T-Mobile’s 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 promotions ending soon

2 for 100

We’ve been informed by our ever-reliable group of sources that T-Mobile’s popular 4 for $100 (2.5GB per line) offer and the 2 for $100 (unlimited 4G LTE data) promotion are coming to an end. Our favorite carrier is planning to pull the promotion off the market on June 27th. In other words, that will be the last day you’ll be able to order either of the plans. From June 28th, it will not be available anywhere except Puerto Rico.

Both offers have been incredibly popular for T-Mobile, and great ways of getting multi-line accounts activated for new and existing customers. It does make you wonder, is this an indication that the carrier has something else up its sleeve for the end of June? We’ve heard they might be announcing the next Uncarrier move at the end of this month, so it could be that. Although, I wouldn’t take that as guaranteed. Our source was skeptical.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 20.55.14

Before┬áthose of you already on the plans start panicking, it’s worth noting that you will not lose your promotional offer. T-Mobile confirmed that these promotional offers don’t have an expiry date for the customers who have signed up. If we hear of any changes on this in the mean time, we’ll let you know. But, if you’re still sitting on the fence or were planning on waiting before taking the plunge on either offer, you should get moving over the next couple of weeks.

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