Samsung Galaxy Nexus Back In Stock On Google Play Store

I know, I know, you’re saying “David, it was back on the website last week.” That’s true, except it was for shipping in 2-3 weeks, then shipping time dropped down to 1-2 weeks and now it’s in back in stock with shipping taking just 3-5 business days. We like progress so this is a worthy mention if you’ve been itching to grab the Galaxy Nexus but were hesitant on doing so with a 2-3 week wait.

If you really want to own the only Jelly Bean ready device in the world, I’d grab it now, just in case it disappears again.

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  • Ele Espinosa

    Ordered mine last Saturday.  Waiting patiently, even if my Vibrant’s screen is cracked and the phone itself acts as if it were on crack.

    • Nando

      In the same boat. I havent seen an update to my order status since then.

      • Panchal Akash80

        Same status as well.

        • mdizzleees

          bought it on the 9th, no status update yet.

        • watcher68

          Yep, bought on 7th no status yet, hoping today’s update to “in stock” means orders are shipping!

    • J-Hop2o6

      Same here, but with my G2. Screen is cracked, and did work better last year, but now alot of the screen is unresponsive now, so i’m goin CRAZY on waiting for the G-Nexus.

  • smithgo

    meaning mine will be getting jelly candy sooon 

  • Wcdude18

    Have there been any rumors as to when the next line of Nexus phones will be released?  Been debating the SGS3 (hardware specs are pretty awesome), but would rather not have to flash a ROM to get JB and shed TW.  Been thinking about picking up a Nexus, but don’t want to get one now only to have an upgraded version release in a few months.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Get G-Nexus now, sell it later for [one of] the next Nexus device(s) in Q4.

  • farfromovin

    Next Nexus lineup should be out this fall. If I had to buy a device right now, it’d be SGSIII without question.

    • Arvin

      nope after next year 

  • Tmobile

    i hate tmobile the worst coverage ever!

  • JK

    I just bought mine. It was $380 (tax included). I am too excited. $30 a month T-Mobile prepay. The savings will make grown men weep. To hell with an iPhone. 

  • TKfromCLE

    I sold my iPad to fund the purchase of a shiny new Galaxy Nexus….on July 3rd. I couldn’t go another however long without a phone, so I extended my contract with a 1c Galaxy S from Costco. I’m going to try to curb my phone whoring for a few more months to see what buttery smooth nexus goodness Google throws at us this holiday season.

    tl;dr: yay Nexus!

  • very tempted even if it’s not micro sim and i’d have to activate a new sim again BUT you guys convinced me to wait for the other Nexus devices being announced hopefully towards the end of the year.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Can’t wait to order mine once I get payed. Hopefully it won’t sell out, or any other BS that’ll prevent me from ordering it for $350 straight from Google.

  • Panchal Akash80

    Anyone find there galaxy nexus to be in the status of shipping? I ordered mine on the 7th of July and would like to see if anyone has an update or is on the same boat as me.

    • Notnecessarilyforjunk

      Ordered mine same day. Heard nothing yet…

      • Jameswiggin518

        Makes me feel better. Same here and haven’t heard anything.

  • FILA

    got my beans tonite!!!

  • Arvin

    bought mine 3 weeks ago jelly bean is amazing phone never lags never crashes… best tech purchase ever

    • Guest1

       Does it ships with ICS or Jelly Bean? website says, it ships with ICS and soon to be upgraded to Jelly Bean…
      Just wondering as you mentioned in your comment about Jelly Bean

  • remister

    You jelly, that I got my jelly beans.

  • Guest 2

    Did anyone get a status of their shipping on Galaxy Nexus?

    • Nando

      Just received an email stating mine shipped out today. Should be arriving Monday. I ordered the G’Nex on the 7th.

      • Jameswiggin518

        I second this. Just got my shipping confirmation email. I ordered on the 9th

        • Guest 2

          Dang, Still haven’t got mine.

        • Jameswiggin518

          Check your front door. Mine showed up like half an hour before i got my tracking number email

        • Guest 2

          Where did it ship from?

        • ScroatFan

          Ordered 11th. Shopping notice today. eta Monday. Ships from Louisville, KY.

      • Jameswiggin518

        Wow nevermind. It just showed up at my house. Google must have been shipping phones but not updating their site. Its funny that i got my email after the phone arrived.

  • EKCer

    I didn’t have any status updates until about an hour ago, when they said it was shipped. It showed up a few minutes later. So, I went from wondering when it would ever ship to being surprised it was already here.

    • Jameswiggin518

      Exactly what happened to me

  • Caseybea

    If you’re thinking about getting one…   PULL THE TRIGGER.    I got my gnex months ago, and absolutely love it.    And that was before jellybean, which is even better.    The Google Now thing is amazing.

  • Hong Nguyen

    So I got mine today and I’m loving it as far as how fast and fluid its running but there’s a problem that I’ve come across that might be a deal breaker! The screen!!! OMG when its on low the whites and grey get grainy and when I compare it to my Nexus S at full brightness the Nexus S looks better.. and there’s a tint of yellow on the GN! Anyone else experience this problem?

    • Guest

      Yeah that seems to be common occurance. You might want to return it or root it and download gamma correction software

  • Ru4damond

    Some of my notifications that should expand don’t does anybody else have this problem

  • I’m tempted to get the GN but my G2 is still working 100%. As soon as my contract expires with TMO  in October I’m going with Straight Talk or something similar – lots of data and don’t care about the voice minutes. By Oct there should be more pre-paid choices. I’m fed up with carrier subsided phones.