(Updated: Fixed Links) The Two Best Unboxing Videos Ever To Hit The Internet

There is so much to say about both of these videos, the first being an officially sponsored Google video with Mixed Martial Arts fighter George St-Pierre taking on those horrible Google Ninjas out to ruin the show. Spoiler: he easily dispatches all three ninjas. Seeing that this is an officially sponsored by Google video for the Nexus 7, it’s easy to recommend watching. I wish I could say about our second video.

The second unboxing I caught via an AndroidPolice Tweet yesterday and it’s well…the thing about it is…you really just need to watch.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2

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  • Steve102680

    Im confused??? they are both the same video

    • Garret Hussak

      The post has two videos…both of Dr. Paulo. The second video is the “YouTube 2” link.

      • I fixed the links, sorry about that!

  • correct address for the second video (youtube)


  • Confused too… exact same video as the first.

    • Garret Hussak

      The post has two videos…both of Dr. Paulo. The second video is the “YouTube 2” link.

      • Thanks!  That 2nd video was…kinky.

  • MarcusDW

    The ninja unboxings are awesome and this one didn’t let me down!

    But david… did you actually watch the second video.  All the way?

    • Of course I did, I wanted you to discover it, that’s why I called it awesome!

      • HalfwayCrook

        The end is the best part! Hahahaha

  • Steven Wilkins II

    The GSP video is awesome 

  • krystn

    OMG. Both videos were SO funny…. but the second video…………… really?! it makes me sad for the pebble blue galaxy!! MAN!

    • MacRat

      Pretty disturbing that David would embed the second one.

      • Oh, it’s just a stark contrast and I thought it funny.

      • I’m disturbed by your disdain – you must be new to this interwebz thing.


    Those are the two dumbest videos I have ever seen. 

  • mreveryphone


  • monkeybdb

    omg, first video was AWESOME! second video was scary

  • First was great…second made me think…”dafuq did I just watch o.O”

  • GSP is awesome :) i’m ready for the Condit fight already!

  • Deadeye37

    Reaction to 1st video: YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Reaction to 2nd video: WTF? (the last part was pretty funny though)

  • Mavictb

    haha I hate unboxing videos so the second video was pretty damn funny.

  • None


  • Guest

    Video #2 had an unsightly bulge in his panties

  • 21stNow

    Thanks, I feel like an old woman now.

  • Tasty Tuna

    Nothing mattered on the first video except for the Wilhelm’s scream on 1:25. 

    I wonder if that was on purpose or the sound director being lazy.

  • So, hold on…  The only informative part of these unboxing videos came in the 2nd one?  Near the end?   When we find out that the N7 may in fact be nowhere near 7″…  Great heads up!  I’ll wait for the next gen.

    • D3dan41

      That was not a nexus 7. If you take a closer look. You would clearly, see that was phone.

  • FILA

    yea that was just stupid, the second video

  • s10shane

    1st video was good the 2nd was stupid and that guy should be punch in the face for being so stupid lol

  • O k a y

  • Johnee

    Can I please have 1:59 of my life back? I can’t believe you think that was even worth posting on this Site.. Fuckin FAil

    • Heheheh just a stark contrast in unboxing videos, which I wish I could do myself.

  • Bklynman

    1st video was great.2nd.Shows what happen when u do drugs./iphone user!

  • Lani

    Dude has camel toe.

  • Sasha71


  • Haha funny shit.  Glad you had the balls to post them.  Probably should of said NSFW for all the granny panties though as I think I heard the sound of many pace makers going off all at once as if by some great disturbance in the force.