T-Mobile Posts HTC 8X Sign Up Page, “Available Soon”

We’re definitely excited to see that T-Mobile is carrying the HTC 8X, definitely a top-tier Windows Phone 8 handset and we want to know more about it. With that in mind, T-Mobile has posted their traditional “sign up for more info” page for the 8X and you can do exactly that with the promise of more details via email as they arrive.

As with most cases, odds are info will leak out long before official company messages, but you never know what kind of special fun T-Mobile or HTC could have in store, so sign up anyway. Hit the link below to get started.


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  • Michael Lococo

    compared to the crappy phones that we have available from tmo you might think that it’s top tier but HTC can do better!

  • FINALLY a true Windows Phone has come to TMO! :)

  • HTC has revealed pricing for the 8X on T-Mobile. Check the press release here: http://www.htc.com/uk/about/#news $199 is not bad at all. Of course knowing T-Mobile it will likely be $199 after a $50 MIR.


    With this sign-up page available for the HTC X2, I’m assuming that their of the Nokia 820 or 920 will be coming over to T-Mobile?

    I will be VERY disappointed if the Lumia 920 will not be available to T-Mobile.

  • 8mo2go

    I’m happy to see the 8X on Tmo, but I hope the 920 makes it too. I kinda gave up on HTC after the data connection problems with the Radar. Almost a year after release and no fix in sight. Nokia fixed the 900’s connection problems in less than two weeks.

    • GinaDee

      I know I had the same issues with the Radar and the One S. Phones keep going to “no service,” and have a hard time finding the signal again.

      I thought it was just my T-Mobile SIM so I unlocked it and put an AT&T SIM in the phone. Same quick RF loss and hard time regaining the signal.

      HTC hopefully will improve on this.

    • vpsaxman

      HTC’s poor track record with updates and customer service, especially compared to Nokia’s is why I will not get any of their devices anytime soon.

  • UMA_Fan

    Anyone know if there’s still a chance the Nokia Lumia 920 will come to T-Mobile?

  • T-Mobile waits too long to release their new phones. They announce them and bring them out months later, too late.

    • Haha this is funny, NO Windows 8 phones (let alone htc 8 phones) have been released…T-Mobile is getting this the same time as everyone else…if you really feel that way, change providers!

      • It is not just about these phones, in general they do this. Period.

        • 3560freak

          Everyone, except Apple, has a press release months before releasing a product. If you want a product released right after announcement then get iPhone, if you want anything else just wait a few months. If Apple did their press releases a MWC or even WWDC then you would have the same months wait for iPhone, but they don’t want to lose the steam from the fresh announcement so they wait until Sept to announce.

  • Fish

    I want to play with one in the store for a couple hours…then make a decision on whether or not i will port myself over from android.


    Now thats the T-Mobile I know, send Carly to kick some HTC ass and force them to give us the best of the best in their lineup.

    Next Mission: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014

    Objective: Aint it Obvious?

  • Logan

    Much more excited for the Ativ S over this… :)

  • Will 8x have T-Mobile wi-fi calling? Anyone?

  • lubba

    Where’s the sign up page for the L920? Damb t-shmuck! Just don’t understand this company.