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T-Mobile Stores Begin Receiving NanoSIM Cards For iPhone 5 Activation

A bit of a surprise today as T-Mobile stores begin to receive NanoSIM cards used in conjunction with the iPhone 5. Our original expectations had T-Mobile NanoSIM cards arriving sometime in the middle of October, but we’re not one to complain about anything arriving ahead of schedule in the wireless world. There’s no word on how widespread the NanoSIM rollout is and it seems these shipments only started to arrive this morning.

As a quick reminder, any unlocked AT&T or Verizon iPhone 5 device will work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, along with unlocked iPhone 5 devices sold directly from Apple. Apple has yet to put their unlocked models on sale, which isn’t very surprising given the high demand for carrier model,s resources are likely focused on producing enough quantity to meet the remaining pre-order demand.

T-Mobile continues to ramp up their “bring your own iPhone” marketing which is set to kick off in a major way as more refarmed markets come online later this year.

Thanks Rick and everyone who sent these in!

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