoops

      Been on T-Mo since August 2003.  Now have four phones with T-Mo and have convinced at least a dozen people to go to T-Mo.  I have been using T-Mo on an unlocked iPhone 2s (first iPhone from 2007) for the past 30 months. 

      If T-Mo does have the iPhone 5 when it comes out this October, I’m headed to Verizon.

      • Hoops

        make that DOESN’T have the iPhone 5 this October…then I’m gone.

      • UMA_Fan

        Seems pretty irrational considering this article speculates a t-mobile iPhone in 2013 at the earliest

  • thepanttherlady

    If T-Mobile seriously thinks lack of having the iPhone is one of the main reasons they’re losing customers, they’re bigger idiots than I previously thought.

    • WirelessRefugee

      LOL… agree

  • My gut tells me that the iPhone will come next year. It needs to.. We’re one of the only major carriers without it. It will come in time, hopefully next year. 

  • Theeditguy

    These predictions remind me of the annual 24/7 Wallstreet predictions of which companies will go out of business. Last year they predited Nokia would be out of business. The year before, T-mobile…

  • macman37

    If the Bloomberg article is referring to the iPhone 5, the scenario will be practically similar to when Verizon finally started selling the iPhone 4 in 2011.  With some reports saying that the completion of the build-out for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network will be by June 2013, I feel that the announcement for T-Mobile finally becoming an official seller will be around then as well.  I have a strong feeling after reading various reports on how aggressive T-Mobile has been with refarming their network that this may happen sooner like shortly after the first quarter of 2013.  Gotta admit that they’re hauling ass like crazy.  

  • Haven’t they been wrong in the past?

  • SouthernBlackNerd

    C’mon Gina,

    You know apple does not care if they sell to tmobile usa or not. They hold the cards. They are making record profits, while tmobile is struggling. Only carrier that could get a favorable deal is china mobile, because they have 600million customers. If tmobile wants the iPhone, they will have to pay the same price that AT&T/Verizon/sprint pay per device. They will also have to subsidize it as much as the other carriers do. Apple won’t let them sell their iPhone for 300 while others charge 200.

  • predation

    who cares??? apple iphone blows.

  • T-Mobile desperately needs this device.  Customers are always asking “when are you guys getting the iPhone?”, “why don’t you guys have the iPhone?”.  Plus T-Mobile bled subscribers like crazy during 4Q 2011 while all the 3 other carriers launched the iPhone 4S.

    One of the main reasons for people leaving is still because they want the iPhone.  Some get an unlocked one and deal with Edge, but usually they’ll just leave altogether.

    I also agree with the fact that carriers like Cricket and Virgin now have it is an embarrassment to T-Mobile USA.

  • Mikem6090

    I have no idea why people area bashing TMO. The customer service, typically, is far better than the other three big guys. Plus, I carry 3 iPhones on their network with unlimited everything (ok, Edge data speeds for now) and will save $1800 in a two year period on my service costs over AT&T and Verizon. That savings includes the full purchase price of $2,100 for the 3 iPhones. Now, people need to do some math. Those $199 iPhones on a two year contract are costing you much more than the retail prices of $649.00. With loyality discounts, my monthly bill for these iPhones on TMO is $114.00 a month. Try and beat that!

  • Ernie D

    TMo doesn’t need to have the iPhone to increase their sales, more importantly retain its customers from jumping ship. The number ONE and basically the only why folks at my occupation absolutely refuse to see TMo as an option is because of the lack if coverage. Verizon by far the best. other carriers have less coverage than Verizon but at least its offered at 3G. TMo on the other hand has even less coverage, and to make it even worse, its 2G!. people start laughing because I have TMo. I’ve seriously been contemplating about jumping to Verizon after being a customer for 10 years. only reason why I’m sticking around is because of the network upgrade coming around soon. AND as a recommendation to TMo, TMo seriously have to start beefing up there phone lines And hold flagship devices. Why offer the One S when One X is available, or the Lumia 700 when the Lumia 900 is out there. TMo acts like a ‘sister’ phone company to ATT.

    • Wally SirFatty

      I just stated that they are losing due to the lack of an iPhone.  I am not the only one either.

      Verizon has great coverage, but their customer service is also top notch.

      • JBrowne1012

        Top notch for getting that money out of you

        • Wally SirFatty

          They can’t take what you don’t give them.

        • Josh Robert Nay

           Exactly. Cancelling as soon as my Verizon contract is up next spring. I still want to know what the hell I was smoking when I decided to sign a contract with them. Gotta get me more of that! Without the Verizon contract this time, of course.

    • The iPhone is the biggest issue.  Sprint doesn’t have coverage that’s all so amazing either but they finally gained subscribers again since they got the iPhone.  The actual areas where T-Mobile doesn’t have service at all doesn’t cover enough people to explain why they’re losing subscribers.  It’s mainly the phones and mainly the iPhone.  Even the top executives admit so.

      • Theeditguy

        Yeah, Sprint gained subscribers, but they’re hemmoraging cash.

      • Gouv

        It’s likely a combination of both situations causing the churn.

  • Nearmsp

    In order for Apple to continue to grow exponentially it will have to add more carriers. Tmobile has more customers than wireless phone users in all of Canada. T-mobile may be small by US duopoly (T and VZ) but it is large by any measure. I think next year iPhone will come to T-mobile. That said, I am enjoying my SGS2 and if Apple can not be bothered selling iPhones on T-mobile, I will just go for the SGS4 when it comes out next year. Samsung and HTC are doing a good job. Microsoft may also bring good phones on Samsung. With the current attitude of Apple, it is another Mac computer vs IBM compatible in the making.

    • Gouv

      What do you mean? The iPhone is on many different carriers now, even the prepaid carriers like virgin mobile.

  • Steve

    Who needs a geyphone 4gey when I have the galaxy s3. All bringing Apples junk is going to do is make clutter. The galaxy s3 is a specs beast compared to that 3.5 inch piece of junk. The only reason apple outsells anyone is because of yuppies and they don’t care about the specs on the phone they just see that its apple and buy it like a bunch of sheeple!

    • D_ray

      Yeah, that’s the only reason Apple outsells, all those yuppies. You sound like a fucking moron.

      But siiiiiiick specs, brah.

  • id would rather they not get it and screw up our network.


    lol, didn’t they say that last year also? 

  • Bmg1001

    Just remember: After the 4G Network refarm, the iPhone will have 4G Speeds on T-Mobile, if the refarm finishes soon, TMO might be the first carrier which any iPhone can get 4G. The  other big 3 have 3G.

    • Bmg1001

      Also, I forget to mention, if infact the refarm does happen before the iPhone goes 4G, once it finishes the refarm will allow T-Mobile to get customers because they’ll be getting 4G HSPA+ Speeds while other carries still use GSM and CDMA 3G

      • Mr_kuntri

        I agree.  If DT give them the green light with Apple, they maybe the 1st to have the iP5 w/ 4G, also.  (wishful thinking)

  • Mr_kuntri

    Give the people want they want …its exhausting reading blogs, comments, media reports about iPhone vs Samsung, Iphone vs HTC, Iphone on this carrier, that carrier.  If people want it, give it to them…..

    like the cliche phrase, “if it aint broke, dont fix it” … in this case its, “if you SELL IT, they will come”  

    And another thing,  NOT ALL CARRIERS HAVE 100% “good coverage” .. I live in atlanta and the west side(Ga) Verizon sucks and Sprint reigns.  In the city to the subs, TMO reigns and Sprint sucks …. i was once a former account mgr for wireless carrier, so i know.

    good day!

  • Chumlee

    I work in a store….I hate the iphone….but god damn I want it sooooo bad. I’ll use all my extra commission money to buy the new Galaxy or Nexus :)

  • Bobpantsspongesquare

    It’s a band-aid fix from all I’ve read. The iPhone may bring more customers initially but, if this network upgrade doesn’t happen or isn’t significant enough, customers will continue to leave due to the lack of coverage area. I get great coverage from TMO, where I live. However, that coverage drops off dramatically just a few hours drive in any direction.

  • jdubtrey

    I’m confused.  The blog title says it “will” happen but the source link says it “could”.

    Which is it?

  • Zingar

    I wouldn’t believe if anyone is still holding their breath on this. This claim was made last year ‘oh no iphone this year (2011) but possibly next year… A year later they say it could happen next year (2013). Get yourself a Galaxy S3 and enjoy it. It will make you forget all these iphone rumors until it finally does arrive (if ever).