T-Mobile Lights Up 1900 UMTS Refarm In Kansas City, Second Location To Launch

Kansas City residents take note as T-Mobile officially announces the “City of Fountains” as the second location to go live with the 1900 UMTS refarm. Kansas City receives “enhanced voice and data coverage, as well as faster speeds on unlocked devices, including the iPhone.” T-Mobile expects to announce “many other markets this year.” This is great news, let’s hope those “many other markets” announcements follow soon, very soon.


The full press release follows:

T-Mobile Heating Up in Kansas City: Improved Coverage and Faster iPhone Speeds

By: Greg Post, VPGM of Mountain Plains Region for T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile’s $4 billion plan to strengthen our already competitive 4G network is well underway. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Kansas City is the latest market where T-Mobile customers will be able to benefit from enhanced voice and data coverage, as well as faster speeds on unlocked devices, including the iPhone.

We are continuing to work at a rapid pace, advancing our network by installing new equipment, making our fast and dependable 4G nationwide network even better.

T-Mobile customers in Kansas City will experience improved coverage, increased signal strength and enhanced voice and data coverage at popular locations including Arrowhead Stadium, Westport, Power and Light Districts, The Legends and in surrounding areas including Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

As the only U.S. carrier that offers Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, we’re providing data loving smartphone users with a wide open road – allowing customers to stream unlimited video, access the latest rich applications and surf the Web without having to worry about bill shock or overages.

What’s more you can bring your own capable device to the T-Mobile network to enjoy the benefits of unlimited data. Customers who bring unlocked devices to T-Mobile can save up to $50 a month compared to AT&T.* Just come into a store to sign up. Today we already have more than a million unlocked iPhones on our network and continue to see customers bring their own device to our network in increasing numbers.

As T-Mobile network advancements continue in other cities, customers in some parts of Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and the New York metro area are already experiencing improved coverage and iPhone “speed sightings” on T-Mobile’s 4G network. Stay tuned – in addition to Kansas City and Las Vegas, T-Mobile will be announcing many other markets this year where we have strengthened our network.

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  • DJ

    Yay KC!!


    When is Chicago going to light up? I’m anxious as a back-up plan for the Nokia Lumia 920…

    • Bangincrazy

      If this happened in Chi, it would be awesome!

    • MacRat

      Parts of Chicago have already lit up.


    • I’m in the Chicago northwest suburbs (Schaumburg) and it’s working on and off here. I’m using an international Galaxy Note II. The site serving my apartment lit up last Monday night, and was on and off for a day or two, and seems to be permanently up now. I’ve had HSPA+ 1900 coverage for almost a week now, and it is fantastic. I’ve measured anything between 5MBps to 12Mbps on the downlink (my phone only has 21Mbps HSPA+ not the 42Mbps DC-HSPA+) and up to 2Mbps on the uplink. If anything, it seems to have more consistently stable speeds than the AWS HSPA+ (I have a TMO SGSIII too), but that’s probably because there are less consumers using it so far. Around my work in Schaumburg there is excellent outside coverage, but in-building is a little spotty as my phone flips between HSPA+ and EDGE several times during the day. I have seen the HSPA+ working up in Arlington Heights as well. I head down south to Bloomingdale quite often, and unfortunately it’s still EDGE down there. Hoping their testing is going well and that they will have more sites up soon. They’re clearly on the way! It sounds quite geeky and sad, but it’s exciting to see the sites light up in real time!

      • dp4609

        Lots of parts are flipping between “3g” or “E” on my brothers’ iphones out west too. South Elgin, Batavia, Geneva, and lastly St. Charles. Its nice to see the refarm taking place, hopefully I can free myself from the g2x with a more reliable & future proof phone from T-Mobile, otherwise yay international versions!

    • In Elk Grove Village the 3G is working in my iPhone 4

  • Adrian Torres-Vega

    Great news! Lets get Boston, MA up and running on 1900! I want to import the One X +!!

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      they have a couple of sites up and running in town…

      Check http://airportal.de for the latest unofficial list

      • Adrian Torres-Vega

        Thank you kindly

    • Noel

      Wish the One X+ was a Nexus device or was running pure JB. If Tmo completes refarming in my area i will seriously consider getting it. It will be between the new Nexus and the One X+.

      • Adrian Torres-Vega

        I dig it. I love Sense though, I cant imagine not having it as my main UI. Like all Windows phones from back in the day (from HTC), we should have the option of turning Sense off and running stock. HTC would immediate see their numbers increase…

  • Jay Chou


    • El Andy

      Houston is already working in some areas just not 100% yet

      • Samurai

        Yeah when ur on 290. The coverage is pretty good until you get off the freeway. That’s the only place I’ve seen 3G on my phone.

  • Enzowned

    I’m in Glendale, CA area. My shitty att razr phone just switched to 3G =O.

  • airportal

    http://airportal.de/ Pretty sure it’s not the 2nd city…. lol… or this article is way too late

    • I don’t think you get the purpose of that site, that site marks individual tower sightings for people, not live markets, of which there are two, Las Vegas which was announced a few weeks ago and Kansas City, announced today. Nothing about the article is late, just the confusion that surrounds that site.

    • MacRat

      It’s actually interesting that there are very FEW sightings of 1900MHz reported on airportal.de for KC. :-)

  • J

    Very intrigued that they mentioned the “speed sightings” in L.A.,there are more and more popping up on airportal.de…iPhone 5,here I come!

    • kitpogi23

      some parts of L.A. although I don’t think it’s close to 10% progress… I’ve seen HSPA+ speeds in Alhambra area. That’s a good sign…keep lighting them up TMO!


    Anyone working at T-Mobile that perhaps can hint on the deployment dates of the 1900 refarm?

    Looking at the http://airportal.de/ website, does give you an idea which cities will eventually hit.

    I’ve got a 1st Gen iPad 3G that using a microsim card with AT&T. I don’t want to chop-up my existing mini-SIM card currently used in my T-Mobile G2. I have a few spare T-Mobile SIM cards, but I’m not sure if I cut them up if they will even work on the iPad to show me any 1900 towers near me in the Chicago area.

    • MacRat

      No need to chop up anything.

      Just get a micro SIM directly from T-Mobile.

      • The guy at the TMobile store would only sell me a microsim if I signed up for a plan while in the store. And the plan I wanted ($30 prepaid unlimited data) isn’t available in the store, only online. And he said he couldn’t sell me a microsim with an activation kit for me to sign up for the plan myself at home. He actually suggested I get a regular sim and chop it down. Which is what I ended up doing.

        • Guest

          Does anyone have any similar experiences? I’m hoping to get a microsim soon but I have 3 months left on my contract.

        • magentaman

          Call and ask for loyalty. Its free. No contract. No strings.

        • Chad D

          Was it a real T-Mobile shop or a 3rd party? I’ve never had to pay for a SIM from a real shop.

        • MacRat

          Whoa! That’s one shady employee.

          Are you sure this was a real T-Mobile store?

          Worst case, they make you pay $20 for the SIM and then just transfer your account over.

          Best case, they manager gives you the SIM for free and transfer the account over.

        • I went to a real TMobile store. There was some confusion as to how to service my needs, seeing that it apparently went against their policy of selling me a microsim with an activation kit. Maybe they were just misinformed, but at least they didn’t try to bribe me by getting me to buy something.

        • Nearmsp

          Many stores that look like ‘real” T-mobile stores are franchises. For e.g., T-mobile does not have a single corporate store in Wisconsin. So any of these stores will only sell a SIM card for $20. But if you go to a T-mobile owned store you can get the SIM card for free.

        • I went to a real T-Mo store and the guy said he’d give me one, but only if I spent $20. Silly, but if you’re going to make me spend $20, just sell me the sim. A customer service rep on the phone said they don’t charge for sims, but if they do, call and they’ll credit it back. Can’t get the credit if you’re required to buy something instead…

        • spritemoney

          If you go to a corporate T-Mobile store they don’t charge a cent if you already have a plan with T-Mobile.

    • MagentaMadness

      All the spectrum refarming has been completed…now we’re mid process with converting the hardware in the field. Patience is a virtue.

  • mreveryphone

    I’ve been saying this for weeks! I have a att unlocked galaxy s3 and I’ve been getting the 4G signal all around the city, and suburbs. Glad they made it official!


      And we are announcing launches at 75 to 80% completion so you should continue to see coverage get better…

      • Alejandro Vergara

        Any idea when Cleveland, Ohio will go live?

        • TMOTECH


        • Ryan Wilkins

          A few spots in Cleveland are live already. I’ve posted three to airportal in North Olmsted, Lakewood, and Downtown Cleveland. Someone else posted Elyria and another Downtown Cleveland location.

      • mreveryphone

        Nice, thanks for the update. I always look for you to chime in!

      • kitpogi23

        75% in Vegas right or in the announced areas only?

    • JonShipman

      I’ve been seeing it in Leawood and Downtown since August.

  • Detroit Metro area next please, I’ve seen a bunch of places here in the suburbs see 3G on PCS lately

  • FBPhilly@live.com

    Philadelphia PA PPLLSS

  • Mirad77

    Hey David the news is as good as the pic you used. Thumbs up to you and Tmo.

  • GwapoAko

    Wow congratz!!! Kansas City!!!
    Got 3G here in Colorado Springs at Citadel Mall..

  • Nina

    I live in the northside of Chicago and 2 days go I saw 3G tmobile tweeted me about it they are currently converting towers in Chicago!!

    • jim

      hey nina,fellow northsider chicagoan here too! whats up!

    • I don’t go downtown much, but here in the Chicago northwest suburbs (Schaumburg) it’s working quite well around the Golf Road/Route 53 area!

      • daz

        Yep ,I notice 3G/4G in Schaumburg, IL 3 days ago. Worked awesome on my Sony Ericsson mini pro. Today, I notice 3G/4G in St. Charles IL in one area. I’m getting excited now….turn all the switches to 3G/4G everywhere in the Chicagoland area T-Mo

  • TeflonFong

    damn…KC gets Google Fiber and one of the first cities to get refarmed!

    • mreveryphone

      Believe it or not gf is taking longer to get here than expected. I think only a handful of people have it here

      • TeflonFong

        yes, but it should be spreading quickly throughout KC soon (https://fiber.google.com/cities/#header=check)

        • Chimphappyhour

          Unfortunately, no. My friend who is in one the areas to be part of the first round of rallies won’t get GF in her area until Fall 2013! They haven’t even began the rallies for the second round. Probably won’t until next year some time.

        • TeflonFong

          damn, that sucks…but at least next year is closer than most cities that are not KC.

      • archerian

        gf.. nice one :)

      • eanfoso

        lmao gf!!

        • Little T

          How is that funny?

  • A lot of Los Angeles is covered with 3G, maybe we’re next? I see 3G everywhere I go. Just a question, is it only UMTS or also HSDPA+? Or am I confusing the terms? :O

    • Carolina Media Sales

      I believe it’s also HSPA+ 42 as I’ve seen some speedtest from users with iPhone 5’s in refarmed areas that had download speeds close to 20mbps.


      HSPA + is they type of data feature that is being used on the UMTS network. UMTS is Universal Mobile Telephone System. HSPA+ is High Speed Packet Access. The plus denotes the fact that it is dual carrier and Also is utilizing HSDPA and HSUPA. Where the D and the U signify Downlink and Uplink. Clear as mud?

  • monkeybdb

    our store iPhone has been getting 3G/4G for like 2 weeks, so this is a little late lol

  • gmcmoz

    already got it in corona,ca!!! 9mpbs iphone 5 unlocked!

  • Carolina Media Sales

    Not even a sighting yet here in Charlotte. Waiting for the refarm to hit here before I buy an iPhone 5. Let’s go Tmo!

  • Turb0wned

    So I have a question. Is this refarm going to improve overall coverage to there terrible coverage in the US? Or is it just something to be able to use the 1900mhz frequency?

    • Roy Nakdimon

      Generally, the 1900mhz band is said to have better building penetration and greater distance, so yes, better reception is expected.

      • Turb0wned

        What about the parts that T-Mobile has no service or only 2G in the US? Is there anything on this? I asked because im hoping to switch to t-mobile in the future when they get better only because I want unlimited data again.

    • This is pretty well answered in the press release!

  • Roy Nakdimon

    http://www.airportal.de/ is showing a sighting today at Pompano Beach, FL. Getting close to your home, David.

  • kitpogi23

    when will be Los Angeles’s turn?

  • Aurizen

    I cant wait thill they do that in philly!

  • Yeah, our dear Magenta has made a lot of improvements. This is great news. My girlfriend’s unlocked iPhone 5 gets 3G here in St Cloud, MN, but it fluctuates. I can’t wait til it’s official. 4G in Baxter too

    • JonShipman

      I picked up 3G/+ here in KC since August. Granted it wasn’t always stable.

  • Nathan S.

    Heck yeah!! Bring it on Baby!

    I live in Oak Grove which is east of KC by about 30 miles, I get around 10MB down right now and if it gets better, I will be very pleased. Oh and now that I have actual unlimited data again, life is good.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Orlando, FL please!

    Most I’ve seen is a separate carrier, “T-Mobile (3G),” in the iPhone carrier menu. Can’t wait for that 3G icon and speed!

    • Tmo fan

      That’s all I see as well! Chicago southwest suburb.. :(

  • JB

    This is awesome news! KC got refarmed faster than I thought it would!!… Just turned off my wifi to do a speed test and I definitely notice a difference. Not only am I getting a better reception in my building, I’m also constantly getting Speeds of 9-12 Mbps down and almost 2 up.. whereas before I was only getting 3-5 down and .80-1.4 up… and mind you that’s just in my office.

    Now It’s time to look at some ATT phones now… maybe even dust off my 4S for a test run. :-D

  • Charles

    Really waiting for Spokane, WA to get the refarm.
    Hopefully after the FCC approves the spectrum swap with AT&T we’ll start to get a whiff of 3G :)

  • David

    YES! It’s great to be in KC.

    • GwapoAko

      Except on Football games :0) Jke

      • Chimphappyhour

        Or baseball. :P

  • Rod

    PCS 3G just started lighting up in San Diego. Mostly on freeways and costal areas. Not much faster than edge mostly, but still a good start.

  • Wow, all this time passes by and we are supposed to be excited? Kansas? lol

  • Trevnerdio

    So…I hope this is just the second official, and they’re really working relentlessly behind the scenes. Just over 2 months to get most of it lit up…

  • jayy337

    Im getting 1900 Mhz 3G on my iPhone 4S here in Long Beach, Ca. Its spotty, but its here. I expect Long Beach/LA to launch pretty soon.

    • kitpogi23

      I experienced HSPA+ speeds in Alhambra area and some part of LA as well. Along Valley Blvd in Alhambra and somewhere Vermont and Beverly Blvd in LA….was so psyched when I saw the “H” icon….booya! keep lightn them up T-MO!

  • JR69

    Why is KC now the center of the universe these days? First Google fiber, now this. How about bringing this to a heavy iPhone city like LA or NYC?

    • JonShipman

      Center of the country, more effective to spider out from here.

      Loving 3G on my Tegra3 One X!

  • Alan Amendola

    When will the refarm hit the lower half of CT??? I’m so excited!!!

  • Skip Bayless

    um so why does a village get this and real cities still are without it

  • TimNgeth

    Starting Last 2 week my wife iphone 4s showing 3g at her work ( Philadelphia International Airport) but when she get home it showing E again

  • Any news on the DFW area? There’s parts in the area that already get this signal throughout the metroplex but its all scattered over the area. Like for example, I get the 3G on my iPhone 4 like 500 ft away from my house, but once I get home it goes away -.- its annoying..been waiting for this for more than a year…hopefully this is all set and done in my area by the end of the month.

  • Wilfre Martinez

    When is Manhattan, NY being COMPLETELY lit up? There are only a FEW spots where 3G is available! I have seen SO many people with unlocked iPhones running on T-Mobile’s network. NYC is where unlocked iPhone T-Mobile’s customers are at. HURRY T-MOBILE!

  • Jane

    The refarmed network is successfully up in Dallas/Ft Worth!!!

  • Come on Greenville SC!

  • Mr_Vault

    Come on KC, let the rest of us know what you think!!!

    • JB

      Dude, It’s awesome! I’ve commented somewhere on here earlier, but I’m constantly getting 9.5-10 down and 2 up and that’s in my office… I’ve been around town since I left a comment earlier, and it looks like I’m getting 11+ down (and still somewhere around 2 up) depending on where I’m at in town, whereas before I was getting 2-4 down and 1 (or less) up. if I was lucky I’d get 7-8 in the hotspots around town if I got a decent signal at all.

      Oh and to add, I’ve noticed I never lost more than one bar today. That’s big, considering that before there were places where I’d be down to one bar if any… So yea.. this is good stuff! Way to go T-Mobile!

  • taron19119

    So how do you know if your on pcs or aws

  • Nicolas LaBarre

    So I have a question. I have an unlocked Galaxy Nexus. When my market refarms to 1900mhz will my Galaxy Nexus switch also? Or will it stay on 1700?

    • JonShipman

      It’ll depend on signal strength, pentaband phones probably won’t see any benefits until AWS is reformed for LTE.

  • Chimphappyhour

    The refarm means we’re also closer to having LTE here in KC too!

    • umad

      Should be… not at beginning, but sooner as possible.

  • Lanh Nguyen


  • Skip Bayless

    Atlanta anytime soon?

  • Guest

    Chicago baby!!! lets light it up! No one cares about Kans go!
    as, ChiTown Miami and LA! Lets

  • Chicago baby!!! lets light it up! No one cares about Kansas, ChiTown Miami and LA! Lets go!

  • GinaDee

    Although I’m happy T-Mobile is doing this to some extent it seems like they should really be focusing their efforts on getting LTE out. They build out too slow as it is. Verizon builds a larger LTE network than T-Mobile’s entire network combined in less than 2 years. It takes T-Mobile 6-8 months to announce 2 cities and even then it’s only 75% covered and we still have a ton of GPRS all in between.

    • philyew

      They can’t deploy LTE on the AWS band until they free up sufficient spectrum by moving UMTS/HSPA+ over onto the PCS 1900 band.

      The re-farming isn’t primarily driven by the desire to accommodate unlocked GSM devices from other carriers and overseas, that is a by-product of their need to create sufficient capacity to deploy LTE.

      Just because TM have only announced two cities as complete doesn’t mean that they haven’t been making progress elsewhere. Many of the major markets are showing extensive signs that they will be going live shortly.

  • NotSure

    Has T-Mobile been converting GPRS spectrum into HSPA+? or what? sorry not sure how it works.

  • Cameron Butterfield

    It’s obvious that many other locations have had iphone compatible 3G for months now… like NYC and parts of california… why does T-mobile announce this as the second city????
    (see airportal.de) I swear their press and marketing division has no clue what the technical and networking division is actually doing. Also make this work in Salt lake City! Quick before ISIS launches… dorks.

  • M42

    Only the second city to be refarmed? I thought they announced they were going to have the refarm completed by December. I guess they forgot to mention what year.

  • Guest

    I hope they get it refarmed in Connecticut New Haven/Hartford Area. I’m planning on getting a Nokia Lumia 920 unlocked.

  • Today in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, I got 3G service on my t-Mobile IPhone 4. I HAVE A Feeling that Chicago is Next

  • efef

    I can’t believe new york and los angeles have not been completed. I wonder what facts were used to prioritize

  • Tmobile 1900 band is up in San Diego CA…. SOO happy that My iPhone 5 got 3G speed up tp 10mbps down and up to 3mbps up.

  • Guest

    So is 2g gone? THAT’S not good

  • Petek

    I went to a know refarm area in Dallas and got 12mb down and 3mb up on my 4x HD. I cant wait until they finish completely

    Test Date: Oct 19, 2012 3:38:11 pm
    Connection Type: Hspa
    Server: Dallas, TX
    Download: 12.04 Mbps
    Upload: 3.10 Mbps
    Ping: 95 msLatitude: 32.85417
    Longitude: -96.73760

  • GrayMatter

    I wish Cincinnati would get re-farmed soon.

  • dasisit

    How about between Milwaukee and Madison???

    • Justin Lachowin

      Yes, 1900mhz in Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin please! I have 2 iPhone users that I want to bring over to TMo.

  • kong63

    The Twin Cities is being lit up as I write this. I just got 8.5 down and 1.95 up with my iPhone 4S on T-Mobile. Right next to the State Capitol building in downtown St. Paul.

  • UVMMedStudent

    Meanwhile we’re still stuck with 2G in Burlington, VT. So much for getting a college town on board T-Mobile.