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Report: T-Mobile reminds Sprint SIM customers to switch before May 1st End of Life

Ever since T-Mobile merged with Sprint, the fate of Sprint customers have always been hanging on a thread. And even though the merger happened almost three years ago, T-Mobile allowed legacy Sprint customers to hold onto their Sprint SIM cards. But according to a report, this will likely be ending soon.  The T-Mo Report recently obtained a document revealing an upcoming change … [read full article]

T-Mobile temporarily disables self-service SIM swaps

SIM swap fraud continues to be a big problem that carriers have. What happens here is that criminals swap your line with their own SIM card so they have access to your two-factor authentication codes. With this, they are able to perform their fraudulent transactions.  In a way to help protect its customers, T-Mobile may be planning some changes to its SIM swap process. Unfortunately, this also means that customers won’t be able to do their own … [read full article]