T-Mobile Stores Begin Receiving NanoSIM Cards For iPhone 5 Activation

A bit of a surprise today as T-Mobile stores begin to receive NanoSIM cards used in conjunction with the iPhone 5. Our original expectations had T-Mobile NanoSIM cards arriving sometime in the middle of October, but we’re not one to complain about anything arriving ahead of schedule in the wireless world. There’s no word on how widespread the NanoSIM rollout is and it seems these shipments only started to arrive this morning.

As a quick reminder, any unlocked AT&T or Verizon iPhone 5 device will work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, along with unlocked iPhone 5 devices sold directly from Apple. Apple has yet to put their unlocked models on sale, which isn’t very surprising given the high demand for carrier model,s resources are likely focused on producing enough quantity to meet the remaining pre-order demand.

T-Mobile continues to ramp up their “bring your own iPhone” marketing which is set to kick off in a major way as more refarmed markets come online later this year.

Thanks Rick and everyone who sent these in!

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  • J-Hop2o6

    Great for iPhone 5 users on Tmo (or will be on Tmo), especially since it supports DC-HSPA+42 & LTE which both will work on Tmo. Now bring on the line up of the next Nexus’s!

    • ChristianMcC

      T-Mobile’s LTE is going to be different from both Verizon and AT&T’s. It will be like Metro PCS’, AWS.

      • CRT24

        Not sure where you get your info but you are stunningly misinformed. T-mobile, Att, and Verizon will all be the same LTE when all is said and done. Sprint will be left out in the cold if they continue on their current path.

        • bleeew

          Sprint has so many LTE frequencies its unbelievable.

        • umad

          That’s why there’re too many dissatisfied consumers in crippled Sprint. Irresponsible Sprint needs to fix that problem, ignore T-mo/Metro merger and other carriers.

        • theking_13

          They’re not the same, you are stunningly misinformed, idiot.

          AT&T uses the lower 700 MHz band for LTE, while Verizon uses the higher, C block 700 MHz band for its LTE. They’re not compatible, and never will be. Learn your facts before you make bold statements.

        • randomnerd_number38

          Instead of everyone running around throwing out inaccuracies and calling each other stunningly misinformed, why not post some sources?

          1) Verizon LTE is only on the 700mhz frequency currently.
          2) AT&T LTE is on BOTH the 700mhz AND AWS(1700/2100mhz) frequencies.
          Source for 1 and 2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks

          3) The Verizon iPhone 5(A1429) will work on T-Mobile’s 1900mhz HSPA+ once it is refarmed, but not T-Mobile’s future LTE. GSM/EDGE is also supported.
          4) The AT&T iPhone 5(A1428) will work both on T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900mhz HSPA+ AND T-Mobile’s future LTE. GSM/EDGE is also supported.
          Source for 3 and 4: http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

          There, now no one’s stunningly misinformed ;)

          P.S.: I didn’t source the fact that T-Mobile’s LTE will be built out on AWS(Band 4), but if you frequent this page I’d hope that’s common knowledge.

        • jay_max

          AT&T is also deploying LTE on their AWS spectrum, so you’re both right.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          That might not be true. ATT’s original plan was to swallow up Tmobile for their AWS holdings and deploy on AWS, but that did not happen and they had to give away most of their AWS to tmobile as apart of the breakup. ATT has been going forward with plans to deploy LTE on WCS. ATT could still deploy LTE on AWS as an intermediate plan, but I believe they will forgo any AWS deployment and focus on WCS.

          LTE is going to be worse than 3G was in terms of compatibility. Verizon and Tmobile will share AWS, but that will likely be about it for the major four.

        • eanfoso

          How is that possible if just Verizon and AT&T have different LTE man, they operate on different blocks of spectrum, thus causing the interoperable deal between the two’s LTE

  • steel

    I’m getting it as soon as it opens

  • momo

    “As a quick reminder, any unlocked AT&T or Verizon iPhone 5 device will work on T-Mobile‚Äôs HSPA+ network.”

    That’s a bit misleading… to the best of my knowledge, it will work on the HSPA+, but only after refarm. Currently there are very few places where T-Mobile has refarmed HSPA+ working.

    • PiCASSiMO


      • El Andy

        houston area is working on iphone 4s not 100% though

        • eanfoso

          Supposedly is hwy 59 north of down town, because I tried it around bellair and nothing, and yes all through belair from beltway 8 to east side Houston.

        • Jarrod

          I recieved 3G on beltway 8 and the ship channel it was pretty fast on my 3GS, I got 4 down at max and .30 up which was probably maxing out the upload.

    • archerian

      True, although its greatly pro-active readying the nano-sims, its not useful until customers have a solid understanding of where and when the refarming is happening. As of now, only Las Vegas is officially on that list.

    • Anonymous

      works fine for me in LA

    • Mirad77

      You are correct that it is a bit misleading. EDGE will work fine for data if that’s the speed you seek but not HSPA+. iPhone 4S is my secondary phone and I only get spotty 3G in Chicago and some suburbs in this area. I’ve list almost all areas that I spotted 3G on the airportal.de site.

      • Dakota

        How do people get EDGE to do anything…Whenever my phone falls to EDGE, I find nothing works – its like having no internet connection at all. Not just slow but websites dont load, email doesnt open etc

        • Mirad77

          I always carry my Gtab 10.1 whenever I’m using my ip4S coz EDGE drives me nuts at time. I get very good speed as the Gtab 10.1 is HSPA+ 21.

    • Dakota

      Yeah I keep hearing ATT and Tmobile work on different spectrums- is nt that one reason the iphone wont work…and also some of the MVNOs have said that to me – although they could easily bem istaken as their support people are quite uneducated

  • Whiskers

    Good news to hear.
    I’m on the fence as to either get a I5 or a new WP8 phone soon.

    • Nick Gonzalez


  • Get_at_Me

    i got an asn last nite with nano sims listed….as far as i know there wasnt an internal communication telling us to be on the lookout for them….Atleast tmo is being proactive rather than reactive in regard to unlocked iphone 5’s.

  • Jason I

    iphone off contract gets unlocked automatically

    • archerian

      say what?

    • eanfoso

      No fool, you still have to contract customer service and get the unlock code and put it in when you put a different carrier Sim

      • MasterTan

        NO numb nuts. There is no unlock “code” for the iPhone. It’s all done via iTunes. Don’t call out people when you dont know what the F you’re talking about.

        • Wolfgar

          Actually there is an unlock code, I did this a week ago when I brought my friends old iPhone from AT&T to Tmo, the phone was out of contract, and when we called customer support (AT&T) they had to give us an unlock code to put into the phone in order for it to be officially unlocked and allow my Tmo sim to work

        • iDummy88

          I just did the same with an Iphone 4. Called at&t, requested unlock, told to wait for email with code, couldn’t wait and restored thru iTunes. Unlocked with NO code.

        • MasterTan


  • Aurizen

    are these sold online?

  • Magnetic

    Happy to be living in Las Vegas! ATT and Verizon are out of ‘off contract’ phones here, though. Isn’t it about the same cost to sign up with ATT and then pay the ETF?

    • Probably not. They will bill you
      $200 for the iPhone
      $350 for the ETF
      $160 in Activation fees and first bill
      After tax it’s about the same.

      • Magnetic

        Thank you. That is what I thought. I may have successfully shaved down my micro SIM, but I can’t tell without putting it in a phone. ATT has no phones. I may just go down to the Apple store and ‘play this game’.

  • Don

    Nano sim cutter is available on eBay.

  • Well. I have a sprint iPhone 5, and won’t be needing to do anything. I have LTE where I am, but this is good news for those wanting it on tmobile. I’m waiting on the Note II for my tmobile account.

  • Mikey

    So which version of the iPhone should I be getting if I want it working on T-Mobile’s future LTE network? Verizon or AT&T?

    • Guest


      • Nick Gonzalez

        How about waiting until Apple releases the unlocked iphone 5? That is what i am probably going to do.

        • Guest

          You’ll still want the A1428 model – which is the AT&T model. But yeah, buying it unlocked would be ideal.

    • Get the AT&T one and then purchase one of the $20 eBay unlocks to use it on T-Mobile.

      • APP

        If you buy either the att or verizon off contract it is automatically unlocked.

  • Jed

    Will iPhone 5 work on existing tmo 2g edge network if refarm is not complete in current market?

    • MatthewMurawski

      Of course

  • predation

    Will you still be able to use tzones? That’s what I want to know because tmobile will know you’re using an iPhone and might force you to update your data plan.

    • Mirad77

      You can get away with some android phones but soon as you start using iPhone you data will be redirected to TMo’s website asking you to active data. When you call then it will be from $20 and above. But seriously, tzone? :-)

      • archerian

        are you sure they have the upsell message for iPhones? AFAIK, it pops up only for certain devices that are directly sold by T-mobile and a few Android devices like the Nexus 1.

        • Mirad77

          It’s not a pop up. But when you open the browser( to any web page), it will redirect you to a Tmo page that says you should activate data. Then when you call CS they will tell you that you have an iPhone which doesn’t support tzone and try to sell you unlimited data or 2Gig data plan. This am 100% sure as it happened to me.

    • jcj1

      no, they have no content for it may be able to get music

  • taron19119@gmail.com

    Ok the rumor is that T-Mobile order 8 million nano sims

    • Where did you hear this rumor?

    • brian

      That was difficult to read. I give it a D-

    • MatthewMurawski

      That was the longest run-on sentence I have ever read…

    • jay_max

      The period is your friend. ;-)

    • 21stNow

      Isn’t it possible that just like the iPhone 4 was the first phone to use a microSIM card and other phones used it after that, that the iPhone 5 is the first phone to use a nanoSIM card and other phones will use it after that?

  • anonymouse

    i heard October 8 is official release fwiw

  • Johnboy

    Well I called T-Mobile yesterday asking for insurance for my iPhone and the Rep told me that I could not have the device on a protected plan until T-Mobile officially carries the iPhone…… Which will be around Christmas of this year. I kept telling her “stop playing with me” but she kept responding T-Mobile is getting the iPhone around December. The exact date is still unknown but the company is in fact carrying the phone this year!!

    • Well she told you wrong. I work for T-Mobile as well and trust me, something as high profile as when/if the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile will not be passed down to reps 3 months in advance. Especially when dealing with Apple. Reps will not know until Apple themselves announce it.
      Now do I believe it’s possible that we carry the iPhone in December? Absolutely. With the network being fully refarmed Apple would no longer have to make a seperate iPhone model just for T-Mobile and would be more willing to strike a deal with the carrier. Apple is all about their bottom line. They know they stand to make good money by selling the iPhone on T-Mobile, they just didn’t want to spend money to cater to the smallest carrier. I hope we do get it in December though.

      • Dunbas

        Not gonna happen…TMO can’t afford it. Remember what Sprint paid?

      • They are not the smallest carrier. Cricket wireless got it, virgin mobile, and C Spire too. I would say they are smaller than TMo. Just saying. But part of this I do agree with. Apple will not have to build a new device for it to work. However, I do not think they are getting it. They can not afford it.

      • Nearmsp

        I think Apple will more likely wait until end of next year when LTE is available on the T-Mobile network. T-mobile too will watch the number of people who buy their own iPhone 5’s to gauge how many phones they can commit to buy off Apple. Apple will have supply issues for next several months and may not be in a hurry to stitch new deals.

    • umad

      False… T-mo uses Asurion Exchange as insurance. Last month, I dropped my Nexus and cracked the screen. Asurion just offered me the SIII in exchange for my cracked Nexus for $130 deductible. Galaxy Nexus is not T-mo device, that’s why the best they can offer. I am glad to know that T-mo can cover all devices if you’re willing to pay. :D

      Anyway, I grabbed that SIII, got the s3 sale it buy a gnexus and have some cash on your pocket. Good deal!

      If you don’t get it, I will give you steps

      $130 for GSIII

      $475 resale value of the GSIII

      $345 left

      $360 new play store Nexus with 1 year warranty from Google

      That puts you at $15 out of pocket for a brand new Gnex with warranty.

  • jcj1

    Why is this big news, people will buy and unlock the phone so T-Mobile needs to have them

  • Mirad77

    Guys the technology behind nano SIM is not yet out here. So the only difference between mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM is size. Just cut down any of min or micro to the size of nano and yoou should be good to go.

    • Magnetic

      Hello Mirad77, I may have done this successfully, but the length of the ‘chip’ or the foil on the micro SIM is too long to trim it without disrupting it. I was able to shave the plastic back off enough to allow it to overlap around the SIM cutout on the SIM tray. TMO doesn’t have a smaller micro SIM. Does my explanation make sense? Thanks.

      • Mirad77

        Check YouTube, there’s a few DIY you can try.

  • Kyle

    How do you unlock?

    • umad

      Buy unlock iphone 5 from Apple store or AT&T/Verizon

      If you want a future proof phone, buy a model A1428 from Apple store or AT&T cuz you want a LTE phone, right? T-mobile’s LTE-Advanced will support that band next year.

      • Anonymous

        or just wait to buy the iphone 6 when tmo’s LTE comes out :D

  • Winski

    They HAVE arrived in all three of my local, friendly T-Mumble stores… In SoCal… Now the only trick is getting an unlocked iPhone 5 !!!!

  • Dakota

    Isnt this working in only parts of Las Vegas right now or am I confused. I thought the refarming has just started and other people will still get Edge, which I find totally unusable as I cant even open an email or get a website to start when I lose my 3G. Even the +21 only gives me about 2mpbs usually – one time it got up to 3 but it also was as low as .08 which is more like Sprint feeds. Are any of you using Simple MObile? Do you like it ? (Or straight talk, which Im very leery of )…Wondering if +21 is considered 4g by Simple mobile…or shoul dI try the $40 plan for unlimited 3g on the current Nexus…Would save a lot.

    • bleeew

      Its cuz simple mobile throttles you

  • So Sad

    Seriously- who would buy an unsubsidized phone from Apple OR bust out of an AT&T or VZ contract to take their iPhone over to T-Mo’s crappy network just to experience an unlimited data plan?? Is it really worth that much savings?? Why not just go to Sprint if unlimited is such a concern?? Pathetic to see a carrier resort to this attempt to lure customers. TMO has truly died and relies on the scraps of the other carriers. So sad. The end is near….

    • bleeew

      First, Sprint is the slowest carrier, and its home coverage is nearly half of its roaming coverage.
      Second, you won’t have to pay as much, since there are prepaid and Value plans availiable. Plus subsidized cost+2 years of service is a lot of money.

    • Anonymous

      believe it or not, lots of people buy unlocked phones from apple at full price

    • umad

      T-mobile also offers a true unlimited like Sprint one. It is nationwide unlike Sprint (which is pretty spotty and limits to 300MB a month on roaming only). T-mobile = no cap, no throttle, no overcharge. More cheaper than cripple Sprint.

      Get that thru your skull!

    • Mirad77

      So sad that one would ask a question like this, as it gives their profound understanding of CHOICE and PREFERENCE. I own a Gnex, Gtab 10.1 3G and an ip4S, and paid full prize on all . I’m with Tmo with no plans of leaving anytime soon.

  • Winski

    Does anyone have a clue when Apple is going to start selling the UNLOCKED IPHONE 5 in the Apple retail stores? I’d rather not have to fall back to the 4S ……

  • Wolfgar

    Just for clarification when the refarm is done will the iPhone 5 only be able to get 3G speeds or will the iPhone be able to get “4G” speeds on Tmo like my G2 does? I am also under the impression that the AT&T model will be more compatible/faster then the Verizon model on Tmo, is this correct? (iPhone 5)

  • Omar Ramirez

    Does anyone know if the iphone 5 from cricker wireless will work on tmobile??? :(

  • Was this from the tmobile store in Texas? I can see some of the similarities there.