T-Mobile’s 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 promotions ending soon

2 for 100

We’ve been informed by our ever-reliable group of sources that T-Mobile’s popular 4 for $100 (2.5GB per line) offer and the 2 for $100 (unlimited 4G LTE data) promotion are coming to an end. Our favorite carrier is planning to pull the promotion off the market on June 27th. In other words, that will be the last day you’ll be able to order either of the plans. From June 28th, it will not be available anywhere except Puerto Rico.

Both offers have been incredibly popular for T-Mobile, and great ways of getting multi-line accounts activated for new and existing customers. It does make you wonder, is this an indication that the carrier has something else up its sleeve for the end of June? We’ve heard they might be announcing the next Uncarrier move at the end of this month, so it could be that. Although, I wouldn’t take that as guaranteed. Our source was skeptical.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 20.55.14

Before┬áthose of you already on the plans start panicking, it’s worth noting that you will not lose your promotional offer. T-Mobile confirmed that these promotional offers don’t have an expiry date for the customers who have signed up. If we hear of any changes on this in the mean time, we’ll let you know. But, if you’re still sitting on the fence or were planning on waiting before taking the plunge on either offer, you should get moving over the next couple of weeks.

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  • TMoRSA

    On the inside, this is definitely being communicated as meant to make way for Un-10, something that the training materials are describing as a gamechanger in the way that JUMP was. I’m not in a position to be able to confirm if that’s more than marketing-speak but the person that told me this is definitely in a position to know and is giddy with excitement.

    • SBacklin

      Well, I hope UN10 is big because they’re zapping away those two very popular offers that have helped bring in MANY customers.

      • TMoRSA

        Absolutely. And I’m sure they’ll bring them back if they see a slump in activations following the expiration of the two plans. They did the same thing late last year, expiring them and then bring them back after a short time. We’ll see.

    • Jaden Keuten

      What if they’re making it 2 for $90 (Unlimited data) and 4 for $120, and boosting the 4 lines to 5 GB each?

  • Sushimane

    What happens after the two year is over because the last uncarrier event John made the promotional deal plans permanent for 2 years. Hmm

    • gmo8492

      I rewatched the last uncarrier event and all John said was that he can only guarantee the rate for 24 months, meaning people who want unlimited data will eventually have to pay more for it. So if T-Mobile plays it cool, anyone who has an unlimited data plan will be grandfathered in at the old “rates”.

      • Sushimane

        Yeah but I think it’s only for the regular plans or the already grandfathered plans not the promotional deal if I remember correctly. But 2 year isn’t so bad. Glad I had the really old plans 65 dollars a month but wish I act faster when they changed my 20 dollars unlimited data plan to the new 30 dollar plan with mobile hotspot.

  • NardVa

    What can T-Mobile possibly do that’s better than the 2 for $100 or the 4 for $100?

    • erick

      2 line with unlimited data for $100? its $50 a line
      4 lines for $100 $25 each ?????

      thats cheap!!!!

      • erick

        try sprint. let us know

      • JLV90

        5 lines for $100 to match cricket?

  • Philip

    I myself use 2 phone because I want to get to 4(I only need 3 phone) so each of the phone is at 2.5GB. Say if I get the 5th phone after the promo, will it be 1GB or 2.5GB?

    • erick

      any lines will get 2.5gb

    • gabmasterjcc

      Remember that the offer is only for more data through the end of the year anyways. That means it doesn’t have long to live anyways.

      • Mike

        that extra data was made permanent a while back and not just through the end of the year

        • gabmasterjcc

          Oh, well then. They did a terrible job communicating that then. I did find the reference, but I don’t remember ever being told via my bill or anything else. Maybe it was there, but I missed it. I think it would be important to let people know. It would have made me happy…

        • gabmasterjcc

          I looked through my account again and on my plan, it still explicitly states “Up to 2.5GB of 4G LTE data per line included
          instead of 1GB through 2015 at no additional charge. (Reverts to up to 1 GB LTE data per line after 2015.) Plus, optional additional high-speed
          4G LTE data available.” Seems like they should update that wording…

        • Adam

          There are a lot of rumors that
          people will be grandfathered in.

  • JB

    If I didn’t have the (now supposedly permanent) refer-a-friend unlimited data promo, and didn’t have a relative with a third line on my account, I’d do the 2/$100. It would be worth losing the 15% discount for. As long as neither of us change our plans, I should hopefully be good.

    • protect yo net

      Lol, who told you the refer a friend unlimited data promo was permanent? You better check yourself before you wreck yourself. That promo is only good for 12 months from when you got it. You should jump on that 2/$100 before it’s too late. AND why would you lose your 15% discount? If anything isn’t that grandfathered?

      • JB

        JL himself confirmed that as part of the whole UnContract thing and it’s also on TMo’s Twitter feed. Google ‘refer a friend unlimited data permanent’. It is also pretty well documented now that the 2/$100 is not allowed any discounts. Numerous people have confirmed that their discounts were removed shortly after changing to that plan.

        • JLV90

          the discounts are allowed but not on the first two lines. if you have a 15% discount you will still get 6 dollars off each line 3-10

        • protect yo net

          Exhibit A: I have the grandfathered employee discount. This employer discount is grandfathered.
          Exhibit B: I also have the refer a friend unlimited data promotion. I have my employer discount and the the 12 month unlimited data promo. Both.
          Exhibit C: This promo is only good for 12 months. This has been confirmed by the referral / promo department. I have confirmation from from this department and not regular customer service. Customer service does not administer this data promo.

          I rest my case. Could you please provide the link that clearly states the refer a friend unlimited data promotion is permanent? Don’t get me wrong. I want you to be right. It would be in my best interest. I’m just telling you what I know directly from T-Mobile.

          Thanks in advance for any clarification.

        • referafriendguest


          Heres the link about unlimited data refer a friend promo

        • Craig
        • Pattywhack
    • John Wentworth

      You can add a third line to 2/$100 it’s just $40

  • Goliath King

    Just waiting for them to Restock the Nexus 9. They Suddenly Pulled and said it should be back in a week or two… The Other person can get 2 of them for Zero Down and then she would Merge to my account as I have a 15% discount

    • Deihmos

      There is no discounts with this plan. 15% will not apply.

  • jewishman

    What happened to them saying all their current promotions will last for at least 2 years??

    • John ledger didn’t say they will last for two years, he said you will have them for at least two years.

    • Hector Arteaga

      I suspect they will keep the plan grandfathered like they have in the past. Doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t. I’m actually glad they are going to stop offering it. It makes sense. The network is getting congested, but I’m also glad I got in on it on time.

    • xmiro

      uh no. They said those who are on the unlimited promo can keep it for 2 years without the PRICE increasing

  • bhayes444

    Has anyone tried adding a line to their current plan? Whenever I do I get an error of “unable to process request at this time please call us”. When I called a rep last night they said the systems are down, but I can’t get an answer on when they might come back up.

  • Grandy

    The 4 for 10 is what attracted me and probably thousands of others away from dumb and dumber. That is what convinced many of my friends to embrace T-mobile. Unless something similar or much better is put before customers, its going to feel like betrayal again, regardless of whether I can continue my plan as a grandfather or not. Its going to feel like, “It was too good to be true.” In fact, I’ve been watching tmonews diligently for the past year waiting for this to happen. Just when I thought “maybe its not too good to be true”, I’m disappointed. Also, when a room gets too congested, you build another.

    • theicehog

      Many people don’t realize that 4/$100 has always been here. They just bumped the data that is all. Anyone who walks into T-MO when this ends can still do the plan but will receive 1gb of data

      • TmoLovesYou

        At one gig of data for $25/line (in the original 4 for 100) I just don’t think T-Mobile is competitive anymore when you look at some of the offerings from the popular MVNOs out there. I would think their replacement promotion would included a higher data allotment.

        • John Wentworth

          I think they will replace 4 for $100 with something different but equally appealing to families. As you add more lines, mvno prices generally get less competitive with T-mobile.

          There are a lot of perks to being on T-mobile proper, device financing and easy access to the latest phones. Music freedom, much better customer service. don’t discount them either a lot of those things matter to families.

      • Grandy

        So, the 4/100 with unlimited everything (including low speed data) will not be going away?

        • mctommy

          it’s always been there, the promotion basically bumped your LTE allowance from 1gb/person to 2.5gb/person. A simple plan is $50+$30+$10+$10 (first/second/third/fourth lines) = $100… unlimited everything with 1gb/person of LTE.

  • Bapzz34

    Well I’m glad my husband and I have our 2/100 plan. Won’t be leaving tmo Eva!

  • kanakamaoli

    My question is? Would you be able to add additional lines 3,4,etc to the 2 for $100 udp for 40 dollars each after the 28th?

    • That One Guy

      Yes. Current customers will not lose these plans, and you can still add to them

      • kanakamaoli

        Thanks guys gals for the reply

    • guss

      Yes… As long as you have the plan your stick with it.. Grandfathered in.. If you add a line you will add it for $40 a piece

    • Alex

      That’s exactly what the rep told me today. I will be grandfathered in and any additional line is 40 dollars with unlimited calls, texts, and data with the same tethering cap as both main lines. I was very pleased with this. T-Mobile is the way to go. Join the revolution. #Uncarrier

    • Irfan

      no , this happened long time ago when people have simple choice plan , i was able to add extra line on 5$ but was not able to get unlimited on 30 $ only offered 5GB, they was not offering unlimited ,this happened after 6 months of Unlimited simple choice plan announcement .

      *Terms and conditions applies

    • Deihmos

      I would have been interested in this if add a line wasn’t $40 and it worked with my 15% discount.

      • John Wentworth

        Well it’s $40 to add a line because each phone gets unlimted data. considering it’s $80 for a single line with unlimited data and 60 to add a line with unlimited data to a normal family plan, $40 is a pretty damn good deal.

        It’s only optimal for people who want unlimited data plans for every member though.

  • Bklynman

    This way off topic,I just want to know if anyone they know uses FreedomPop? How are they.
    it is MVN own by Sprint,run on there winmax network. Thanks for any input.


      I use freedompop..it’s perfectly fine for Dat and texting but don’t rely on it for voice. Voice can be moderate to bad, on an s3 for me. But when I used voice with an iPhone 4 it was quite good. Get the unlimited plan, 20.00. I wen online and downgraded my voice plan to the free online e and I was left with the unlimited data, 1gb at lte and the rest throttled to around 300kbps

    • C W

      It is on sprint’s network but not owned by sprint. Don’t buy anything wimax, the wimax network will be shut down in November.

  • jays_on

    So if we are already on four for 100 will we be able to add a line for 10 in the future?

  • Mike

    I’m thinking about switching to this plan b4 it ends. Can someone tell me what’s the price each month after taxes on this plan?

    • Kim Vuong

      Switching to this plan now! It’s so cheap to compare to other carrier.
      After tax + fee on this plan is around < $120/month

  • Goliath King

    I just got off the phone with them and they said it’s available until July 14th……

  • Medion

    Signed up for the plan yesterday. It’s still live.

  • Yeah the plan has been taken off their website. Hopefully they bring it back in time for the holidays? Want to surprise my wife with a new phone and get her over from Sprint.

  • itsthexypat

    Nobody is going to buy their plans now. I just checked and it’s more money for less. Add that in many areas their coverage is not up to par and now there’s little reason to switch to them. Not to mention the “23 GB bullshit”