Galaxy Nexus Price Drops To $349.99, First To Get Jelly Bean

If you need a reason to choose the Galaxy Nexus unlocked on T-Mobile, I’m here to give you two solid reasons. The first is a brand new price drop, down $50 to $349.99, perhaps the best price we’ve ever seen on this device. The second reason is even better as the Galaxy Nexus will be one of the first devices to receive the Jelly Bean update in mid-July, straight from Google. If you ever needed a reason to go Nexus, you are now out of excuses.

Google Play

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  • whosaidwhat

    Sweet Deal!!

  • GuestL

    That means the SG III will get it by the end of the years or early next year at the earliest!

    • None

      I would not expect to see it before the newest Nexus devices are released. 

  • Guest

    I am now out of execuses

    • HalfwayCrook

      I know! So damn tempting

  • Jay Sandora

    No big announcement from Google today about any upcoming new Nexus phones, so looks like this one is the winner.  Will be a nice upgrade from my Vibrant.

    • AM3RIG

      Dude,  Samsung Nexus phones looks like their last phone, then ASUS take over both NEXUS-branded tablet and phone.

  • The problem for me is lack of memory card slot.  That would do it for me.  Either way I’ll hold on to my phone until November to see if any new Nexus phones come out as the rumors say.

    • Asdf

      I thought the same thing, but with G+ auto uploading my photos and videos every time I have a wifi connection and Google Music storing all of my music in the cloud (up to 20,000 songs for free…yes, Twenty Thousand), there’s no reason to fear storage restrictions.

      Just buy one already and save the upgrade for the Note 2 like me!


      • Roger

        I have this phone and the lack of memory card slot is very annoying.  While you can cache Google Play stuff, you still need a network connection to update that cache.  Install a few games (they always seem to have ~500mb downloads) and you soon find that you don’t have much storage space left.

  • xSAVAGEx

    Awesome deal….. Great job Google!

  • SocalTeknique

    Anyone want to buy a mint unlocked, rooted, International version of the HTC Amaze? I want me a sweet Gnex.

  • Just got the SGS3. This is very tempting. Should I return the SGS3 to get the Nexus? Hmmm.

    • None

      You could sell it on eBay and buy 2 of them!

  • fixxmyhead

    i still have an excuse…. its too  underpowered though its a sweet deal and im kind of tempted

    but I’ll wait for the next nexus as this one was underpowered and its really old too

    • Spanky

      I guess 7 months is indeed old, in terms of smartphones.

    • whosaidwhat

      Sure it might be underpowered on paper but as far as software goes, the Galaxy Nexus will run very smooth with the introduction of butter. Remember they build the latest software around this device and the new Nexus 7. 

      • fixxmyhead

        yea but……………….. its still old

        plus i just bought the nexus 7 so at least ill have a taste of the latest OS to keep me happy

    • Adam Yates

      i was hesitant too on the specs, but it totally outperformed my t-mobile GS2, plus the battery life is literally double.

      • fixxmyhead

        i dont believe that especially on the battery life. if ur battery last a whole day then ur not using ur phone that much. me on the other hand use if for everything and my battery dies in 8 hours (t989) but i have 3 other spares so i really dont care. i do have everything on max though

        • On the battery life, try custom kernel. I am on AOKP+Franco kernel, and I stream music for total of 2 hours of commute, play maybe 30 minutes of games, google reader, reddit, sometimes maps, nav, chrome. I can miss a overnight charge and still be good the next day. Staying stock is really doing yourself a diservice. 

        • fixxmyhead

          i have a t989 no franco kernel for me but i doubt it saves that much power. i use the hell out of my phone with max brightness ,everything synced, and using it alot cuz its my only computer. the only way for me to get like 20hrs of battery like the other guy is if i barely use it and thats not an option.

  • If not for the 5 mp camera and only being able to connect HSPA+ 21 (opposed to HSPA+ 42), I’d purchase this phone.

    • VegasDude73

      Let me know if you ever reach 42mbps :). Currently using the HSPA+ 21 on TMO and honestly I don’t need more than 5mbps up and down for pretty much any activity other than uploading a large video to youtube direct from my phone.

      5mp is pretty low in terms of other phones out there.

      • BkEnigma

        While I can’t say I’ve gotten 42 mbps, but I consistently get 25mbps in Brooklyn, New York – with my Galaxy S II

        • Spanky

          Wow, what neighborhood are you in? I’m in Bensonhurst, and haven’t been able to get more than 0.5 Mbps (yes, you read that right – 0.5 Mbps) since last August. I’m actually leaving T-Mobile because of this, as they’ve done nothing to rectify this problem.

        • BkEnigma

          Midwood. I work in bensonhurst though, and there is a much bigger difference. I’m pretty sure I was getting a few mbps (4-5). Same phone?

        • tek

          change the sim card. it makes a difference

    • The camera is the problem I have also.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I just wish the hardware were nicer (not so much the specs, but the actual look — the back of the phone is really ugly). And as cool as stock Android is becoming with each update, it still seems to lack the “polish” that TouchWiz brings (e.g., in Jelly Bean, are you still stuck using all 7 homescreens? still no settings toggles in the Notification pulldown? etc.).
    That said, it’s hard to justify paying almost twice that amount for a (retail price) GSIII….

    • Mattcat03

      This is a no brainer. Wait for the next Nexus phone this year.  No matter what each new phone that comes out will be outdated in specs 6 months later.  Just like GSII.  In addition, the non google phones like the GSII will not only be outdated in hardware specs but also in software by the android version.  You got nothing too lose if you get a google phone. In fact you might even be saving some some besides time (waiting for the updates).

  • mingkee

    This is indeed great for customers who have grandfathered and prepaid plans.

  • guest

    k let the phone rest is old already ,i got one too js

  • Mattcat03

    I got mine for $399 oh well. I will stop buying carrier branded phones and get lock into a two year contract. Once I get a chance I would go from my Tmobile classic plan to the value plan which would make sense.  Can’t wait to get the Jelly Bean update though. 

  • ogopogo

    I really want this phone, but can’t live without T-Mobile’s WiFi calling.

    • I agree.  The lack of Wi-Fi calling kills it.  Wi-Fi calling is how I get by with only a 500 minute plan on T-Mobile.

      • Guest

        i read on tmo website that wifi calling still counts toward ypur minutes…couldnt u use another app like skype or googlevoice

        • Not the free Wi-Fi calling.  If it’s not free on your plan then all you have to do is call customer service and they add it.  I’ve talked well over 1000 minutes this cycle but my plan only shows 120 minutes used.

        • ogopogo

           Same here. It is also a killer solution when combined with Google Voice when you are overseas and making/receiving calls back to the US.

      • Guest

        i read on tmo website that wifi calling still counts toward ypur minutes…couldnt u use another app like skype or googlevoice

      • mingkee

        There’s workaround if you focus more on outgoing calls: bobsled.

  • Imported my gnex back in november and have owned nothing but gnex’s since the N1. i will NEVER own another bloated carrier phone.. EVER

    • Minioninnc

      Same here!

  • *guest*

    Tmo should push nexus for prepaid..pple want affordable quality phones at affordable prices. yknow tmrrw vz new plan means the cheapest ind plan is whopping $90 for 1gb…Vz out of mix for singles…crazy. hope lte sprint works

  • Just a thought…but what’s going to happen when the Android updates reach “Z?”

    Do they just start back over?

    • BkEnigma

      Well they usually release 2 updates per year…seeing as we just hit J, and I was late last year, I’d say no more updates this if we start early next year with K and L, and continue the trend from there, it’ll be ~2021 before we hit Y and Z. even still, there was no official name for A and B… Still a long time before they hit that lol.

      • None

        If it is still cute, maybe whatever you eat after desserts… coffee flavors, mixed drinks, or drinks in general?
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        …UGH, stuck on N.  Ok, I realize brand names would never work, I was just seeing how far I could go for fun.

        • ashrafisawesome

          Orange Juice
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  • Guest

    Best Buy was offloading these for free last month (well, you still had to pay state tax) for new contracts and upgrades. Maybe they were making room for a newer model?

    • rwc1792

      I believe they were the Sprint and Verison models, and it required a 2 year contract.

  • StonersLane

    Good thing I waited. I think I should wait a little longer. Maybe it might drop another $50.

    • Spanky

      By the time it drops another $50, the new Nexuses will be right around the corner.

      • None

        My fear is that I will wait too long, the new ones will be annouced, Galax Nexus removed from Google Play, and replaced by the new phones at like $600 or something silly.

        • None

          Indecision has always been my enemy.

      • StonersLane

        It’s still getting jelly bean.

  • Dave Mallari

    just finished watching the keynote, and the only things I can think of that is making me not get the nexus, and getting the S3 instead, is the 16GB memory and hspa+ 21

  • Robertp5072

    Do you get 3/4 G Speed with this unlocked phone on T-Mobile Network? Thats the question.. 2G just does not work!

    • Minioninnc

      Yes you do get 4G. Providing you are in the 4G coverage area. 

    • deeoh1084

      yeah it’s penta band and i’m considering buying this device instead of using my upgrade for the SGS III

  • Rockstargfx5

    I’ll wait for the next nexus around December hopefully it’s quad core. I wonder if they’ll have key lime pie by then lol

  • I have one. I don’t recommend it to anyone, although it’s not terrible.

    Here’s the good and bad:

    – very nice big screen
    – pure Google OS with regular updates
    – open and unlocked
    – fast/powerful
    – Adapters available to give it HDMI and other goodies.

    – It has NFC. This is a great feature for marketing people as it means they can put it on a bullet point. Nobody ever uses it. I mean, nobody. That “Tap phones together to share contacts?” Not going to happen, because almost all devices don’t have NFC.

    – battery life is abysmal. Can’t be left off a charger for more than about ten hours with moderate use. Third party oversized batteries mitigate this somewhat, at the expense of not fitting properly such that the phone can’t be put in a regular dock.
    – No keyboard (this is an issue for me, 50% of readers here will not see a problem, and I respect that, but it is for the rest of us)
    – No microSD card slot. You’re stuck with the memory on the phone.
    – Headphone slot on bottom of phone (so don’t play music when the phone is docked.)
    – Oh yeah, not entirely Google/Samsung’s fault, but there’s no Wifi-calling. Wish T-Mobile would open up a SIP gateway so that we don’t need some hacked kernel that only works with some devices to use the feature.

    The battery is the part that kills me. Apparently one of the top Googlers was asked about it, and he said he always carries around a spare battery. Why is the battery so awful? Because a slightly larger battery would have added a millimeter to the thickness of the phone.

    And then it wouldn’t have appealed to some hipsters.

    Hipsters ruin everything.

    • GwapoAko

      I have the iPhone 4$ and you have to charge it every 5 hours. :( you are still luck :0)

    • Dave Mallari

      how did you get a mini-SIM for  yours? I was checking google play for the phone and it said I needed a mini-SIM and not a micro-SIM. I checked tmobile and they didn’t have a mini-SIM

      • It takes the regular SIM size that virtually all T-Mobile phones take. I assume by “mini-SIM” they just mean not a full sized SIM (full sized is credit card sized, not a lot of phones out there use those…)

        • Dave Mallari

          thanks, but i don’t know if i should get it anymore since it won’t ship with JB

        • Jose Hernandez

           You do realize that this phone will be the first, and for a little while the only phone to have JB. And also, that it is getting JB in a couple of weeks. Right?

  • Harddude5

    Hipsters, huh? What a jerk. This is a great phone and getting software updates months before everyone else is the best part.

    • Derrick Thomason

      not a jerk, just generalizing a generation

  • Derrick Thomason

    Soo here are my options and I would like some feedback or opinions dont matter.

    SGNx – low price(unlocked) , 1st to recieve OTA Updates, a few .03-4 inches smaller than SGS3 , specs are almost identical to the SGS3 , *rooted* I can add wifi calling, s-voice, etc. (50/50 chance they will function properly)


    SGS3 – renew contract , specs are awesome (sold a few Sprint versions last week) , feels great at 4.8in , alot of bloatware .. soo  *rooted* i can remove the bloat , wait for an xda dev to upload deox’d rom of JB & just go that route.   

    bottom line im debating paying $349 = no renewal, up2date OS, sub-par feats vs. SGS3 $199-$279, locked in for another 2 yrs & just root it.   ::shrugs::  

    • Dude..this is a no brainer! Get the Nexus!! Or get the s3, and this time next year you’ll still be waiting for Jelly Bean, and Goog will have released a bevy of new Nexus devices! I just don’t understand why people feel the need to stay locked into contracts and carrier branded handsets.. It’s okay to control your cell phone as you see fit! 

      • Derrick Thomason

        True!!  dont want to contradict myself, though!  I don’t mind going either way   ::sigh::

        let me go back to watching 4398578575 youtube vids of “sgs3 vs sgnexus”  lol .. 

    • FatFredJones

      You didn’t mention the lack of a microSD slot for the Nexus. That’s one of the things that held me back for so long, but the price drop forced me to buy 2 yesterday. I say go for the Nexus. Had Samsung just simply left the S3 stock (…cold day in Hell; I know). I would have had no problem shelling out $1300 for two S3’s, but instead I’ll keep some change in my pocket. Its like they spend money adding all of the extra “fluff” to the phone, but they lose out on the buyers that want their phones stock. I wonder how many buyers will choose the S3 because of the “fluff”…

      • Derrick Thomason

        the lack of a sd slot is not an issue for me.  i have become very familiar with google drive .. google music (since 90% of my memory will be music & pics) .. 

        but why not get the S3, root it, get rid of the bloat and have it running on a stock ICS Rom?   

        selling tmobile in the past, people do hate all the extras, and wish they could uninstall them, but they cant w/o having to root, n learn basic adb shell commands.  

        ppl will buy the hype b/c its hype .. im “investing” because i know what i can do , how to get my moneys worth  =) 

      • Mobileboy

        I have the Galaxy S2 T989 which I love. I was tempted by the Nexus for $349…especially since I can sell my mint phone with extra batteries for that amount. However I travel a lot and need the MicroSD slot. I have a 32gb card which holds music, books, pictures and podcasts…lots of podcasts. Google Drive won’t be of much help on the plane.

        The smarter choice for me is upgrading to the Galaxy S3. However I think I will sit this one out and wait for the next latest and greatest.

    • rwc1792

      I think you pretty much summed things up.  I do think spec-wise the S3 is superior, and the Nexus being 6 months old is probably dated, but the trade-off is locking oneself into a contract and somewhat restricted access to updates.  It’s a difficult choice.

      Personally, I’m waiting for the retention department to start offering discounts on the S3 once they get them in stock, if the price is right, I’m going with it over the Nexus.  If they can’t offer it at a lower price, then I’ll consider the Nexus more.

      • Derrick Thomason

        Yea the GNx will probably be EOL in 6-8 months … but i will not be 100% restricted from updates, yes I will have to wait for a Dev to cook up a stock updated ICS Rom .. im patient enough.  Im just too damn picky!?   lol … 

        retention re-Smention .. good luck homie or homegirl can’t tell by your _handle _post ID, lol.  What’s f’d up for me, I have to pay full price for the S3 and I’m on a Dealer/Employee Line.  “if you(TMO) want customers to buy the latest, offer the ppl who sells the devices a discount….”   NoOOo, i might have to migrate over as a Regular Postpaid , lose my insanely low monthly plan = for a handset discount .. that’s the difficult choice, right there, lol

  • Ne0

    temp but this won’t be major improve over my vibrant first it has no external storage  and i heard a lots bugs about this phone like it can’t play 1080p video and the camera is crap compare to most phone out this year,

  • Hey Google.. you owe me 100 bucks! Just got the Gnex a month ago..with shipping and tax came to 450..

  • Jose Hernandez

    I’m hopping I can get some help here, If I buy a Nexus from Google. Will the insurance I pay for on T-Mobile work on it. If this phone breaks, could I still file a claim using the insurance? I am really considering getting this Nexus or maybe waiting for the next generation. Any ideas on how much Google may sell the next Nexus phone (phones) for? I am so tired of all of this hoops you got to jump in order to get a decent phone from the carriers (Yes TMobile, Im talking about you!)

    Thank you for any help you guys can give me.

    • Birdsfan

      You can not use the insurance you get from T-Mobile, it only applies to T-Mobile sold hardware.  You could probably get insurance on your own but I have GNex and the lack of insurance didn’t give me a second thought.

      • Jose Hernandez

         Ok, Thank you so much. I think I can live with that. Also my bill will go down since I will obviously drop the insurance once I get the phone. I wonder when the new Nexus will come out. Thank!!!!

        • Derrick Thomason

          1 year manufacturers warranty at best.  or go to assurian site or call them.  idk  just a shot in the dark, good luck

    • Jesslyn Hendrix

      You should probably take a look at Square Trade, they offers relatively low cost insurance for most electronics.  If you don’t like them, google for other companies.

  • Jim Jiang

    First for google, they need to work with the component makers to standardize code for components. Then work with manufacturers to standardize code so any phone will support vanilla android. I would recommend google to leave VANILLA android opensource, but have adulterated android (prior to sale to consumer) be a licensed android.

  • Exibitsman

    I picked up a pantech bursts today at the shack free with a two year contract on att I am done with t mobile. This device has hspa + 21 and 4G LTE. And a 4.3 super amoled + screen duel core scorpions processor. Exibitsman. Will not be here in. T no news after this post.

    • Abax

      TMO has better phones than that. If you want LTE speeds on TMO then get an HSPA+42 device. the speeds are comparable, and depending on where you are, they can be faster. Plus LTE is not in a lot of places, yet. If your city has it, then lucky you.

      • bleeew

        Unless your on verizon

    • steveb944

      Pantech? That’s what you left for? Wow